Lakers NBA Draft Prospect Watch: Gary Harris Reviewed by Momizat on . Please enable Javascript to watch this video The upcoming NBA Draft will have mostly freshman taken in the lottery, but if you are looking for a solid two guard Please enable Javascript to watch this video The upcoming NBA Draft will have mostly freshman taken in the lottery, but if you are looking for a solid two guard Rating: 0
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Lakers NBA Draft Prospect Watch: Gary Harris

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The upcoming NBA Draft will have mostly freshman taken in the lottery, but if you are looking for a solid two guard who can do a little bit of everything, then Michigan State guard Gary Harris is the guy.

The 6 foot 4 inch sophomore will go a little later in the lottery, and probably won’t be a guy the Lakers will truly think about drafting if they have a top-5 pick, but Harris is a solid player.

After a prolific freshman season in which he was the Big 12 Freshman of the Year, Harris has had another big year for the Spartans, averaging 17.5 points, 4.3 rebounds, and nearly three assists.

Although his shooting numbers have declined a bit, if you want a guy that can come out and shoot it any which way, Harris can do it. He can create for himself off the bounce with a quick two dribble attack, or just straight up catch and shoot. He is also very solid coming off screens and knows the proper time to come off it and shoot, or drive to the rim.

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While most thought of Harris as just a shooter after his freshman campaign, he worked hard in the weight room to develop his body and put on solid muscle. This allows him to attack the rim and finish off the bounce and not be rattled by bigger bodies in the paint. This also helps him rebound the ball on the defensive side, which he does well for being a small two guard at the next level.

One concern for Harris (and there’s nothing he can do about it) is his size. He is considered a small two guard at the next level, and could be easily taken advantage of by bigger, stronger, guards. The good thing is Harris is a competitor on both ends and plays solid defense to start. He also has great hands, which allow him to have almost two steals a game this season.

The biggest thing about Harris is GM’s already know what type of player he is. He isn’t some athletic freak like a few of the top prospects in this year’s class, but he is a solid, steady player who will help your team in every aspect. He can score the ball and does everything well, but he won’t ever be a number one option. For not being that franchise player that lottery teams need, he will be an absolute steal if some playoff team can trade up and snatch him. He’s a very tough player on the court and any team will be lucky to have him, bu the question remains if he will ever be more than a number three option. I believe he can be and it may be a matter of time, but the silky smooth player is definitely someone I would want on my roster.
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  • michael

    to the height issue: look at Chris Paul, he’s just 6 ft 0

  • Daryl Peek

    Meh, he looks like Shannon Brown without the large hands and super sick vertical glide. Looks to be a bit of a better shooter at that stage though.

    Jodie Meeks like from what the article says?

    • Tank Nation

      Harris is trash.MEH ihe is nothing to write about.

  • Tank Nation

    Harris blows.He stinks.Steer clear he is garbage.Zack Lavine>>>>>>>>>>Harris.

  • Lebron James

    We have a top 5 pick and your draft prospect is Gary Harris? Who runs this sh1t?

  • honestly

    if D. Rose comes back healthy and in some way they get this Harris kid, They’ll mash up really good together. I’m a Lakers fan but I can’t deny that I’d watch the bulls as much as possible( not every game like my Lakers) coz they’re gonna be exciting.. He sticks to the team offense, great off ball movement, reads the defense, and attacks… the perfect #2 or #3 scorer for the bulls LOOOL

  • Marty Susman

    Gary Harris is not trash, he is not shit & the people on this blog that are limited in how to be shall we say “decent” should try & think before they open their own mouths. If any of the so call trash talkers watched all the games today they would have seen he was the BEST player on the floor….

  • James Dalessandro

    The one thing the Lakers don’t need is a shooting guard. Meeks, Bazemore, Xavier Henry and Nick Young have all shown plenty of ability to shoot the ball and get to the rim. Ditto with Jordan Farmar. Oh, yeah: then there’s Kobe Bryant. The last thing the Lakers should draft is a shooting guard. What they need is interior defense – they’re the worst I’ve seen all year in the NBA – plus offensive rebounding, put backs. Last week, the Lakes had a game with ONE OFFENSIVE REBOUND. They need a big, strong, shot blocking, skywalking power forward who can shoot. And a small forward who can defend, rebound and shoot. They could also use a coach who could spell “defense.” I’ve never seen a Lakers team who could play any kind of defense – perimeter, one the ball, off the glass, or in the lane – like this one.

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