Lakers NBA Draft Prospect Watch: Andrew Wiggins Reviewed by Momizat on . Please enable Javascript to watch this video Andrew Wiggins. The name alone will receive strong opinions right away. The number one recruit in the 2013 class ha Please enable Javascript to watch this video Andrew Wiggins. The name alone will receive strong opinions right away. The number one recruit in the 2013 class ha Rating: 0
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Lakers NBA Draft Prospect Watch: Andrew Wiggins

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Andrew Wiggins.

The name alone will receive strong opinions right away. The number one recruit in the 2013 class has either disappointed you or kept you happy.

Most have termed him overrated. Most have thought he’s one dimensional.

The issue with Wiggins for the last year has been the hype. He has been known as the next great NBA player and the undisputed number one pick.

The 6 foot 8 small forward is unlike any other draft prospect there has been recently.

Wiggins is best when he is in the open court and constantly attacking the rim. He has one of the best Euro steps and can finish at the rim.

Most expected Wiggins to be the best college player they have ever seen, when in reality that is not his game.

Wiggins has been known to disappear in spurts, but can wise to the challenge.

Against Duke earlier this season he hit game clinching shots, but then didnt show up against lesser ranked talent. He has a solid base for a jump shot and can get it off against anyone in the world. One issue may be that he’s not aggressive enough, but that is something we have seen him change.

One of the biggest problems General Managers have with Wiggins is his complacency. He doesn’t have that killer instinct to just take over a game.

Another issue is his frame. Wiggins is very lengthy but not as strong as he needs to be to take his game to the next level.

The offense he is currently in at Kansas isn’t the best for his skill set, but when he goes to the next level he should be quite the player.
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  • Vi5ion

    Lakers best hope is to draft Exum. Sign Luol Deng to a 3 yr deal. Resign Hill long term and bring back Pau ONLY on a pay cut so the Lakers can patiently wait for Love in 2015.

    • riannonqas321

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  • Billups 45


    • Jim213

      smh dp.

  • Billups 45

    Wiggins he is looking like a superstar potentially.Lakers can’t get him brah.

    • LAL

      Agreed! The Lakers are stupid to allow Nash and Blake playing. Both are old and they give the Lakers some win which put us further away from the top pick. The worst things are we won’t make it to playoff and they are both are old which mean no rebuilding around them.

      I’m starting to hate Nash and Blake. Both are going to ruin the Lakers future.

      • Joseph Apohen

        I agree. Get rid of those two and stay with Marshall and Farmar until Westbrook becomes available or draft or make a trade for that kid from Australia.

  • independantbynature

    Lakers need his team mate,Embiid.They need defense and rebounding,not another wing.

    • Frank

      I concur.Fuck Wiggins he is not coming to LAL

      • LAL

        Neither do Embiid. Both are going to be drafted top 3. Lakers are 8th bottom thanks to Blake and Nash for 2 useless wins in a row beating 2 teams that are below the Lakers.

  • D-League Status

    I love Andrew Wiggins and he is by far the best athlete in this draft and he will be the best NBA player from the 2014 NBA Draft,thank you Lakers Nation for writing this article on the Lakers next franchise player,you just made my day.Keep the scouting reports on these potential Lakers draft picks coming.Thank you.

    • LAL

      It’s called FALSE HOPE! The Lakers won’t be able to draft him thanks to Blake and Nash. Both of them get us some useless win against bottom teams and now the Lakers are 8th bottom. There is no way in hell Wiggins will be available at no 8. Thanks Blake and Nash for nothing. Please die soon!

      • karasoon4

        Dude, calm your nerves. There is still over 30 games to play. No telling what kind of losing streaks we can go on til then :-)

        • Sam Saab


    • nlruizjr

      Wiggins seems more like a project than a star, this article was less than glowing about Wiggins and that gives me concern.

  • D-League Status

    Yes draft wisely.Wiggins for LA mayor.

  • LAL

    At this rate, the Lakers are not going to be able to draft him. 8th bottom and you expect Wiggins will be available by then?

    Let’s be honest, the Lakers are not going to make it to playoff and even if they do, they won’t be able to beat the top teams in the WC.

    And now, they keep playing a 40-year old & 34 year old guys who will give the Lakers some wins and ruin the Lakers chances to land top pick. Unless Adam Silver has promised the Lakers that they will land a top 5 pick, I must say it’s really an idiotic strategy = not going to win the title, not getting a future franchise player.

    So, stop dreaming about getting Wiggins! We ain’t gonna get him.

    • Sam Saab

      are u gonna say the same thing about kobe when he returns? i hope not

  • Lakers=Mediocre

    Andrew Wiggins reminds me of Fat Lever,Lakers won’t get him.Likely yes they will draft Dario Saric.Lakers messed up the future by bringing back Nash and Blake.

  • Lakers=Mediocre

    Lakers are hopeless HOPELESS HOPELESS NO FUTURE.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Andrew Wiggins is great but we are not tanking.If we had the top pick yes we would love Wiggins but we are stuck in the worst place in basketball not a playoffs team but not a team drafting in the top 3 more like 10-14 call us the new Dallas Mavericks this season.Mavericks pushed to be in the playoffs but fell short last season.Not too sure how this will get fixed.

    Blake and Nash are the reason we won plus Wesley Johnson is playing great basketball now that he has all these point guards setting him up for easy shots in the spots he likes.Kendall is providing key contributions to the Lakers all season long since he arrived on the scene.Tanking is not a sure thing but it’s also something the Lakers have never did.

    • Dragon7s

      I think that the fact we have guys like Wes, X and KM minimizes the need to get a top 5 draft pick. (not saying I wouldn’t like to draft Exum though :P)

      The Lakers have had success the last couple of seasons drafting potentially good players in the 2nd round.
      Sacre is learning fast, as is Kelly.
      We have a good, young nucleus to build on.
      What we need is a couple of ‘very good to star” players to be added to the roster.
      Guys like Deng, Monroe, etc. could have a huge impact on whether we can make a strong playoff run next season.
      Frankly, I believe 2016 will be the season we can aspire to the Finals again.

      That doesn’t mean next season we won’t be ultra-competitive but 2016 could be the year that the Lakers are the odds-on favorites.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Andrew Wiggins will be a superstar and he will be the face of the NBA.#FUTURE!

    • nlruizjr

      GET REAL ALREADY !!!!!

  • jeremy

    No thank you he sounds over hype. Lakers need a PG or a big

    • independantbynature

      A big,Jeremy.We need a defensive force.All the rest of you seemed to have forgotten that the worst team has not gotten the first pick in years.YEARS….It’s a lottery.Let the chips (or the balls) fall where they may.

      • jeremy

        That true even if we did get the first pick I would want him. Wes and young are just fine for us on the wing we Ned some young legs at point and a big who can defend that boards something pay struggles with at times

    • Thomas Holt


      • independantbynature

        Embiid has only been playing basketball for a couple of years.He is nowhere near as good as he’s going to be.His upside is tremendous.Think Anthony Davis with a more polished offensive game.

  • Gregory Choa

    LAL, you are literally the worst of the worst kind of Lakers fan…your negativity is astounding. You have GOT to cease and desist with this blind resentment of Steve Blake and Nash…the Lakers play to win, period. There will be no overt tanking. I’m happy to see those guys back, being productive, and helping the team win some games. Don’t worry, the Lakers will still lose their “fair share” of games…naturally. Nobody is just going to lay down to get another fuck!ng ping-pong ball in the hopper.

    • LAL

      You are the worst of the worst because for you it’s okay for the Lakers to just win games but not winning the championship!

      Tell me, is there any way for the Lakers to land a young future All-Star other than the draft? Have you heard about CBA?

      If the Lakers get top 5 pick, they can land Embiid, Wiggins, Jabari, Exum or Smart. At no 8 (currently), the Lakers are just going to land a role player. At least if the Lakers get these top 5 players, we can focus on finding the other pieces in the FA. Maybe Monroe at C and Deng at SF.

      You don’t sound smart if you only satisfy with regular season wins (useless wins because we won’t get into playoff anyway). If we are going to lose, at least get a great return on it.

      “the Lakers will still lose their “fair share” of games…naturally.”
      That just stupid because the other teams are just going to keep losing. Your strategy is like hoping for miracle. If you run the Lakers, we won’t win the titles for a long time.

      • Gregory Choa

        So, let me get this straight…the course of action you’re prescribing is rest our veteran players, who are now healthy enough to play, in a coordinated effort to deliberately lose games by “virtue” of the team’s lack of depth? ….to just go out there and suck…right? …so that we can get a better shot at an unproven prospect. That’s great…brilliant….like I said, you’re the worst of the worst.

        • Sam Saab

          and they have won only 2 games with them back…its like they were expecting LA to lose every game the rest of the season

      • Dragon7s

        While I hope the ping pong balls go our way, there is an excitement when watching the Lakers compete and WIN!
        It’s a conundrum for fans being pulled in two different directions.
        Firstly, we want to see our team to win every game they play (however idealistic that may seem). Hoping for anything else is the anti-thesis of true fandom.
        On the other hand, we expect championships in LA and given the landscape of the new CBA, the best way is to draw upon every resource available to the FO, including the long-neglected draft.

        We’ve seen the FO pull off miracles before and I suspect that the power and brand of the Lakers will make another miracle happen before Kobe is forced to retire.
        Whether that be with luck in the draft or attracting complementary FA’s over the next couple of seasons remains to be seen but I do believe that Mitch knows what he’s doing.
        If he didn’t, I highly doubt that Kobe signs that contract extension.
        Nothing matters more to Kobe than championships and if Mitch hadn’t been able to ensure Kobe that he was capable of putting together a championship-caliber team on the floor, it’s possible that Kobe would have simply played out his contract.

        Even if we don’t get a top 5 pick in next season’s draft, Mitch will come up with something like he did with the CP3 deal.
        Only Stern won’t be around to veto it this time.

      • Juicafruit

        Kobe was drafted with the 13th pick!

  • Thomas Holt

    NO. Lakers need to pick up Joel Embiid, fire Mike D’Antoni, trade Pau to get something in case he decides to walk or have him take a pay cut, and get rid of some old legs. Oh and let Jeanie Buss take over PLEEEEEEAAAASE! Or let her help at least…

    • LakeShow

      There is no way the Lakers going to get Embiid at no 8 pick thanks to Nash and Blake. Embiid will be gone at top 3 pick. Same goes with Wiggins and Jabari. At the current rate, the Lakers going to get a role player, not a future All-Star.

      • Thomas Holt

        Never know… Lakers are plagued with the injury bug and there are plenty of games left to play. Call me negative or a disgraceful fan but I’m hoping for another losing streak. Getting Embiid or another high draft pick is the only hope I’m seeing for the Lakers unless you guys see otherwise I’m all ears..

      • Sam Saab

        they have won only 2 games…were u expecting them to lose every game the rest of the season?

      • independantbynature

        Relax,Lake Show.No D Antoni is still our coach.The losses will come whether you wish for them or not.And it’s a lottery.Anything can happen.

  • forcemaster07

    Haha, please. If anything we should pick up Jabari Parker. He’s bigger and stronger, not to mention he’s been putting up better stats overall than Wiggins in less minutes. He’s a better defensive player too.

  • Robo

    Alright i have read and heard a ton about Andrew Wiggins`already.He is a amazing athlete and he is unstoppable in the open court on a fast break.Andrew is one of the best end to end players in basketball.Yes Andrew can shoot it from deep but not quite as good as you all might like.

    Wiggins plays superb defense much like a Scottie Pippen once did.Now the overall game he has is top notch and his focus on both ends is consistent but he does seem passive at times in the restricted Bill Self conservative team orientated offense.Wiggins is being held back by his coach in terms of scoring as Michael Jordan was once held back by Dean Smith in the NCAA.

    Just think of it this way if the Lakers get in the top 3 of the NBA Draft they will have a chance to draft Andrew Wiggins and he is the most talked about college player and he was highly touted and has done his very best to live up to his lofty expectations but some fans expected him to score 30 points and grap 10 rebounds and slick dime 7 assists a game,that hasn’t happened but he has put up good numbers in the Bill Self restricted offensive game plan.Lakers might end in the top 3 of the lottery and this kid Andrew Wiggins is well worth it to be selected by LA.He has the biggest upside in the entire draft,ceiling is GOAT.

  • Robo

    Sensational player,rookie sensation.

  • chris tonga

    wiggins is overated i rather exum, parker or embd

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