Lakers Nation Week In Review: Oct. 20 – Oct. 27

Lakers Nation Week In Review: Oct. 20 – Oct. 27


After months and months of waiting, the Los Angeles Lakers are about to the begin their 2012-13 season. The Lakers will play their first game on Oct. 30 against long-time Western Conference rivals, the Dallas Mavericks, and embark on an 82-game journey. The anticipation is brewing in Los Angeles and there is a lot of hype surrounding the team.

Injuries have started to plague the Lakers and they have been the main headline in this past week. From the setbacks of Dwight Howard to the injuries to Kobe Bryant, the Lakers are hoping they can get their players close to 100 percent by opening night.

Although the summer was a little slow at times, now that the season is about to start, there will be a lot of buzz coming out of Los Angeles. It was a hectic week here at Lakers Nation and this is our Week in Review.

Lakers Preseason Game Recaps:

The Los Angeles Lakers finished the preseason winless with a pathetic 0-8 record. In the final game, the Lakers were with their stars Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, but they did not have Kobe Bryant in the game due to his ongoing injuries. The Lakers faced a familiar foe in the Sacramento Kings but the lottery bound team once again beat the Lakers. As the final buzzer rang, the Lakers lost 82-94 and lost their eight consecutive game.

In the battle of Los Angeles, the Lakers and Clippers showcased their new rosters in front of the Staples Center crowd. The Lakers were without Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard as both players were once again dealing with injuries. The Lakers were winless coming into the game and without two of their main stars, they walked off the court losers again. The Clippers played well against their cross-town rivals and won the game 97-91.

Dwight Howard played his first game as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers in a preseason game against the Sacramento Kings. For the first time, Lakers fans got to see their revamped starting five on the court at the same time. There were times when the new teammates had trouble figure each other out, but then there were instances when they looked like a cohesive unit. Nevertheless, the Lakers ended up losing the game, 99-92, despite their chances in the fourth quarter.

Lakers Nation News:

The Los Angeles Lakers waived Andrew Goudelock.

Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak says Dwight Howard exceeded his expectations in terms of injury recovery.

Dwight Howard discussed what it will take to win an NBA championship.

Robert Sacre is close to making the final cut for the Los Angeles Lakers roster.

Dwight Howard admits he wanted to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets.

Shaquille O’Neal believes the Lakers should go back to the Triangle offense.

There is a chance Kobe Bryant misses the season opener for the Lakers.

Time Warner Cable updates Lakers fans on the ongoing contract dispute.

Dwight Howard and Steve Nash appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Kobe Bryant gave Dwight Howard some advice on his back surgery recovery process.

Dwight Howard is upset that he did not win the Defensive Player of the Year award in 2012.

The NBA general managers still consider the Miami Heat to be title favorites, but they project the Lakers coming out of the Western Conference.

Dwight Howard says his debut with the Lakers was emotional.

The league general managers consider Kobe Bryant the best shooting guard in the NBA and Dwight Howard the best center in the league.

Lakers officially announced that they cut Chris Douglas-Roberts and Greg Somogyi.

Kobe Bryant wants Dwight Howard to be more intense on the court.

  • Marty Susman

    I have said it since last year, the Lake Show needed youth & it needed a replacement future super star for Kobe & instead they got older & older, just like they did when Malon & the mouth came on board a few years ago…

    D12 looked great & if his back holds up the change will be a good one (Except on the free throw line). No future replacement for Kobe, no youth in the starting five to run with Portland, Denver & OKC….  They are spending tins of money & will not win it all. Instead you will here the kool-aid press saying things like, Oh they need time to play together & other such often used BS.

    The best thing Mitch can do is to take his older stars, wit till the next trade time & send them off for the youth they should have gotten in the first place…Teams that are contending would take a Nash, Gasol, Peace, Jameson & so on… Get early first round picks for next year & sign D12 & Hill (Kobe is a no trade) & start off new just like OKC did…

    Mitch you all worked to get Kobe another ring & it did not work out & won’t work out for him… Maybe his ego will bring him to a point of asking for a trade to say the Nets, Knicks or ???? Heck if he did that the Lakers could get plenty in return, maybe K Irving from Cleveland plus a few picks…

    One thing is for sure, older former stars are not the way to win it all….