Lakers Nation Week in Review: Oct. 12- Oct. 19

Lakers Nation Week in Review: Oct. 12- Oct. 19


IFWT_Kobe-FloydThe NBA season starts in just ten days, and the Los Angeles Lakers are hoping to beat expectations despite the roadblocks in their way. With injuries looming over the team and the old age of their stars, it will take a lot work for the Lakers to make the postseason this year.

The coaching staff is also making the final cuts to the roster and are deciding who will be suiting up on opening night when the team faces the Los Angeles Clippers.

As the season approaches, it was a busy week for Lakers Nation, and here is a look back at the last seven days.

Lakers Nation News:

Kobe Bryant changed his Twitter profile to “1225.”

Shaquille O’Neal praised Bryant in a recent interview.

Bryant is still experiencing tightness with his Achilles injury. 

The Clippers will cover the Lakers’ banners during their home games.

Dwight Howard said it took guts to leave Los Angeles. 

The Lakers released Darius Johnson-Odom.

Bryant opens up about the 2004 Shaquille O’Neal trade. 

Kobe Bryant does not know when he’ll retire.

ESPN ranked Bryant 25th on their annual player rankings list. 

NBA players would rather have Kobe or Michael Jordan shoot a game winning shot over LeBron James.

Mike D’Antoni does not think Bryant will be ready for the season opener. 

Chris Kaman injured his finger while in China.


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  • LakersHeatBeef

    My biggest concerns about the Lakers are a lack of ball movement and also bad shooting.If the Lakers can somehow make better passes and have better ball movement then i think the Lakers will be very dangerous.But also they must make their shots,so far bad shooting has been very noticeable.

    the Lakers were winning championships a few years ago,the Lakers had great ball movement and great shooting.All the top tier teams have great ball movement,just watch how Miami or Spurs move the ball their passing is amazing.

    Team ball requires ball movement and crisp passes are necessary.Being unselfish is the key.Lakers can do it,but the players must improve on team passing,shooting,much better ball movement.Every player must buy in to the MDA coaching philosophy or else it won’t work.