Lakers Nation Week In Review: June 1 – June 8

Lakers Nation Week In Review: June 1 – June 8


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The Los Angeles Lakers are joining the rest of the NBA by watching the 2014 Finals from home as the team looks to rebuild for the future. This season was very disappointing for fans, but with the draft around the corner, the front office will be looking to one day make a return to the Finals.

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There have been many names out there as possible selections for the seventh spot including Julius Randle, Aaron Gordon and Marcus Smart to name a few. To sort out everything that has gone on with the Lakers, here is this week’s review:

Lakers Nation News

Kobe Bryant has released training videos with Nike Pro Answers.

The Lakers will reportedly not look into Derek Fisher as their next head coach. 

Laker legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said Tim Duncan is his favorite active player.

The Miami Heat are the most popular team according to an ESPN poll. 

Andrew Bynum wants to come back to the Lakers.

The Lakers conducted pre-draft workouts with several prospects. 

Los Angeles is concerned about drafting the best player, not the best fit with its seventh pick.

Aaron Gordon compares himself to Kobe Bryant. 

Bryant’s recovery process is going better than previously expected.

USA soccer coach Jurgen Klinsmann commented on Kobe’s new contract extension. 

Grant Hill believes Kobe has taken tougher shots than Michael Jordan.

Charles Barkley called the Lakers coaching vacancy a “bad job.”

Larry Brown is not interested in coaching the Lakers.

The Lakers’ estimated value shot up after the Clippers sold for two billion dollars. 

Pau Gasol talked about the possibility of rejoining the Memphis Grizzlies.
Lakers Likely Draft Candidates

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  • Gerald

    Coach Lionel Hollins Team is full of grind,grit,grime.

    PG Marcus Smart Rookie Deal+Jordan Farmar Minimum+Kendall Marshall minimum
    SG Kobe Bryant $23 m+Lance Stephenson $6 m+Kent Bazemore minimum
    SF Luol Deng $7 m+Paul Pierce minimum
    PF Ed Davis minimum+Carlos Boozer$3 m+Ryan Kelly minimum
    C Pau Gasol $9 m+Emeka Okafor minimum+Robert Sacre minimum

    Waive Steve Nash saving $7 million in cap space.

    This is a playoffs team in the west if Kobe Bryant is healthy the whole season.

    • truth24

      The pipe makes you delusional.

    • Evan

      I’m sure Farmar wants more than the minimum. Deng will ask for more than 7m (Making 14 right now I think). Pierce won’t take the minimum. Looks like you just went down a list and picked names you recognized and threw them together.

  • jay

    cant wait for what coach the Lakers hire, what player they draft and what free agents they really show interest!

    • Jim213

      Dr. Robert Klapper
      KOBE. “Ironically the injuries last year forced him to recondition his body and game and will PROLONG his career!”

      KOBE. “His Achilles and Left Knee will not be ANY concern this season!”

      • jay

        76ers Thaddeus Young, #10, #32 and #39 to the Lakers for #7 and Steve Nash’s expiring contract? or 76ers Thaddeus Young, Michael Carter-Williams + #10 for Lakers #7 and Steve Nash’s expiring contract? I can only dream right? lol, I mean, I think its a win-win scenario lol

        • Jim213

          IMO, too much to ask for the 7th as drafting 9th,10th, or 11th should be considered. Depending on who’s available at 7th they can at best get 2 first rounders or an early 2nd rounder.

          Very possible the Lakers will end up without a draft pick in 2015 so best to take advantage of this year’s draft to pick up other pieces.

          • jay

            those are the type of deals I would want the FO to do/consider doing, since I’m not really sold on only drafting one player (especially like you said, have to take advantage of this years draft to pick up other pieces), cause we sure are in need of, that’s why if a deal like the two I said would to happen/pop up, I wouldn’t mind the FO trading the 7th pick, rather than what most people are dreaming of, trading the 7th pick for either K. Love or K. Irving, which we all know that isn’t happening with the 7th pick, if the 76ers are really high on Exum and really want to trade MCW (and get rid of Thaddeus contract in the process), they’ll probably do that type of the deal with us, cause going from the 10th to 7th is really tempting to do, what are your type of deals you’d give up the 7th pick for Jim?

  • Hank

    Lakers can be a revolutionary team if they use Dario Saric as a point forward primary ball handler and passer and they use Marcus Smart as a smallish shooting guard like a Crash Dwayne Wade.The Crash Dwayne Wade days were amazing a young Marcus Smart can become another Crash Wade.Sign Eric Bledsoe and man the Lakers have the best defensive backcourt in the NBA and the fastest guards in the NBA.Move Kobe to the small forward position and the Lakers become dangerous with Dario Saric playing power forward and handling the ball most the time as a point forward and dishing the ball to open teammates.The Lakers get Saric by trading a future first rounder for a first round pick in this draft.

    PG Eric Bledsoe/Kendall Marshall/Jordan Farmar
    SG Marcus Smart/Kent Bazemore
    SF Kobe Bryant/Xavier Henry
    PF Dario Saric/Ryan Kelly
    C Pau Gasol/Andrew Bynum/Robert Sacre

    • Evan

      Smart isn’t a very good shooter. I’d imagine that’s helpful for a shooting guard. This also would leave us with no interior defensee with the exception of an injured, broken Bynum. At all.

  • Elvis Wu

    Arron Gordon for sure!!!!!!!!!!


    This is the time of year where we are super hungry but there is no food in sight. Just a bunch of “maybe there will be food soon” rumors. Like going into a bar and asking, “What do ya have on draft?,” getting several choices but told the bar won’t be open for three more weeks. Go to the store with plenty of money to buy food but the store won’t be open either. argh. Snacking on morsils of rumor tidbits and starving our butts off. This goes down as cruel and unusual punishment. And on top of it we have to watch the Heat and Spurs in hopes they BOTH loose. Will this horrible torture ever end???????

    • LakersOverEverything

      This is funny as s***, but it’s so true, especially that last part about hoping they BOTH lose

  • Selman

    Here is my lakers lineup for 2014/15
    PG – K marshall = “2nd year” player, pass first pg. a little slow but good vision
    SG – J Meeks = good role player, earned a starter spot, good shooter
    SF – Kobe = slide down to 3, offers him more flexibility on defense
    PF – R Kelly = young shooter, stretch floor, year advantage over this year pf class
    C – Gasol = bring back at hometown discount
    2nd string
    PG = J Farmar = earned spot and decent player
    SG = bazemore- length, good shot, good defense, and athletic, earned his spot
    SF = Swaggy P = 2nd team scorer always has green light
    PF = Jordan Hill = different PF look than Ryan Kelly
    C = Sacre = for defense and rebounds
    nash on bench to play 10 mins and help develop marshall and farmar. Also Xavier henry is your SF of the future. him and swaggy will share mins after KObe retires…keep him on team but let him develop. Big Bynum on the bench a league minimum also.
    from free agency i would look at bringing in Elton brand at league minimum to help develop Jordan Hill and Ryan Kelly. Invest in your young players and bring in people to make them better. or trade Hill and bring in Blatche or Ed Davis
    Bring in Spencer hawes he will play back for Pau gasol and he can learn a little bit from gasol while he is still there. still young and has high ceiling (imo)
    For draft i would draft marcus Smart in case Marsall doesnt improve to another level. he is bulky and fast. he can guard West PGs. I would not draft a PF because we can pick up from Free agency, but as far as PG Bradley is not leaving Boston and Lowry is too expensive. so PG should come from draft.