Lakers Nation Week In Review: February 1 – February 8

Lakers Nation Week In Review: February 1 – February 8


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Finally after months and months without healthy point guards, the Lakers have their playmakers back on the court. Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar all made their returns this week and the coaching is hoping to change the season around.

Los Angeles is still facing a large hole in the Western Conference standings and if they want to make the post season they must make a push now.

It was a busy week for the team and here is a look back at the past seven days.

Lakers Nation News: 

Anthony Davis will replace Kobe Bryant as a Western Conference starter.

John Cena passed Kobe as the most liked athlete on Facebook. 

Nick Young says he will return this season.

Shaw said he and Kobe could have won five or six titles together. 

The Lakers re-signed Shawne Williams.

Young suffered a fracture in his knee. 

Los Angeles set a franchise record during the game against the Cavaliers.

Mitch Kupchak expects the Lakers to get a good draft pick.

LeBron James will test free agency this summer. 

The Suns cut off trade talks with the Lakers.

Los Angeles did not sign Manny Harris to another contract. 

Dante Exum things the Lakers will be his option.
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  • Daryl Peek

    Man! I know Manny Harris is not needed with all the guards we have but that kid is SMOKIN’ in the D-League! He dropped 56 points and grabbed 15 boards tonight on 20-39 FGA and 5-9 3 PTA, SHEESH!

    • Jim213

      lol, all of a sudden you’re cool with him? Wasn’t what you said 7-10 days ago, SMH. One see’s his effort to play hard which some on the roster don’t show a lot (hustle). #troll (pun) #notoaliases #speakfreely #blogafterall

      • riannonqas321

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      • Daryl Peek

        When was I not cool with him? You a trip?!? I simply stated a clear business decision that was gonna be made. My stance has not changed.

        In a perfect world we’d be able to keep Manny but that was not gonna happen given the aforementioned.

        • Jim213

          ‘Manny fits right into this Lakers roster of D-League’ 1/26/14. There’s a few more too but just saying DP! smh

          • Daryl Peek

            Yes he does fit. Again what part of my stance is changed by saying that? I stated Manny is a cap casuality because he will not be kept as we would have to sign him to a long term contract for the rest of the season which make no sense when Meeks, X, Kobe, Blake, Young, Nash and Farmar will all likely be back in a matter of two weeks or so. Business decision as I said. I also said I like Manny’s game back then so get it right man.

          • Jim213

            smh… seems you leave the door open to make a quick turn with some of your posts. no diss tho

          • Daryl Peek

            And you don’t? My stance on Manny was a short term hole plug from the get. I felt the Same on Marshall but he’s actually earned his way into a long term stay, and possibly a strong look for next season. I still stick to my assertion that he will not start over a healthy Blake or Nash but Nash looks like he’s not gonna get right so KM may get the nod soon. At least til Farmar comes back, then he’ll fall behind both Blake and Farmar.

          • Jim213

            “and you don’t?” childish ‘checkmate’ (pun). Don’t think Nash will return next season tho and if they don’t go after a starting PG not sure who’ll end up at the 1. Although, I’ll possibly be between Blake and Farmar if the remain.

  • Jim213

    Per Mitch Lawrence (NY Daily News) Nash has been telling friends “this is going to be it.” and plans to retire after this season? BS? but if not he can workout out a deal to take less pay for 2014-2015 though isn’t required to do so and would still be owed the $$$ but FO can scratch the salary from next season’s cap if they go that route.

    • Daryl Peek

      I could see Nash possibly retiring. I said that earlier in the season but I said that it would not happen this season. Nash is too much of a competitor to just give up and not try to fight through it. He’s talking like a player who sees the end in sight just the same as Kobe has been all season. Father time is undefeated….

  • richard

    Nash has to go through medical retirement…. helps the team… perhaps a deal with the FO to be on the bench to help in player development? His latest injury is telling a very clear message that his body is not able to sustain anymore the pounding that it usually receives playing on an NBA game.