Lakers Nation Week In Review: Dec. 8 – Dec. 15 Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers have been a complete enigma this season and are unable to find any sort of consistency. There is no flow to the offense and the defense h The Los Angeles Lakers have been a complete enigma this season and are unable to find any sort of consistency. There is no flow to the offense and the defense h Rating:
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Lakers Nation Week In Review: Dec. 8 – Dec. 15

The Los Angeles Lakers have been a complete enigma this season and are unable to find any sort of consistency. There is no flow to the offense and the defense has been horrendous so far into the 2012-13 campaign. The past seven days have been nothing short of embarrassing for the Lakers, as they lost three consecutive games to begin the week.

The Lakers eventually recovered from the losses to beat the Washington Wizards on Friday, but the damage to their reputation was already done. There have been talks that the Lakers do not have the personnel to win a championship and there are doubts that this team can be as successful as some of the title teams of the past.

Here is a look back at a tough week for Lakers fans.

Lakers Nation Game Recaps:

The Lakers began the week against the Utah Jazz at Staples Center, but the home crowd could not guide them to victory. The Jazz surprised the Lakers with their play and Los Angeles was never truly able to get back into the game. As the final buzzer rang, the Lakers walked off the court losers, 117-110.

Things got worse for the Lakers when they lost a game in Cleveland against the lowly Cavaliers. Even though Kyrie Irving played his first game since his injury, he guided the Cavs over the Lakers. Kobe Bryant ended up scoring 42 points, but the other Lakers players offered no help and Los Angeles fell 100-94.

The Los Angeles Lakers made their lone visit to Madison Square Garden on Thursday and the energy in the arena was amazing. The Knicks have developed into an elite team and the match between the two was sure to be an exciting one. The Knicks opened up a large lead in the first quarter and even though the Lakers made it a game late, they ended up losing their 116-107.

The Lakers finally got a win when they beat the Washington Wizards in the nation’s capital, 102-96. Despite the fact that the Wizards are not a playoff bound team, the Lakers still had a hard time getting the victory. Although the match ended the Lakers’ four-game losing streak, it did very little to please Lakers fans.

Lakers Nation News:

Phil Jackson says he will not return to coaching and does not consider the Lakers a championship team.

Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard are leaders in the Western Conference All-Star voting.

Kobe Bryant spoke to ESPN about the Lakers’ slow start.

According to rumors, the Lakers are Targeting Delonte West.

Magic Johnson believes the Lakers are using Pau Gasol incorrectly.

Johnson went on to say that the Lakers don’t have the talent to run Mike D’Antoni’s system.

Steve Nash is likely out two additional weeks.

Staples Center was named one of the best arenas in the NBA.

Dwight Howard is remaining patient during the Lakers’ slow start.


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  • Torrey Davie

    On the contrary, I think the last game of the week was a turning point. I posted this on my Lakers fan page earlier today.

    Lakers might have found something….

    Watching Lakers basketball has been hard at times this season and it has Laker fans all over the country at their wit’s end, but I think Mike D’Antoni might have found the cure for the Lakers early season woes.

    For this to work there will have to be sacrifices made by key players and guys will have to stay healthy, but it is the most legitimate answer in my opinion as well.

    The actual physical proof that this would work gave the Lakers a pretty good ass whoopin’ the other night.

    The New York Knicks.

    If you look up and down these rosters are eerily similar. Not to mention the fact that Mike Woodson was quoted as saying he incorporates alot of Coach D’Antoni’s old system with just a few tweaks of his own.

    I think it’s safe to say we all know which tweak has payed off the most. That would be Carmelo Anthony’s move to Power Forward. This creates a match-up nightmare across the board for defenses.

    Oh yes, you can quote me on this….

    The New York Knicks are LEGIT TITLE CONTENDERS and my personal favorite to win the East. They are the NBA’s first real Super Team.

    Here’s the crazy thing….. The only team I see keeping this season from being a complete washout by the Knicks, as odd as it may sound, is the 10-14 Los Angeles Lakers.

    It’s insane how identical these two teams are. Down to the smallest detail.

    The difference? The Knicks have been playing lights out all season because Carmelo Anthony has embraced the role of PF and Mike Woodson has made the adjustments necessary to compete in today’s NBA.

    The Lakers might have stumbled upon the adjustment that might save their season, last night in Washington D.C..

    The adjustment was starting Devin Ebanks at the Power Forward Position. When you break down the move you realize it helps the current Laker roster in several different aspects. The most important aspect is the balance it provides between the stars and role players. It also give them an identity, something they have been searching for all season long.

    First, let me break down the similarities between the two squads.

    Each team has a proven scorer that can create his own shot at anytime in the game, most importantly in crunch time, in Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony. Both players are having career years in FG percentage and 3pt percentage. Both are playing unselfishly while keeping their shot rate relatively high (Kobe is averaging a career high in assists so far this season). It’s safe to say that they, along with Kevin Durant, are 1,2,3 as far as scorers go in the NBA.

    Both teams have a defensive anchor down low.

    Wait, wait, wait… Before I go any further, I need to clarify something with Laker fans regarding Dwight Howard.

    If you thought when the Lakers made the trade for Dwight that we were getting Shaq: Part II you are badly mistaken.
    What we got was a dominant, proven low post defender with freakish athleticism and a post game that is still in it’s infancy.

    The expectations of Dwight being a 25 and 15 guy every night are very unrealistic and in my opinion, very unfair to him as a player. Yes, he is capable of these types of numbers, just not on a consistent night to night basis.

    Now that I got that out of the way I will continue.

    Tyson Chandler and Dwight Howard are very similar players. Athletic, long, defensive minded bigs. They also make a living off of the pick & roll and lobs.

    Both teams have a stretch 4 that can spread the defense and hit open shots off the bench in Antwan Jamison and Steve Novak (Rasheed Wallace can also be considered one of these, although it is not his strength).

    Both teams have a streaky shooting 2 guard capable of lighting it up from beyond the arc and being the second option on any given night in Jodie Meeks and J.R. Smith.

    Both teams have a versatile, veteran Small Forward that is know for tough, physical perimeter defense in Metta World Peace and Ronnie Brewer.

    Both teams have veteran depth at the Point Guard position (when Nash gets back of course) with Duhon and Blake in LA and Felton and Prigioni in NY.

    Both teams have a chippy PF that comes off the bench and provides energy at the offensive and defensive end in Jordan Hill and Rasheed Wallace. Though Wallace isn’t the post defender he once was, he is still capable of playing very well against most of the NBA’s second team front court players. Jordan Hill’s knack for getting the offensive rebound and scoring in the low post is just as consistent as Rasheed’s ability to shoot the 3 and spread the defense. Basically the skill sets of the two cancel each other out.

    Both teams also posses arguably the 2 best Point Guards in the last 20 years, in the twilight of their respective careers, in 2 time league MVP Nash and the man known as the best true PG in NBA history, Jason Kidd.

    Here’s where it gets kind of creepy….

    Both teams have a wayward, former star Power Forward, that is having a hard time finding his place on his team’s roster. Both men have been the subject of numerous trade rumors and both have been nursing nagging injuries. These two players, of course, are Pau Gasol and Amare Stoudemire. The similarities between these two are quite eerie as well. They both are 12 to 15 foot jumpshooters late in their careers, but are most effective moving toward the basket. The only difference is Pau is a back to the basket post player and Amare is a face-up post player.

    The rosters are almost identical.

    The Ebanks move makes perfect sense. When you break it down it fills some huge voids in the Lakers current roster, creates balance between the role players and stars, and allows Mitch Kupchak to keep the current squad in tact.

    By no means is Devin Ebanks anything close to Carmelo Anthony, but he brings length, youth, athleticism, and defense to a position that has needed a boost since Pau began his downward spiral against the New Orleans Hornets in 2010.

    I believe that the position of PF in the NBA has changed. You can no longer run with 2 bigs. This is a problem the Lakers were scrutinized for not fixing this Summer. They brought in Antawn Jamison, but he provides shooting. His defense is non-existent, and since being plugged in to the starting line up, he has struggled on the defensive end, which has gotten him completely out of rhythm. It has effected the entire team rotation negatively.

    The Ebanks Experiment, as far fetched as it may seem, would work. Pau Gasol would just need to accept a new role, that in effect, may resurrect his career. How does this sound?

    Pau Gasol…. 6th Man Of The Year!!!

    It’s the same thing experts are saying the Knicks need to do with Amare. Crazy huh?

    Los Angeles’ inability to play transition defense has been well documented, to say the least. Size is no longer an advantage in the NBA. It is the complete opposite. This is what the league wanted with all of the rule changes they made in the 90′s. The Charles Barkley Rule (A player can only back down a defender in the post for 5 seconds) and the Defensive 3 Second Rule (Allows teams to play a makeshift Zone Defense during crucial stretches in games) have revolutionized the game for perimeter players. It has also caused the extinction of the “Dominant Low Post Center”. Dwight Howard is considered the best “Center” in the league and he’s barely 6’10″. Shaq and Yao were the last of a dying breed in the NBA.

    Former Laker Andrew Bynum is the closest thing.

    That being said, Dwight and Pau on the floor at the same time is not going to work.


    If he wants to be an NBA Champion again he will have to consider this. Ether that, or he’s traded before you can blink an eye. The bad thing about trading him is his value. Saying it has dropped some would be an understatement. It think it’s a get what you can situation now, and what you can get won’t make the team better. Pau’s only value is on the floor, with the Lakers.

    Pau coming off the bench would give the Lakers size, low post scoring, and leadership that is badly needed by one of the NBA weakest 2nd units. It would make them one of the deepest teams in the league as well.

    It would also allow Jordan Hill to be used exclusively at PF. It basically gives the Lakers a 2ndunit that rivals the Charlotte Bobcats starting 5. Also, with Pau moving to the bench, it puts to rest the challenge of equally distributing touches between Howard and Gasol in the post with the 1st unit. The Lakers would be able to play inside out and work the pick & roll without having to make the decision of who to go to. This would make Steve Nash’s job a lot easier. Antawn Jamison would be able to play SF and PF off the bench and he would be able to work the inside out with Gasol, who is widely considered the best passing big man in league history.

    In my opinion, Chris Duhon has solidified himself as the #2 PG in LA. Steve Blake, when healthy, would be able to come in when coach D’Antoni goes with 3 guards on the floor, which he has been known to do with regularity.

    When you start to think “No, this won’t work”, just think back and remember when Mike D’Antoni had success. In 2006-2007 the Suns won the Pacific Division with a 61-21 record, averaging 110.2 ppg in the process. The starting line-up for that team was PG Steve Nash, SG Raja Bell, James Jones and Boris Diaw split starts at SF, PF Shawn Marion (Coincidence??? I think not), and C Amare Stoudemire (Hybrid PF-C with freakish athleticism). The only thing that stopped that team from reaching the top was their inability to rebound the basketball. It was pretty much the reason for Amare leaving. I think it’s safe to say Dwight is a little bit better rebounder than Amare.

    This would work and if the egos in LA can put pride aside and make this happen it may save their season and maybe, just maybe bring a 17th Larry O’Brian Trophy to the city of Los Angeles.

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