Lakers Nation Tweets Of The Week: Goodbye Metta, Hello Kaman, Young Reviewed by Momizat on . Missed the tweets of the week? Don't stress, check out the top 10 tweets of the week that informs you of all the Laker happenings during free agency. The Lakers Missed the tweets of the week? Don't stress, check out the top 10 tweets of the week that informs you of all the Laker happenings during free agency. The Lakers Rating:
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Lakers Nation Tweets Of The Week: Goodbye Metta, Hello Kaman, Young

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Missed the tweets of the week? Don’t stress, check out the top 10 tweets of the week that informs you of all the Laker happenings during free agency.

The Lakers have signed Chris Kaman, Nick Young, and Wesley Johnson. The Lakers have decided to part way with Metta World Peace, and are interested in bringing Jordan Farmar back to the roster. Plus, did Dwight Howard say that he would stay with the Lakers if Kobe was amnestied?

1. The Lakers have decided to use their amnesty clause on Metta World Peace. Thank you for all the memories. You will be missed.


2. We love you Metta!


3. Welcome to L.A., Kaman.


4. Kobe explains why he unfollowed Dwight Howard on twitter.


5. Sacre!


6. Apparently Dwight Howard asked for Kobe be to amnestied. What?!


7. Welcome Nick Young.


8. Great answer!


9. Welcome Wesley Johnson.


10. Lakers are interested in signing Jordan Farmar, but his contract won’t be finalized until a buyout is resolved with Turkish club Anadolu Efes. Either way, it looks like Kobe is excited for the upcoming season.


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  • GET SASHA V FOR 2014!!!

    all lakers need to do mr. kupchak and mr. buss is please bring back and sign the machine SASHA VUJACIC AND sign CHIRIS DOUGLAS ROBERTS!! TITLE CONTENDARS RIGHT AWAY UNDER MIKE DANTONI’S SYSTEM TRUST ME. THESE GUYS AND SHOOT AND DEFEND..WAIVE STEVE BLAKE HE’S NOT CONSISTENT AND TURNS THE BALL OVER IN CRUCIAL times over and over in GAMES, GET ANOTHER BETTER SHOOTER besides BLAKE he will never improve trust me mr. kupchak and jbuss!!!..
    ONE more key piece pickup that can be athletic, good 3 point shooter and defender mitch/buss. lakers can contend for 2014 title!!

    • Jim213

      I agree, but would need to cut/waive/trade Blake and sign Odom first… then yes.

  • Marty Susman

    The news I am waiting to hear is, The coach is to be replaced by Byron Scott, Pau Gasol & Steve Nash along with Blake traded for 1st round draft picks in the upcomming draft..

    • CharlieMurphy!

      Lakers never tank.

      • Jim213

        Gasol ain’t worth the $20 mil, especially since his best days were in the triangle offense. But management still wants to keep him around aside of Gasol wanting his own stay in LA banner for next year. Time for a trade given he hasn’t even risen to being a consistent reliable player next to Kobe.

        • CharlieMurphy!

          That’s a $19-20 mil in expiring contract. That’s a good reason to keep him on his last year. Come summer of 2014, the Lakers will have enormous cap space that consists of everyone excluding Nash. The Lakers will be able to sign multiple all stars and have the edge to resign Kobe and Pau as back ups or starters if needed. The Lakers also have an option to sign and trade Pau on next summer’s Draft. They may even include Nash’s expiring contract to entice the deal. So don’t stress Pau’s contract, you’re not paying it anyway.

          • Jim213

            LOL… If the Lakers don’t plan on resigning him might as well get something in return just as they could’ve done so with DH. Management should’ve known that the only reason that DH came was b/c he thought Phil would returning.

            I guess buying sports packages, sports attire, and tickets don’t mean nothing. How do you expect these ballers get paid from the Buss’s own family fortune..? We pay the bills and they’ve done a bad job at managing it…!

          • CharlieMurphy!

            Mitch Kupchack has been doing great for the organization for years. He’s gotten us great players and solid rookies since he took over Jerry West’s position. He’s also once again, acquired solid players for us this summer so the Lakers wouldn’t be irrelevant after the Howard debacle.

            Yet here you are, questioning the management on how they handle players salaries. You probably already have players lined up to trade for Pau Gasol? Too much ESPN Trade Machine for you..

            It’s true what many “experts” and players say about LA fans, ungrateful. Thank Pau for helping Kobe get 2 rings.

          • Jim213

            Good reply, I like many here agree that the Lakers have just recently made good decisions. I guess you’re one of those fans who believes that last year a successful one when they had more to offer. If we are here it’s b/c we care about our brand, I and many here have been long time fans and know and expect the franchise to place a competitive team on the floor. We don’t expect to win a championship every year but we expect to always have a competitive team on the floor.

            I would prefer to have a competitive team with chemistry similar to the two recent championship teams. Your so called experts couldn’t predict a 5 day forecast given that they make one prediction and often make excuses of why their picks didn’tt. You’re one of those fans that would like the team to tank.. ain’t going to happen. I’m not concerned about winning championships every year as opposed to keeping the team competitive on a yearly basis to put us in those types of situations.

            It’s not that we’re ungrateful… Crazy to believe that.. LA will always be grateful to Dr. Buss, J West and everyone else who should be given credit for everything they’ve done for the city, fans, and organization and not just the = 16 rings. Given these 16 championships we expect to stay competitive which doesn’t mean winning championships every year…

            Ain’t even an ESPN register blogger or participator, sure we’re grateful to Pau but you’re likely to sign him to a max contract today for what he may have done yrs back in (just ex. 2007-2009) instead for what he brings today. This is a business too, $20 mil for not even being the second best player on the team? Let there be no doubt that Kobe earns his pay and everyone else who works their butts off in the team CONSISTENTLY even for a minimal contract.

            Pay those players who’ve earned it for their current play, yet you’re willing to pay Pau a max contract for what he may have done ex. 5 or 6 years ago?! Sure he won two championships we’re thankful can’t forget that… just as an example brah don’t take it bad (but you probably expect to get paid for a 40 hr week for just putting in a 20 hr work week). If Pau was consistent on a REGULAR basis many would be talking about this today…

            Yes, thanks to Kobe for keeping us relevant and for his competitive play while giving us 5 rings along with Shaq and the previous great players. We expect to be competitive but current management decisions put this into doubt today. This is why Kobe is one of the greatest Lakers KOBE/MAGIC its their competitiveness and hard work ethics that places them and us a the top!

          • richard

            Finally, someone who knows the meaning of appreciation.

  • richard

    This is more like it… now just add a little bit of muscle in the forward position… around 6’9″-6’10″ height, has a reliable mid-range game and above average defense, rebounds well, and is agile, and we are good to go…

    What do we play for?????

    • mary952

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