Lakers Nation Sound Off: Will Jim Buss Affect Kobe’s Future With The Lakers? Reviewed by Momizat on . Written by: Bryant T. Jordan Twitter | @BryantTJordan Subject: Jim Buss may run Dwight AND Kobe out of town in consecutive summers!?! I honestly don’t mean to s Written by: Bryant T. Jordan Twitter | @BryantTJordan Subject: Jim Buss may run Dwight AND Kobe out of town in consecutive summers!?! I honestly don’t mean to s Rating:
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Lakers Nation Sound Off: Will Jim Buss Affect Kobe’s Future With The Lakers?

Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles LakersWritten by: Bryant T. Jordan
Twitter | @BryantTJordan

Subject: Jim Buss may run Dwight AND Kobe out of town in consecutive summers!?!

I honestly don’t mean to sound like Chicken Little wailing “the sky is falling, the sky is falling,” but the simple fact is that when absolute devastation could be on the horizon, the faithful should be prepared to cope with such ruin.

The above said, there is a distinct possibility that despite all the hope in Lakerdom revolving around the summer of 2014, next summer could actually be far more devastating than this summer has been. Simply put, in 12 short months, Lakers fans could be protesting en masse in front of the Staples Center.

This summer bore witness to Jim Buss seemingly choosing Mike D’Antoni and Steve Nash over Dwight Howard, with the end result being Dwight Howard agreeing to sign with the Houston Rockets and leaving the Lakers with zero compensation. I don’t know about you but when I invest in a big-ticket commodity, I expect a great return on my investment. If I cannot get a great return on my investment, I may indeed take a loss, but never, ever, under any circumstances would I simply agree to receive nothing for my investment. However, such is exactly what Jim Buss received for his investment in Dwight Howard, nothing.

As embarrassing and debilitating as losing the best center in basketball without receiving anything in return was, the fact of the matter is that next summer could be far worse. How, you ask? Allow me to make one bold statement, followed by an in-depth explanation of why such may in fact be true:


When the free agency period starts next summer, I honestly believe that Kobe Bryant will not be the focal point for Jim Buss. Simply put, I honestly believe that Jim Buss will focus on both LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony when free agency starts, and that he will in effect make Kobe Bryant wait and possibly wait and wait and wait for a formal contract offer until LeBron and Carmelo decide whether they want to become Lakers or not. Such an action by Buss may be all it takes to infuriate Kobe to the point of no return and decide that these Jim Buss lead Lakers are not the same as the Jerry Buss lead Lakers, and look to sign elsewhere.

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There is also the possibility that even if Jim Buss pulls off the Hail Mary and is able to sign both LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, that Kobe Bryant would balk at the far below market-value contract Buss would then offer him, feeling like a third wheel and entirely disrespected by the lack of loyalty shown.

There is also the possibility that even if the Lakers are only able to sign LeBron or Carmelo, rather than both, that Jim Buss will decide a youth movement is necessary and still offer Kobe a far below market-value contract, while at the same time trying to sign such younger quality players as Kyle Lowry, Jerryd Bayless, Evan Turner, Michael Beasley, et al.

There is also the very real possibility that if the Lakers are not able to sign LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony that Kobe Bryant will decide that he would rather compete for a ring in another city than waste away on a team that is more playoff contender than title contender, which the Lakers could be at that stage.

I honestly believe that Kobe Bryant will be not be the focal point of free agency this summer for Jim Buss. I believe that Buss will throw max offers at both LeBron and Melo and wait to see what they do; if Kobe expects to “get paid” fast and hard, he is in for a shock as I can see Jim Buss saying, “Sorry, Kobe but LBJ and Melo are my priorities and you’ll just have to wait for them to make their decisions; and, if they both sign on the dotted line, you can either take the offer I authorize of or you can play elsewhere”.

I honestly believe the above is exactly what will happen this summer, and when it does, there is a strong possibility that Kobe Bean Bryant, the greatest Laker in history, gets extremely offended and leaves the Los Angeles Lakers, the only teams he has played for since being drafted 18 summers earlier.

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  • ra

    Answer: of course Jim Buss will affect Kobe’s future. He’s the one who gives Kobe his paycheck at the end of the week.

    The question should have been: “Will Jim Buss create a traumatic situation for the Lakers, if he lets Kobe walk next year”. Answer (again), YES. Kobe is the Lakers ‘brand’, which is why Buss kept him this year instead of amnestying, and banking on next year.

    Actually, if Dwight Howard stayed in LA, Kobe would have been more likely to have been either let go next year, or signed at a ‘very reduced’ salary. Jim Buss is not a ‘card shark’, like his dad. He has to play Kobe’s hand now, since Kobe is the royal flush in hand.

    DH ruined things for Lakers management. It raises questions (for them) about whether or not a ‘superstar’ free agent will sign with the Lakers. Jerry Buss could probably reel them in, no problem. Jim Buss ….. eh.

    • Daryl Peek

      Dr. Buss was a gambler who had unbelievably fortunate favor. He leaned heavily on Sharman and West early on as his basketball operations liaisons. Buss inherited a great team from Kent Cooke when he purchased the team in 79. Magic was the perfect missing piece to his Showtime vision. It was the perfect merging storm.

      Dr. Buss had his share of failures working with West. Jimmy deserves the same chance with Kupchak. It’s wrong for the Lakers fan base to expect Jimmy and Mitch to be a seamless transition into what Buss and West did over a 30+ year period. Those perfect storm mergers are rare.

      Losing out on CP3 was devastating! Plan A between Jimmy and Kupchak was D12, CP3 and Brown. Howard rejected the reactionary plan B of Nash and Kobe. Mike Brown was a good choice in plan A with CP3 and D12 if it would’ve came to fruition. D’Antoni was a ongoing reeling choice with Nash in plan B.

      It would be a whole different Jimmy Buss perception if not for Stern and the CBA forces mounting it’s challenge to the Buss dynasty. Lakers Nation needs to pause and let Jimmy and Mitch fully recoup.

      • ra

        I don’t know if Jim Buss can recoup. But we need to see what can be done in the upcoming year (including 2014).
        We can pause, and let him fully ‘prove’ himself.

        And, more importantly, the Lakers need to let US (the fans) recoup. Things are up in the air now.

        As for Mitch, I think he’s done a great job. And, he answered mostly to Jerry Buss (who, by the way, had mostly hits than misses in the 30+ year history).

      • Jim213

        SUURREE.. with the bad decisions that management has made the Laker allegiance will give them all the time necessary…? It’s about the BRAND, and MARKETING. Con’s relate to a likely serious franchise value down swing for the Brand down the line as well as the likelihood of immense MEDIA REVENUE losses for the franchise.

        Good luck trying to acquire superstars then… however, this is down the line but the ball may likely start to roll in the near future with these effects likely occurring 10 years or further down the line. This has been a big part of the Lakers success correlating with media demand $$$… SURE TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED?@#?@#

        • Daryl Peek

          Jim213, your reply is the spoiled Lakeshow mentality. The Bulls know full well what after the triangle is. No era last forever. The 90′s was horrible for the Lakers compared to the Showtime/Lakeshow era’s. But the 90′s were a reboot era no doubt and with the exception of a three year stretch between 92-96 it was not that bad.

          Jimmy is not yet in that three year dark era yet. Once Kobe is gone like Magic was after 92, we’ll see. I give Jimmy and Mitch one up credit over Buss and West for at least trying to think beyond Kobe and the triangle.

          Make no bones about it, Dr. Buss was done with the triangle era. His loyalty to Kobe was enduring that. Dr. Buss never liked paying Phil superstar player money. Dr. Buss was never gonna give Phil a spot at the Lakers family table in a FO/ownership capacity like he did with Kupchak and Magic. Dr. Buss made that clear in his 2005 interview with Michael Eaves. Eaves directly asked Buss about giving Phil Lakers shares and Buss said “ABSOLUTELY NOT because the Lakers belong to my children and that’s the way it’s gonna be!”

          Jimmy is admirably keeping his fathers wishes and taking the blame IMO.

          • Daryl Peek

            And another thing, Dr. Buss and West didn’t have Stern and other owners enacting a CBA targeted specifically at them to handcuff their way of doing things. Plan A was brilliant on Jimmy and Mitch’s part in retrospect.

          • Jim213

            Good counter, what I expect from management is that they acquire solid team depth today to increase the odds and success of attaining aanother star come 2014. I’m not saying build a championship now or hire Phil back b/c I know it isn’t going to happen with Jim Bust.

            With our 16 rings we should know how to keep the ship afloat but management hasn’t been making the right moves this past year. It seems like plan A and B was trying to acquire DH or basically begging him to sign. They could’ve gone after top talent a few weeks back instead of kneeling to DH. First time I’ve heard of this if it was a player like Magic, Kobe, or Shaq I would understand but DH?!…

            We have to get rid of Gasol too, given that his strength was the triangle offense and since he hasn’t assumed the responsibility of being the 2nd best player in the team. The triangle offense isn’t coming back but that doesn’t mean that management needs to tank or stop trying to build further upon depth wise. Daryl, we don’t have a choice however management needs to use their noggin instead of focusing on one objective, DH. Seriously thankful that he left…

          • Daryl Peek

            IMO they weren’t kneeling to Howard. The Stay Campaign was a ploy/Jedi mind trick to make it look like they were doing all they could. LOL If they were begging D12 really, they would have brought Phil back in November. I agree with you on the talent plight. That’s the only thing I question, why not at least get something back for Howard? Asik has the poison pill contract but he will still be a desirable trade chip in 2014. Couple that with possibly getting a future draft pick and or a huge trade exception to make up the difference. They seem too stuck on free cap space in 2014.

          • Jim213

            LOL… Are you serious… Daryl… I can also site articles detailing Hollywood celebrities begging/requesting for DH to stay in LA. PS……………………… Jedi Marketing is expensive…

          • Daryl Peek

            Hey it’s was their money and the stars that did they thing? I can’t call that. *looking*

          • Jim213

            Plead is another word for beg…

            Hollywood pleads with Dwight Howard to stay in L.A.

            The Lakers have enlisted Jack Nicholson to help convince center Dwight Howard to stay with the team in Los Angeles.

            7/1/13 USA Today Sports

            Other articles are also available if you’d like more info… We don’t BEG.

      • Bryant T. Jordan

        That is a well thought out reply and honestly I don’t necessarily disagree with you. My article is meant to inspire thought and discussion, not necessarily to demonize Jim Buss.

    • Bryant T. Jordan

      Solid reply; thank you.

    • mary952

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      • Pat Oslon

        Now that’s a real mother for ya!


    JIM BUSS RAN DWIGHT HOWARD OUT OF TOWN? …Who writes such childish nonsense? …sounds like teenagers have taken over the asylum

    • Bryant T. Jordan

      Who’s decision was it to hire Mike D’Antoni? Who’s decision was it not to fire Mike D’Antoni when Dwight Howard asked for such?
      The answer to both of the above questions is none other than “Jim Buss”
      What was the biggest reason Dwight refused to re-sign with the Lakers?
      The answer most would give to the above question is “Mike D’Antoni”
      Juan, you tell me who was more responsible for running Dwight out of LA than Jim Buss.

      • Daryl Peek

        Bryant, I must respectfully disagree. Kobe was the main reason Howard left. D’Antoni is part of the reason but Kobe more so. Again, the loss of CP3 is what made LA no longer an option for Howard. Howard was hoping for a post Kobe Lakers with CP3 sooner than later.

        Phil was not a true option simply because both Jerry and Jimmy Buss didn’t really want him back in the organization. Let me jog your memory a bit from an 04 statement by Jeanie. “OMG, they aren’t gonna bring Phil back regardless weather he wins or not” Jeanie said this during the 04 finals loss to the Pistons. The they she was referring to is Jerry and Jimmy.

  • Adrian Dois Sos

    I would stop being a Lakers fan if that happened. He should go to OKC.

    • Bryant T. Jordan

      I don’t see Kobe signing with Durant’s Thunder … I think he’d rather be the man in Philly making crazy loot than playing the third wheel in OKC on a vet. min. salary

      • Adrian Dois Sos

        He hates philly

  • Steve

    this… is such a piece of poop article…

    you must’ve had too much time in your hands to drum up such garbage.
    nice projected line ups NOTstradamus

    • Bryant T. Jordan

      What a well thought out response, hahahahaha …

  • Jim213

    Interesting article on some what if’s for 2014… with regards to DH and Lakers management, I believe management was overly confident in believing that they could retain Dwight thus didn’t want to trade him given their belief of “hey who wouldn’t want to play for us.” Management should’ve traded DH ahead of the deadline as in the end they should’ve recognized that DH came to the Lakers with the assumption that they would bring Phil Jackson back.

    It’ll likely never happen with Jim Bust, thus we’ve known this given this past season however management still believed that they could’ve enticed DH with $$$ to get him to stay in LA. Don’t know what type of work ethics they teach in Orlando but the Kobe/DH combo/chemistry wouldn’t have worked out given DH’s lack of work ethic and drive. Sure DH is one of the best center’s but that doesn’t guarantee that he’d fit into any roster, I’m glad he left… but the sad part is that management didn’t appear to have had a plan B. Unless plan a and b constituted acquiring DH at all costs. Should’ve saved their money on advertising and traded him before the trade deadline.

    I agree with most of the comments on Kobe, management seems to want to wait until 2014 to acquire talent instead of focusing on team depth now to help Kobe aside from acquiring solid players to put a competitive team on the floor. (still time). Just as DH, management probably believes that Kobe will resign with the team just b/c of the history. Although he injured his foot, Kobe intends to compete at 110%. With this said if the Lakers don’t attain some depth today come 2014 I don’t know if Kobe would want to play in a non competitive team. Playing with the Clipps, Bulls, is more likely as well as the Warriors given J West current role there at Golden State aside of their current roster.

    It’ll be a challenge to attract any future star to LA aside of Kobe without having any team depth or clear plan for the future. However, with some of the latest possible re-acquisitions ex. Lamar and other past players there would still be hope to build for the future while likely making the playoffs as a lower top seed. This would also help to retain Kobe given that team chemistry is important for any type of team success. Build team depth now with SOLID PLAYERS, no tanking, keep Kobe informed of the future plans for 2014 and who they plan to pursue though I would only really try to acquire Lebron instead of Carmelo. But that should be plan c given that it would be a big IF…

    Plan A and B should focus on acquiring solid youthful players to increase the odds of having a successful future. Although, I always wanted proven players it would be a CHALLENGE BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE to acquire a solid point guard like R Rondo (proven player). Trade Gasol given that management should’ve realized that Gasol played his best under the triangle defense and given these past few seasons hasn’t risen to even being a reliable second scorer for the Lakers. Why tank?! Like many tard analysts believe it would do more harm as the lottery doesn’t guarantee that one specific franchise will get the #1. It may also set the franchise back a decade given the lack of depth and right player acquisitions that’s required today to attract star players who want to win rings. Sure the best players just want to compete but what player doesn’t want to leave their own legacy EGO’s.

    • Bryant T. Jordan

      Great reply!

  • Bryant T. Jordan

    Thanks for the comments everyone … and feel free to come debate in the forum area :-)

  • jwickabdurrahim

    I think the biggest thing is that Kobe has an already established relationship with the Buss family whereas Dwight didn’t. Kobe is also far more mature and frankly a smarter business person than Dwight Howard could have ever dreamed of being. Do I think Kobe will be gone next year? No, I think if he comes back and proves he’s healthy, the Lakers resign him immediately in season. Kobe understands what this organization wants to do in the summer of 2014 and has already said he thinks LeBron is a possibility. Whether that actually happens or not is up for discussion but the fact that Kobe acknowledged that the Lakers could be big spenders next summer just shows me that he’s willing to work out an agreement with this team. As long as the organization gives him a fair deal, he’ll come back.

  • Jim213


    Checked out your twitter page, man… you really market your writings.

  • Jokobe

    Jim Buss wouldn’t let Kobe walk for his own safety reasons. No seriously, there will be some crazy laker fans that might shoot him in public…real talk.

  • KcS

    Have no clue why you people even assume that the Lakers will sign 2 contracts at the max. All it takes is to have a few of these free agents (say, Kobe, Lebron and Melo) to sit down together and agree on each taking less than what they’re entitled to in order to win a championship and we will have a Lakers team with all three in the roster.

  • Steel Bill Moreland

    He will probley trade him for a 10th round draft choice.

  • Lakers Always

    Truly poorly written article.

    That being said — I do feel JimBo is awfully terrible at what he does. It would not surprise me if he chased Kobe out of town. He is scared shitless about giving control to Jeannie and Phil. He wants to exhibit dominance.

  • 6RINGS


  • FiestyE

    I have been a Laker Fan for so many years that even I have a hard time remembering at my age, but will cease to be one if the FO turns their back on Kobe.
    While the talks will probably start to re-sign Kobe (by his agent if he has one) at the top level, I believe that Kobe would take a cut if it is a reasonable. His has been the face of the franchise and the heart and soul of the Lakers and their fans going into his 18th season.
    He wants to win another ring and Championship for not only his self, but the Lakers also. He also wants to retire as a Laker. I think that he has earned the right to play with the Lakers for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 season, if that is what he wants to do.
    I also think that if by some miracle they win it all in the 2013-2014 season, that Kobe would might only want to play the 2014-2015 season to help ease whoever is going to take over the team and become the new face of the franchise into the position. It is possible that he would play both seasons and retire at the end of the 2016 season.
    If the FO does anything to make him leave at the end of the 2014 season to bring in someone like LeBron James, then I will leave the team that I have loved for more years then I can remember.
    There is NO way I could watch LeBron James in my beloved Purple and Gold without Kobe being there until he is ready to retire from the Lakers. If that happens then I would still be able to stay with a team that I dearly love, even with LBJ (whom I don’t believe will ever be as good as Kiobe) on it.

  • Pat Oslon

    Great reader comments! Some of you guys should start a Lakers blog. Keep ‘em coming.

  • jody chappell

    Hopefully Jim gets moved out of the picture sooner rather than later… The longer he stays, the more damage is done. Phil & Jeanie, Mitch and if they could woo Jerry back would be the absolute dream team. Bring in a more effective coach too and the sky is the limit.

  • Joey Francia

    Kobe is not going anywhere.. He Will sign 4 year $100M contract

  • hookedonnews

    I don’t see Kobe Bryant leaving the Lakers at this point in his career. This is his team, and he’s not going somewhere else just to make a little more money. He’s the wealthiest player in the NBA. He should be willing to sacrifice in order to bring in some players to help him win another ring. Other players have done that, and it paid off. Of course, that’s his decision. I think this article is simply another attempt to make Jim Buss the bad guy. Believe me, if Kobe left he would be blamed because he’s blamed for everything else. To say that Buss chose MDA and Nash over Howard is to ignore the facts. They bent over backwards to keep him in LA, but they weren’t going to let him dictate who was going to be the coach (didn’t really work out well for Orlando, did it?), and they weren’t going to amnesty Kobe Bryant. He didn’t want to play with Kobe, and he didn’t like the criticism he got from the fans and the media in LA. All this speculation about 2014 is pointless. No one knows if LeBron has the slightest interest in leaving Miami. If Buss does something to warrant criticism, go ahead. But let’s not start inventing scenarios a year in advance and try to say that he’s going to run Kobe out of LA.

  • KB_24

    lineup prediction 2015
    PG:nash(9.7m$ splitted to 2years),udrih,ivey

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