Lakers Nation Sound Off: What Is A True Fan?


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    By: Victor Ng

    I commend the loyal fan base of the Los Angeles Lakers. But where there is success and where there are championships, there is also the bandwagon. You see, a true fan sticks with his or her team whether they are enjoying the greatest of successes, or falling to a pitiful plummet of a lost, doomed season. And the fandom of the Los Angeles Lakers has never been tested as much as it is in this day. After being swept by the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the playoffs of the previous season, Kobe Bryant tore his Achilles, and Dwight Howard decided to take his talents to Houston, the Lakers of the 2013 – 2014 campaign were left with many relatively unknown characters — and even less hope of contending for a title. Xavier Henry? Shawne Williams? And what happened last season? We were supposed to topple the Big Three of Miami with a Big Three of our very own and win a 17th championship. But all of that does not matter.

    A true fan is one who sees his team through to the end regardless of preseason, midseason, or postseason rankings, who supports his head coach, and the players currently on the roster regardless of production. These utterances of “Fire D’Antoni!” and “Steve Nash should just retire,” infuriate me to no end. This organization has won 16 championships and 31 Western Conference titles over their entire existence —- that’s the second most championships in all of basketball. I think this front office knows what they are doing. Perhaps it is the emotions and the rush of blood to the fans’ heads (when they themselves are personally irritated by the lack of W’s) which drive these irrational, immature exclamations. I’ve even seen them directed at the beloved, future Hall-of-Famer Pau Gasol, who I personally hope has his jersey retired. In the early goings of the season, Gasol showed another decrease in his numbers and a general lack of productivity. Fans, via top comments on the Lakers Nation Facebook page, immediately demanded trades for this high-contracted, versatile, offensive beast. January rolls around and Gasol begins averaging a very aggressive double-double and the fans praise him.

    The nature of a lot of bandwagon fans and fans who say they are “true Laker fans” is to be elated when we win, and to act as if we were in the front office making these demanding decisions when we lose. But don’t misunderstand me: I wasn’t in favor of bringing in Mike D’Antoni over Phil Jackson, when the firing of Mike Brown came along. I wanted the Zen Master back more than anything! But Coach D’Antoni is the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers now, and true fans will stick by him until he leaves. True fans will encourage a player of this esteemed organization to do everything they can to return to the court because that determination and grit represent so much of what this organization has been and is about (look at Kobe!). True fans will laud the players that brought them from the 7th seed to three straight NBA Finals runs, no matter how they currently perform. If you are actually a true Lakers fan, show it; don’t undermine this organization by showing a lack of unity between the fans and the team. This isn’t Boston.
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    • ng’s an idiot

      wtf worst crap read on site

      • bob

        what an intelligent comment

        • Lakers4life

          Bob, your comment is too smart

    • Lakers4life

      Is LakersNation defining how a fan should act now? Blasting the Greatest Laker of all time then saying a fan should be this or that? Going down a dangerous road here. I don’t know if you guys aware, but you are coming off as arrogant self-righteous aholes. Really love most of your stuff, I really do, but I think you guys losing touch of reality.

      • bob

        Wait did they define how a fan should act? Or did they simply define what it means to be a true fan?

        • Lakers4life

          Defining what a true fan is defining how a fan should act. Lakersnation is calling all fans who doesn’t act how their view of a fan should act, “not a true fan”. Who made them governor of all laker fans? Writing guidelines on how a “true” fan should act? Sounds really full of themselves.

    • Dean

      I’m not a fan of rapists so…

    • Aaron

      I think the biggest thing to take away is that if something breaks, fix it. Don’t throw it away.

    • NotSoAnonymous

      Not against at all. Most of what’s said is true. Been saying it for quite a while now. A lot…and I mean a lot, of Laker fans are pathetic. Sometimes you have to be blunt and straight forward to get your message across. I don’t mind this article at all…except for the extensive Gasol praise

    • Dragon7s

      I have to assume that the writer’s opinions are those of his own and don’t necessarily represent Lakersnation as a whole.
      While the author comes off as being holier-than-thou by trying to define what a ‘true fan’ is, I can agree with much of what he says, although not the way he said it. If that makes any sense.

      IMO, fans should support their chosen team(s) wholeheartedly, without being totally blind to any deficiencies that team may have, win or lose.
      Some who criticize do so because they are passionate about their team, others
      just like to have something to complain about.

      I laud those that post because they are passionate about their team, even though there are times their criticisms miss the mark (as have mine on more than one occasion :P).

      That doesn’t make me less of a fan because I don’t follow the Lakers with blinders on and instead choose to express my thoughts after careful consideration of the circumstances, positively or negatively.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      First of all Mike D’Antoni and Steve Nash are true Phoenix Suns not true Lakers.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Don’t get it twisted we are real Lakers fans,we are just sophisticated and know best.