Lakers Nation Scouting Report: Kent Bazemore And MarShon Brooks

Lakers Nation Scouting Report: Kent Bazemore And MarShon Brooks


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Last night, the Los Angeles Lakers struck a deal with the Golden State Warriors that netted the team Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks for point guard Steve Blake. The Lakers became sellers at the trade deadline and were able to get younger in the process.

We break down the newest Lakers here:

Kent Bazemore, Guard

Bazemore is a 24-year-old shooting guard that is in his second year in the NBA. He went undrafted in the 2012 NBA Draft, but the Warriors signed him after a strong Summer League showing. Bazemore has good size for a shooting guard, standing at 6’5 and is very athletic. In 2011, he won the Lefty Driesell Award for the best defensive player in all of college basketball.

With the Warriors, Bazemore has been mostly a bench player and is averaging just 6.1 minutes per game this season. He is averaging 2.3 points, 0.9 rebounds and 0.5 assists per game. Defense is more of his priority rather than scoring, as his highest average for points in college was 15.4 in his senior season. His best game this season came in December against the Orlando Magic when he had 12 points, three rebounds and three assists in 17 minutes. He is shooting 37% in limited time, but was a career 44.6% shooter in college.

With the Lakers, Bazemore will bring good size to the backcourt and give the Lakers a defensive-minded player that will embrace his minutes on the court. Expect him to bring a lot of energy and athleticism to the defensive end and could thrive on the move in head coach Mike D’Antoni’s offense.

MarShon Brooks, Guard

Brooks is another 6’5 shooting guard, but is more of a scorer than Bazemore. He is in his third year in the NBA after being drafted 25th overall by the Boston Celtics in the 2011 NBA Draft. He was immediately traded to the New Jersey Nets and spent his first two seasons here. This summer, he was a part of the trade that sent Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the Nets and Brooks was sent to the Celtics. He was traded to the Warriors last month and is now a Laker.

In his rookie season, Brooks averaged 12.6 points, 3.6 rebounds and 2.3 assists per game and finished 10th in the Rookie of the Year vote. He was also named to the NBA All-Rookie Second Team that year; however, his numbers dropped significantly in his second season after his minutes dropped. This season, he is averaging just 5.1 minutes and 2.6 points per game. Brooks has not scored in double-digits this season, but that has been due to playing time. In his career, he is a 43.8% shooter from the field.

In Los Angeles, Brooks should find more playing time off the bench and could provide a scorer in the second unit. He will get a shot and will have to put points on the board in order to get more minutes. Brooks has not been given much of a chance this season and could be a pleasant surprise for the Lakers.
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  • KwonGuerillaCross

    So after ALL the trade rumors ALL Season THIS is what they come up with??? Lakers will be good again MAYBE in another 10 years. When Jerry Buss died, the Lakers franchise died as well. RIP

    • $20509373

      Truth. Unless you know some people who can make Jim Buss disappear the Lakers are doomed for a looooong time.

    • meep

      Lakers weren’t going to get much anyways. If they did anymore trades the best we would of got was a 1st round pick for gasol.This isn’t a bad get brooks could bring us what brown did off the bench

      • KwonGuerillaCross

        Could have saved a lot of money getting rid of some of these guys though. and draft picks is what we need. NOT more guards. I seriously have NEVER seen so many guards on 1 team in my life.

        • meep

          We might have a lot of guards but 3 are hurt. Kobe a question mark rest of the year. Nash is up and down all year and Henry won’t be back for at least I believe 3 or 4 weeks. So doesn’t hurt to get a decent talent in brooks. Lakers wanted to get the most out of theirs trades and no one was willing to give up what we wanted.

        • cj

          what does saving money this season have to do with the future????????????

          we wernt getting any picks for these guys.

          the lakers just got worse this season. which is good.
          they go two young prospects which is good.
          they still saved money which is good.

          the lakers 1 trade really helped our future.

          • meep

            Saving money help us,against the tax this year and in the future for a reason I forgot. Yes we got maybe the next tony Allen in bazemore and we all know brooks got talent he just need the mins and a team to back him

    • Shannon

      I know right. Mitch has lost his touch and Jr. is just stupid and making horrible decisions.

  • meep

    Yea lakers didn’t do much but the Blake trade could be a good one. Lakers get younger and get a talent in brooks who might shine off the bench like Marshall has for us.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    MarShon Brooks was a bad ass his first season with the Nets,i wanted the Lakers to get him back when he came out of Providence,he was a beast in the big east breaking scoring records in the conference.Then he was tossed into trade rumors constantly when the Nets were trying to make a package of players to ship to Orlando for Dwight Howard.

    Brooks confidence seemed shattered and he went from being compared to Kobe Bryant by some crazy fans to being featured on some stupid show called Backstage Brooklyn Nets on NBA TV and that just showed he had a long way to go and his body language was crappy and his attitude was bad from what i saw.He just went downhill from his wonderful rookie season and never seemed to regain traction.He has been traded 4 times the only thing left is for him to prove he still belongs in the NBA.

    Brooks reminds me of the same situation Gerald Green was in before arriving to the Phoenix Suns,you know a talented player that just never seemed to click on any team he was on and he has the talent just not the mindset or mentality to make it all click and work out.

    My hope and prayer is for MarShon Brooks to find his confidence from his rookie season and my biggest hope is Brooks does exactly what Gerald Green did for Phoenix once he got a real chance to play and get big minutes.If that happens then the Lakers have a steal in this trade.He is still young only 25 years old so Brooks can still realize his full potential in the NBA.I really think Brooks can become just as good as Gerald Green is right now.Work hard it pays off.

    • meep

      Who cares about someone attitude some good players in history had poor attitudes. We just need him to play to this talent. I’m excited to see him and Meeks man the SG spot

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Lakers dealt with MWP and Bynum for years this kid is no problem.

        • meep

          Yup but mike d no Phil Jackson. We need a coach who can coach and deal with guys like them

    • PJ

      I agree 100% and pray you are correct like I said above it doesn’t take but a few guys to turn things around fast!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kent Bazemore has always impressed me when he plays in the Summer League.His team holds a 12-0 Summer League record undefeated and he averaged great numbers in the 2013 Summer League 18.4 Points,4.6 Rebounds,3.1 Assists and he played great defense.

    He was actually nailing his jump shot in the Summer League.Bazemore is only 24 years old and he was always one of those players where i was like once he gets a chance to play and get minutes he will be a very good NBA player.Kent won defensive player of the year in College.

    He is very athletic and he dunks hard also he is a big strong guard.Could become a very good player if given the right amount of playing time.Lakers got nothing to lose this season might as well develop both these young players.This kid drives to the hole hard fearless.Great dancer when supporting his teammates.Lakers can use him as a defensive stopper much like a Iman Shumpert and think the Lakers must have him shoot thousands of jump shots that is area he must improve.I like this player and hope he gets a chance to play some minutes and prove his worth.

    • meep

      I think he could get mins but I also think brooks will get the most mins behind Meeks

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Agreed Brooks is the real reclamation project here.Kent will play.

  • Richard

    I have to agree with Jeremy’s point about all of the injuries to the guards this year. The Lakers have limited options right now. With just a few games left, they get to look at younger (2 for 1), cheaper talents with potential to see if they will fit their system. If they are successful or not, they can be kept or moved or traded later.

  • Chris b

    Marsh brooks could be a good pick up trying for next years squad. He was at one point thought to have a promising career ahead of him and the Lakers seem to be the place where everyone gets back on track tracing back to the Trevor ariza days. And by the sound of it it looks like steve Blake wants to return to LA when free agency hits. So with that as a possibility and the way this season is going Lakers could’ve stole a gem in brooks for the warriors to rent Blake.

  • Robert L. I.

    Imo Kupchak was/is doing J-West a solid, knowing J-West will have his back later on. This trade makes no sense at all. Blake was a team leader, doesn’t have a huge salary. There’s no logical reason to move him… just because. Lakers are doomed so helping Jerry out will payoff down the road. Mark my words. It’s either that or Jim BlunderBuss is really more f u c k e d up than I thought.

    Personally I can’t take much more of how the Lakers are doing business. The players of the league are not excited about coming here. Something will have to break…hopefully sooner than later.

    • PJ

      He carried the 3rd largest salary on the Lakers this move saved them millions on the salary cap hit and they will lower it so they aren’t hit with the repeater tax. They can use all of this money next year and the year after to re-build thru this years top 5 pick and free agency!

    • ltsJoeMama

      The Lakers get a trade exception of $2.8 million with this deal. Doesn’t sound like much, I know, but it could be useful.

  • PJ

    I think we have been really spoiled in Los Angeles believe me I’m not happy they didn’t move Pau but maybe we resign him for 1 or 2 years for cheap and add our top 5 pick maybe get Deng this year in free agency maybe Love next year and then all of a sudden we have a team of Kobe, Pau, Marshall, Deng and either Randell, Wiggins or Exum in the draft add Love in 2015??? Things can change fast! These 2 young guys may make up part of our bench next year with Farmar and who knows maybe Blake comes back? Also Nash is going to retire opening up another $9 million dollars. The Lakers will have a ton of cap space.

    • Shannon

      Deng will demand a huge salary. I don’t think they will do that. I think they are going to do the same as they did this year-grab a bunch of guys on 1 year deals. Mitch already said they don’t want to be middle of the pack and just because they have cap space this offseason doesn’t mean they’ll use it all. When they re-load they want us to be back at the top and going for the title. In 2015 Rondo is a FA, Kevin Love, Paul Millsap, Al Jefferson, among others. We might just have to wait a little longer.

  • Kira

    this article just says who will have a playing time, Bazemore ,defensive minded player, will be bench and brooks, a mediocre scorer will play.. *D’antoni logic*

    • Chrmngblly

      D’Antoni had nothing to do with this—didn’t you see that Bazemore is a defensive specialist? I hope he is the second coming of Michael Cooper, but he’s no D’Antoni pick. Both of these guys are also big enough to play the 3.

      We can only pray Nash retires before we have to wheel him off the court on a gurney.

  • thetruth24

    These are garbage players. Laker fans fall in love with anyone who joins the team