Lakers Nation Roundtable: Who Will Be The Final Cut? Reviewed by Momizat on . The Lakers' roster currently stands at 16 players due to the recent dismissal of Darius Johnson-Odom. For this roundtable's sake, we will assume that the Lakers The Lakers' roster currently stands at 16 players due to the recent dismissal of Darius Johnson-Odom. For this roundtable's sake, we will assume that the Lakers Rating:
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Lakers Nation Roundtable: Who Will Be The Final Cut?

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Lakers PreseasonThe Lakers’ roster currently stands at 16 players due to the recent dismissal of Darius Johnson-Odom. For this roundtable’s sake, we will assume that the Lakers will enter the season with a 15-man roster, which is the maximum roster allowed by the NBA. Therefore, the last two spots will likely come down to Marcus Landry, Elias Harris, and Ryan Kelly.

Based on what the fans have seen so far in the preseason, which player will be the final cut before the season opener? The Lakers Nation roundtable writers decided to tackle this topic this week. Here’s what they had to say:

Suki Thind (@TheRealSuki): I’m going to say Marcus Landry will be the one to go here. Neither player really had time to make a true impact on the preseason to date, but Elias Harris really impressed Lakers’ management during the Summer League, and Ryan Kelly has the potential to be a solid stretch four down the line.

We certainly can’t count Landry out 100 percent as the Lakers are thin at the small forward slot, but Xavier Henry is likely to make the cut and can be played at that position.

Age will also play a factor as well, as Landry is 27 years old while Harris is 24 and Kelly is just 22. In either case, it’s unlikely that any of the three aforementioned players will get significant playing time this season, but the Lakers will make their decision based on upside.

Ryan Ward (@Lakers_Examiner)With the Lakers recently parting ways with Darius Johnson-Odom for the second time in two years, the storied franchise is starting to see the roster come together, but one more player must be let go in order to get it down to 15.

That player will be Marcus Landry. Although Landry has a lot of promise to be a solid deep threat in the NBA, the brother of Carl Landry has been inconsistent to say the least during his time with the Lakers.

In the five games played during the preseason, Landry is averaging 4.2 points per game while shooting only 25 percent from the floor. As if the overall shooting percentage from the floor wasn’t bad enough, Landry’s supposed specialty, three-point shooting, is even worse at 19 percent.

Needless to say, despite many endorsements from head coach Mike D’Antoni, Landry has shot himself off this team in my opinion with it being only a matter of time before he’s the next and final player to be cut by the Lakers.

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Ramneet Singh (@RamneetSingh24): The Lakers are approaching the time to make the final cuts to the roster, and at this point it seems as though the last three on the list are Marcus Landry, Elias Harris, and Ryan Kelly. Based on the both the Summer League play and the preseason, I see Landry being the one most likely to make the team.

For the most part, the Lakers have a solid back court with veteran leaders and explosive younger players. With Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Nick Young, and Xavier Henry, to name a few, the Lakers don’t have a need for any guards. However, the team will always be in need for big men, and Landry is by the far the most skilled and experienced out of the three.

Landry was very impressive over the summer, and he will be a great player to have off the bench. With Pau Gasol and Chris Kaman leaning towards the end of their careers, Landry will provide a much needed spark in the second unit. He and Jordan Hill will be great compliments to each other, and it will only benefit the Lakers by having another talented frontcourt player.

As for Kelly and Harris, I see Harris getting the final nod and joining the Lakers on opening night. Kelly is still dealing with his injuries, and the Lakers just cannot afford to have more injured players on the roster. Harris has shown great promise this summer, and he will only get better being around veteran players during the season.

Elizabeth Benson (@gobibs): It appears that the final two roster spots (assuming the Lakers go with a 15-man roster) will come down to Elias Harris, Marcus Landry, and Ryan Kelly. When our roundtable covered who would likely end up with a roster spot before training camp started, I thought it would be Landry hands down.

However, Landry’s Summer League performance has faded, and he has struggled to find his shot thus far in the preseason, which would be his primary role. Despite Mike D’Antoni’s confidence and support for Landry, I believe he is the most likely to get cut out of these three players.

I think it is unlikely Harris gets the axe as his contract is partially guaranteed. I think Harris is a development project that has youth and skill waiting to be refined in the D-League.

I also find it unlikely for the Lakers to cut their sole draft pick in 2013, Ryan Kelly. While his foot injury has lingered longer than anticipated, he was drafted because he is a tailor fit for D’Antoni’s system. His presence in China this week also seemed optimistic for an early showing of his abilities.


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Elizabeth is a graduate from Arizona State University and has her master's from Duquesne University. She is currently an associate editor at Lakers Nation. To read more of Elizabeth's articles click here. You can also follow Elizabeth on Twitter @Gobibs

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  • Jim213

    IMO, S Williams and X Henry fill the12th and 13th spot. If the team goes with a 15 man roster then E Harris and R Kelly would likey make the cut leaving Landry out unless the coach goes sentimental. But if the team goes with a 14 man roster I’d give the edge to E Harris given his possible role as a J Hill type of player until he further develops his game more so down the line.

    However, either R Kelly or E Harris will be placed in the D League if talking 14 man roster which would buy them more time to develop. The team seems to have plenty of offensive minded players but may struggle defensively which is why E Harris has a slight edge over Kelly but knowing the coach’s style he’d probably go with offense.

    • Daryl Peek

      No ifs, 15 man roster.

    • jeremy

      kelly not that bad on d, from what i heard duke was best on defense when kelly was in the game and dude did avg a block a game last season at duke

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Keep in mind the Lakers can cut players and then the players can sign exclusively with the LA Defenders and when the Lakers need them a simple call up will be good enough for them to be in the NBA.Marcus Landry is probably going to be offered a LA Defenders roster spot and Elias Harris will be assigned there IMO.Ryan Kelly will stick around i am pretty sure.So Landry will be gone.

  • Jim213

    Old news but Melo now hints that it’s between the Knicks and Lakers. However, it sounds like he wants some good pitches from the teams come FA.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Landry has shown nothing at all in the preseason – summer league is bullcrap. Cut him

  • jeremy

    to be honest it not even a hard choice, cut landry what has he done to prove he earn a spot nothing, like they said he done nothing but struggle with his shot and praise from mike d wont help him with his shot. which seem not to be there

    • nlruizjr

      Yeah, like Kelly has done alot, he’s missed most of his 3pt shots and has no defensive skills whatsoever, at least Landry can play defense and he has hit on some 3′s (more than Kelly has), I think once Landry makes the team his shot will return. Plus Kelly still has not recovered fully from his injury, this sends a flag that he is injury prone, something the Lakers do not need.

      • jeremy

        but to earn a spot dont you have to show something to deserve it and what has he done to do that and as for kelly dude hasnt played much basketball since he got hurt and sure he had a off game his last game, but he did pretty well his first game back and he the perfect guy to fit mike d style of offense. dude a little rusty and i bet not fully in game shape. give him time and he could i bet help more then landry could. also no defense of skills dont you to have some to avg a block a game? since that what kelly did at duke his last year he avg one block a game

        • just a fan posting his opinion

          i agree with you. Landry was, i have to say, impressive in the summer league, but the game is not played in the summer league. Kelly on the other hand is a yound prospect that can actually develop in to a solid stretch-4, once he is back into playing shape and is 100%

  • jeremy

    the thing i dont like, im all for hill improving his jump shot, but really why try to change him, just let him be who he is and that a reggie evan type player

  • nlruizjr

    It should be Kelly but unfortunately the Lakers see him as a stretch 4 and his only 2 games he has not impressed with his stretch 4 shot, his defense, his passing skills, he’s steps behind the others in over all skills but unfortunately they will probably cut Marcus Landry, who I feel has more upside than Kelly, Kelly is softer than jello !!!!!

    • jeremy

      so kelly didnt impress that was his first 2 games back on the court and he could still not be 100% and not fully in game shape and really more up side that poor shooting % from the field and from 3 really show his up side lmao

  • Matt Williams

    Somebody in the facebook comments said, send Landry and Harris to the D-League to leave 14. If Lamar is serious about coming back and is clean, sign him. I agree with all of this. Also trade Steve Blake for draft picks and sign a point guard that hasn’t yet been signed like Josh Selby who played in the Lakers Summer League. Besides that, we’re good with guards. We just need more at the 4.

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