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Lakers Nation Roundtable: Who Should Remain A Laker Next Season?


Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

At the conclusion of this season, the Lakers will have a number of decisions to make regarding the number of free agents they have on their roster.

This off-season the Lakers signed guys like Nick Young, Xavier Henry, and Wesley Johnson to one year contracts. Couple that with the contracts of guys like Jordan Hill and Jodie Meeks expiring after this season and the Lakers intent on making a big free agent signing this offseason and it’s safe to say that we won’t be seeing a lot of this year’s Lakers back on the team next year.

But with so many players having career years, it’s tough to decide who should stay and who should go. With that being said we asked our panel of experts, which two Lakers role players do you most want to see with the team next season?

This is what they had to say:

Ryan Ward (@Lakers_Examiner): At this point in time, there’s no telling what direction the Los Angeles Lakers are going in after this season. Injuries continue to be problematic and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

Despite another season riddled with injuries, resulting in lowered expectations, the Lakers do have some promising young players that might be able to stick around for the long-term. The two that stand in my opinion are Nick Young and Wesley Johnson. Both are talented players that have played better than expected in their first and potentially last season in Los Angeles.

Young has almost certainly increased his value and may have a lucrative deal coming his way. Swaggy P has emerged as a legitimate Sixth Man of the Year candidate that may and should be in the team’s future plans.

As for Johnson, the defensive-minded forward has struggled with range from time to time, but has shown why he was a former lottery pick. Johnson will have to smooth out his rough edges, but he might have the potential to be a great role player down the road.

Ramneet Singh (@Ramneet24)The Los Angeles Lakers will have a lot of questions to answer this summer as they decide which players they will or will not re-sign. This season, Nick Young has been the team’s best player and he can stay with the Lakers if he likes his current contract. Young has quickly become a fan favorite in Los Angeles and has produced for the Lakers whether starting or coming off the bench.

Young has a player option once this season ends, but, in the past, many in his situation have opted out in search of a better deal. Ramon Sessions, for example, had the opportunity to remain in Los Angeles but the guard became a free agent and the Lakers did not decide to pursue him. Young would certainly be a great player to have on the team, but his future with the Lakers is more in his hands than it is the Lakers’.

The Lakers should also try to make an effort to bring back Jordan Farmar past this season. Although the guard has been injured this season, he has been very effective when on the court. With all the uncertainty surrounding Steve Nash and Steve Blake, the Lakers need to have point guards on the roster. Farmar has improved greatly since his first stint with the Lakers and he will only get better as the years go by.

Suki Thind (@TheRealSuki): I absolutely love the mentality that Steve Blake brings to this team, as well as his level of play, but I don’t see the Lakers viewing him as their starting point guard of the future. I also very much like the way Jodie Meeks has elevated his game this season, but if Kobe goes back to being Kobe, Meeks won’t get a whole lot of time behind the Black Mamba next season. The rest of the role players have all grown on me, and I absolutely love the chemistry, but if I had to pick two players to be Lakers for a while longer, they would have to be Jordan Hill and Nick Young.

Hill has proven that he can be a solid defender, outstanding offensive rebounder, and a player who can bring consistent energy throughout an NBA season. He’s also only 26 years old, so he has room to improve as well. His humble, put-your-head-down-and-work mentality has also made him a fan favorite so far.

Nick Young also gets my vote here as he’s been the Lakers’ most consistent player all season. He’s a player who actually likes to come off the bench, and he thrives in that role. That would be an invaluable complement to have on a team expected to make a big free agent splash this upcoming summer. At 28, Young is in his prime and has a few years left to play at a high level and possibly even improve. He’s shown that he wants to be a Laker, and has bought into everything the team has asked of him.

As I said before, I really like a lot of the players on this team, but if I had to vote for two to remain on the Lakers’ roster for seasons to come, those two would be Jordan Hill and Nick Young.


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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • Daryl Peek

    Kobe, Blake, Meeks, Farmar, Herny, Johnson, Young, Kelly, Sacre… Williams if he can find his offensive groove before seasons end. Shawne is very good defensively and on the boards. He just needs to get more aggressive offensively like Meeks did this season. BTW, Williams is basically Clark’s replacement and he’s having a better season than Earl. Little known fact.

    I’d like to keep Hill but I fear we wont be able to afford him.

    • Joseph Apohen

      FO has to make every effort to keep him. He is too valuable to let go. They can let Sacre and Williams go but not Hill

  • J24

    Its surprising to me that no one would pick #7 Xavier, why wouldn’t you want the only Laker to have the Huevos to take the ball to the rim. He’s only 22 yrs old and will only continue to grow from this point on. While everyone else tries to adjust themselves to an outside shot he’s the only Laker that will drive it in and get defenders out of there position, because they know what to expect from him now. When was the last time the Lakers had a SG that had this type of determination and will to get to the basket? Oh yea, Kobe, but he’s much older now, his explosion and attacking the rim days are coming to an end. KB still has a great outside shot than any player on the team, but we need players like Xavier that can create their own shots, create the contact at the rim (3pt play), and aren’t afraid to take the ball to the rim. Jeezuz we shouldn’t be trying to aquire old farts like Lamar Odom or even Hedo Turkoglu, its not 2010 anymore and there years in the NBA are done. And yes I know they play PFs but I’m trying to prove a point that we don’t need older players here, but more youth and athleticism, and then build off from there. Does anyone else agree or am I the only one that feels this way? SMH.

    • nlruizjr

      J24, I agree and I think Xman has more upside than Meeks, Young or Johnson.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kobe,Kendall Marshall,Jordan Hill,Swaggy P,Xavier Henry.That’s who i prefer tbh.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Marshall over Farmar? I don’t think so.

      • jcf

        Marshall over Nash…Nash needs to retire!

      • AK

        and when has farmar had 15 assists? thats what PG’s supposed to do.. and considering Marshall is a sophomore thats only gonna get better

  • Jim213

    Haven’t reached the half way point and already asking who should or shouldn’t be a Laker? SMH But aside of Kobe and Sacre (signed) I’d only try to bring back Hill, Farmar, Johnson, and X given that Young has a player option.

    If the franchise wants to truly improve for the future they’ll need to acquire starters (aside of Kobe) as the 2nd unit should be good given all the playtime and chemistry that’s evolved and will continue this season.

    Hopefully inept FO can acquire some solid complimentary starters down the line while waiting until 2015FA to attract another franchise player. I rather see the team play with a full roster (starters/bench) rather than acquire another franchise player next season and have the same type of season as the 2012/2013.

    • jcf

      Totally agree with your last sentence.

    • Kareem S Butler

      no Blake? He has been the best play maker the team has had and they should be able to resign him for the same money. I agree with most of what you had to say though.

      • Jim213

        Yeah, either Blake or Meeks will be resigned but I’m waiting to see if Blake can return to playing consistently given that injuries seem to hurt the team (long term sense).

  • TAS

    One of the few positives to take from this season so far has been the chemistry on this team.

    I love how seemingly any one of these guys can get on a hot streak and come up with a big game, and they all genuinely seem to have one another’s back.

    I look at a guy like Jodie Meeks as someone we must try to re-sign, not only for his skill set, but for the work ethic he brings every single day to the team.

    I would like to see Hill, Johnson, Farmar, Young, and Henry back next year…

    Honestly the only player i would like to see gone would be Chris Kaman. He seems like a nice guy but i just don’t see him fitting in and becoming a dominant force for us i actually much prefer Sacre for his D & Upside.

    • nlruizjr

      What, Sacre is offensively challenged, where as Kaman can be equal to Pau offensively, defensively Sacre is only mediocre and not any better than Kaman, you must be looking at Sacre through rose colored glasses !!!!!

      • TAS

        Well regardless dude Sacre is signed through next season no matter my opinion of him and Chris Kaman is not.

        I do feel optimistic about Sacre. He has steadily improved throughout his career as a Laker and if he can continue to do so he could earn himself a spot on the team.

  • Zandz

    KOBE, YOUNG, HENRY, JOHNSON, FARMAR, KELLY AND HILL…..GASOL if he will give up luxury SALARY which i think he dont deserve on the performance he shown…:)

  • ersliva

    get rid of the coach dumbass first then keep kaman/gasol/hill/Bryant/Johnson/young/farmar and let everyone else go but have meeks and henry kept on the side if they cant find better then hose two…..but the rest can hit the bricks with coach dumbass…..and go after a real starting power forward along with a real starting small forward and not least a true starting point guard…..then get some bench size that’s actually good…..
    gasol and Kaman can man the center spot if they have a true starting powerforward to go along with hill…..and with a starting small forward like maybe danny granger….we would see all star play from gasol…as long as hes center and we have a real coach finally….then getting a real point guard like maybe rondo….we would see a great turn around…..gasol/bosh/granger/Bryant/rondo….who knows strange things sometimes happens…but stay away from Bynum and fire coach dumbass

  • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

    how come they didn’t say X-H?

  • Irving Mark Bailey

    Keep Kobe and Swaggy P!! Kick D’antoni to to the curb. His system sucks!!

  • Marty Susman

    Young, Hill & Henry, any of the rest “IF” they are willing to sign one year deals. If they leave then we should simply get more players who will sign one year contracts SO WHEN THE SUPER STUDS BECOME FREE AGENTS IN 2015 WE WILL BE READY TO “RELOAD” TO ANOTHER BUNCH OF RINGS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stamos

    Keep Kobe. Keep Henry and Farmar if they sign for cheap. Get rid of the rest, start fresh.

  • Lakers24


  • petron_run&gun

    farmar, henry, young, hill, wesley

  • Kareem S Butler

    As bad as the season has been I actually like a lot of the guys on the team. Swaggy P, Jordan Hill and Blake have earned it. Farmar is a great LA guy knows the culture and has played very well when healthy. I’m still torn on Welsey Johnson but I like his athleticism. Almost forgot about Meeks who has really expanded his game this year. I’d really like all them to come back next year with a healthy KB24 a top 10 draft pick and a couple of free agents. I’m really most concerned with the center and pf spots.

  • AK

    Drop Nash, Farmar, Williams, and Kaman, everybody else should stay they are all young and have shown major improvement this season. Then Use the Nash money and the other salary money to go after two all star caliber players , this way Lakers will be right back at the top next season with some better players and a solid core of young players.

  • formitchandJim…

    this is not a title contending team anymore, they need the right pieces and the right coaching staff, yes dantoni is a reg. season coach and not a championship coach, he’s not defensive minded. a phil j. , doc rivers, lionel hollins, or a even coach spo. are the title coaches..
    i expect the team to resign, swaggy, kbutters,xavier,jodie,wesleyj. and farmar back. the other players dont deserve to be resigned … trade old kobe hes in decline trade him now till he’s still playing to get some max talent…

  • Harry Belafonte

    J.Farmar and K.Marshall will get new deals as a back-up PG’s.N.Young, J.Meeks, X.Henry and Wes Johnson are going to form a solid second unit.S.Williams most likely will go. Jordan Hill may ask for too much $$$ and may get a better offer from other teams. Sacre and Kelly are not showing any growth so far and their future will be depending on J.Hill’s status.I don’t think Blake, Nash, Gasol and Kaman will be around next year, same as M.D’Antoni. So, there will be a lots of changes in the personnel.

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