Lakers Nation Roundtable: Who Should Be The Lakers Next Head Coach?

Lakers Nation Roundtable: Who Should Be The Lakers Next Head Coach?


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There had been conflicting reports for weeks on the status of Mike D’Antoni. Some thought he would stay another year while others reported the Lakers would fire him after the season.

In the end, D’Antoni would decide to resign as head coach of the Lakers, presumably because the Lakers refused to pick up the fourth-year option on D’Antoni’s contract.

D’Antoni had to deal with a number of things outside of his control, most notably never being accepted by the fans due to him being chosen over Phil Jackson and the immense amount of injuries the Lakers have dealt with the last two seasons.

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Despite that, his style never seemed to fit with the Lakers, and many fans celebrated the fact that the Lakers will now move on from the coach who posted the worst win percentage in the history of the franchise.

Now the question is where do the Lakers go from here? A number of names have already been floated, but this will likely be a drawn out coaching search.

With that being said, we asked our panel of experts for their reaction the news of D’Antoni’s resignation, and who they believe will be the next coach of the Lakers. This is what they had to say:

Ryan Ward (@Lakers_Examiner): Now that Mike D’Antoni has decided to move on, the search for a new head coach begins with the Los Angeles Lakers have plenty of options to explore.

The best option in my opinion is Tom Thibodeau. It may be incredibly difficult for the Lakers to snatch Thibodeau away from the Chicago Bulls, but GM Mitch Kupchak and company seem intent on reaching out regardless.

With Thibodeau, the Lakers get a huge upgrade on the defensive side of the basketball floor and a coach players love to play for. Thibodeau was also a part of Mike Krzyzewski’s coaching staff with Team USA, giving him experience managing big-name players and Kobe Bryant.

If Thibodeau turns out to be unrealistic, and that may prove to be the case, hiring Byron Scott or Derek Fisher might be the right way to go. Both former Lakers have a close relationship with Kobe and ties to the organization. It may make for an easier transition to bring in a familiar face with so much uncertainty moving forward.

Ultimately, Thibodeau is the best option for the Lakers if Kupchak can figure out a way to pull it off. If not, I’d go with Byron Scott or Derek Fisher. Scott may be the better of the two considering his coaching experience at the NBA level.

Kevin Chan (@kevin_cruiser): D’Antoni’s resignation was a huge relief to Lakers fans. Even though he had to deal with a plethora of injury issues this season, his coaching style was never going to lead the Lakers back to elite status.

D’Antoni’s all offense, no defense style was not sustainable for long-term success. That’s the hard truth. He’s also shown an inability to adapt his coaching style to his personnel. He never quite figured out how to best utilize Gasol properly or adapt to an aging Kobe.

The issues extended beyond poor defense this year to historically terrible defensive rebounding. Basically D’Antoni was going from bad to worse and I wouldn’t have been surprised if the Lakers fired him after this season. I was actually quite shocked that D’Antoni voluntarily resigned which was likely a result of the Lakers unwillingness to pick-up his option for the 2015-16 season.

Now that the D’Antoni chapter is closed, where do the Lakers go from here? There are no clear coaching candidates for the job at this point. I’d love to see the Lakers take some calculated risks and not go with “safe” choices like Byron Scott or Mike Dunleavy whose best days are behind them.

I’d like to see them hire an up-and-coming coach from either the NBA assistant coaching ranks or the NCAA. If you look around the NBA, there are promising new head coaches springing up everywhere such as Steve Clifford, Jeff Hornacek, Mike Budenholzer, and Brad Stevens, all of whom has shown great potential.

The Lakers need to hire someone with substantial upside, and now is the perfect time since the franchise is in rebuilding mode. Furthermore, the Lakers need to nail this coaching hire. They can’t afford to make another mistake after two straight misses with Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni. This will be the Lakers third coach in four seasons.

Personally, I’m an advocate for Kevin Ollie and think he’d be the perfect fit for a number of reasons. He grew up in LA and played at Crenshaw High School. He’s also a former NBA player who spent 13 years in the league. He’s widely respected by his peers and will have no trouble gaining the respect of NBA stars.

Ollie has also realized success early in his head coaching tenure with UConn and won an NCAA title in his first ever trip to the big dance. His best coaching days are clearly ahead of him and it’d be wise for the Lakers to give Ollie strong consideration.

Suki Thind (@TheRealSuki): Mike D’Antoni didn’t get a fair shake as the Lakers’ head coach, as he had to deal with an incredible amount of injuries over two seasons. Having said that, he was never the right fit for this team.

The resignation should be good news for fans as it avoids conducting a training camp for a coach who very well could have been fired early on next season if things didn’t start out well. That was my gut feeling, anyway.

At this point, I’m not sure exactly who the Lakers should target. I can only say I believe they should go with a coach who has a system that fits their personnel and the way they want to play.

First, management has to decide if they want to play a style similar to the one that’s always won them championships — which is through post play from an elite big men — or if they want to follow the trend of the league and play a smaller, faster paced game.

In either event, the Lakers should seek out a coach who fits those ideals. They should also consult with Kobe Bryant and make him part of the decision making process.
Mike D’Antoni Resigns As Lakers Head Coach – Magic Johnson Says He Couldn’t Be Happier

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    I’m going to be very honest about this the decision of hiring the next head coach of the Lakers is much bigger than most people think it is.The whole Lakers franchise is riding on this decision because having the right and coach a culture everyone seems to enjoy and buy into is monumental in determining the success of the franchise.If you look back on history at teams that win championships and do great they always have a roster that is amazing filled with great players and the team always has a top rated coach.

    Yes teams that are elite successful programs always have a top rated coach that keeps the team in championship contention year in and year out the coach becomes the face of the franchise and front office.Examples sure lets start with Bob Hurley Sr.. the coach at St. Anthony High School in Jersey City,New Jersey yes he has won 27 state championships and he is in the Hall Of Fame.Coach Hurley has been at St. Anthony since 1972 until present.Now lets move on to College hoops and yes John Wooden coached UCLA to 10 championships and he was a 5’10 slender man that really knew how to coach the game of basketball.

    Coach John Wooden coached UCLA from 1948-1975 and he was the face of the university and a winner also a 10 time champion.

    Then jump to the NBA and you have coaches like Phil Jackson,Red Auerbach,K.C. Jones,Chuck Daly,Gregg Popovich,Pat Riley these men were all the face of their front office for many years they were the main man in charge of helping orchestrate all those championships and yes they all had great talented teams and the rosters they had were all amazing but the coaches stuck around and won the whole time and they won championships they were the reason they got over the hump and won the championships.

    Now onto the Lakers filling their coaching vacancy well this has got to be a well thought long process because the whole Lakers franchise is depending on the coaching hire the entire league to some degree is depending on this coaching hire as you all know the Lakers are the cream of the crop in the NBA as they are the premiere elite franchise in sports with 16 championships and all the winning they have done is remarkable the pedigree personifies who the Lakers franchise really is and that means a lot.Lakers are the top franchise in all of sports and they really need to make the right decision regarding the coaching hire and never bring in any proven losers that is just a recipe for a major disaster.Always bring in a winner and then proceed with winning championships.

    So please no old retread coach who has lost everywhere they have been or even if they won at some places but for the majority been a loser losing at other coaching stints that just not the kind of coach you bring in as head coach hell no to that.

    A coach that has already won a championship on the NBA or College level would be welcomed in for sure.Top candidates IMO should be Kevin Ollie,John Calipari,Been to the finals twice Byron Scott,Thibs,Lionel Hollins,Eric Spoelstra,David Fitzdale,Chip Engelland,Jeff Van Gundy,Stan Van Gundy,Avery Johnson,Doc Rivers,Tom Izzo,Billy Donovan,Coach K,Rick Pitino.Also if any coaches get fired from their teams then that list would grow to Frank Vogel,Scott Brooks,Mark Jackson.Also guys with no experience like Steve Kerr and Derek Fisher i am not too high on because they need coaching experience at least as assistant first.

    • Josh

      That’s a very nice essay, but I disagree. The Lakers are not going to win a championship next year, and every Laker coach to ever win a championship won it in his first year. The next coach will probably not be a long-term guy, as he will be another plug-in guy to build the team into a contender. Byron Scott is great in that role as he did it with the Nets and Hornets. He can build this team into something in the next year or two before another coach takes over and wins a title. It’s the Laker way.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Jim Buss can’t afford to whiff on Lakers’ next coaching hire.

        • Josh

          That may be true, but only because Lakers fans can be so irrational. If we could exercise a little patience like Mitch suggests, the next coach wouldn’t have to be a hit. The team went through 6 coaches in the 8 years between Riles and Phil. That was a much darker era in Lakers history than the 3 years since Phil. And eight years without a title really isn’t that bad when you consider all the teams that have never even been to the Finals.

          I expect the next coach to not work out, too, because fans will run him out of town when the Lakers don’t get to the Finals next year. Jim and Mitch will continue building the roster, and when it is ready to compete, a new coach will come to begin a new era of Lakers basketball–probably in the summer of 2016.

          • independentbynature

            How can Jimmy and Mitch “continue” to build the roster?They haven’t started yet.The problem is not the fans.The problem is the bad decisions the FO keeps making.The fans will have patience if the FO shows competence enough to foster some confidence in their so far dubious judgement.Start moving in the right direction and they’ll get patience.Don’t,and they wont.The fact remains that Antoni had to quit because the FO didn’t have the brains to make the obvious right decision and fire him.This is their chance.The fans are waiting to see if they will blow it again.

          • Josh

            They started building the roster when they brought in Dwight and Nash two years ago. Dwight was a baby and Nash got hurt, so they had to fill out the roster with a bunch of one year contracts this season, because it was all they could afford under the CBA. This summer, they get a reset button to start building a new roster around Kobe and Nash’s contracts. After this summer, and over the next couple of years, they will “continue to build the roster” until it is ready to contend for a championship. It might not happen in time for Kobe, but in 2016 a new coach and new max-contract superstar will usher in a new Laker era with the rest of the roster that is constructed between now and then.

          • independentbynature

            This is what happens when you build on a shaky foundation.The house falls down and you have to start over.It’s not “continuing,”it’s starting over.I just hope they learned something here and we can move on to better days.As long as we see progress,the fans will be patient.Just don’t expect us to accept being the laughing stock of the NBA.It was a fun season for all the jealous Lakers haters.Time for some payback.

          • Lakers Lifer

            With the exception of hiring D’Antoni, what bad decisions have the FO made? They traded Odom and Gasol for CP3, not their fault Stern knocked the deal down. they traded Bynum (aka team cancer) for Dwight Howard. CP3, Dwight and Kobe would have been a force! Signing Nash was an excellent signing at the time, with the thought that Kobe would have 2-3 years left, same as Nash. No one could predict that Nash and Bryant would both be so injured for so long. And if Nash / CP3 and Kobe were healthy, no way Dwight would have walked.

          • independentbynature

            Hiring Antoni negated the Howard signing.It put the temporary,Nash,above the long-term future,Howard.Everyone knew that Howard was not sold on being a Laker.It was going to take more than a billboard to keep him.Howard hated Antoni’s system,like most bigs do.We could’ve gotten a lot more for Bynum than a one year rental of Howard and they refused to believe he was leaving when we all knew he was.Again,we could’ve traded him to Houston for assets to rebuild with,but they couldn’t read the writing on the wall.Brown was also not a great choice.Adelman wanted the job and he was a much better fit for the Lakers.What worries me most going forward,is that they were not going to fire Antoni.That tells me they can’t admit mistakes.It really was a no brainer and I’m still baffled by their reluctance.Especially from Kupchak.He’s got to know better.

          • comrade24

            They could have easily traded him for Asik and we’d have a very good, defensive minded big right now.

    • joshuapparkson


      now go write my essay

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Remember the coach we get we need to make sure we can build our team with guy in charge of the coaching and we need a long term coach that is a winner and a aspiring NBA championship coach.The Lakers don’t need another Mike Brown or Mike D’Antoni situation that is a black eye for the Lakers franchise.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Picking the right head coach is very important since you’re stuck with that coach for at least 2 or 3 years and it always is like a nightmare having the wrong coach a loser has no place on the Lakers.Jerry Buss set the bar very high we need to win championships and dominate the NBA.The coach we get must have the ability and capability of winning championships.We need a long term coach that will be with the Lakers for several years no more terrible coaches.Lets get back to hiring the likes of Pat Riley or Phil Jackson.Those type of coaches not Mike Dunleavy,Mike Brown,Mike D’Antoni no way in hell no no no.

  • Mike D’Antoni


  • independentbynature

    Kevin Chan,Byron Scott’s best days are not behind him.That is probably true of Dunleavy,though.

  • Michael

    Thibodeau and Lionel Hollins are nice choices, but they will only be as good as the players they have to work with. Just look at Memphis with their new coach. They had a slow start due to *injuries* but when they got healthy, look at them giving OKC all they can handle and then some. Some fans think that given the same Laker roster (or close to it) as last season, that either one would’ve turned the Lakers into a defensive juggernaut? No they wouldn’t have folks. They had rugged hard nosed blue collar guys like Noah, Gibson, Allen, Marc Gasol, Prince, and Z-bo to work with. Give Thibs and Hollins the soft frontline of Kelly and Sacre, and Pau, and hardly anything will change. Maybe Sacre can be groomed to be that enforcer, but Pau? He’s who he pretty much is right now, all offense and no D. There will still be no rim protection and expect other teams to drop 120+ again every night despite those defensive geniuses coaching the team. Give the next coach whoever he is the players he needs to run his system and empower the guy so he has unquestioned authority over the players, from Kobe to the last guy on the bench.

    • independentbynature

      Totally disagree,Michael.Antoni used the players that better fit his system.The roster will be different.Half of it needs to go.There will be no smallball and no running down court to shoot a 3 in 7 seconds or less.Just eliminating that idiocy alone,will greatly improve the defense that Antoni completely ignored.Coaches make a difference.That’s a fact.Good coaches,like Thibs, make the most out of what they have.No one is expecting instant championship,just progress.All we got with Antoni was regress.When you’re 29th in defense,you can only go up.Unless Antoni is your coach,of coarse.

      • Terrell

        Uhh…no. As good as Thibs is, he won’t come in with a magic wand and turn Pau, kelly, and Sacre, into even half of what Noah is. He’s going to need the right players.

        • independentbynature

          Pau and Kelly may not even be on the team.And Thibs coaches the Bulls,as of now.Lets just wait and see.And be happy Antoni is gone.

        • A Fan

          Last season? The Lakers would’ve definitely been juggernauts with the right coach. Do recall that small stretch when they were blowing teams out and going toe-to-toe against the Spurs with an interim coach who pretty much just let the team play however they want.

          As for next season, it depends on who LA brings back. Pau can still use his length, Jordan Hill can be that defensive glue guy, and if LA’s going for a title, they’d most likely sign a defensive big man to cover for Pau while Kelly would be buried deep in the bench.

  • Gavin

    Whoever the next coach is needs to be given Time and Patience to install his system and establish a new culture/identity which doesn’t always happen overnight, and especially if the roster he’s inheriting is devoid of young athletic talent that fits his style, and what stars are left are old, slow, and has a tendency to just do whatever he wants on the floor team-play be damned. Ownership needs to have his back even if some of the players are already openly whining and all that other stuff, and myopic and irrational fans are calling for his head.

    • Chrmngblly

      There is nobody on the team right now, Gav.

      If we planned it, we could get DFish and 3 hand-picked assistants—and if Kobe signed on to help out, it could work out.

      I think I am an Ollie convert. too.

  • Troy

    I can’t wait to see the next coach get lynched 3 months into next season by a delusional fanbase when the team is still giving up well north of 100+, which WILL be the case if the team comes back primarily intact or the roster is made up of the same type caliber of player . There’s a reason why a lot of the players on the roster this past season are D-Leaguers, were playing overseas, and buried on benches with DNP-CD’s every night with previous NBA teams.

    • LAstory

      More of a reason to bring in a former Laker in Byron Scott.. because you right on point!!

    • independentbynature

      The delusional fans are the Antoni fans.Glad there aren’t many.

  • LAstory

    Byron Scott is going to be coach, Calipari isn’t leaving KU making $5.2 million a year, top 4 players coming back and a top recruiting class coming in, Kevin Ollie is in talks with UConn on a new deal to double his salary on a new long term deal, Thibs isn’t leaving Chi with Melo possible hooking with Drose, Hollins isn’t even on the Lakers radar( though he is a good coach) as Kerr isn’t on their radar either… Dunleavy is dreaming it didn’t go well last time, and we had a healthy team… Jerry Sloan is 72 and is retired IF he were to come back to coaching he’d go to Utah who needs a coach, Georg Karl isn’t like by Kobe or Mitch… Could there be another candidate out there, yeah maybe..But again This is Byron Scott’s job…

  • hookedonnews

    I have no clue who should be hired. I wouldn’t even consider someone without coaching experience in the NBA. The guy from Europe who’s been mentioned might be an exception to that, but I don’t know enough about him to give an opinion. The fact that he’s being talked about as a top assistant to Popovich is a plus. He might be better after spending a couple of seasons coaching under him, but as I said I’m not that familiar with him.

    Not excited about Thibodeau, although I think he’s a good coach. Just don’t see his style fitting LA, and not sure why he would want the job even if Chicago would let him go. He’s certainly as good as anyone being talked about.

    I know this is a minority opinion, but I believe they had the best coach available already. Even if he wasn’t going to be your long-term option, I don’t think it was a good idea to let him go. Now that he’s gone, I’m less than optimistic about next season because you’re going to have to start over from square one. The defensive deficiencies could have been addressed by hiring another defensive coach, although I think personnel & injuries were the problem rather than MDA (conventional wisdom notwithstanding).

    I’m sure there’s a great coach out there. I’m just not sure who it is. But Scott, Van Gundy (Stan not available), Fisher, Hollins, McMillan? Not excited about any of those guys. George Karl? Maybe. My choice would be Jerry Sloan, but that’s not happening. Any coach is going to have his work cut out for him.

    • independentbynature

      Tell us again how “Antoni will never resign,”Hook.The worst coach imaginable is who you still want?Your opinion on who should coach the Lakers should come with a disqualifier..Any coach is going to be a huge step up from your fallen idol.You really should be too embarrassed to comment here.You should’ve stopped after your first sentence.You have no clue who should be hired.

      • hookedonnews

        Most coaches wouldn’t have resigned because they would have wanted the $4 million. I didn’t think a coaching change was a good idea, and I haven’t changed my mind. I don’t have to defend my opinions. The last time I checked this was a free country, and I’m entitled to have an opinion that differs from yours. I’m not embarrassed. I don’t know who will be hired or whether that person will be the right person for the job. There’s no guarantee that he will be. I never said MDA was my idol. In the eyes of people like you anyone who didn’t want to run him out of town on a rail was in love with him. That’s your problem not mine.

        • independentbynature

          Not really,Hook.I got what I wanted,what 99% of Lakers fans wanted.It’s your problem,now.I’m ready to move on from the worst coach in Lakers history.He’s definitely your idol.Right now,I’m still celebrating .And now that Dwight’s Rockets have gone fishing,it’s all good.It was a great game and I’m looking forward to watching high caliber basketball like it again from the Lakers next season.We’ll just have to see if you’re really a Lakers fan or if you’ll just keep crying over Antoni.I think you’d rather lose with Antoni than win without him.Sorry,it was kinda unclassy of me to gloat,but if anyone set himself up for it,it was you.

          • hookedonnews

            Don’t you think you’re jumping the gun expecting “high caliber” basketball when you don’t even know who the new coach is going to be or who’s going to be on the roster besides Kobe, Sacre & Nash? This is the kind of stuff I’ve been talking about all season. You assume everything will be great just because there’s going to be a coaching change. I’m not crying over D’Antoni. My concern is for the team. I think I’ll wait until they name a new coach and until I know who’s going to be on the team next year before I start making predictions about how successful they’re going to be.Would you rather lose without MDA than win with him? Then don’t accuse me of the opposite.

          • independentbynature

            You’re only fooling yourself,Hook.Your concern is for Antoni.You’ve been on Antoni’s lap all season and that’s the only kind of stuff you’ve been talking about.Yes,I expect the Lakers to play the right way,now.Win with Antoni?Try not to look any more stupid than you already do.You are love sick and delusional.And I am accusing you of taking Antoni over the Lakers.You’ve already done that.Everything is great.Antoni is history.

          • hookedonnews

            Do us both a favor. Stop reading my posts. I’ve tried to stick to basketball and refrain from stooping to personal insults, but you just can’t help yourself. Find someone else to argue with. I’m done.

          • independentbynature

            Try harder.Antoni is done.If only you were.Stop posting your love sick drivel.Get over it.Man up and stop fawning over him.It’s all you ever comment on.Antoni,Antoni,Antoni.It’s sickening.

          • hookedonnews

            Dude. Stop trying to tell me what to do. No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to read my posts.

          • independentbynature

            You are the one trying to tell me what to do,dude.No one is forcing you to keep replying to me.Yet,here you are again.You always have to get in the last word.So,what now,dude?

          • independentbynature

            This is a public site.I’ve broken no rules.Follow your own advice.

          • Chrmngblly

            You would rather lose with MDA??? I thought so all along.

            You must have heard the real reason MDA quit, right? Kobe and Pau fired him. That really makes sense. I know you were really hoping he would stay at least until the rest of the Lakers were injured.

            What is this beef you are having with Nature, hook? He is really being mean and snotty towards you, isn’t he? I told him you loved being humiliated—maybe that’s why. You really have to give up this MDA love thing or the guys will never get off you. I’ve been holding them back by telling them that you are under my wing—but I can only do so much.

          • hookedonnews

            You’ve got to learn not to believe everything you read. Gasol never said he wouldn’t play for MDA. Read his blog. I know you want to believe that story, but he left because they wouldn’t guarantee that 4th year. At this point it really doesn’t matter. Nature Boy thinks he’s a comedian, but he’s not nearly as witty as he believes he is. He can’t stand anyone having an independent thought, which is ironic considering his name. Yes, you’re always looking out for me. LOL And it’s not possible to be humiliated by people who don’t know what they’re talking about.

          • Chrmngblly

            Sometimes I am embarrassed FOR some of these people, hook—like right now. You do know that is not a basketball you’re holding don’t you?

          • hookedonnews

            I never claimed to be a one sport guy.

          • Chrmngblly

            Now you are bragging. Well, you need something to brag about. Basketball-wise, all those concussions weren’t worth it. I am just saying…
            Give up on MDA, he was never worth your love.

          • hookedonnews

            MDA is drinking beer at the beach and counting his money. I’m not worried about him. I’m worried about the Lakers and hoping they don’t bring in some mediocre coach or someone who hasn’t coached a day in his life like Derek Fisher.

          • Chrmngblly

            I am happy you and Mike have decided to stay in touch. We all are worried about the Lakers, especially since JB is unable to hire anyone who won’t suck his d*ck, like you and Peek. No offense, d*ck suckers.

          • independentbynature

            And he’s wrong.I’m plenty witty.It’s just that in a battle of wits,Hook is unarmed.So,it looks like it’s not a fair fight.

          • independentbynature

            I don’t object to independent thought,just thought independent of reason.

          • independentbynature

            Hey,you told me he loves humiliation and it sure looked like you were right.Then he goes and gets all huffy on me.It’s just a good thing you’re holding me back.LOL.

          • Chrmngblly

            I appreciate the respect you showed when you held back, Nature…:-)

          • independentbynature

            It’s all good.I mean,we’re all Lakers fans here,right?Well,at least most of us are.

    • hookedonANTONI’SCOCK


      • hookedonnews

        Classy. Did it take you all morning to come up with that? It’s people like you who give Laker fans the reputation of being morons.

  • KB 24

    Tom thibs if he can use 10-11players for kobe to rest more b.scott if we can afford tom thibs….not sure with kevin ollie especially we can easily get durant away from okc without him and he is a college coach not sure if kobe would respect him hollins would be in pistons coaching drummond monroe and smith…..if we can get rondo and love in 2016 then draft embiid now we cannot afford exum so we can use our 2019 pick for tom thibs…..

  • KB 24

    RONDO(if we didnt get exum),nash,farmar!KB24,young,xavier,deng,tucker,baze,gasol,booz,EMBIID,blatche,sac…….IF we did get love but no rondo in 2016,we can trade our 2019 and 2021 pick for exum but IF we are going ALL IN FOR THIBS then we have to sacrifice exum hope for rondo and give the bulls 2019 pick for thibs

    • Sfhsry

      Change boozer to love….

  • Rigged4fun

    The Lakers need to find a transitional coach that stresses defense, but has an eye for offense. They need to assess exactly the type of team they want first, and see what coach has a similar identity to that idea.

  • Lakers

    Being the next coach should be around for at least the next 7+ years IMO, believe Ollie, Scott or Fisher should be the next coach of the Lakers. I say Ollie, but any of the three would suffice.

  • independentbynature

    ANYONE BUT PRINGLES.I don’t care if it makes HOOK cry.

  • KingEmperor

    Coach Lionel Hollins all the way..