Lakers Nation Roundtable: Which Point Guard Should The Lakers Draft? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="140"] For the first time in a long time, the Lakers will have a lottery pick in the NBA Draft. And they chose a good year, as the 2014 edit [new_royalslider id="140"] For the first time in a long time, the Lakers will have a lottery pick in the NBA Draft. And they chose a good year, as the 2014 edit Rating: 0
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Lakers Nation Roundtable: Which Point Guard Should The Lakers Draft?

For the first time in a long time, the Lakers will have a lottery pick in the NBA Draft. And they chose a good year, as the 2014 edition is one of the deepest in recent memory.

While the Lakers could go a number of ways in the draft, a particular position of need is point guard.

This era of the NBA is geared towards guards and there are a number of elite point guards in the league right now. Guys like Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Russell Westbrook, Rajon Rondo, Stephen Curry, and Damian Lillard have given the Lakers fits.

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This crop of prospects boasts a number of elite players at the position, all of whom bring something different. Marcus Smart is a physical specimen who excels on defense. Tyler Ennis is calm, steady, and a true floor general. Dante Exum is explosive and may have the highest potential of any draft pick.

Add to that guys like Zach LaVine, Elfrid Payton, and Shabazz Napier and there is no shortage of future point guards who could run the show for the Lakers. But the question is, who should the Lakers draft?

We asked our panel of experts, if you could draft one point guard for the Lakers, who would it be? This is what they had to say:

Kevin Chan (@kevin_cruiser): The popular choice will be Exum who is listed as a combo guard. I honestly don’t know much about Dante Exum who has never appeared in NCAA competition.

Exum only played high school ball in Australia which makes it tough to assess if he’s actually primed for NBA competition. I’m not trying to take anything away from Exum, but it’s hard to honestly evaluate him based on extrapolations and highlight reels (everyone looks great in highlight reels).

With that in mind, I think the safer choice would be Marcus Smart who could have been the number one overall pick a year ago if he opted to enter the 2013 NBA draft.

It’s crazy how quickly Smart’s hype has diminished since returning to college for his sophomore year. In his second NCAA season, Smart improved upon his freshman year and posted per game averages of 18 points, 4.8 assists, 4.5 boards and an eye popping 2.9 steals.

In my eyes Smart is like a mini-LeBron. He’s a versatile athletic freak who can do a little bit of everything on the court. Granted his offense, specifically his shooting, will require work, but that can be learned and refined through practice. However he’s already a tenacious defender which is something that is hard to teach.

I love that Smart gives maximum effort on both ends of the court. He’s also a great rebounder for a guard with his 6’8’’ wingspan. Additionally he has a muscular build weighing in at 225 pounds, but still possesses elite explosiveness.

Smart has all the physical tools to be successful in the league and he’s probably the most NBA ready point guard in this draft; I expect he would be able to contribute immediately from day one. Furthermore, he oozes upside, especially on the offensive end; if Smart refines his jumper, he could develop into a very scary player down the road. All these factors make Smart the best pick at point guard in this years’ draft.

Corey Hansford (@TheeCoreyH): The point guard position is the dominant position in this day and age of the NBA, and it is time for the Lakers to get their guy for the future. I feel like I’m one of the few who still believes in this guy, but I would love for Marcus Smart to don the purple and gold.

Physically, Smart stacks up against the most athletic of point guards. At 6’4 and 225 pounds, he can go head to head with the Westbrooks and Lillards of the world, which brings me to the next point. He is an absolute terror on defense.

Very few people take pride in locking down their opposition but Smart thrives in that role. He is fiery, passionate, and never takes a play off. He is the type of person who could really grow and thrive under the tutelage of Kobe Bryant.

Smart will need to get his jumper more consistent, and learn to control his emotions, but there are far more positives than negatives with Smart, and he would lead the Lakers for years to come.

Ryan Ward (@Lakers_Examiner): Dante Exum. Potentially not a true point guard, but I believe Exum could ultimately be one of the best players in the upcoming 2014 NBA draft.

Exum has been compared to the likes of Michael Jordan, and that isn’t a comparison that many throw around lightly. The Australian phenom will likely have a score-first mentality and could ultimately become more of a shooting guard than a floor general, but if the Lakers have a chance to get him, it must happen in my opinion.

At 18 years old, Exum could eventually become the new face of the franchise while being mentored by Kobe Bryant over the next two years. It’ll be a gamble considering the talent level Exum is used to playing against in Australia, but he’s got the potential and the right situation to become a great player in Los Angeles.

About The Author

Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • carew10

    dante exum is the best choice possible over the 3!if won’t be possible draft parker,embiid or wiggins…exum is the best possible!

    exum has speed,agility,athleticism.he has potentially 2555 for game!he is a good defender and his agonism remember me kobe bryant!

    • michael

      I like to have a point guard who makes more assists than focussing on points.

    • Jim213

      Not certain about it now. Many believe he’d be better suited to play the 2 but Exum’s adamant with regards to playing the 1 in the NBA. Truthfully it’ll likely take 4-5 years IMO for Exum to adapt to the level of NBA play tho his father (foreign & NCAA player) has groomed him since his younger days.

      Thus, his athleticism and speed may be his strength today. Per scouts his weaknesses include lack of pg skills, perimeter shooting, decision making, and body strength tho it’ll improve with time. Aside of that Jim has given himself another 3 years so don’t believe he intends on keeping the draft pick if the Lakers don’t land one of the top 4 players in the draft tho they can only end up at 1,2,3, or 6th (draft) but it comes down to who is available and who other team’s draft.

      Not sold on Smart too given his lack of concentration within games as many observed this season (suspension). IMO, depending who is available come draft time and if not top pick I’d be more than willing to trade the pick away if the best option was acquiring Smart come draft selection time. K Irving would be the best choice depending if he signs an extension with the Cavs. If not the Lakers would have a good chance of landing Irving especially with B Scott as coach or part of the coaching staff.

      The Lakers will need a top PG if they intend in competing in the pacific down the future given the abundant talent at the 1 in the Western Conference. But come 5/20 the Lakers will have a better sense of who’ll they end up drafting come draft day.

      • kookiebuger

        I doubt the Lakers trade their pick if their targeting 2015 free agency they won’t trade away a cheap young player, for a player who will be demanding a max or near one messing up their plans. None of these players are finished products it will take at least 2-4 years to determine if their pick was any good and they way the front office is telling the fans to be patient makes me believe they will try to be smart with their money and picks.

        • Jim213

          True, tho Irving’s next salary per cap will be around $10 mil much less than the other potential top stars as he joined the league in 2011. But it really comes down to where they land b/c doubt Jimmy will play the long term rebuild card for given the likelihood of his short stint if he fails to place a true competitive product on the floor before 2017.

          • kookiebuger

            That is honestly a lot of time he can probably care less about next year since he is targeting 2015 free agency so he will sign a bunch of one and done players. If the team is one of the top 5 worst teams then they get a lottery pick and the team will probably trade it away for an established superstar and try to use him to attract free agents next year (Love,Rondo,Marc Gasol, Aldridge, maybe Melo,maybe LeBron) and can potentially sign another big name star in 2016 when Kobe’s contract expires putting together a pretty solid core of players.

          • Jim213

            Doubtful given management’s past history. Three years is no time to rebuild a team from the ground up especially with the salary cap but if some good role players aren’t acquired during this off season. If they aren’t contending for a conference title within the next 3 years then Jim’s day’s are done pretty much as a shot caller.

            Lebron, Rondo, Gasol, Aldridge, won’t join the Lakers. that’s pretty much would clear up the salary cap space to surround 1 or 2 star players with good role players similar to OKC. Rondo will likely end up wiith the Pistons or Rockettes as he’s expressed his desire to play alongside Josh Smith.

            It’s a wait and see with Love too given if the team doesn’t have anything going before 2015FA doubt Love would want to join the Lakers as he’s mentioned previously. Aldridge has mentioned that he’ll resign with the Blazers while Lebron will likely end up in Miami or with the Knick’s in 2015. If FO has learned anything these past few years with their business dealings is to not assume anything. Again Jim stated if they aren’t competing at minimum for Conference chanpionships within the next 3 years he’ll step down,

            The league is to competitive today to assume that top players will join the Lakers especially if they haven’t assembled a team of worthy role players for them to play with down the road.

          • kookiebuger

            I doubt Rondo goes to the Pistons and I heard that Rondo and Howard don’t like each other plus his personality is similar to Kobe’s. Outside of Lilard I see no reason for Aldridge to stay and if Z-Bo leaves Marc Gasol will probably leave unless they bring in Pau. THe Lakers biggest threat for Love is the Bulls but if they sign Melo this offseason then he’s stuck between the Knicks who are willing to spend but haven’t won in over 40 years (I think) and the Lakers who haven’t won in 4 years. You’re right it’s not safe to assume anything but the Lakers were in a situation similar to this in 96 but they still managed to sign Shaq and trade for Kobe, a different front office but it can happen again. The West is tough but it’s also full of pretenders like the Warriors,Rockets,Clippers,Blazers,Grizzles,and Mavs.

          • Jim213

            Disagree, with regards to Rondo as the best odds for him are landing in H-Town or Detroit. However, best odds for Love are Lakers, or Knicks as he’s stated his desire to play in a big market. IMO, the three best choices for Melo come down to the Bulls, Lakers or the Knicks tho Melo staying in NY doesn’t guarantee anything except a pay decrease. Let’s not forget that ever since West’s departure FO hasn’t acquired a caliber torch bearer for the brand. Agree with the pretenders except for the Clippers and Mavs.

            CP3 hasn’t realized it but he needs to be the one to carry the team for them to have any shot down the road however given Sterling’s unwillingness to step down while dragging the issue possibly another year doubt some of their players will want to play for the Clippers next season if the issue isn’t resolved which goes for the coach. The mavs have a solid team and are in a better position being two players away from being one of the top 4 team’s in the conference IMO.

            The Lakers rebuild through FA not the draft tho they only have 1 pick this draft but no 1st rounder in 2015.

          • kookiebuger

            The Lakers pick for next year is top 5 protected so it can go either way (Suns or Lakers) and the Lakers use both the draft and trade acquire most of their talent (Draft: West,Magic,Baylor,Goodrich,Worthy,Mikan) (Trade:Wilt,Kareem,Byron Scott, Kobe,Gasol) (FA: Shaq). It’s better to thoroughly rebuild but since Jim gave himself a 3-4 year window he’s targeting free agency.

          • Jim213

            Knew it was top 5 protected but lets not forget what Kobe’s mentioned especially when he returns to full health. Thus, expecting at most a 500 avg season if no big moves take place. Although, if FO decides to bring back the less than talented roster as this season who can’t play fundamental defense then at most 32+ wins IMO.

            Lakers build thru FA not the draft as the last time they ended up drafting a top five was in the Magic day’s (if accurate). But seems as our opinions differ when it comes to rebuilding. For myself it means 4+ years down the road not 2-3 years. Rebuilding also takes place mostly through draft picks and given FO has given 1st rounders away that isn’t happening until 2016 or 2017 if they decide to keep their first rounders.

  • Willie

    I think people picking Dante Exum are stupid since he plays in another country and nobody has seen him play regularly against top competition.Marcus Smart is a much better player than Dante Exum.Seriously Marcus Smart looks and acts like a NBA Superstar.I can picture Marcus Smart having his way with Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook.Marcus Smart has been compared to James Harden also Jason Kidd and Dwayne Wade by the top draft website NBA Draft Net that should tell everyone how great Marcus Smart already is.Lakers need Marcus Smart.

    I just can’t imagine Dante Exum holding his own against Deron Williams or Goran Dragic.Tyler Ennis is better as a pure point guard than Dante Exum.What i love about Marcus Smart is his strength and length also his toughness and agility combined with great speed.Marcus Smart has a much better motor than Dante Exum and Tyler Ennis.Marcus Smart is a excellent scorer also a tremendous passe with great court vision and great awareness when driving to the hoop and Smart is one of the best rebounding Point Guards ever.

    Marcus Smart is a much better defensive player than Dante.Marcus Smart is All World at getting steals.I would pick Marcus Smart because of all the reasons i mentioned.The easy choice is Marcus Smart in every aspect of the game.

    • J Taylor

      if there is no film on Exum — as you mentioned — how can you have an opinion about how well he will “hold his own against Williams or Dragic.”

      Smart has proven that he can succeed in the NBA, but has a high but defined ceiling. Exum, at 18 and no USA influence,has proven that he belongs in the NBA and has an unlimited ceiling.

      Smart is a great consolation prize if the team misses on Embiid, Wiggins, or Parker. (Gordon too!)

      • kookiebuger

        No Gordon, he will be a bust.

        • EmperorKing

          No Smart is better than Gordon..

    • comrade24

      I’ve seen Marcus Smart play a lot in person. OSU is where i went to college. His defensive prowess is going to be a huge asset if the Lakers draft him. Our biggest flaw (even during the championship years) was defending the point guard position. Derek Fisher was a physical defender, but definitely not a quick one. I can definitely see some frustrating nights in store for Chris Paul and Lillard if we draft Smart.

  • Willie

    Marcus Smart All Day.

  • Lakers Rebuilding

    Gotta be Exum man kid’s got so much potential and he could be a franchise player for years to come after kobe decides to hang it up. But it also depends where they will be picking as well if it’s top 3 lakers should get either embiid parker or exum but if it’s sixth or seventh pick they gotta take smart if he is still available but I have a weird feeling that embiid is going to drop due to his back because it’ll scare a few teams but either way lakers should get exum if he is available.

    • J Taylor

      I thought the same until i realized that every banner that hangs in the rafters has an all star Center. In the modern era where center play is mediocre, anyone compared to Olijawon should be strongly considered. (Pick any one: Embiid, Wiggins, Parker, or Exum)

      The top 5 or 6 players in this draft could produce the next generation of superstars. Of those 2-3 could be legends. The rest of the draft is good and highly talented, but beyond the top names, the shine fades by a degree.

      • comrade24

        i’d stay away from drafting Embiid just because he could be a bust due to injuries. However, the kid is a beast and i can definitely see us acquiring him via FA later down the road. Let’s just hope Orlando drafts him so we can continue the tradition of stealing talented big men from them. lol

      • EmperorKing

        You forget Smart men..

  • kookiebuger

    Can’t wait May 20th we can finally see the official order of the lottery and see the Lakers get a top 3 pick :)

    • comrade24

      me either! i’m actually teetering back and forth between hoping we get a top 3 pick or landing 6th. I’m just worried if we get a top 3 pick they’ll choose Embiid and yes he’s been compared to Olajuwan, but in a few years he may also be compared to Greg Monroe. If we land 6th hopefully FO will pick Marcus Smart. Either way, there’s a lot of talent in this draft and chances are we’re going to get a talented player who will be a part of the team for years to come.

      • kookiebuger

        I don’t why people are so cautious about Emiid, he was cleared to play in 3rd round of March Madness but Kansas lost in the 2nd round plus all this time off (February-October) to take care of his back and get healthy. Exum can also force his way to the Lakers like Kobe did, he want’s to play along side Kobe and and learn from him. Will it happen I doubt it but it can happen.

        • comrade24

          I read yesterday that Embiid STILL hasn’t been cleared for basketball activities. He also declined the NBA Draft Combine which may or may not be cause for concern. He looks amazing, i mean the kids got game. there’s no denying that. Smooth jump shot up to 15 ft, incredible instincts on defense, his footwork is pretty good for only having played a few years. I think it would be wiser to draft a point guard (most important position in todays NBA) and watch what Embiid does. If he ends up being a dominant center and stays injury free, we can look to acquire him later in Free Agency. The perennial lottery teams can never keep good players. Look at how many great players have went through Toronto, Orlando, Milwaukee and left after rookie contracts.

  • comrade24

    Unless the FO has a solid plan to get Kyrie Irving, i think they have to go for Exum or Smart. Really, it will come down to whoever’s available. Smart is definitely the safer choice as it seems inevitable that he will be at least a solid NBA player. Exum on the other hand may be a slight gamble, but his upside is worth taking a chance on IMO.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I love both Dante Exum and Marcus Smart.Can’t go wrong either way IMO.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Dante Exum can be another Michael Jordan type player or we can turn him into a more athletic modern day Magic Johnson only problem he is nowhere near the passer Magic Johnson was.

    Marcus Smart is a tough defensive in the Gary Payton mold.Marcus Smart can become a all time great player if he improves his jump shot as we all know Magic Johnson came in with a bad jumper but that got better over the years.If Smart improves his jumper like Magic Johnson did lookout.

  • Rap

    Completely disagree with your analysis on Smart. I saw him at the tourney against Gonzaga. He played zero defense, became easily tired, average athleticism, an inconsistent jumper, and isn’t a true point guard based on his passing abilities and volume shooting. Lakers would make a huge mistake using a pick on a head case like Smart. I sat with a scout from the Utah Jazz during the game and he said Smart won’t be drafted top 8 because he does everything average but doesn’t do anything great. Lakers should wait and get Kyrie with Love in 2015 once Byron Scott becomes the coach. No need to waste a pick on a potential bust.

    • EmperorKing

      We need Marcus Smart he can be a great player..

    • Chris Bosh <3

      M. Smart 23 Pts, 13 Reb, 7 Ast, 6 Stl, 1 Blk vs Gonzaga

      No defense tho.

      • Rap

        5/14 from the field, 12/19 on the line, and 6 turnovers against a team that consists of small white point guards that shouldn’t cause any problems with David Stockton and Pangos. Not to mention Pangos dropped 26 points on 6-14 shooting and the other off guard Gary Bell put up 17 points on 6/8 shooting. Watch the game before you merely look at the box score. The eye test doesn’t lie no need to only watch highlight clips

        • Chris Bosh <3

          “The eye test doesn’t lie no need to only watch highlight clips”

          You know what you are right…numbers lie, the eye test doesn’t.

  • JohnSmith00

    I am so sick and tired of hearing EXUM YEAH EXUM, LET’S GET EXUM!, remember those all important meaningless wins so many of you cared about.

    Well because of those the Lakers can only place within the top 3 or 6 or higher, if the Lakers are lucky enough to get into the top 3 they are not going to take Exum over the possibility of Wiggins; Parker or Embiid.

    If they draft 6 or higher unless his stock drops dramatically the chances of him landing with the Lakers is almost zero. At this point even Smart could be gone depending on where the Lakers fall and how other teams choose to draft.

    • Levels

      There is a chance for the Lakers to pick 9th also… I believe the Lakers will go after Kyrie Irving and maybe looking at A. Gordon… we’ll find out within next week to see where they draft.

      • EmperorKing

        Marcus Smart future lakers..

        • Levels

          The draft lottery is this Thursday I believe will find out where the Lakers will pick… and I believe that the Lakers will go after Kyrie.. Marcus Smart is a 2 guard he isn’t a point.. I’m sure he will be a good 2 guard for some team, however.

  • EmperorKing

    Marcus Smart is the best both OFFENSE and DEFENSE..

    • borsalino12

      and the biggest headache for the next decade or so in the NBA. We don’t need that.

      • EmperorKing

        no we need a player that love to competes and play hard defense that is why we need Smart..

      • EmperorKing

        Marcus Smart is young player he can learn to his mistakes and become a great player..

  • borsalino12

    The Lakers will not have the chance to draft Dante Exum and that close the question. It is very possible they draft at the curent seed, # 6 or # 7 and that will give them a choice of 3 power forwards – Randle, Vonleh and Gordon. If the lottery put them bellow that spot, they should trade the pic and try to get E.Bledsoe or Greg Monroe. Marcus Smart is not a PG to build your future team around. He is considered to be the next Ron Artest of the NBA and the Lakers certainly don’t need that.

    • vdogg

      senseless. why would the lakers trade the pick to try and get bledsoe or monroe? those guys are RFAs.

      • borsalino12

        Just because they are both RFA’s, that is why. If they were UFA’s then we can sign them straightforward. This way, we can attract either The Suns or the Pistons with our lottery pic, plus say Pau Gasol or Marshall,Sacre and cash. I am not sure about Phoenix, because they will have 3 first round pics next month, but the Pistons can definitely show some interest. They know that they can not keep Monroe for more than one season and that is why, a good package for him can make this deal work.

        • EmperorKing

          What a bullshit..

          • borsalino12

            Watch your mouth dude.

          • EmperorKing


        • vdogg

          borsalino — man am i glad that you’re not in charge of the lakers. you have no idea what’s going on, bud. go check out ladies’ tennis. far more your speed .

        • vdogg

          and who the hell is greg monroe anyway — some all star?? he is not exceptional by any means.

          • borsalino12

            Dude. You don’t understand anything from basketball. I can suggest you to check out ladies’ tennis.
            Greg Monroe is an All-Star caliber player with very bright future.He was drafted in 2010, as a 1-st round pic, # 7 from the Pistons. The guy is just 23 y.o.and already has very impressive stat numbers: 15.2 ppg – 9.3 rpg – 2.1 apg. He is 6’11″ , 250 Lb.and can play equally well at both positions – center and power forward. Next summer, if K.Love wants to became a Laker, he can play at 4 with Monroe at 5.That will be the best front court in the NBA for many years.

          • vdogg

            are you serious with this stuff? monroe is decent, but “all star caliber player”? umm no… if he were, he would BE an all star. no way should the lakers give up their lottery PICK (and that is how you spell the word, by the way) for either him or bledsoe. where do you live? you don’t sound like an american. that doesn’t mean that you can’t comment on basketball, but you don’t know squat about the lakers.

            BE GONE.

          • borsalino12

            You know what… the first thing I have learned in America was…KISS MY BLOODY ASS.
            Bone appetite pendejo.

          • vdogg

            what a mature response. what, no mention of my mom? she’ll be SO disappointed!

          • borsalino12

            You deserved it. If there is a need and reason, I can mention your mom also, just to make sure, she won’t be SO disappointed.And I can suggest you something. You don’t know me to tell me BE GONE.OK?
            You have no right to say something like that to anyone. You may not like whatever I post, or anyone else, but you can not make that kind of comments.This is a forum and everyone can write whatever he/she think.
            And I would like to add here something else. I was always opposed to the idea of trading our 1-st round pic, till the last 2 games of the season against Utah and San Antonio. With his meaningless dominance in this 2 games, Nick Young killed our chances to finish at the 4-th place and have a much better chances of drafting one of the top 4 prospects – Embiid, Wiggins, Parker and Exum. At that point, I lost completely my hope for a bright future. None of the players we would draft is a franchise type and we can not rely on it to build our future team around. That is why, it is better to trade the pic, plus some fillers for already established NBA talents. That is my point of view. And it looks like our FO is on the same page with me.
            If you want me to talk to you with respect, then show me some toward me. It is two way street.

          • vdogg

            head over to the clippers website. it will probably take you where you want to go. when i see drivel posted, i say so. don’t like it? as i said, head elsewhere.

          • EmperorKing

            Yeah borsalino12 be gone!!

    • EmperorKing

      yeah senseless!!keep the pick and draft Marcus Smart to lakers..

  • Lakers4life

    Get a big man from the draft and go after Kyrie Irving.

    • vdogg

      you mean this year? how are the lakers supposed to do that..?

  • Dante

    Honestlt Marcus Smart deserves his day in the sun come draft day.He earned it.The Lakers will be better off drafting Marcus Smart he fits the western conference style of play perfectly.Smart is very strong and long he is the best all around player in the draft and he will win rookie of the year most likely.

  • Dante

    Draft the best player available.Marcus Smart is the man for the Lakers future.

  • Terrence

    Most of the mock drafts have Marcus Smart going to the Lakers.I am very happy with the Lakers getting Marcus Smart if that really happens.Marcus Smart has length and he is strong enough to overpower other guards.His strength is unbelievable he likely is able to bench press a shit load of weight.Marcus Smart is built like a NFL linebacker.I think of Marcus Smart as a shorter LeBron James.Lakers will be lucky to get a player compared to LeBron,Wade,Kidd that’s a steal in the draft if the Lakers draft Marcus Smart.A large amount of the main draft boards have the Lakers drafting Marcus Smart,so far Draft Express and NBA Draft Net also SI.COM all have the Lakers drafting Marcus Smart at #6 in their respective mock drafts.I hope we get Marcus Smart i will be ecstatic.

    • borsalino12

      If we are lucky to get one of the top 3 pics – Parker, Wiggins or Embiid, we definitely will keep it. # 4 and # 5 seeds will pass the Lakers, so we don’t have a chance to draft Dante Exum, who I would love to see in a Lakers uniform. So the next prospects, available for us will be Julius Randle, Noah Vonleh and Aaron Gordon. None of this guys is an all-star caliber player and at best, they will be just good role players.That is why, Mitck Kupchak and Jimmy Buss are looking for opportunities to trade that pic for more established young player with 3-4 years NBA experience.

  • Jose

    It’s a great chance for the Lakers to find a superstar Point Guard finally.Lakers have not had a star Point Guard since Magic Johnson.Either Exum or Smart will be a great pick for the Lakers.

  • Mario

    When is the NBA Draft combine?Will Marcus and Dante be in it?

    • borsalino12

      May 20/14 is the Lottery Day. June 16/14 is the draft day. And yes, both Exum and Smart are in the top 7 seeds in that draft class.

  • Average Joe

    I don’t think LA should go point guard. If we’re talking championships, which championship team is based around a pg? The position that is of the most importance is the low post, you can be good on the perimeter all u want, the low post, easy baskets is what wins titles. The Heat didn’t win until LeBron developed his post game, the Clippers didn’t become true title contenders until they had a post presence. If u aren’t tricked by the eye popping athleticism of the pg position as you study history you find in the modern and past era NBA the post is the most important position. Much harder to come by than a point. I mean look around every teams got one lol. What every team doesn’t have is LeBron or Kobe or Duncan.

  • Lance

    Like the points about smart– getting locked out of the top five doesn’t seem so bad now… Smart will command real points on a head case Laker team.

  • Eric Allen

    Marcus Smart mini LeBron dumbest thing you will ever hear. So someone who is not that fast, has trouble with lateral movement and will be at a disadvantage defensively in the NBA bc of a lack of hand checking and a lack of pure speed is a mini LeBron. Stupidity. At 6/7 if you’re so excited about defensive intensity, you could go Aaron Gordon a true position of need who can guard the elite offensive players. Who you could argue is a bigger, quicker Marcus Smart lol, defensively elite, good rebounder and actually a better shooter (strangely). And unless Smart can defend LeBron or Durant, who cares you’re not winning the chip bc you can defend Russell Westbrook. You can’t defend Durant you can’t win…..

  • ersliva

    dante exum…its that easy of a choice…he has the most up side out of anyone in this years draft….hes the next superstar for the nba….

  • vitones

    what about shabazz napier???

  • NYLakerJ

    Bill Self says Marcus Smart is the most tenacious competitor he’s seen, coached against…he has coached D-will as PG, against KD, Blake, etc. I like Exum’s upside…love Smart’s on court DNA at PG.
    That said, FO will take Wiggins or the Big fella!
    Break the bank, convince Team USA HC to join LA…LeBron will opt out and head to LA…

  • 20

    one point guard not many people are talking about is Jahii Carson out of Arizona Astate. He is a Russell Westbrook type athletic talent, except he only stands at about 5’9” 5’10”….he must improve his jump shot, his defense, and learn to let the game slow down to be a poised decision maker in the half court offense….but i love the intangibles he brings like hustle effort plays, rebounding at the point guard position, and usually always being the fastest man in the arena on any given night…..Jahii Carson, point guard, Arizona State

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