Lakers Nation Roundtable: Should The Team Trade Their First Round Pick? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="140"] Lakers fans everywhere were anxiously awaiting the NBA Draft Lottery for the first time in years this past Tuesday. With the team hav [new_royalslider id="140"] Lakers fans everywhere were anxiously awaiting the NBA Draft Lottery for the first time in years this past Tuesday. With the team hav Rating: 0
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Lakers Nation Roundtable: Should The Team Trade Their First Round Pick?

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Lakers fans everywhere were anxiously awaiting the NBA Draft Lottery for the first time in years this past Tuesday. With the team having the sixth best odds of winning the top pick, there was hope that the team could at least move into the top-3 of the draft.

With top prospects like Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid, Jabari Parker, and Dante Exum, a top-3 pick could have immediately changed the Lakers fortunes. Unfortunately for the team, and the fans, the Lakers were jumped by the Cleveland Cavaliers and will now select seventh overall.

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This selection is the only one the Lakers own in the entire draft. While this draft is very deep, and the Lakers could find someone who will be a contributor on this team for years to come, the team has a number of holes and one draft pick will only help so much.

This begs the question, would the team be better off trading their draft pick for multiple assets? We asked our panel of experts, and this is what they had to say:

Suki Thind (@TheRealSuki): Given the seventh draft pick, it is up to management as to what direction they want to go in right now. Unfortunately, the Lakers did not acquire a top-3 pick, which would have made their decision(s) much easier. Now, they’ve got to think about whether they’d like to select a solid seventh pick and develop him, or trade him for multiple picks or even for multiple players.

The first decision they have to make is if they’re looking to compete at a high level now, or a few years down the road — which even if they had an answer to that, would still be a tough decision.

If they plan to compete now, then they could keep the pick in hopes that he would be an immediate contributor, and also hope to land a significant player in free agency to bolster the roster they’re building this summer. Or, they could trade for a couple of players who are already established or who are somewhat established but have some upside as well, in hopes of solidifying certain holes in the roster.

If they want to rely more on the free agency class of 2015 and start building a solid, younger team for the future, then they could theoretically trade for a couple of later-first round picks or even a first round and a high second round pick — or something along those lines.

If it were up to me, however, I’d keep the pick for now and only trade it if it would bring in a significant piece (or pieces) that would make an immediate impact. Otherwise, the draft is widely considered to be a relatively deep one, and whatever player the Lakers select could turn out to be a key player for years to come.

Maybe he won’t be an All-Star player off the bat, or even a game-changer right away, but add a solid young player with an older Kobe Bryant and an in-his-prime superstar — either from this year’s free agency or next — and the Lakers may be playoff contenders once again.

At the same time, Lakers’ management is always searching for the best possible ways to “win now,” as the demands also go with the fans, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Lakers trade the pick for a solid player who is proven and can contribute right away.

Corey Hansford (@TheeCoreyH): This draft is one of the deepest in years, and the Lakers likely would be able to get someone from the Marcus Smart, Noah Vonleh, Julius Randle group of prospects.

All of those players could turn out to be outstanding pros, and could contribute to the team immediately. But these Lakers are not one player away from competing, they need players across the board, and that is why I believe it is best for the team to trade the pick if they get a good deal.

The Lakers need to begin building, and doing that with two or three guys is better than just one. Both the Phoenix Suns and Chicago Bulls hold two draft picks in the mid-first round. Getting one, or both, of those picks plus a young player would be an excellent haul for the Lakers.

If the Lakers could get a package like Tony Snell and the 16th or 19th pick from the Bulls, or Archie Goodwin and the 14th or 18th pick from the Suns, you’re talking about multiple young players who could be potential building blocks for the team.

There is not a drastic difference in talent of prospects the Lakers could select at seventh as they could at 14 or 16. If the team could pick up another piece along the way, they need to do that quickly.

Russell Valenzuela (@RussVal4): While the Lakers didn’t land a top-3 pick in the lottery, they are still set up pretty well for the draft.

With the seventh pick they won’t be able to draft anyone from the big three of Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, and Joel Embiid. It is also likely the team will be out of the running for combo guard Dante Exum, whom many have linked to the Lakers.

Regardless, the Lakers could still benefit from keeping the seventh pick. Once the disappointment from dropping down in the draft subsides, there are still plenty of prospects with potential that could be available when the its time for the Lakers to draft.

After the four mentioned above, the general consensus of next best available include Noah Vonleh, Aaron Gordon, Marcus Smart, and Julius Randle. Assuming the team keeps their pick, one of these could become the newest Laker. Any of these four could contribute right away as the Lakers have needs at pretty much every position.

Finding talent through the draft is a crapshoot. But a quick look at the history of seventh picks shows a team can pick up a valuable piece, and these were during what were considered shallower drafts.

Any later pick makes that gamble riskier. The only trade the Lakers should accept for their current pick has to consist of a fringe All-Star and a mid-first round pick.

Since I don’t see anyone giving those up, the Lakers are better served standing pat and using their pick to draft a prospect they can develop.

Ryan Ward (@Lakers_Examiner): The Lakers didn’t get the most favorable result in the NBA draft lottery landing the seventh pick overall pick. Although the Lakers were expected to draft in the 6-7 range in the upcoming draft, the team’s front office was hoping to get in the top-3 to give them more leverage in terms of trades and the talent level available.

Personally, I believe trading the seventh pick may be the way to go for the Lakers. The reason for not trading the pick would be if there is a legitimate chance of landing Julius Randle or Dante Exum, but with those scenarios unlikely, trading for multiple picks is something the team can benefit from.

One trade that continues to get talked about is Kevin Love heading to the Lakers. This trade is highly unlikely with the Lakers falling to the seventh pick and having no other tradable assets outside of the pick in the top-10.

Love may ultimately land in Los Angeles in free agency next summer, but it seems doubtful the Lakers will be able to convince the Minnesota Timberwolves to make a deal with what they’d receive in return from Los Angeles.

Kevin Chan (@Kevin_Cruiser): I think the Lakers should keep their seventh overall draft pick and it mainly comes down to financial flexibility reasons. The Lakers need to maximize cap flexibility so they can have a chance at signing max player either this summer or the summer of 2015.

The Lakers don’t have any valuable trade assets besides their first round pick at the moment which means they only have their first round pick to offer in a trade. It’s possible that they could obtain a decent role player like Courtney Lee plus the Grizzlies’ 22nd overall pick. But does this really accomplish much given that the Lakers are clearly in a rebuilding stage? Not to mention that the veteran’s salary will be at least double the cost of their potential draft pick.

Let’s not kid ourselves, there’s no way the Lakers will be able to trade for a budding star plus a late first round draft pick. I’m sure the Bulls would be willing to unload Carlos Boozer and his albatross expiring 16.8 million dollar contract plus the 19th pick. But this type of scenario doesn’t help the Lakers rebuild either.

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First round rookie contracts are three years guaranteed with a fourth year team option. The Lakers seventh overall pick will cost them about 7.8 million over three years. This years draft is very deep and the Lakers could potentially nab a future star like Noah Vonleh, Aaron Gordon or Julius Randle with their pick.

Let’s say the rookie pans by year two and does well. The Lakers would have a quality player on their roster at a substantial discount. Keeping their draft pick and drafting a promising young player rather than trading it away for a more expensive veteran would be a very prudent decision that will give the Lakers more financial flexibility to fill out the rest of the roster.
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About The Author

Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • atakan imren

    nope,we need it.if it is randle or noah they gonna turn into a star level i believe it and then u can’t know who will be a superstar.maybe jabari parker will never be a paul pierce or any other thing u can imagine.

    • Jim213

      Ryen Russillo (Grantland) Real Scouts on Wiggins, Randle, Embiid, and Parker

      “I spoke with three of the best talent evaluators currently working in
      front offices about the four most heralded prospects. One is an NBA
      general manager, another an assistant GM, and the third source is the
      director of scouting for an NBA franchise. For the sake of anonymity,
      I’m calling them Scout 1, Scout 2, and Scout 3.”

      “These conversations are transcribed to illustrate the raw, unfiltered
      dialogue I have had over the last few months with these sources, to give
      you an idea of how talent evaluators rate Jabari Parker, Andrew
      Wiggins, Joel Embiid, and Julius Randle.”

      A little info from the article:

      On Andrew Wiggins:

      Scout 1: ****************************************

      Don’t trust his shot or his ball skills. Can’t go left. There is no “fuck you” to him. Kobe’s like, “Fuck you, (Mamba Mentality) I’m better than you.” Where was that? I think he is a content player. That’s not Bill Self’s fault — he didn’t tell him not to shoot.

      Scout 2:

      I think in the draft, if Embiid is healthy, Wiggins goes no. 3. He will be lost in an NBA half-court offense. He is great in transition, but he has no ball skills. All right hand,no idea what to do without the ball. He struggles with confidence. He actually reminds me more of Gerald Green than any of these studs he’s compared to.

      Scout 3:

      In general, interesting kid. In fairness to him he played in a very restricted system at Kansas. All interchangeable parts with designated spots, a lot of structure. When he got the ball, there wasn’t a lot of room to create. He didn’t force things, dealt with it well, but sometimes it hurt his rep. Not anywhere near ready, mentally, to take things over, which is unfair to say at this stage. Game isn’t to the level of his athleticism. Humble, coachable, a positive kid, all good things.

      On Joel Embiid:

      Scout 1:

      If healthy, I’m taking him no. 1 and it’s not even close. I think Embiid is the only difference-maker in the group. I like Parker
      and Wiggins, but if they are your best player, you are going to be in
      the lottery every year.

      Scout 2:

      If he’s healthy and I have a pair of balls I take him no. 1. He has legitimate size. Great hands and feet. He will block shots immediately. He doesn’t understand positioning yet, but he is further along offensively than Olajuwon was at the same stage, and he’s bigger than Hakeem. Hakeem was 6-foot-9. Embiid is 7 feet, maybe bigger, eventually. He has the best upside pick of anyone in the draft.

      Scout 3:

      If the medical staff clears him, he should go no. 1, but people are still freaked out about Oden. Before the concerns about his back — which are real, by the way — I’d be very comfortable taking him one or two. Has all the ingredients: feet, hands, touch. I’ve watched him in practice, and he was automatic from 15 feet, which is something we didn’t see him use a lot at Kansas.

      On Julius Randle:

      Scout 1:

      He’s not an athlete, but he’s not a stiff. He wants to go left, and like a lot of lefties he’s a right-shoulder turn guy. He always comes back to the strong side on post, or on his drive. Guys in our league will sit on that and he won’t score with that shit.

      Scout 2:

      He’s one guy in college you couldn’t guard Deadly from 15 feet off the dribble, powerful once he gets to the rim. There really wasn’t much you could do with him. Needs to develop a 15-footer. He’s bouncier than Zach [Randolph]. Zach developed as a shooter. Can pass and rebound. Knows how to use his body.

      Scout 3:

      I’ll admit, in high school, he made a bad first impression to me. It looked like he wanted to be Antoine Walker, selfish, almost greedy. But I’ll give him credit, he adjusted at Kentucky. Now he plays with a hard motor, competes, almost plays angry.

      On Jabari Parker:

      Scout 1:

      I like him a lot. A giant Paul Pierce. Don’t completely trust his shot. I think he’s really selfish, took some really tough contested shots, but probably because he looked at the [Duke] team around him and just said, “Fuck it.”

      Scout 2:

      He’s the best basketball player in the draft. IQ, passing ability, a fadeaway, post-up, step back, and ballhandling skills. As the no. 1 pick, he’s safe, meaning: I’ll know I’m getting something from him. Doubt he’ll do anything to hurt your organization. I’d shocked if he isn’t a 12-15-year pro. Worst case, he’s Shane Battier. But he’s better.

      Scout 3:

      I’d take him no. 1. Physically, ready to go. Offensively, great feel. He’s a version of Paul Pierce. He’s not Paul further out yet, not as clever. But his size adds another dimension. Creates space for himself, finishes with either hand and like Pierce, he’s deceivingly athletic. Parker will contribute Game 1. He’s the safest pick.

      http://grantland. com/the-triangle/ryen-russillos-nba-draft-confidential-real-scouts-on-wiggins-randle-embiid-and-parker/

      • e3bonz

        Very insightful for those of us who get lost in all options.

  • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

    No. We need to start developing players.
    Plus, It’s going to be exciting to see a top 7 rookie on the Lakers. The Lakers rarely ever get this opportunity.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Not since James Worthy in 1982… It’s been a good run, and I’m excited to see who they can get this year.

    • Yoco Escobar

      True Lakers need to rebuild we trade 2 to 3 years from will be in the same situation keep the pick and build on that

      • Computer Networking

        I disagree. If you trade the pick and go after seasoned young players, the lakers will win. Example, would you give up the number 7 pick for thaddeus young and a 13th pick or Kenneth faried and a 15th pick? You would be crazy not to. These are two players at 24 years of age or younger who will automatically impact your team and you wouldn’t break the bank to get them. Then you have other options. Phil Jackson wants gasol. Do a sign and trade for chandler and hardaway, but the catch is to get rid of nash’s contract. So lakers get chandler for one season and hardaway for 3 seasons at 2 million a season plus nash’s 9 million off the books. This leaves the lakers with 21 million to spend on other one year players like asik or a couple of trade assets for next season like Lowry and/or monroe. Or maybe a big free agent like Rudy gay. We just have to wait and see what happens but I think that trading the pick for young players that could impact the team now is the way to go.

        • Chrmngblly

          Except nobody is offering any “player and pick” packages like you just said. So it’s all bullshit. It is like Laurel and Hardy all over again: “If you only had some ham, and if I only had some eggs, then we could have ham and eggs.”

          But I agree with you on the Tyson Chandler proposal.

          • Computer Networking

            Give it time. Be patient. There are teams who will want the 7th pick. Nobody wants to show their hand as of yet. On top of that, you have teams who wants to unload contracts like houston, but the kicks trade is the most promising to me.

          • Chrmngblly

            I am all ears.

    • Chrmngblly

      Wrong. We get this opportunity all the time—except the young player usually has to be labeled a bust by some other team before we get our hands on him. To wit: Kendall Marshall, Nick Young, Wes Johnson, Xavier Henry—all high 1st round picks at one time or another by somebody…:-)

  • J Taylor

    If the trade nets a superstar, obviously.
    If not, then the team needs to keep pushing the youth movement.

    At this point, you would have to believe that Smart is penciled in as the pick. It’s a PG league, Smart is a proven player, he’s a proven defender, and the team has a glaring need at PG.

    If they pass on Smart, is Farmar the starter? Do they really want to overpay Lowry? Outbidding for Bledsoe seems unrealistic especially when you look at $14M vs Rookie Scale.

    • Computer Networking

      You land one of those point guards so that you will have trade assets to get irving. What many are doing is looking at what we think is best and there is nothing wrong with that, but let’s face reality. The lakers is going after love and irving. The writing is on the wall. There will be no pick at 7.

  • Javier


  • Javier

    Keep the draft pick and select Marcus Smart!

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    I say no keep the pic unless its a trade for a much better talent in the league now (Better then Love) but I say keep it who knows he can be our next big thing!

  • Daniel

    I would say that is finally the time for Lakers Owners, managers and coaches to start earning their paychecks. I am talking about choosing a great players even it is at 7 spot and develop that kid. A good negotiator can do a great trade with the right conditions, a great organization, coaching and management stuff get a gem, where others do not see it. Otherwise look what happened with the Spurs. Did you know that Ginobili was selected 58th? and parker 28th? and Kawhi Leonard 15th?
    Well, it is time for the Lakers to get to work. Lakers will have some free agents to pick up this season, and more drafts and free agents next season and the next. Due to Salary cap, you can only get 2 maximum contracts, a couple of others middle range, and then a bunch of kids with rocky contracts or average free agent players.
    Whether Kobe likes this or not, the true competitive Lakers will come out when he is gone. Even Mitch said that the next coach should be ready to be able to get the most out of Kobe in the next two years. Why?, because the Warner deal, ticket sales, and merchandising requires that, while the rest develop. No matter that the lakers are in rebuilding mode and will not be able to compete for a championship for the next 4-5 years.
    So they better choose wisely, or is another missing opportunity.

  • Wizard34

    The only way we trade the pick is for Love (which is really up to him. Don’t be surprised to see a three-four way trade pop up.). We should not try to get two picks later in the round. We need someone who is going to be more solid for us. I also do not want Boozer kkthx.

    Marcus Smart, Noah Vonleh, Julius Randle, and Gordon are going to be the guys we’ll have to select with the odd ball chance of Exum. Who knows what Boston is planning on doing with Rondo/their selection and we probably won’t have much of an idea who Utah takes.

    After the first 6 picks are done that’s going to leave us with 2 of them left to pick from.

    I’d take Vonleh over Smart. Go with the size on this one. If Vonleh can already hit the outside shot and defend, I think he’ll go a long way, especially against guys like Griffin, Aldridge, Love, and Randolf. I know Lowry or Bledsoe will probably cost a pretty penny, but they are both pretty beast. Bledsoe I think is going to turn into an excellent PG who matches Smart’s physical strength. Lowry was pretty damn good this year, including the playoffs. Getting one of those two PGs and selecting Vonleh/Gordon/Randle.

    Randle I feel is a big question mark.

    If Gordon is ever going to be a player who is able to defend Durant / Lebron, then he might be our best option. Does anybody know?

    I’m hoping Orlando/Boston/Utah skips on Exum, All three of those teams have at least two guards who are already really good.

    • BULL

      you hit it right on the nose, I believe GORDON will be a huge player and we def need a small fwrd.
      Smart is a no brainer too. he size at pg will be unmatched. will def help against the Westbrook, and Parker.
      and Vonleh over Randall. that’s a tough one. IF gasol comes back, ill Def want Vonleh. he can hit the outside shot, not to mention be our Ibaka(defend the rim and rebound). but if Gasol do leave, we would need that inside presence .. that bully .. Randall the one

  • Mike Hawk

    They should not trade by all means. The Lakers can continue to sign players to one year deals, save as much cap space as possible and look forward into the 2016 free agency. Right off the bat, Kevin Durant should be on top of their list, try to sign him away from free agency. By then, the Lakers 1st round draft pick has already seasoned and 2 years under his belt, Kobe Bryant’s contract would be off the books. Lakers has the ability to sign two max contracts while having their 1st round draft pick on a rookie scale contract.

    Marcus Smart in my opinion should be their draft choice if he were to be available. The best PG in the draft, which the Lakers needs. Who knows how long Steve Nash will last, Kendall Marshall is inconsistent and could be best suited as a role player, Jordan Farmar a fan favorite, is best as a role player.

    Lakers should not worry about acquiring players right away. There’s no need to panic, even if Kobe Bryant is displeased with the roster make up. I mean what’s he going to do demand a trade? If Kobe Bryant gets his 6th, great. If he doesn’t that’s fine, he’s had a great career and is one of the all time greats.

  • Dexter

    Never trade a lottery pick in a top heavy lottery that’s 1-7.Keep the pick.

  • Gregory Choa

    Just food for thought: If LA traded #7, Nash and Sacre to Boston for Rondo, they’d be able to fit Rondo, Kobe and Melo all under the expected $63M cap.. And in two years they’d have enough on the cap to sign Durant.

    • vdogg

      rondo in a lakers uni would make me vomit.

      • BULL

        I said the same things, but our fellow laker fans convinced me, chitt why not! he is good.. rather us than Houston

    • Computer Networking

      Good point

  • BULL

    KEEPT THE PICK! with players like Smart, Randall, and Gordon how can we lose! all 3 monster players..

  • Harry

    A shitload of teams FO and GM’s are going to beg the Lakers to trade the picka nd they are going to try to trick the Lakers into pretty much giving the pick away for practically nothing so the Lakers FO must stick by their guns and keep the pick no matter what.This is easily one of the best drafts ever and the Lakers must keep the pick and draft the best player available at #7.Put it this way the top 6 players could all be the #1 pick in most every draft previously and the 7-10 would be top 3 picks any other year.That’s how loaded this draft is and the Lakers need to nail the pick.

  • KB24

    Trade the pick to suns for their own 2014 pick and our very own lakers 2015 pick…draft tyler ennis and use pur 2015 and 2019 pick for the rights to embiid or love then sign deng,rondo(if ennis did not perform well as a starter) if possible trade the pick for joakim noah,sign deng this offseason,go all in for love and rondo next year…..the houston rockets is high on marshall trade him for their own 2014 pick if its 17th not 25,trade marshall for a pick range 15-20th if not,keep him then pursue 3D aa this yr if not, go for danny green, look at miami lots of 3 pt shooters coz its like choose your poison double team kobe and lebron but let others shoot wide open 3s or stay 1on1 and let the black mamba kill your team offensively bring back farmar,xavier,baze for vets, get blatche and another rim protector

  • VillainKing

    Definitely big NO!!!7th pick is a great possession in the draft we can pick talented player like Marcus Smart..DON’T TRADE THE PICK!!!!JUST KEEP THE 7TH PICK IN NBA DRAFT 2014 LAKERS!!!!!

  • Kb24

    TRADE THE PICK for EMBIID IF HE IS HEALTHY OR KEVINL LOVE IF NOT,trade down to PHX for their own pick no.14 and our VERY OWN LAKERS PICK 2015, trade our 2015 and 2019 pick for EMBIID IF HEALTHY,Love as our 2nd option but if minny did not trade him, then trade the future picks for JOAKIM NOAH ……….rondo(ennis if not)-BRYANT-DENG-LOVE-EMBIID(or joakim) KEEP YOUNG,XAVIER,FARMAR,NASH,PAU then sign blatche,alan anderson or kirilenko or any elite defendef either draft or FA let NASH MENTOR ENNIS has the potential to be ala cp3 in AST-TO RATIO WITH THE 3pt SHOOTING OF STEVE NASH,maybe a jrue holiday type of a defender but thats why we need a defensive anchor in EMBIID OR NOAH and alot of 3D GUYS AA,DANNYGREEN, AND OTHERS…….I SAY GO FOR EMBIID IN THE DRAFT AND LOVE IN FA,….kobe will struggle with a scoring pg like exum, he needs a pg who can rack up the assist at the same time hit open jumpers when kobe or embiid or love or pau is being doubled….look at the indy,spurs,okc,heat double team their superstars and the role players will give you a 3 play zone defense or man to man and their superstars will dominate…..not to forget WE NEED A RIGHT COACH FOR OUR SYSTEM SO PLEASE GREG POPOVICH COME TO LAKERS IM DREAMING….B.SCOTT HEADCOACH AND DFISH ASST COACH THE REALITY

    • VillainKing

      Disagree, the Lakers must not trade the pick we need that and all of your comments will happen only in your dreams..

      • Computer Networking

        The lakers will not keep the pick. Face reality.

        • VillainKing

          No face reality dude Lakers will keep the pick!!again face the reality!!!Lakers will keep the pick!!!heheheh!!!!

          • Computer Networking

            Lol. Obviously you really don’t believe it yourself. It’s the best thing to do. Get free agents between the ages of 22-26 who already have experience in the nba. That’s more of what the lakers are looking for. They will trade the pick.

          • VillainKing

            your the big LOL..Lakers will not trade the pick they will keep it!!!

  • KB24

    Trade the pick and our 2019 pick for embiid and wait for love in FA,if mitch can somehow pull a trade that will bring us glenn robinson3(ariza comparison) and tyler ennis(43percent 3pt shooter with almost 4-1 ast-TO ratio)at the point while nash as his mentor,then sign deng this offseason,try to get blatche and aaron baynes or ayres from spurs on FA, to get GR3(18-22 in the draft)and ENNIS(14-20 in the draft) ENNIS,farmar,nash,BRYANT,young,xavier,DENG,gr3,baze,GASOL,blatche,EMBIID,baynes/kaman/ayres,sacre. Maybe mitch can turn sacre and kelly into glenn robinson 3, and marshall with 2nd rders for t.ennis

  • M T

    If you trade the pick then we stop being LA fans. We can deal with a bad team bcz those are temporary. We CANT deal with dumbass management constantly making dumbass decisions bcz then our bad team will be stay permanently bad. If you trade a TOP half LOTTO pick in one of the BEST drafts ever, then I stop being an LA fan. Again, I wouldn’t be quitting on a bad team, I would be quitting on bad management. On a side note, re-sign Jordan Hill if you want a very solid player.

    • Computer Networking

      Do you reallyI know what you are saying? the Lakers have been doing this forever and they have been successful at doing it. they will trade the 7th pick for sure

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