Lakers Nation Roundtable: Should The Lakers Trade Pau Gasol?

Lakers Nation Roundtable: Should The Lakers Trade Pau Gasol?


pau-gasolSince joining the Lakers in 2008, Pau Gasol has been an integral part of the Los Angeles Lakers. In helping the team win back-to-back championships in 2009 and 2010, Gasol etched himself a spot in Lakers history forever and is likely to have his jersey retired when he decides to hang it up.

Gasol has also been consistently dangled in trade talks for the past three seasons. When the Lakers agreed to trade Gasol for Chris Paul before the 2009 season, most Laker fans were saddened to see him go and when the trade was vetoed by the league, many questioned how Gasol could handle staying with the team.

Since that time, Gasol has been a model citizen, but his play has suffered leading some to believe that the Lakers would be wise to get rid of him. Every year, he was subject to a number of trade rumors and where he might possibly end up.

With the Lakers struggling this season and looking to save money, Gasol is once again the prime asset that could be moved in a Lakers trade. So we asked our experts: Should the Lakers trade Pau Gasol this season?

This is what they had to say:

Ramneet Singh (@Ramneet24): The Los Angeles Lakers have to look towards the future and start making changes to this roster.

Kobe Bryant will only be around for two more seasons and the front office has to put young stars in place to carry the franchise for the future. Clearly Bryant will not be getting dealt and the only real valuable asset the team has is Pau Gasol.

Gasol has seen his name in the rumors for quite some time, but I think it’s time for the Lakers to finally part with the two-time champion. The Spaniard changed the team overnight when he came to Los Angeles, but in order to prepare the team for the future he has to be traded.

There are several names out there, including Kevin Love, that will certainly help the Lakers win once Bryant retires. Although the Wolves will want more than just Gasol in a deal, the seven-footer would certainly be the main player in any sort of trade.

Even though fans would like to have Gasol on the roster for the remainder of the season for sentimental reasons, the front office has to ship the skilled big man out of Los Angeles.

Suki Thind (@TheRealSuki): This has been an ongoing topic all season. As I’ve said before, I’d love for Pau to retire as a Laker, but now it seems as though he may not be in the Lakers’ future plans.

Should they trade him? It’s simple. If the Lakers can take back players they want and feel they can build on, then yes. If not, then just let his contract run out and go from there.

Ryan Ward (@Lakers_Examiner): The Los Angeles Lakers were convinced that trading Pau Gasol for Andrew Bynum in order to save as much as $20 million was the right move and it was. Unfortunately, the Cleveland Cavaliers weren’t willing to part ways with young prospects or the draft picks that the Lakers desired.

With the NBA trade deadline a little more than a month away (Feb. 20), I believe the team needs to continue gauging trade interest around the league in Gasol. Although it may be impossible to snag a big fish like Kevin Love or Rajon Rondo, Gasol is an asset with an expiration date.

It has become clear at this point that the Lakers are willing to let him walk in free agency. Not only is the team ready to move on, but Gasol appears to be as well after dropping the hint that a return to the Memphis Grizzlies might be on the horizon.

The real question is what the Lakers can get for Gasol at this point in time. Gasol’s trade value has plummeted and there’s no telling what they can get, but it’s time for some new blood.
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  • JohnC

    This debate is kind of tiring and disrespectful, no matter we are talking about: a sportsman or any employee of any kind, no matter what your salary and working conditions are. This guy is doing his best when playing after a season full of injuries + surgery + infections and other issues affecting his health in his way to recovering to a 100% performance. He’s a 7-footer and their knees and joints tend to need extra time. And despite his health problems, despite the differences with the coach and the adjustment to this system for sprinters (which is making it hard for ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE in the team – look at their stats – despite all that stuff, Pau Gasol is averaging near 16/10.

    Any ‘serious’, top organisation should have sat down and made a plan to just trade him long time ago and would have avoided this ‘improvisation’ display and this sad spectacle which is screaming nothing but a huge ”the Lakers have no clue about what to do from now on”.

    At the bottom of it, this is a long ‘tv soap’ and the LA Lakers are losing credit with it. Mr. Pau Gasol is behaving like a gentleman and he, and no one else, deserves this treatment. I would not work for a company which treats me like that, No, sir.

    Long time ago, every team realized the Lakers want to sell Pau and no team seems to be willing to pay +/- $10 million if they can get him as a free agent just waiting for a few months.

    So why this circus???? Does anyone in the Lakers have an answer to explain that????

    • Rob

      JohnC, they did have a plan to trade him remember. David Stern busted the most crooked move ever in the NBA and stopped the trade with CP3. That hurt the Lakers in more than one way. It also hurt because Odom got his feelings hurt and demanded to be traded. It is not the fault of the organization that the media reports on every attempted deal and gossip that goes forth. The Lakers have been the best organization in the NBA for many years. Their GM continues to speak highly of Pau through everything and gives him great praise to the media. One thing to note is that this is a business. The Lakers know they want to trade Pau to get under the cap and set the stage for the next three years. They have not been treating him poorly. On a different note, Pau has been saying the right things in the media but you can absolutely tell that he does not put everything into his game every night. I’m not saying there is no injury, I’m simply stating that opening your mouth to the media is not the only way to show distain. He has been a great asset and professional for the Lakers and their fans on many occasions. He has also had some stretches where he has had his struggles. I am grateful for his years and effort here but it is time to move on. Gasol and the Lakers both know and agree with that. We just have to keep fans and the media from screwing it up

      • Dragon7s

        Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • JohnC

        Thanks for the reply. I agree: balancing ‘business’ and ‘sport’ is hard. It is obvious the Lakers need to rebuild the team and with or without Pau is their most legitimate choice. We can accept the media echoes every move, I don’t know how much of it is the Lakers’ strategy to get rid of him. Whatever is going on, the Lakers are not playing wisely if Pau’s going to be sold:

        For anyone playing with these rumors + injuries + surgery + this ‘run like hell’ system + new roster + being pointed to as the only ‘bad’ guy (look at everyone’s numbers) and all that stuff => he’s averaging 16/10 this season.

        But even more: Gasol’s averaging near 20/10 in the last games after leaving behind his respiratory infection and when looks healthier, attacking and defending very well guys like Howard or De Marcus Cousins.

        … and his image can’t be more negative for a player with such contribution AND CONSEQUENTLY his market value is dropping dramatically, such is the consequence of hanging a different ‘For Sale’ board every other day.

        One of two: is it part of the strategy ‘no one will offer much’ we will keep Pau at a very low price when he becomes a free agent?

        Or have the Lakers blown up any possibility of selling Pau now when they have not protected a guy who was recovering from surgery + illness and was going through the adjustments of this system for sprinters?

  • Hector

    I believe Pau Gasol is being utilized incorrectly by Mike D. “Inside – out” has won more championships than any other playing method. This “run and gun” crap needs to stop. Just because the entire NBA plays a certain way, does not mean everyone has to. Phil Jackson proved that to the tune of 11 rings.

    • lakers72

      true inside out has won more championships than any other playing method… unfortuntely for pau though.. his insides gone.. he cant really guard any opponent bigs… and if hes putting all his effort into getting a rebound… it sure looks otherwise..

  • Buddy Love

    yes this team needs to look toward 2014-2015….

  • Buddy Love

    Pau is… not what he was..You can’t use players that play soft..Him and Kaman are soft


    Trade him. It’ll be nice to be below the luxury tax considering the season is lost. Chicago smartened up, are the Lakers smart enough to do the same?

  • brandon

    Oh my god can we just get the hell over this topic…if were gonna trade him do it already it seems that every week I see some new crap like this and its just annoying…his value is down will get nothing in return just let him finish his contract and if he wants to retire a laker give him a low salary and see if he takes it

  • LakersHeatBeef

    No reason to speculate on a old and tired rumor dating back 3 years ago.SMH.

  • Swish Dish Fish

    Why in the hell didn’t the Lakers get assets for Kobe Bryant,Pau Gasol or Dwight Howard?Are the Lakers trying to be a terrible franchise on purpose or are they sick and tired of being a great team they want to see how it is to be a terrible team?What is wrong with the idiots in the Lakers Front Office?

    The Lakers sign Steve Nash to a 3 year deal worth close to $30 million dollars and they got less than 70 sub par games out of him.Wow what about these Pau Gasol rumors they never go away now do they?

    Lakers could have had Blake Griffin and Eric Bledsoe for Dwight Howard in the summer through a sign and trade and the Lakers reportedly rejected it and ended up losing Dwight Howard for nothing in free agency.

    Then Kobe gets a 2 years extension after tearing his Achilles Tendon,now that was stupid as hell they never even watched him play a full game before committing to pay $48.5 million dollars to a old 35 year old coming off the worst injury to the foot imaginable that was a horrid decision and Jim Buss should be forced to sell the team by the minority owners and share holders.Actually Lakers are so much of a mess this is Seattle Supersonics scary they seem on the ropes and they won’t and can’t fight back to get it fixed.It’s a bad time to be a Lakers fan.These are the Lakers dark days with no hope for now.Sad days for LAL.

  • Jet

    Trade Pau for a bag chips.

  • Aloa

    Truly just a bad team and nothing will help just fire everyone and move on.

  • cj

    is pau overpaid? yes. is pau still a really good player? yes. there is really no reason to trade him. resigning him to a deal at 8-12 mill ish for the next two seasons would be smart. he is still a 16 and 10 player thats worth a 2 year 22 mill deal.

    getting deng 10 mill and pau 11 mill to go along with kobe and who ever we draft would be a nice core to a compeating team.

    farmar- 3 mill
    kobe- 23 mill
    deng- 10 mill
    pau- 11 mill
    joel enbiid- 5 mill

    kendal- vets min
    x-henry- vets min
    nick- 3 mill
    hill- mid lvl
    scare- vets min

    kelly- 1 mill
    wes- vets min

    that has a solid team and playoffs all over it.

    • Lakers24

      Remove kelly pau sacre add rondo love and a RELIABLE BACKUP CENTER

      • cj

        scare is a reliable back up center.

        kelly is a good young player.

        were not getting love until at least next season so resigning pau helps. if we trade for love next year pau and his 11 mill deal would be the main player we send to the wolfs in the deal.

      • Joseph Apohen

        Forget Rondo. His Celtics team mates were not too thrilled with him. Get Westbrook arguably the best pg when healthy. We may have to wait. I don’ tink he becomes available until 2015. Save all that money for Love and Westbrook. The Lakers should have a serious conversation with Gasol about maybe taking a big cut and stay with the team.

  • cooldad

    Pau not a future caliber if they are willing to rebuilt a team thats all talking of his injuries and aging it is time for him to go

  • Marty Susman

    Gasol should be traded once and for all OR call him into the front office, sit him down & tell him he is staying till his contract is over….

  • Marty Susman

    Zack Randolph is available to be traded. Gasol is ready to be traded right now. Monroe is ready for the Pistons to trade him. OK, any chance Gasol goes to play with his brother, Zack goes to the Pistons & Monroe goes to the Lakers…. OR, same as above except Zack goes to replace Love who goes to the Lakers. ?????????? Maybe even one more possibility, Zack goes to the Cav’s & Waiters goes to the Lakers. ????

    • cj

      if i was minny i would look into a trade like that. getting monroe for love would be a nice consolation prize.


    People who think Gasol will get 8 to 12 million next year, simply do not have an iota of a clue! …Foolishly blind!

  • Jil

    Lakers just is not the same Lakers before. if the management wants to trade Pau, trade it. I feel bored about this topic.

    Pau may be bored too.

  • cj

    the kobe pau combo still works. there has been nothing around then after their last title together.

    pau is still a 10-12 million dollar starter in the nba.