Lakers Nation Roundtable: Should The Lakers Trade Pau Gasol?

Lakers Nation Roundtable: Should The Lakers Trade Pau Gasol?

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Two days ago it was reported that the Lakers, for the time being, have decided not to trade center Pau Gasol. With Gasol struggling to adapt his game to Coach Mike D’Antoni’s system, and playing some of the worst, and most uninspired basketball of his career, it made since to see what the Lakers could get for the All-Star.

Despite engaging in talks with a couple of teams, the Lakers decided to stick with their roster. But now with the recent news of Kobe Bryant’s injury, the Lakers may be in need of a trade to bring in some new pieces to make up for the lack of guards and playmakers on the team. So we at Lakers Nation ask the question: Should the Lakers trade Pau Gasol?

Ramneet Singh (@Ramneet_Singh24): Although the Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly no longer shopping Pau Gasol, that does not mean the front office will not have a change of heart come February. It seems like every season during the trade deadline there are rumors saying Gasol will be shipped out of Los Angeles. Even though Gasol has been with the Lakers since 2008, his tenure with the team may end before his contract expires.

The Lakers are gearing up for a big offseason with a loaded free agency class and are looking to build for the future. With Kobe Bryant already in the books for the next two seasons, the Lakers will lose a lot of cap space if they re-sign Gasol over the summer.

With that in mind, I do see the Lakers getting rid of Gasol for either young assets or players with a year left on their current deals. The Lakers are not planning on tanking for a high draft pick, but if they can assure future success by trading Gasol, they should certainly pull the trigger. The New York Knicks have been ready to trade Iman Shumpert for quite some time and he is certainly a young, explosive guard who the Lakers can develop in the coming years.

Suki Thind (@TheRealSuki): Let me start off by saying that I would love to see Pau Gasol end his career as a Laker. However, there are numerous variables which could get in the way of that.

Can he still be the same player he once was? Will he take less money to stay with the Lakers over the offseason? Can he coexist with Mike D’Antoni and his system any longer?

For right now, even though management supposedly took him off the trading block, I think the team should always explore their options with any player. However, they shouldn’t be looking to desperately trade Pau, either. Being in the final year of his contact, other teams may be more enticed to take Pau than they were in previous seasons, but will likely only do so if the Lakers take back a couple of multi-year deals.

I’m sure Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss would only make such a deal if they truly see talent out there that they can foresee being part of the Lakers’ future for years to come.

Personally, I don’t anticipate Gasol being traded. I think management will let his contract run out, and try to do most of their work in the offseason. You never know, though, as Mitch has waved his magic wand over the league a few times before.

Ryan Ward (@Lakers_Examiner): The Pau Gasol trade rumors have become a common occurrence for the Los Angeles Lakers as the team has seemingly been looking to trade the veteran for the right package for the past few years. Although Gasol may ultimately not be moved before the trade deadline on Feb. 20, it’s safe to say the rumors will continue for the next two months if the Lakers continue to struggle.

The problem with trading Gasol is getting the right piece or pieces in return. Right now, it doesn’t appear that the Lakers will be able to move him for equal value and may not even want to make a trade. The New York Knicks have emerged as a potential trade partner, but taking on Tyson Chandler and his contract might not change much aside from the front court being upgraded defensively.

At this point in time, unless a better trade scenario emerges, keeping Gasol might be the best move for this team.

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  • Bart Is Smart

    Yes it’s time to trade Pau Gasol for future assets.My proposals they worked on the NBA Trade Macohine i already tested them out.Thank you folks.

    Lakers Trade Pau Gasol To Memphis
    Grizzlies Trade Zach Randolph To Lakers

    Lakers Trade Pau Gasol To 76’ERS
    76’ERS Trade Thaddeus Young And Evan Turner To Lakers

    Lakers Trade Pau Gasol To Bucks
    Bucks Trade 2014 Unprotected Draft Pick Caron Butler,ZAZA,Ekpe Udoh

    Lakers Trade Pau Gasol To Celtics
    Celtics Trade Rajon Rondo And Gerald Wallace To Lakers

    Lakers Trade Pau Gasol To Nuggets
    Nuggets Trade JaVale McGee And Gallinari

    Lakers Trade Pau Gasol,Steve Blake,Shawne Williams To Bulls
    Bulls Trade Luol Deng And Taj Gibson To Lakers

    Lakers Trade Pau Gasol To Timberwolves
    Timberwolves Trade Kevin Love And J.J. Barea To Lakers

    Lakers Trade Pau Gasol To Knicks
    Knicks Trade Tyson Chandler And Iman Shumpert To Lakers

    Lakers Trade Pau Gasol To Rockets
    Rockets Trade Omer Asik And Jeremy Lin To Lakers

    Lakers Trade Pau Gasol To Cavaliers
    Cavaliers Trade Anderson Varejao,Tristan Thompson,Dion Waiters To Lakers

    Lakers Trade Pau Gasol To Raptors
    Raptors Trade Demar DeRozan And Kyle Lowry To Lakers

    Every trade has meaning and was given thought and worked out to help both teams.Memphis trade for obvious reasons his brother Marc is there and Pau used to play there.76’ERS trade because they just had a trade demand from Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner is not in their future plans,also Pau is a expiring contract it clears up their cap space while ridding players unwanted.

    And many other trades had factors that were played out and thought of making sense for different reasons each time.Bottom line is it’s time to trade Pau Gasol.Time to just REBUILD for the future.

    • Jose

      All of the trades may work numbers wise but honestly you tell me that someone would trade Love, Deng, Thompson or any young up and comer that is performing at a high level for Gasol at this stage of his career? Come on get real. I love the Lakers as much as anyone on this site but I am realistic about what they can get for Pau. A pick or two along with a mid tier player and that will only come from a contending team, it’s not going to come from a team that is rebuilding too because they want draft picks they would not want to give them away unless they landed someone like Kobe or Lebron. The Lakers would be better off to keep him and trying and go after free agents during the off season. Although there are no must have players in free agency this year they may have to do what they did this year fill the roster with one year deals and save the money for Love . Another deal could be go after Monroe this off season and Love the next and that would solidify the front court and with all the young wings they currently have they can really make some noise in Kobe’s Last year possibly get that sixth.
      We all know that the road was hard before but now it will get worse because the kids that were playing hard on the Lakers are now out of rhythm and its going to take a while for the chemistry to get back to right before Kobe came back. So I just hope they play hard and try and work for that long term deal that I believe a couple of them deserve.

    • Paytc

      Rondo and Wallace would be nice. Or getting a beast of dominance that Zack Randolph would provide consistently would be nice as well.

      But keeping or trading Gasol is on the FO not the fans.

      Go Gasol ! Go Lakers !

  • meep

    pau traded or not i just want the rumors to stop they are getting annoying. at this point i say keep him and let get his replacement in the off season

  • Jim213

    IMO, Pau has another chance to turn things around. For the team to have some sort of success with their remaining schedule Pau will have to produce more on the inside. Either things improve or remain stagnant. Time to turn the game mode switch on Pau.

    If Pau is struggling he shouldn’t force the issue and play more of an inside out game IMO while being more selective with his shots plus show more on the defensive end which is the issue many seem to have IMO.

    • Joseph Apohen

      It seems Pau brought his defense up a notch getting more rebound and blocking shots. It does not look like he’s allowed himself to be pushed around lately. His offense has also returned. Generally speaking he is playing well lately. Perhaps this is due to MD giving him positive comments

      • Jim213

        Pau played a good game if not his best of the season thus far. Although TO’s and stripped balls killed momentum, however, he knows what he needs to improve on but came though in the end.

  • KSFantastic

    I’d call the Bobcats. They need a reliable post scorer and shooting for the playoffs snd they have the expiring contracts, young pieces and picks Mitch and Jim covet. Pau and Meeks for Gordon, Sessions, Biyombo and a 1st would benefit both teams. Also, Clifford is their coach and he’s obviously familiar with Pau’s game.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Those guys are not an upgrade for Pau and Meeks.

  • Marty Susman

    If they can’t get draft picks for him then just let him sit on the bench till he leaves…He needs to go for picks and expiring contracts this year like his. Maybe his brother and Pau can be together or maybe Pau and Rubio…As long as we get picks this year and next….

    • Joseph Apohen

      Going for picks in exchange for a seasoned player means the team has to wait a little longer until the picks are developed to contend for championship. That;s only good if the team can afford for him to develop to help. I think it is best to trade for a veteran between 25 and 30 years of age. If Pau can continue his play of late and accept a substantial cut in pay, I’/d rather have him than the picks.

  • Rip

    Trade him for picks or whatever. The Lakers went 10-9 without Kobe primarily because of the young guys running D’Antonis offense. Pau was half assing it and his body language was like he didnt’ care (and it showed given how putrid he was not just offensively, but defensively allowing career journeymen bigs to drop career highs on him).

    • Joseph Apohen

      What do you think of Pau’s performance lately? Maybe all those negative comments brought the positives in him.

  • GM Jack

    This is business. If the deal is feasible, then sure. But, to trade just to trade is not acceptable.

  • Alesia Pappas-Yglesias

    What the Lakers need is a new coach. D’Antoni is to blame for how the Lakers are doing. The coach should be able to work with the team. This coach clearly doesn’t have what it takes. If the Lakers organization is looking to get rid of someone, my pick is D’Antoni.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Sorry, Alesia but what games have you been watching. MDA is doing a great job for the hand he’s dealt. The team has a basically .500 record which I think is very surprising. The team is playing well, has great chemistry, and are fun to watch. This is because of MDA. Tell me what coach available could have done better?

  • Aaron

    Trade him. Go younger.

  • Barbara Schweke

    How much do you think the fans can take about this bullshit Pao trade? Enough already.

  • Harry Palma

    Like it or notwe are better without Kobe,cut the cancer NOW!

    • Paytc

      Another “great player hater” alert ! Obviously anyone who would think the Lakers are better without Kobe than with him either don’t know much about championship basketball or are Kobe haters.

      I bet if we ask anyone in your family or a close friend or associate they would confirm you don’t like Kobe, and most likely hate him.

      Obviously you can not be a Laker fan and have this type of lack of respect for Kobe after all he has done for the Lakers,Nike,the NBA,U.S.Olympics,and basketball world-wide.

      Just tell me how many playoff contenders fear a Kobe-less Laker team?
      Enough said ! You can hate greatness and the lack of talent you have within, but you can’t stop it. Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

  • Marty Susman

    The Lakers have a history of “OLD” players..Every time they try it, it didn’t work…Malone, Peyton, Nash & yes Kobe. (Gasol if he signs for vets min.) The bottom line is simple, there is ZERO players available this coming year in free agency, the SUPER STUDS will not be available until the following year… The Lakers should try & get Greg Monroe this year (2014) & play the kids who were drafted high & flopped, they might end up with a few Young’s. I saw Marshall last night & he is quick as a flash & if he can settle down he might, just might be a real star some day…We have a suoer first round pick this coming draft, if we can dump all our players who are over 25 now for more picks, we can have a super young, super fast, super good future ring winners….