Lakers Nation Roundtable: Reaction To Carmelo Anthony Staying In NY

Lakers Nation Roundtable: Reaction To Carmelo Anthony Staying In NY


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The Los Angeles Lakers were serious contenders for the services of Carmelo Anthony this off-season. Unfortunately, despite their great pitch, Anthony decided to remain with the New York Knicks.

Anthony represented the Lakers’ best chance at bringing in a new superstar this summer, but now that opportunity is gone and the Lakers must move on.

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The team already began its ‘Plan B,’ trading for point guard Jeremy Lin as well as a first-round pick from the Houston Rockets. They also re-signed Nick Young to a four-year deal, and Jordan Hill to a two-year contract.

With only 10 players on the roster, the Lakers still have a few moves to make, and are still without a coach, but things are beginning to take shape now that Anthony has made his decision.

So we asked our experts to give their thoughts and reactions on the Carmelo Anthony decision, and what the Lakers need to do next. This is what they had to say:

Ryan Ward (@Lakers_Examiner): The Melo drama is finally over. The Los Angeles Lakers received considerable interest from Carmelo Anthony, but ultimately, the New York Knicks could pay more while also providing the security of Phil Jackson calling the shots.

Even if the Lakers were able to land Carmelo in free agency, there’s no guarantee it would’ve been a game-changer for Los Angeles. Obviously, Carmelo and Kobe Bryant would have been a formidable combination, but it may not have been enough to propel the Lakers to title contending status regardless.

Unfortunately, without Carmelo in the fold in Los Angeles, the Lakers have to resort to Plan B. Although Kobe appeared confident about the team’s options if Carmelo passed, it seems as though the roster will likely look a lot like it did last season.

Nick Young and Jordan Hill are already committed to return with players from last year’s roster potentially also re-signing in the coming days. Jeremy Lin will also be in Los Angeles next season after being traded to the Lakers from the Houston Rockets.

Although the team will be better if Kobe is back to form, it could be more of the same for the Lakers next season. The team still needs to fill out the roster and more moves could be made, but expect another season of disappointment in Los Angeles.

Corey Hansford (@TheeCoreyH): I originally believed the Lakers had little shot of getting Carmelo Anthony. They proved me wrong in making a strong play, but ultimately it didn’t matter.

Anthony is still in New York, but the Lakers have shown the threat they can be and have also made some good moves in the immediate aftermath.

The trade for Jeremy Lin upgraded the point guard position, and the Lakers got a first-round pick, a huge deal considering the Lakers had no draft pick in the 2015 draft.

Nick Young was retained in a relatively sensible deal. And Jordan Hill, while slightly overpaid, also has a team-option so the Lakers can get out of the deal next summer if they want to.

The Lakers still have a couple of moves to make. Xavier Henry could be brought back for cheap, and the Lakers sorely need another big man who can be a rim protector.

Ultimately, the Lakers were unable to do what they wanted to do this summer, but the team is still improved over last year’s edition and they aren’t finished just yet.

Russell Valenzuela (@RussVal4): In the wake of Carmelo Anthony staying with New York, the Lakers were forced to move on to their alleged Plan B. Overall, I feel the front office has done an okay job with what they have done.

Since not having Anthony pretty much meant Pau Gasol was unlikely to return to the Lakers, the team unfortunately seems headed towards taking another step back this upcoming season.

The move to land Jeremy Lin was a good one in my eyes. The Lakers needed an upgrade at point guard and were able to get a decent floor general while giving up nothing. With only one year left on Lin’s contract, the cap situation is still friendly in upcoming off-seasons.

I also like the move to bring Nick Young back especially at the price for which the Lakers were able to get him for. In a free agency where a lot of players are getting overpaid, getting Young relatively cheap is plus.

As for the Jordan Hill move, I felt offering him $9 million was pretty steep. The Lakers did need some size, and Hill’s motor is undeniable. Still, the move makes it harder for the team to fill out the rest of the lineup.

There is still a need for some wing players, especially someone that can defend. The Lakers have about $4 million plus their $2.7 midlevel to work with which should be used to get another small forward to keep Young as the sixth man.

In addition, they also need to find a big man that can protect the rim. Between Hill, Robert Sacre, and Julius Randle, the interior defense can still be improved.
Melo and Gasol Pass On Lakers

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  • sena

    he won’t win a ring.hahahahahahaha

    • Sarunas

      According to the source, the remaining serious suitors for Stephenson are expected to be Charlotte, Dallas—if and when the Rockets match the Mavs’ offer sheet for Chandler Parsons—and Indiana. Several teams mentioned in connection with Stephenson, including Boston, Chicago and the Lakers, have not been serious in their pursuit, the source said, while others could register late interest.

      PER Sporting News

    • Sarunas

      Mike Bresnahan ✔ @Mike_BresnahanFollow
      I’m told the Lakers keep Nash for now. They have until September to decide whether to waive him and stretch his $9.7-mill salary over 3 yrs
      3:48 PM – 11 Jul 2014

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    • Sarunas

      Nash is staying.

    • Class Act

      It’s Jim Buss that’s the reason nobody good wants to play for the Lakers.Did you watch the summer league game man Jim Buss was dressed like white trash and his arm tattoo was showing and he was wearing a ball cap with a ugly mullet hanging out and he has a trashy looking goatee yuck.Jim Buss needs to be classy and yea dress classy before anyone will want to play for his team.Players want to play for a classy owner that dresses classy.

      At least Donald Sterling dressed good.Jim needs to ditch the ball cap and cut off the ugly mullet and dress in a suit and tie.Be professional that’s always must start at the top of any successful business.Get Classy.

  • JohnSmith00

    The Lakers may not contend for a title anytime soon, but neither will he. The biggest loser in all of this is Kobe but truly he has no one but himself to blame that. I for one will never understand why someone like him who has a net worth valued at a quarter of a billion dollars, and endorsements up the wazoo. Would need such a bloated contract especially after having witness how the season played out, and knowing that cap space in the current CBA is incredibly valuable. Oh well I guess if there is one thing we all at least look forward is Randle, it’s going to be exciting to see how the kid turns out.

    • daniel

      that is Ego my friend, Kobe things we can win all situations, and only thinks about himself, always been the case. Remember when he said Shaq or me? he could have won 2-3 more champions with Shaq, but he wanted to be the sole star of the team, pure Ego.


        People tend to not realize that Kobe did not ask for the amount he is getting, the FO offered it to him and he just looked at it and said sure and thanks. Anybody would do the exact same thing. I don’t think he was gonna say…. “oh noooo, this is way too much for me.”
        Kobe deserves every penny he gets, thats a fact. The problem is that maybe FO overdid it a little bit and didn’t leave enough room for the rest of the lineup. They could make up for it by dipping deeper to fill out a more contending team and paying some luxury tax to do it. I don’t see Kobe giving some of his back to do that and he should not have to, nor should he be scorned for simply taking what they willingly offered to him. And lastly, without that Ego he would not be as great as he is. Ya gotta believe in yourself to reach the level that he has reached. Kobe’s beef with Shaq was because Shaq was lazy and didn’t put the amount of work into his game to play at his highest level, the exact opposite of Kobe who works harder at being his best than probably just about anybody in the game today or ever. That’s a PRO. And somebody like that, especially with his skill set, is very rare and deserves our respect and appreciation for what he gives to the team year in and year out.

        • Spade

          I agree with everything you said, but at the same time Kobe is no fool. He knew with the new CBA his contract would cripple the team. It was unrealistic of him to take a third of the salary for himself and then turn around a demand a contender be built around him. He knew in all likelihood that wasn’t going to happen. On top of that no star in this league wants to play with Kobe. Dwight ran as soon as he could, LeBron never considered it, and even his best friend Melo said no thanks. And then Pau took less to abandon Kobe on the sinking ship. In Kobe’s little world it’s his way or no way. He thought he could be the highest paid player in the league and still win rings. He was gravely mistaken. Now he’ll ride out the rest of his career on lottery teams. He can’t complain because he did it to himself.

          • LakersOverEverything

            Why are you on laker nation hating on Kobe, and don’t say you’re not because this article doesn’t have a damn thing to do with Kobe. To say no one wants to play with him is purely idiotic.

          • Spade

            I was simply replying to someone’s thoughts. And how is anything I said “hating” on Kobe? I swear you kids think everything is “hating”. If I hated Kobe I would have said I did or called him out of his name. I did neither so please shut the fuck up.
            “To say no one wants to play with him is purely idiotic.”
            Looking at the roster and how many star players declined to play with him is all the proof needed. Having a difference of opinion doesn’t make me a “hater”. So I say again; shut the fuck up.

          • realtysux

            Haha that was not hating, thats the truth. Kobe better never, not once complain about how the team has to improve. I.dont blame him for taking what tommyboy offered but to then complain after the fact would seriously make him look delusional and downright mentally ill and unable to understand reality. This team will be trash until kobes contract is up. And thats only if tommyboy doesnt make any more bone headed moves with the cap

          • Koberelic

            Ssssss.. too much hate in ya.

          • Bk

            Since Leborn didn’t go to Chicago, Dallas, and left the Heat it means he didn’t want to play with Rose, Dirk, and Wade. Your logic also says Melo dislikes Rose, Kobe, Dirk and it further proves they are also disliked.

          • comrade24

            no matter what the article is about there’s always someone willing to sit and bitch about Kobe’s contract. Get over it i say. I don’t think it was the best idea but GOD DAMN i’m tired of hearing about it

          • big J

            Carmelo isnt going to win any ring’s anytime soon because he chose to do the exact thing Kobe did and that was take the money so dont say only Kobe did that crap. Kobe deserves every penny he got

      • Shaun

        Kobe is not in charge of payroll, can’t blame the players for taking money thrown at them. Now if an organization came up to a player and wanted to renegotiate a fair deal to benefit the franchise and the player made a fuss about it, you still couldn’t blame the player for simply wanting to fulfill the deal of the existing contract. But then you could at least complain about a player not being flexible for the franchise, but only then

      • DKWTTY

        That’s actually not what happened. Didn’t the Lakers ship Shaq out because he wanted too much money, was older and fat.

    • DKWTTY

      Because as all the Lakers haters have been telling us for years-Kobe is selfish and has an out of control ego.


        you not making the playoffs. how’s that? lol

        • DKWTTY

          Your mother must be proud that you troll Lakers fan sites. Your life sucks and the Clippers are NEVER winning a title, how’s that? The Lakers d-league team blew your fag team out on opening night, how’s that? Kill yourself.

    • helix

      The lakers will never be good until Kobe Bryant leaves. At this point in his career he is a cancer for this team. He is too old and too injury prone, and too much of a ball hog..

      • VillainKing™

        Kobe can still be a leader of the team and he is the greatest player in the Lakers history in my own opinion..I hope the FO have a plan so Kobe will win his 6th ring!!

        • helix

          Kobe has never once been the leader of the team. If you mean leader by best player than you are right, but he has never lead the team in the way you mean it. The leader has always been veterans that surrounded him, aka pau gasol and derek fisher. He’s always gotten in arguments with other star players around him because of his ego(shaq and dwight). If you think kobe is a locker room leader you are wrong.

          • VillainKing™

            Yes Kobe his the leader of the team and also the best player of the team..he is not only a locker room leader also during in the game his the Lakers leader!!

      • Robert J. Carmack

        why are you haters laying the problem for the Lakers at the feet of Kobe… Jim Buss & Mitch F ‘d u the team two years ago. as far I ‘m concerned , The Howard project was on Howard not being up to the task, whine too music .. like much of the haters on this page .. a many things go into making a champion not just Players…

    • joe

      Pay him to keep him..other wise he also go for contender and laker image then is gone

  • daniel

    Glad he did not come to La. He is 30 years old, with an attitude problem, (plays when he wants), we would have given a max, tighting up money we could use in better prospects.

  • kliff richard

    #FutureLakers i want to sign Bledsoe, Eric and lance stephenson come to LA Lakers future and re-sign wes johnson and waive nash


    So if I read this correctly, we only have 4 million plus the 2.7 mid level? And we need 5 more players with that? Does that include Randle? How can this be done and have us get anybody of any real value? Things are bleeker than I thought if this is true. For some reason, what i don’t know, but for some reason I thought we still had enough room to go for at least one more meaningful player and some good subs. Geeze, it’s like going into a candy store when you really want a huge box of chocolates and all you can afford are a few suckers…. bummer.

    • LakersOverEverything

      Well, they could use that, along with stretching Nash, to at least get lance or deng before filling out the rest of the roster with min contracts.

      Starting 5 of Lin, Stephenson, Kobe, randle, Hill is solid. Gotta remember Kobe is still a better scorer than anyone not named durant, and that arguable because durant doesn’t have a complete set of moves. NO post game at all. Remember before the injury, (and Dwight starting crying over touches) Kobe was leading the league in scoring that year with like 30/game

      Bench – clarkson, swagger, Xavier Henry, Kelly, sacre

      • Mark Rigney

        Kobe is the 2nd best scorer in the league. Have you looked at a calendar recently? It’s 2014. Kobe is older, coming off a devastating injury and we haven’t seen him compete in a year. And he’s the 2nd best scorer in the NBA? Silly

        • LakersOverEverything

          Name better scorers. Give me someone not named durant or melo, that has an offensive repertoire as complete as Kobe’s. I’ll wait.

          • Mark Rigney

            Let’s see LeBron, Harden, Westbook, Curry, Griffin… Kevin Love is pumping in over 26 a game. Kobe’s going to come back after a year off and that injury and do that? You sure? And don’t look now but Anthony Davis is coming fast. The point isn’t that they have more complete offensive games than Kobe in his prime, I’m talking about the Kobe that comes back at 36 years old off of a devastating injury.

          • Derek G

            Tell them do at his age. When he was there age what was he doing? Oh ship ship ship !

          • Mark Rigney

            Who cares what they do at his age? No one is saying they will have better careers than Kobe. The question is who’s the better player on the court next season. And as great as Kobe’s been – it’s a young man’s game.

          • helix

            At this point in Kobe’s career with his age and injuries, calling him the second best scorer in the nba is idiotic. Monta ellis, damian lilard, and even kyrie irving are now better scorers than he is.

      • DKWTTY

        Lance is not coming. They don’t have the money for him and Deng just went to Miami. Try Wes Johnson instead.

    • DKWTTY

      We are going to have the d-league all stars next season, again. 40 point blowouts are so fun.

    • Kïd Špłãšh

      also I think an extra 6mil if we stretch Nash.

    • comrade24

      there is some tweaking they can do as far as when they sign people. i don’t understand all the detailed mechanics of it but it has to do with cap holds and when you can resign players etc.. They have more flexibility and ability to manipulate the cap based on when they sign players. They’ll work something out but they seriously need to stretch nash and bring in a decent wing player.

      • Mark Rigney

        You can’t bring in a decent wing just b/c you want one… Look around – they’re gone.

  • John

    Sign Kevin Murphy off the Summer League team to play Small Forward.Carmelo Anthony is not anything give me Michael Beasley for the mid level exception over overrated Carmelo Anthony at least Michael Beasley is younger and more eager to win and contribute than the loser Carmelo.

    • Mark Rigney

      I’m not a Carmelo fan and he wasn’t my choice for LA – but to compare Beasley to Carmelo is ridiculous.

    • Koberelic

      Beasley = Swaggy on the other side of the floor.

  • Gabe

    Lakers were going to be a lottery team with or without Carmelo.So now instead of winning 35 games with Carmelo they will win 22 games without Carmelo.Lakers are terrible the ownership must sell before fan pressure gets overwhelming.Bad FO!

  • henry martinez

    Pau Gasol is no longer an asset for the Lakers. Mitch should look for another big man to protect the basket and get the rebounds.

    • Mark Rigney

      That’s the thing about quality big men – they are few and far between and the people who are lucky enough to have one don’t let them become free agents.

  • Mark Rigney

    The roster is improved from last year????

    • comrade24

      of course it is. all reports say Kobe is 100%, even if he’s not quite the same guy he’s not immediately coming off an achilles injury. We have Julius Randle. We have Jeremy Lin. All upgrades from previous roster, plus we won’t have Dumbtoni coaching.

      • Mark Rigney

        Yeah the reports are good – but remember the reports were good last season too. How’d that work out. I’m not saying he won’t be back at a high level but lets see something first. And he’s getting older before the injury… Randle should be a good player but he’s a rookie. How effective will Lin be with Kobe holding the ball 90% of the time? And we just lost a future HOF’er. And our only PG with any quickness on d. Not to say D’Antoni is great but he had a D League roster to work with. Byron Scott or whoever comes in will quickly find out that doesn’t cut it in the NBA West.

        • comrade24

          I’m not saying we’re going to contend for a championship, but at the very least we should have a more entertaining team to watch this season. I’m dissapointed with our offseason moves thus far as well. About the best we can hope for is a more entertaining team that won’t get beat by 40 points by our redheaded little brother, and with a lot of luck, a lot of chemistry could maybe slide into the 8th spot in the playoffs. It’s a rebuild. we went through one in the 90’s after Magic retired. It was awful, it was torturous, but we got through it. Lakers will get back to relevance, it will just take some patience and unfortunately for Kobe (unless he re-signs at lower rate) he won’t have a chance at #6

        • Guest

          From where did you get the stat that Bryant holds the ball 90 percent of the time? He didn’t even do that when he was younger.

          Lately, he’s been dishing out more assists.

  • Pedro13

    Wasted to much time going after melo. I wanted Stephenson and Hibbert from the pacers but I cant
    see that happening now.

  • Joe

    It’s too late now but Pao should have been traded last year. Jim Buss should never paid Kobe this huge contract. Lottery time for the Lake show while across the hallway a playoff contender sits and smiles as the Laker Lean years continue!!!

  • TMAK

    caron butler and any other familiar name so laker fans can wear their old jerseys to the games

    • Koberelic

      Would stop mentioning Caron Butler?

  • Kobe Bean Mean

    Well their some smart Lakers fans and then their are naive gullible Lakers fans that drink the Mitch cool aid.Mitch and the LA media acted as if LeBron+Carmelo were going to become Lakers to aid Kobe to ring #6 and beyond.We all know the Lakers current situation is dog crap but their are certain delusional fans that won’t just accept reality.

    The reality is we went from practically being led on LeBron+Carmelo pipe dream into the reality we get to lose all our key players from last season like Pau Gasol+Jodie Meeks+Kent Bazemore+Jordan Farmar+Chris Kaman all gone and in return we get a overrated Jeremy Lin+Nick Young+Jordan Hill and we still have the crippled Steve Nash and the injured aging Kobe Bryant eating up cap space.Not a good look for the Lakers.The Lakers fans must become much more critical of Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak since something is rotten with the FO.

    In fact Chris Broussard was just on ESPN saying the Lakers were the biggest losers in free agency and i agree with him.And also other ESPN reporters were saying the Lakers messed up bad and are in huge trouble.

    The Lakers need to stop pitching to superstars and start keeping it real with superstars just talk normal to them and stop acting fake.It’s no longer cool and style to say we are the Lakers and we used to win championships that’s retarded pitching that it’s better to have a solid foundation and give the free agent basketball reasons to join the team not geographical reasons like oh we have great weather and beaches and Hollywood connections and television exposure plus acting opportunities and the Time Warner Cable channel plus we have legacy of champions.Superstar players that laugh the Lakers off they are a joke pitching that with a cheesy DVD and some other stupid stuff they pitch.It’s a long road ahead buckle up fans.

    • DKWTTY

      lol one of the delusional ones told me Mitch flew to meet with Lebron so that must mean something. I said Mitch could fly to the moon that don’t mean shit. He was dumb to waste his time flying to pitch to Lebron. Lebron even said in his narcissistic return to Cleveland letter he only ever considered going back to the Cavs. He wasted a lot of peoples time. Some of them truly thought we’d get Lebron and Melo on the same team WITH Kobe. These are the fans who gives all Lakers fans a bad rep.

    • Mark Rigney

      I think just the opposite. Mitch and Buss knew the next 2 years were going to hard (i.e. No LeBron – would’ve been hard even with Melo). That’s why the Kobe contract was smart – they paid him enough that he’s stuck on a garbage team for 2 years. Now the Staples Ctr will still be relatively full with people paying to watch Kobe chuck it up instead of him leaving to try to pull a LeBron and sign on with a team that gives him a chance to get a 6th ring.


    This here is called “The Phil Effect”. Had Jim Buss not been a jealous little bitch we could have had Phil back as a coach, kept Dwight, maybe won a title or at least attracted more free agents. If Phil gets Marc Gasol or Kevin Love others will follow. All we’ll have is Kobe then nothing. Players go to teams already established now. The whole world knows the Lakers are crumbling and now incompetent thanks to Jim Buss. There is no longer an attraction to play for the Lakers.

    • Race Hinnen

      @DKWTTY, Sad..and yet So very true; Sell the team to Magic. Jimmy Buss, You can’t even stand in the shadow of your father as a NBA Owner; Step down and sell the team to Magic.

      • DKWTTY

        It’s beyond sad, it’s frustrating. Think about it…this is ALL the trickle down effect of JIM BUSS having a personal vendetta towards Phil Jackson. A personal fucking vendetta(does anyone even know WHY Jim Buss hates Phil?).

        It all started from them not hiring him. They won’t sell to Magic because even though Dr. Buss considered him a “son” they didn’t really want Magic to have a piece of the pie as owner. He had a percentage of the Lakers before but I think he wanted more and to have a say in decisions and since it’s a “family business” I guess they didn’t let him.

        • comrade24

          There was one incident where Phil left Jim at the hotel because he late to get on the bus. Phil should have known that Jim only rides the short bus.

          • DKWTTY

            LMAO!! That is classic.

  • Kïd Špłãšh

    When Marc Gasol elbowed Pau in the face.

  • Perry

    Not getting Carmelo Anthony was tough.But not even trying to get Lance Stephenson is where the Lakers FO got it wrong and that’s why fans are roasting the Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak and Owner Jimbo Buss it’s because they didn’t even try in free agency they never stretched Nash or traded him.They never offered Lance Stephenson a contract.The Lakers are going to suck they can’t play defense and they won’t get many wins.Hiring Lance Stephenson would take care of 3 things the defense we could have used him as a MWP type but more versatile he would lockdown Chris Paul,Durant,Westbrook,LeBron,Harden,Lillard,Tony Parker.Yeah he is that good on defense the best the league has seen since Bruce Bowen or young Ron Artest.Lakers can still get Lance Stephenson if they trade Nash+Lin plus picks as a salary dump to clear money for Lance.Or a sign and trade with the Indiana squad.It’s a lateral move for the struggling Lakers to get Lance.FO sucks.

  • Chris Shields

    Actually I’m kind of relieved that Melo decided to stay with the Knicks. At some point teams just need to start from scratch, build through the draft, and produce your OWN superstars instead of trying to sign everybody else’s.

    • comrade24

      I do wish he would have went to Chicago though. The east needs more contenders. NY is not going to be. Would be nice to have Chicago, Miami (still with bosh wade role players will be good), Indiana, and Cleveland all in the mix.

  • lakers4life

    Wend kobe was wining championship no one gave a crap about the money N i know he wasent in the contract he is nowbut will we care if he will be winning championship right nowdon’t blame him because we can make contract workwhen I say we I mean front office

  • mattyb

    The lakers will never be good until Kobe Bryant leaves. At this point in his career he is a cancer for this team. He is too old and too injury prone, and too much of a ball hog.

  • Plan Z

    The Lakers will never be good again until Kobe retires or goes to play for Phil in NY with his Best Friend Carmelo Anthony.This ship has sunk to the bottom and the Lakers need to rise back up without 35 year old Kobe Bryant this must be a full rebuild for the Lakers not for appeasing Kobe it’s always about the Lakers not Kobe.This is a must trade Kobe just like Celtics did with Paul Pierce.We need draft picks and young assets it’s a full out rebuild.Trade Nash with Kobe.IT’S OVER.KOBE ERA HAS ENDED.Love Kobe but it’s over.LAL management is trash.

  • Sam

    “I was laying myself on the line by saying, if this doesn’t work in three to four years, if we’re not back on the top — and the definition of top means contending for the Western Conference, contending for a championship — then I will step down because that means I have failed,”

    Please Jim Buss follow these words and really do step away.Or Prove us wrong.

    • magikwyrkz4u

      He has used up one year already…2 or 3 years to go…sayonara…

  • Ben

    If the Lakers sign Lance Stephenson by trading Steve Nash or waiving him the Lakers will improve their win total by 12 wins just by adding budding superstar Lance Stephenson.The Lakers are projected to get 31 to 35 wins as it stands now add Lance Stephenson and that total goes up to 43 to 47 wins that’s a big difference in wins and losses plus it does boost the morale and culture of the Lakers team and the fan base will have something to be excited about.Get him!

  • Gerald

    Lakers got destroyed against the Pelicans in Summer League Action today.Boo!

  • Mark Zarina Samonte

    no comment! I don’t know him either!

  • Mark Zarina Samonte

    Lakers forever!

  • Nalin Shukla

    We have a lottery team with no picks.

  • Chris Shields

    People need to understand…Los Angeles is no longer a ‘preferred’ destination for players, unless it’s with the Clippers!!! It will continue to be a ‘tough sell’ in the future for prospective free agents even after Kobe Bryant is long gone!!!

  • Richard

    The bottom line is the Lakers still have some options. They can still get some promising and effective impact talents at the unfilled positions (like Jeremy Lin). Provided they don’t mess up their salary cap and options going into the free agents markets of 2015 and 2016. That’s when the big names become available. The players they get now will be playing for a chance to be on a Laker team with some of those big names who may be on the Lakers roster then.

  • Richard

    What players do Laker fans think the Lakers will or should get to fill out their roster? Can or will they add the kind of players that will get them into next season’s playoffs and make them competitive in the playoffs?

    • Mike Brown

      think they should bring henry and r. kelly back. evan turner would be a good fit if we could get him, maybe a earl clark if we dont want kelly. We need some front court depth maybe ed davis or andray blatche, or bynum(if we want to get crazy)

      Andray Blatche
      Andray Blatche
      Andray Blatche

  • Ron

    This FO is pathetic the hell with them they are just lame.Mitch is dumb and inept.

  • Erick L. Jackson

    Nobody wants to assist Kobe in getting his 6th ring… Sorry Kobe… It just isnt in the cards.

  • Jordan Clarkson The Futurre

    Jeremy Lin sucks.If he was decent then why did Houston trade him with a first round pick and a second round pick to salary dump him on top of the Lakers pile of trash?

  • Jordan Clarkson The Futurre

    The Lakers must try to trade Jeremy Lin he is overpaid and he sucks.TRADE LIN!

  • Brandon Leong

    i’ve said it before, we’re better off without him..we need a winner in LA

  • Edy

    If last yr was tuff to watch i can only imagine this yr. its been back to back failure for this team where can i even start but to me the biggest down fall of them all was not hiring phil from the get go and i can say jim is paying every single second that passes by . Regardless whos are next coach theres no way that he can improve our chances of victory