Lakers Nation Roundtable: Mike D’Antoni’s Future With The Lakers Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="138"] It is no secret that the Lakers are struggling mightily this season. While a lot of that undoubtedly has to do with the insane number [new_royalslider id="138"] It is no secret that the Lakers are struggling mightily this season. While a lot of that undoubtedly has to do with the insane number Rating: 0
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Lakers Nation Roundtable: Mike D’Antoni’s Future With The Lakers

It is no secret that the Lakers are struggling mightily this season. While a lot of that undoubtedly has to do with the insane number of injuries the Lakers have encountered this season, some blame has to fall on the coach as well.

Ever since Mike D’Antoni was named coach of the Lakers, he has faced intense scrutiny, especially from fans, because many wanted Phil Jackson instead. Coming off an embarrassing 48-point loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, screams were never higher in calling for the firing of D’Antoni.

While some of the criticism of D’Antoni has been a little excessive at times, it is completely reasonable to wonder whether D’Antoni could lead the Lakers to a championship.

With that being said, we asked our panel of experts: Should Mike D’Antoni be the coach of the Lakers next season? If not, then who should? This is what they had to say:

Suki Thind (@TheRealSuki): This is a tough one. It really depends on a few factors: Are the Lakers going to spend big this off-season? Are players who the Lakers want to keep happy with D’Antoni? Is Kobe Bryant okay with having D’Antoni as coach next season?

Those are just a few questions management must ask themselves before going forward. If they don’t plan on spending a lot of money on free agents next season, then why spend money by bringing in a new coach, while still having to pay D’Antoni for one more season.

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However, if they somehow end up retaining Pau Gasol and/or Jordan Hill — who are valuable pieces but don’t quite love D’Antoni’s system — they’ll have to reconsider.

Most importantly, though, is how Kobe feels about D’Antoni. Yes, he’s coming off a couple of serious injuries and will be in his second-to-last season next year, but it’s still his team as long as he’s in the purple and gold.

Management should definitely seek out his opinion on coaches at the end of the season, and see who he wants coaching him for the final stretch of his career.

Ramneet Singh (@Ramneet24): Mike D’Antoni was bombarded by skeptics with criticism when he was first hired by the Los Angeles Lakers, and all that negativity really has never left the coach. D’Antoni has been put down for his sub-par defensive schemes and many people do not see him as a suitable coach for the Lakers.

The team is currently last in Western Conference with a 22-42 record and will be missing the postseason for the first time in years. However, the Lakers should still have D’Antoni on the sidelines for next season.

Despite popular belief, the Lakers will likely make major improvements to the roster in 2015 and 2016, not 2014. Over the next couple of summers, the Lakers have a chance of acquiring Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook, or even Kevin Durant. The front office has planned out the next several seasons and will have the ability to add two of these stars.

There is no real point in firing D’Antoni and paying another high profile coach for what looks to be another mediocre season in 2014-15. D’Antoni does a great job of encouraging young players to play their own game and gives them the confidence to excel on the court.

By getting rid of D’Antoni, the team will have to go through another familiarizing process. It will better for the team to stick with D’Antoni, that is until it comes time to recruit All-Star free agents.

Ryan Ward (@Lakers_Examiner):The 2013-14 NBA season is drawing to a close with a lot of questions about the future of the franchise moving forward. The Los Angeles Lakers are heading toward a high draft pick and may be big players in the upcoming free agent market this summer or the next.

The real question from here on out is what to do with Mike D’Antoni. With plenty of proven coaches out there looking for another opportunity like George Karl, Lionel Hollins, Jeff Van Gundy, Jerry Sloan, and Stan Van Gundy, there’s no lack of options for the Lakers.

With Phil Jackson no longer an option, or at least that’s the rumor, the Lakers need another coach to right the ship. In my opinion, sticking with D’Antoni moving forward makes no sense. It’s time to move on. D’Antoni’s system doesn’t seem to work with the current roster, and didn’t work last season with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash (for 50 games) and Dwight Howard.

Parting ways with D’Antoni right now or in the off-season makes the most sense to me. If it is during the season, Kurt Rambis can take over for the short-term and Mitch Kupchak and company can look for a replacement this summer.

Time to move on, Lakers.
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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    I prefer another coach to lead this team.I am looking for a leader of men and well respected defensive coach that has a good offense in place.I hope we move on from Mike D’Antoni very soon.I am all about the Lakers doing good.Go Lakers!

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    • Robby Rob

      This dude Singh is a crackhead yo, wtf he talklng bout? Keep D’Anphony? Seriously you needs some rehab bro. Dudes like this are the prob as they don’t give a sh*t if the team suck or not yo.

  • Scott

    Saric: Best To Stay In Europe For Development

    Mar 11, 2014 11:51 AM EDT

    Dario Saric will wait until after the current season to decide whether he will enter the NBA Draft, or possibly move from KK Cibona to either Turkey or Spain.

    “I will not decide anything until the end of the season” said Saric. “In the summer I will determine my future. For my development the best is to stay in Europe but we’ll see what happens. I don’t even have an agent right now. I will talk with my family but I will make the final decision.”

    “There is not only Efes in the game. The other options are still Barcelona and Real Madrid” said Predrag Saric to 24Sata. “If Lorbek and Nachbar leaves Barcelona and if Mirotic leaves Real Madrid, they may have room for Dario” added the father of the player. “I think Dario should play in Europe two more seasons. He has to play. If he goes to a big club without guaranteed playing time, then it is better to stay with Cibona”

    Via Sportando

  • Dana Douglas

    Next season is all about new beginnings. While the Lakers may wait until the summer of 2015 to do their major shopping, they have good reason to begin laying a foundation for the major purchases beginning in the 2014-15 season. Among them are:

    – Culture: The franchise cannot absorb another soul-crushing year of losing and marking time. Cultures become established, even bad ones, and they become hard to break. Replacing D’Antoni is the quickest, surest and best way to change the culture. The trick is to replace him with someone who will establish a different feel right from the first day of practice. What the Lakers could use next season is another Pat Reilly.

    – Momentum: The Lakers don’t want to wind up in the lottery next season, so 2014-15 is all about establishing a new culture of winning, and giving the team momentum heading into 2015-16. It’s pretty clear that when you score 120 points and still lose by 20, you need a new approach. You can’t outscore teams that are racking up 130-140 points on you.

    – Recruiting: A forward-moving team is much more attractive to top free agents than is a team mired in yet another year of stagnation and negativity. Top free agents want to come to a team that just needs them in order to get over the top. They do not want to wait 3, 4 or 5 years to build a team around them. They want to be the final ingredient in the soup.

    – Fans: The Lakers need to put butts in seats, and with D’Antoni around next year the team can expect a further decline in revenue. They need to sell merchandise. And they need to make the playoffs. Lakers fans are furious over current culture, and they need a reason to become excited again. Another year of D’Antoni will not result in excited fans, only exiting fans.

    – TV: Time Warner Cable paid big bucks for Lakers exclusives. Their ratings and revenue will depend on people wanting to watch. People won’t want to watch a third D’Antoni year with a team under construction. They will watch something new, though, if it looks like forward momentum and a return to toughness and winning. Here’s guessing that TWC is going to put some big-time pressure on Buss to do something dramatic next year, and without signing a top tier free agent that likely starts with replacing the coach.

    – Kobe: What do you think Kobe is thinking these days? Do you think he’s happy? Do you think he’ll want to come back into this current structure? I don’t think so. Kobe is going to want a coach who is as tough and committed to winning and working as Kobe is. Kobe will insist that next year’s team be pushed, and pushed hard. Is D’Antoni going to suddenly change from nice guy to “You’d better do it or else?” Not a chance. Kobe will demand a coach who lights a giant fire under Laker asses.

    Even without a major free agent signing, next year needs to see a change in direction and culture. D’Antoni is responsible for this season’s direction and culture, and there is no reason to believe he will reinvent himself next year. In fact, D’Antoni has demonstrated very limited ability to adjust his system or style. If the Lakers want big talent to move in during the summer of 2015, they need to start building his house now. And construction begins with a new coach next year.

    • Don Sullivan

      Who are you? Best article I’ve read about the Lakers this year. And yes they are in big danger of losing their culture, and once lost,,,

  • independantbynature

    Ryan Ward is correct.It makes no sense to retain Antoni(there is no D).No one over 6-7 would want to play for him.His philosophy(small ball,no defense,no rebounding,30 3ptrs./gm.) will never win a championship and he’s not going to adapt it.It is essential that the Lakers re-instill a culture of defensive effort.Singh makes no sense at all.The sooner the Lakers un-familiarize themselves with Antoni’s philosophy,the better.Let a new coach get a head start on the future.There is no future with Antoni.I think B. Scott would be a good fit going forward.

    • nlruizjr

      excellent choice, B. Scott, a disciple of Pat Riley and a former Laker that knows how to win a C, just give him the right tools. he knows offense and defense and knows the value of the Big Man.

      • Sylvia Ross

        Byron Scott, all day, can’t wait to run PRINGLES out of town. I don’t care where he goes so long as he leaves Laker land.

      • hookedonnews

        There seems to be a belief among a lot of Laker fans that Byron Scott should be hired to coach the team. If he’s such an outstanding coach, why hasn’t some other team tried to hire him?

        • independantbynature

          Because he’s waiting on the Lakers job while commentating at TW Sports Channel.The year before,he was coaching the Cavs.Think back to the job he did for the Nets,before Jason coach killer Kidd got him fired.That’s what B. Scott can do.

          • hookedonnews

            That wouldn’t stop a team from offering him a job. His career in Cleveland wasn’t exactly stellar. He wasn’t that great in NJ until Kidd arrived. I have nothing against him. I think the motivating factor for most fans who want him hired is that he was a former Laker. Maybe he would be a great coach. I don’t know. But he would not be my first choice.

          • independantbynature

            Scott hasn’t even been out of coaching for one season yet.I guess no one wants Karl or either Van Gundy by your reasoning,too.Or lack there of.

          • hookedonnews

            There were at least 4 coaching jobs open before this season that I can think of right off the top of my head. He wasn’t offered any of those jobs. I imagine that Karl will be offered a job before too long. The point is why would Bryon Scott be the best choice? Is it because he’s the best coach out there or because he once played for the Lakers?

          • independantbynature

            Scott is the best fit to restore Lakers pride and he wants the job.Not every coach does.

        • Down with Antoni

          To question B Scott shows your Bball IQ. He is responsible for the defense in Indiana. As soon as he got there they became the #1 defense in the league even better than Miami. Defense wins C’s.

          • Fanfav

            Ooops I’m thinking B. Shaw lol

          • hookedonnews

            Wasn’t aware that Scott was in Indiana. Now who’s BB IQ is in question? I believe you’re thinking of Brian Shaw. And the Denver defense is not exactly stellar either.

  • 3339

    choosing dantoni to coach the Lakers is one of the greatest mistakes in NBA history.

  • lakeshow

    lol who said there isn’t a point in firing d’antoni?! do you really want your players surrounded by a coach who doesn’t teach/enforce good defensive habits? a coach whos system and philosophies invites injuries not to mention invites other teams to score 100+ points on a nightly basis.

    D’antoni is better off teaching college, highschool at that. But he is one offensive genius lol. It is much better to let rambis& madsen take over the rest of the season and that way they can build defensive habits, rotations and schemes heading into next year. I’m hoping we can get a coach like george karl, lionel hollins, jeff van gundy.

    But in all honesty, the damage has already been done.
    Jim buss, Mike d’antoni ya’ll are one hell of a wrecking crew; turned the lakers from a championship team into a lottery team. Thanks!


    Why does everyone keep looking at FAs saying “theyll be the face of the franchise”…honestly i think were about to draft the next face of the franchise

  • Thomas Klein

    Were not talking about just ONE poor coaching choice, Remember Mike Brown, were talking two in a row, we need a world class coach, who has a track record of winning, and can bring them to, and thru the playoffs, with offense AND defense. Popovich is too old, ditto for Phil Jackson, who should they have hired instead of Dantoni ? Hint, He’s coaching the Clippers right now.

    • hookedonnews

      Popovich is too old? Are you serious? Any team in the league would kill to have him. It’s not Phil’s age that is the problem. It is his health. The Celtics would have never allowed Doc Rivers to come to the Lakers. There are some decent coaches out there who don’t have a job, but none of them would guarantee a championship.

    • Fan Fav

      That’s pure Blasphemy. Too old are you out of your mind?

  • Gary Schlager

    His system didn’t work last season Ryan? The Lakers had the best record in the west the last month of the season. Kobe doesn’t go down last year and doesn’t run Howard out of town and it’s an entirely different story. This roster this year was out together to be completely gone next year and to barely get by. Then basically the entire team gets injured for 3/4 if the season. No coach in the planet could make this roster any good. There are 3 guys from the D league and 10th men in most rosters starting. Lakers aren’t resigning Pau or Hill because they want money for 2015 and both guys will get offers the lakers won’t even attempt to match. Why fire a coach with 1 year left who has had zero chance this year to even attempt to compete with most teams? There just isn’t the talent to compete and with this roster the only way they have any chance is to run a D’Antoni system. You think it’s a coincidence that most guys are having career years after being nobodies all if their careers?

    • http://www.mpmonroe.com/ Michael P. Monroe

      D’Antoni and his system have never, repeat never one a championship. Bottomline – Long shot rebound long, then you’re forced into transition. The pace is too fast for most bigs and since they get few touches they are not incented to rebound or sprint to the middle as a defensive stopper. Thus lay ups and dunks result in transition after the long shot offensively. Sorry, the bigs are on the bench in small ball.

      • Gary Schlager

        Most coaches have never won championships so you are disqualifying about 99% of coaches. Lakers aren’t going to get a coach that has won a championship. The Miami heat play an exact D’Antoni offense but have talent on offense and defense. Name me one player on this team that is a real defender. Gasol may be the worst defender in the team and is supposed to be the backbone to the defense. This team has no talent. You might not have noticed that there are 3 guys from the d league and guys that never stepped off the bench on any other team they were on for more then scrub time starting. You can’t make a team with inferior players magically be good on offense or defense.

        • nlruizjr

          fact still remains that small ball will not consistently win you a title, Miami is not truly a small ball team, nor a big man team. Outside of Miami what small ball team has won it all, small ball has been around for many years before Dantoni so don’t make it sound as if Dantoni is the father of small ball. the Lakers and Celtics own most of the titles and they mostly used dominant bigs to win their titles.

          • Gary Schlager

            I hate to break it to you bet the days of dominant big men is over and has been over for years. The Miami heat consistently run small ball. The majority of the NBA run small ball the only difference is talent. Howard went to the rockets who run the same type of offense the lakers do. The difference is talent and talent alone. Who is the real world actually looks at the lakers roster they have right now and thinks they should be much better than they are with the amount of injuries and talent they have? It’s just people crying that they didn’t get Phil Jackson and are the typical lakers fans that couldn’t even tell you who is on the team other than Kobe and Pau and have watched 3 games all year.

          • junjunm3

            True. Even Greg Popovich adopted to this new style. They went from a Tim Duncan post-centric offense, to a Tony Parker “up and down the court style” and spread the ball around to open shooters. Granted, when they have to they can still play the low post game, but make no mistake about it, their offense is predominantly “small-ball” nowadays.

        • T3rr3ll

          Damn straight. The rest of the NBA has pretty much adopted in some way shape & form, the D’Antoni up and down and spread the ball around offense. You need talent to run that system and this team doesn’t have it and no coach given the same situation and circumstances D’Antoni had to work with this season would fall flat on their face themselves.

  • Scott

    D’Antoni is the worst move the Lakers have made in franchise history.

    • Marty Susman

      Hmm, what about the Mail man, Peyton, Nash, getting nothing for Drew, D12, now Gasol & please, $48,000,000 to Kobe, how would you rank them ????

  • Shoe

    Fire Mitch Kupchak he is the problem along with MDA.Fire them both hire Phil.

    • independantbynature

      Jimmy Buss is the problem.Too bad we can’t fire him.

  • comrade24

    it seemed like the original hire of D’Antoni was Jim Buss’ misguided attempt to restore the romanticism around the Showtime era. If this is the type of ball the FO wants to play there are good coaches out there who also coach defense who can play this style. Hire George Karl. He likely would have won an NBA title with the Sonics if he hadn’t ran into Michael Jordan and the Bulls.

    • comrade24

      My other point was that we’re going to get a great draft pick this summer, and i don’t think it’s a good idea for the newcomer’s first coach to be one who doesn’t teach defense.

    • hookedonnews

      Actually Dr. Buss made the decision to hire D’Antoni according to Phil Jackson. It was Dr. Buss who wanted a return to Showtime. Wasn’t aware than Karl had a reputation as a great defensive coach. D’Antoni would likely have won an NBA title with the Suns if he hadn’t run into the Spurs, but neither one of them has actually won a championship.

      • independantbynature

        I don’t care what PJ said,we all know Jimmy picked Antoni.That comment was for Jeannie’s sake.And it is laughable that you think the Suns could have won a title.That must be a joke.

        • hookedonnews

          You are in what is known as denial. I knew back when D’Antoni was hired that it was Dr. Buss who made the call. You might want to read the comment below this one for more confirmation. Jim was the one who wanted Phil. Dr. Buss did not want to return to the Triangle. He wanted a Showtime type offense, and no one does that better than D’Antoni. Phil Jackson has no reason to lie about it. Mitch Kupchak laid it all out last season and numerous articles have confirmed it.

          I’m not the only one who thinks the Suns could have won a title. Kobe said so, and plenty of other people believe they would have won the year that Diaw and Stoudemire were suspended. I don’t know whether you were watching those teams back then or not, but the Suns won 60+ games those 2 seasons after Nash arrived in Phoenix and at least 50 games the next 2 seasons. Those were very good teams and anyone who saw them play knows that.

          • independantbynature

            You are the one in denial,hooked.Dr. Buss and Kupchak went along with his son.Everyone knows Jimmy hates PJ.Everyone but you.There is a huge difference between regular season basketball and playoff basketball.Maybe if you’d been watching basketball as long as me,you’d know that.DEFENSE wins championships.There is no D in Antoni.

          • hookedonnews

            Maybe you should do some research about the relationship between Dr. Buss and Phil. Jim was the one who went to Phil in the first place. Why don’t you look at what Phil said, and then go back and look at what Mitch Kupchak has said about it in interviews. You don’t want to admit the truth because you want to continue to bash Jim Buss. There is plenty of stuff to criticize him for without making up stuff. I have no reason to defend Jim Buss. I’m just telling you the truth and you won’t believe it. The Showtime Lakers allowed a lot of points if you’ll recall. No one doubts that defense is important, but those Suns teams won plenty of play-off games. I don’t know who you think will be brought in to replace MDA that is going to bring a championship to LA. None of the available coaches have a championship on their resume. Give D’Antoni LeBron, Wade, and Tyson Chandler and you’ll have a good defensive team. D’Antoni’s defensive schemes are no different that most teams in the NBA. The players are the ones responsible to execute them.

          • independantbynature

            I have already.I have more sources than you do.

      • Tyson

        Jeannie Buss said it herself too when she asked what happened during the transition, and Dr JERRY (not Jim) himself made the call to go with MDA. This has been reported by Laker beat writers on various sports sites and now Phil Jackson. Yet, fans still pin it all on Jim. I love Dr. Buss, but lets accept the fact that this one is a bad call on his part. I’ll take Jeannie & Phils word that it was Dr. Buss’s call over Laker fans foaming at the mouth going “NO, IT’S JIMS DECISION AND HIS ALONE”.



  • Marty Susman

    just lose 18 more games Mike & let Byron, D.Fish & Kareem take the rains next year….

  • bobbycee

    I have never seen NBA players stand around so much, and Mike D’s offense is to blame. The Lakers never attack the offensive boards and there is no such thing as defense with him. Time to move on.

  • Lakers4life

    Dantoni system just doesn’t fit the roster. FO should have known this but Buss leading the effort, it didn’t surprise anyone he got the coaching hire wrong yet once again. Kobe and Pau needs to live in the post and focus on offensive execution instead of up tempo offense. Slowing down the offense will help the defensive side a little bit too. Jimmy is 0 for 3 on coaching hires. Rudy, Brown and Dantoni. Dantoni alienated 2 superstars. Melo and D12. Jimmy wasted 3 years with Brown and Dantoni. Too many mistakes by Jimmy. Still trying to prove everyone wrong that he can do the job. Jerry’s only big mistake. Making Jimmy the Head of Basketball Operations. Even the great ones have a soft and blind side for their kid.

  • http://www.mpmonroe.com/ Michael P. Monroe

    agreed re. Pau, the lack of Talent… small ball. The whole combo is broken. The coach is not a fit and he must go. this franchise wins NBA titles and is not configured to do so as constructed. They cannot afford the Jack Nicholson’s leaving at half-time, the national networks taking them off the schedule and the non sell-outs. We are talking about a +$500M market cap business in the 2nd largest media market on Earth – trust me it’ll get fixed. Wave good bye to many of those you see today – including the coach.

  • Sylvia Ross

    Why in the world would you ask the players anything. If they complain about PRINGLES, they will be benched for the rest of the season. Pringles, is a bully and will do whatever he can to keep control of the team. So, of course they won’t come out and say they don’t want to play for PRINGLES. Haven’t you seen what he has done to Kaman and Pau when they pissed him off.

  • hookedonnews

    Kurt Rambis? Seriously? There is zero reason to make a change until after next season. It makes no sense monetarily. There aren’t going to be any big moves made until 2015/2016. Why not give D’Antoni an opportunity to coach a season with a full roster? I think Hill & Gasol have already proven that they can play in D’Antoni’s system. Who knows whether either one of them will be back next season? If they’re offered more money to go elsewhere they may take it. The idea that you make a decision about who should coach an NBA team based on the opinions of fans wouldn’t even be considered anywhere but in this city. All this recent talk of D’Antoni’s firing is the result of the Clippers disaster. None of us were happy about that, but I think we have to be realistic. How does our lineup match up with the Clippers? One game, no matter how bad, is not a reason for a coach to be fired when a lot of people agree that he’s done a good job with these young players in an impossible situation. Of course, there are contrary opinions but most of them choose to ignore the injuries and the quality of the roster.

    As far as what Kobe wants–he said he wanted D’Antoni when Brown was fired and they asked him who he thought should be hired. He was aware of D’Antoni’s coaching style and his system when he said that. No reason to believe he’s changed his mind. He’s going to play the way he wants to regardless.

    I think you might be surprised how many of the players on this team want MDA to be the coach. You heard what Blake said about playing for him. Bottom line–no reason to make a move right now. If next season goes badly a change can be made, and if it goes well–you figure it out. Either way this is not the time to change coaches IMO.

    • independantbynature

      I think you might be surprised how few of the players on this team will be here next season.Gasol won’t play for Antoni.Neither will Kaman,Hill or just about anyone over 6-7.Antoni must go the day after this season ends.

      • hookedonnews

        I would not be surprised if those 3 players are not back next season but not because they won’t play for MDA. I have heard both Gasol & Hill say that they would like to stay in LA, but it’s going to be a matter of money whether they stick around or not. I don’t think they want Kaman back because this team is going younger. He’s injury prone, isn’t a great defender, and doesn’t really fit the system all that well. I’m sure if they offered him a contract he would stay. I just don’t think they will. Gasol & Hill will probably be offered more money by other teams who don’t have the salary cap limitations that the Lakers do. They are saving their space for free agents in 2015/2016. I think your assumptions about players not wanting to play for MDA are just that–assumptions. Any player that has a good outside shot and can run the court can play in this offense. Most of the big men these days can do that. Pau Gasol has proven he can play in the system although it took him a while to finally realize he was going to have to start being aggressive if he was going to be effective. Kobe thinks there’s an 80% chance he’ll be back. I have no idea. I’m sure he’ll get other offers, and chances are that if he leaves, he’s going to be playing in an offense a lot like D’Antoni’s unless he goes to one of the 2 or 3 teams that don’t use it. I think the other players on the team want to stay in LA. A lot of them are having career years and have already said they would like to stay. D’Antoni may be fired, but I don’t think firing him this season makes any sense. Not my decision, however.

        • independantbynature

          I don’t think you have been paying attention or maybe you just don’t know very much about basketball.Just my assumption.Antoni must go.

          • hookedonnews

            I don’t know what you think I’ve not been paying attention to. I watch or listen to 99% of the games, I listen to what coaches and players say, and I read pretty much everything that’s written about the Lakers and watch ESPN and NBA TV. What you mean is that you don’t agree with what I said, but you haven’t bothered to address the specifics. Don’t assume that people don’t know anything just because they don’t agree with you.

          • independantbynature

            Sporting News says Kobe doesn’t want Antoni back.Who’s not paying attention again?Hooked on what?You seem like the kind of pinhead who always has to have the last word,so I’m sure you’ll reply.I’m done with you,though.You just don’t know what you’re talking about and you are wasting my time.I haven’t read all the rest of your replies,so don’t bother.Unless you just like reading your own words,of course.You seem very attatched to your delusions and I wouldn’t want to take them from you.You might not have much left.LOL….

          • hookedonnews

            Yes, I’ve heard the rumors that Kobe wants MDA out. That has come to light since I made my previous comments. I’m not psychic. That doesn’t change my opinion about whether this is the time to make a coaching change. I’m the kind of pinhead who has an opinion just like you do. I don’t have to have the last word, but you’re the one who started this by responding to my original comment. Feel free to ignore my comments going forward.

          • independantbynature

            Already have.pinhead.

          • hookedonnews

            Apparently not.

          • independentbynature

            I sure was right about you and the last word.

    • Rick Fox

      I can agree that it is unfair to judge D’Antoni by the lack of healthy players. I give him an A+ for inputting guys and changing line-ups on a regular basis. And I give him an A+ for his his offense being so efficient. I don’t know stats, but I would say on majority of games, they are typically on point with making shots. But what I cannot agree upon is on the defensive end and his use of bigs. When all is said and done, if you cannot play defense, if you cannot make the necessary stops, and if you cannot grab majority of the 50/50 balls, especially when your offense takes a day off, then expect to lose. And where it most counts are the playoffs and on a championship run. I don’t think there is one team in the NBA who won a championship and not be top 5 in statistics for only the offensive end.

      As of this point in the season, even with not having a fully healthy roster, I would of still have given D’Antoni a shot for next year, if he implemented an improving defensive scheme and at least added some form of post play. But he hasn’t done that.

      The only real great thing he has done, is he has probably made a guy like Ryan Kelly, Bazemore, and Marshall into an attraction for other teams to possibly add to their roster. So he made good trade baits

      • hookedonnews

        I’m not up on all the stats of championship teams, so I can’t tell you if you’re right about the defensive numbers for them. I know that the Showtime Lakers gave up a lot of points. But I agree that you need at least a decent level of defense if you’re going to have an elite team.

        I don’t think the defensive schemes are the problem because D’Antoni has said that they use the same schemes as 99% of the teams in the league. I think a lot of the problems stem from lack of a consistent lineup all season, excessive turnovers that lead to transition points, lack of energy because they have been undermanned most of the season, and not that many great defensive players. The addition of Bazemore has helped, but Pau is not a good rim protector. Johnson is probably their best defender and Hill is pretty good. Kelly is improving on defense and so is Sacre, but there’s a long way to go. None of these guys will be making the All-Defensive team anytime soon.

        They already have post play. They are feeding Pau in the post all the time. The problem earlier in the season was that he wasn’t going to the rim. He was taking outside shots. In the last few weeks he has finally gotten aggressive and started rolling to the basket. As a result, he’s playing much better and making more shots. That helps the outside game because if they move to double cover him in the paint he’s a good passer and able to set up our 3 point shooters.

        It’s not only Kelly, Bazemore, and Marshall who have thrived under D’Antoni. Young, Henry, Johnson, and Farmar are also having career seasons. I imagine some of these guys will be here next season. Of course, none of that will matter if they’ve made up their minds to make a coaching change.

  • Erick Espiritu

    If we can’t get Phil back, I say we bring in Jerry Sloan!!!

  • Lakers4Life

    What’s the future of Dumbtoni? Anything but in LA har har! Can’t wait for the wonderful news coming up this off season!!!

  • Sylvia Ross

    Why wasn’t Byron Scott included in your list of coaches? He learned from one of the best, Pat Riley, who insisted on defense. Hope it’s Byron and not George Karl.

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