Lakers Nation Roundtable: Biggest Strength Of The Team Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="312"] Coming off a 27-win season, it was hard to find many positives from last season. The Lakers simply were not good in many areas last y [new_royalslider id="312"] Coming off a 27-win season, it was hard to find many positives from last season. The Lakers simply were not good in many areas last y Rating: 0
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Lakers Nation Roundtable: Biggest Strength Of The Team

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Coming off a 27-win season, it was hard to find many positives from last season. The Lakers simply were not good in many areas last year, but they were very good at shooting the three.

Players like Jodie Meeks, Jordan Farmar, and Kent Bazemore had excellent shooting years and the Lakers ranked among the league’s best in shooting.

But many of those shooters from last season are now gone. And with the additions and subtractions of this roster basically finalized, fans can take a look at the roster and try to figure out what the team is capable of.

The return of Kobe Bryant will obviously be the big story coming into the season, but there are a lot of new faces to go along with some familiar names.

Of course, there is also Byron Scott taking over for Mike D’Antoni who resigned. That is sure to make a big difference as well. The Lakers want to surprise people this season, but what will be their best chance at doing so?

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With that said, we asked our panel of experts what do they believe is the Lakers’ biggest strength heading into the season? This is what they had to say:

Russell Valenzuela (@RussVal4): With so much uncertainty coming into the upcoming season, the presence of Kobe Bryant is the team’s biggest strength. Even though there are still questions about how much he has left after his injuries, there is no denying his competitive drive.

From what has been said in interviews, it appears that everyone is looking forward to spending time with Bryant and having the chance to learn and play with him.

Last year, Bryant wasn’t around the team too much, especially after they went on their downfall. Things should be different this time around and he will be there to push the rest of the roster.

While I personally am not expecting too much from the team this season, having the team practicing and playing with Bryant will help elevate everyone’s game and help keep the Lakers looking more like a team.

As for what he will bring on the court himself, Bryant still remains one of the elite talents in the league. Just having him on the floor will make things easier for everyone else.

I just hope that Bryant trusts his teammates and is willing to help them grow. Even though he is clearly the best player on the court, he shouldn’t feel the need to do everything on his own.

Corey Hansford (@TheeCoreyH): Looking over this Lakers roster, it is difficult to find one strength of this team before actually watching them. But there is one thing that stands out.

The Lakers are pretty deep as a whole.

Outside of small forward, where Wesley Johnson will probably have to start, the Lakers have multiple players who can do damage in different ways.

Steve Nash can hardly be relied upon at this stage, but if he does happen to stay healthy, he is still an excellent shooter and distributor. Even if he isn’t, Jeremy Lin is an excellent playmaker and penetrator, an Jordan Clarkson is easily the best defender and athlete of the bunch.

Kobe’s return immediately improves the shooting guard position, while Nick Young may be a Sixth Man of the Year Candidate. Xavier Henry will play some two and three, and showed great potential as a shooter, ball-handler, and defender last season.

Up front there may be even more potential. Carlos Boozer provides stability and Jordan Hill will get to show what he can do with consistent minutes. Julius Randle looks like a stud, while Ed Davis may be the best rim protector on the team and is hungry to prove doubters wrong.

Ryan Kelly looked like a decent rotation player down the stretch last season, and he may struggle to see the court this year. The Lakers are an unknown right now, but the potential is there, and they will have a number of options to choose from once the season starts.

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Ryan Ward (@Lakers_Examiner): With the Lakers failing to make any major moves this summer, it is hard to say the team is really strong in any category with practically the same squad. The team still lacks depth at the small forward position and a lot of questions surround the roster from top to bottom.

Personally, I do believe that acquiring Jeremy Lin was a step in the right direction. I’m not sold on the prospect of Lin becoming a superstar in Los Angeles, but the potential to become a force to be reckoned with is there.

With the addition of Lin, I believe the backcourt could become a strength. Not only will Lin improve the play at the point, but rookie Jordan Clarkson is a welcome addition as well.

Clarkson is more of a shooting guard in my opinion and may end up playing both positions next season. Nick Young could backup Kobe Bryant, but it remains uncertain what Byron Scott’s intentions are at the three spot.

It is possible Young might get the starting role at small forward if Scott isn’t confident in Wesley Johnson or Xavier Henry being the starter. Even Kobe might see some time at the three.

Lin, Clarkson, Kobe, Young, Henry and Steve Nash give the backcourt some depth heading into next season. Nash, Henry and Kobe are injury concerns moving forward, but if they can stay healthy, the Lakers strength might lie with its guards.

Nathan Kim (@Kimchiz): The Lakers biggest strength for the upcoming season is the return of Kobe Bryant.

Kobe’s performance has been questioned by the vast majority as he is coming off of two major injuries. Last season Kobe only played 6 games and averaged 16.9 points, a significant decrease from previous seasons. He did however also average 7.7 assists which is an increase from previous seasons. Granted, it is ridiculous to gauge Kobe’s performance off of 6 games, but perhaps we did in fact see a glimpse of a new Kobe.

Furthermore, I think that Kobe has been unjustly doubted. People often forget how great of a player Kobe was even immediately before his Achilles tendon rupture. During the 2012-13 season, Kobe had one of his most efficient seasons in years shooting 46 percent from the field.

Kobe almost single-handedly willed the Lakers into the playoffs, despite a depleted roster and a mediocre head coach in Mike D’Antoni.

All of the criticism pointed at Kobe is unfounded. Yes, most players would not be able to return and perform at an elite level after two major injuries, however, Kobe is not your regular basketball player.

Nothing can be said about Kobe’s performance next season until he actually steps on the court and plays. Kobe loves criticism and will undoubtedly come back strong next season. He is, after all, still the Black Mamba.

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About The Author

Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • Jim213

    Although, some may disagree given last season’s roster I’d go with better player

    • Realistic Laker Fan

      You realize Scott got fired from the Nets and Hornets from losing the locker room, right? I wouldn’t exactly call that a “strength” per say.

      • LO

        Byron won coach of the year with Hornets and took the Nets to the finals two years in a row. What championship quality coach has a successful season every year? Why does everybody base his coaching ability on what he did wrong rather than what he’s done right?

        • Realistic Laker Fan

          Most of his success his based on the Nets (11-12 years ago) and the Hornets (6 years ago, 1 coach of the year award not much playoff success), he also lost the team in the locker like Mike D’Antoni did with Kobe and Gasol. He didn’t earn a record of 416-521 on accident and it doesn’t seem to bother anybody else that no other team even interviewed him?

          • Truth B Told

            How many coaches out there have made it to a final coaching… not being an assistant?……It’s not a coincident That Kidd went to 2 Finals….CP3 won ROY as well as Kyrie Irving winning ROY under Scotts tutalege…..You have coaches now coaching that never made it to a Final…

          • Realistic Laker Fan

            Whatever try nothing new Kerr who knows the offensive system of two of the greatest coaches must mean nothing same with the other coaches I listed, I guess, Scott and his success from 11 years ago (Nets) and 6 years ago (Hornets) apparently pleases you guys same with his Princeton offense that Brown was using before getting fired.

          • Truth B Told

            OH……No one ask Karl or Jackson or Del Negro who have better records than Scott…..To answer your question

          • Al Haldie

            You cant live on RECORDS alone – you have to have a full team wanting to play any system you give them, and I believe the LAKERS players will give it to him. there will be a difference this yr..

          • Computer Networking

            None of them coached the cavs. In two seasons, the cavs lost 129 games. You can’t really believe that was Scotts fault.

          • Computer Networking

            It shouldn’t bother anyone. The worst part of his record came from the cavs when lebron left. No one can blame him for that.

      • Jim213

        Pessimistic as always lol, (no diss to Scott) but mostly anyone would’ve been an improvement over Donetoni. Someone who will work his butt off for the brand and has helped/knows what type of work ethic is required to succeed. As opposed to a hard headed coach who refused to adapt to improve the odds of winning.

        Not to sound rude but what type of coach do you F-ing expect? There’s no young Phil or Popovich coaches out there to sign to a long term deal. Many coaches struggled before they’ve figured out the best formula for them.

        I’d rather have a true purple and gold bleeder (coach, goes for players too) which the Laker greats and masses (2/3s) support as opposed to someone who didn’t have the backing of the fans mostly.

        Scott’s top priority ‘defense’ aside of other things. Better roster than last season along with a coach who will hold players accountable. How about waiting to hate on Scott after his first season is over? Then you can bitch all you want if he exceeded or failed to meet all your expectations on your so called list.

        • Realistic Laker Fan

          The Lakers best coaches of all time Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, and Kundla never played for the Lakers I have no idea when keeping it in the brand became a thing, this roster for the most part is the same to last year they just added Davis,Boozer,Lin, and two unproven rookies in Randle and Clarkson. The lost of Gasol and the success of the season relying on Kobe’s health and if he still capable of playing at a high level isn’t exactly the most calming thing to read.The front office took their time but did they really look into Kerr (know’s the triangle (Phil) and motion offense (Popp) he is integrating both), Fisher,Ollie,Hollins,or Blatt? The real reason why the Lakers hired Scott was to keep Kobe and the fans happy, I can’t say in good faith that they picked the best coach available/with the most potential who can lead this team to success.

          • Jim213

            ?… You make it seem as the coaches you’ve mentioned will be the next Popovich’s or Phil, Kerr, and Fisher have no coaching experience aside of staff (coach) experience. Ollie will likely need 3-4 yrs to build something for the future aside of knowing if he can produce results as an NBA coach.

            Although, Blatt has the most potential out of all the coaches that you’ve brought up it remains to be seen if he can gain the trust of his team given he’s the new guy (league). His style may not necessarily suit LJ or others if players fail to buy into his system/gain confidence in him tho Blatt has very good odds of succeeding but still need to play the game.

            If FO wanted to keep Kobe and the fans happy before the season they’d hired Phil. But that wasn’t going to take place as agree the could’ve done a better job at finding more proven coaches tho don’t believe Scott to be a left over spare coach and given the support of some of the all time Laker greats they’ll be along for the ride to (offering advice).

            Riley was hired after a short Laker stint as broadcaster and tho he didn’t play was around the organization (family). No diss to any player but Lin is an improvement over Marshall and Farmar. Out of all the bigs _4-5s) Davis is the only one capable of playing above the rim. Likely one or the best pickup this off season especially for the price. Would’ve been interesting to see what kaman could’ve done if he stayed but that question needs to be addressed to FO.

            Clarkson and Randle have shown that they have enough determination to help make an impact next season given their efforts on the court. As for Boozer this is his shot to buy/audition for the league (future contract) given he’ll see 20+ minutes a night IMO. Would prefer FO to acquire another 5 or 3 even if it involves an overseas player. They can then worry about acquiring a future long term starter come trade deadline.

          • Vernon McClain

            Marshall was second in the league in assists per game. I don’t see what everyone’s missing. That dude is young and had plenty of upside as a point.

          • Jim213

            Nah, hustle and defense lacked but he’ll get more play with the Bucks as opposed to the Lakers given the new coach will make D the #1 priority.

          • Truth B Told

            Pat Riley played for the Lakers…..Phil is Jeanne Buss FIANCE…..Who is Kundla?……Must be in minneapolis.

          • frank

            You need to look into history. Pat Riley did play for the Lakers. He was a very good six man off the bench for several seasons.

          • duke

            LOL what are you babbling about? are you for real bro? PAT RILEY PLAYED FOR THE LAKERS! YOU MUST NOT HAVE BEEN BORN YET DURING THAT ERA,i know i wasn’t born yet too even i know he played for the lakers,wtf dude are you for real? lol

          • pgmike1

            You don’t know your history, Riley was a player, broadcaster with Chick an then the coach for the lakers

        • Not an idol worshipper

          Popavich would never allow KB on his team; after all it “our team” and not “my team”.

          Will never happen, he will not let KB stand around on defense and excessive isolation on offense.

          Will never happen or worked and Popavich and anyone with a half a brain knows it.

          • Jim213

            ??,,, more like lack of a brain. Just b/c a Popovich like coach (if) came along and joined the team doesn’t mean it wouldn’t workout between both smh. Different coach that has a similar style as Popovich but that doesn’t share the same mind lol. You’re funny so called realistic fan.

  • Lakers Kobe 81

    Kobe Bryant is the Lakers biggest strength.In the old the Lakers ripped other teams off in trades and getting Kobe Bryant from the Hornets was a huge steal for the Lakers.The Lakers always did shady shit like getting Kareem for a group of scrubs and journeymen or getting the #1 pick from New Orleans Jazz that turned into Magic Johnson or trading a average player to obtain the #1 pick from the Cavs to draft James Worthy or trading a washed up injured Norm Nixon for the rights to Byron Scott.Well other stupid GM’s handed us the best players the NBA has ever seen by being stupid and making idiotic trades and in the end the Lakers won all these championships because of it and Kobe Bryant will always be the best Laker ever thank you Charlotte Hornets we owe you one.

  • Derek

    Biggest strength is Julius Randle,he is a new breed and Byron is the other strength.

    • Computer Networking

      I think there are many strengths. Biggest strength to me is rebounding. I believe that boozer, hill, and Davis will be able to minimize opponents offensive rebounds. This will be a big difference from last season. Kobe is the other strength. Without his leadership and hunger to prove doubters wrong, the lakers would still be nothing this upcoming season.

    • GMPunk

      What are you smoking because I need some. So a unproven, undersized, rookie is the Lakers biggest strength? I feel bad for you Lakers fans then

  • Lou

    Biggest strength is the backcourt of Kobe and Lin.That will be dynamic and fascinating to watch as they both are amazing.

    • Dana Douglas

      I hope so. Mainly, I’m hoping Lin gets to see what a basketball looks like, now and then. He may not have it in his hands very often.

      • 1mtoldman

        after james harden anything would be an improvement. he’s used to not having it in his hands very often. only long enuf to hand it off to harden and then go stand in the corner waiting for harden to give it back to him with 3 sec left on the clock if harden wasn’t able to draw a foul or shoot a 3.

        • GMPunk

          LMAO because the Lakers don’t have one of the biggest ball hogs in the history of the game on their team? LMAO

          Hey dummy!! James Harden 2PA 722 in 2014 74 games

          Kobe Bryant 2PA 1188 in 2013 in 78 games

  • Informed American

    Two things that tell me this will be a long rebuild:

    Jeanie Buss: FA will come here because of our past and glamor

    Jimmy Buss: if we are not a “contender” in 4-5 years, I will step down.

    Jeanie didn’t get it; Jimmy does but can’t execute the plan. Needed Jerry West back here running things.

  • Dana Douglas

    Kobe is the Lakers’ biggest strength; any other opinion fails to grasp the significance of his presence. It’s like imagining the Cleveland Cavaliers last year with Lebron or without Lebron. They were a terrible team without James. Add James (to last year’s Cleveland or to any bottom dwelling team) and instantly you have a different team. Same with Kobe. Just because his name was on the roster last year does not mean he was on the team. He wasn’t. Those six games were mostly a distraction. But add Kobe to this year’s Lakers, and we will have a completely different team. You can’t say that about any other player on the roster.

  • Mitch Igbo

    Kobe has to be our biggest strength heading into next season..Just his presence can be a game changer..Byron Scott will be such an upgrade at coach I can’t wait for him to bring the Laker pride back. Something only Kobe Bryant and Jodie Meeks (and Hill if he had gotten consistent minutes) have shown in the last few years

  • Guest

    “Last season Kobe only played 6 games and averaged 16.9 points, a
    significant decrease from previous seasons. He did however also average
    7.7 assists…”

    Actually, he went for 13.8 and 6.3 in the above categories. Still a career-high in assist, though.

    • Jay Papi Chambers

      his career high, is 15 assist.

      • gorgo

        lel not career high in a match but in the entire season

  • meep

    hard to chose what the biggest strength is. it for sure not the SF spot young good but wes is a question mark. any spot has the talent to do well. the biggest strength is lakers have a better overall team and better depth then last season

    • 1mtoldman

      i agree much better overall team and depth than last season. actual players playing last season: meeks, farmar, marshall, blake sacre, gasol–replaced this year with kobe, lin, boozer, randle, clarkson, davis (other 5 remain the same: kelly, johnson, henry, swaggy, hill–i dont expect sacre to get minutes and in this model im not expecting minutes from nash assuming anything there would be bonus). so basically kobe lin boozer randle clarkson davis vs. gasol. all the rest minutes guys from last year expendable. no loss. so no contest better overall team and better depth. of course no one at the beginning of last season expected the 11 who played to be the ones to play. injuries again could derail that depth and improvement. but comparing last years reality to this years current possibility: big improvement.

  • Lakers Love It

    Rumor is Eric Bledsoe rejected a max offer from the Lakers during the early stages of free agency if that’s true these are really sad days for the Lakers.Since Bledsoe ain’t worth max money yet he still rejected the max offer.It’s just a rumor though.

    • hookedonnews

      I doubt that’s true. Most of the rumors out there are bogus. Mitch Kupchak has been saying since early this season that they were focusing on 2015-2016 free agents. If they had made him a max offer he would have taken it IMO because the Suns aren’t exactly throwing money at him.

      • GMPunk

        Mitch Kupchak has been saying that same sad line for 3 years straight now. Wake up!! Wasn’t this the year of having James, Kyrie, and Love on the Lakers? What happen? Lin and Boozer? seriously

        • hookedonnews

          Actually no. As I said, he said from the get-go that not a lot was going to be done this off-season. Of course, when it looked like LeBron & Melo might actually be available they made offers, but I don’t think they seriously believed they would get either one of them. Lin & Boozer are just temporary fill-ins unless one or both of them have sensational years. I imagine Love would have come to the Lakers when his contract was up if LeBron hadn’t gone to Cleveland. There are still plenty of good players out there who will be looking for a team in the next couple of years. I saw an article today that said the league might veto the Love trade. I hope they do.

  • LO

    Lakers biggest strength is going to be their frontline. With additions of Boozer, Davis and Randle, along with resigning of Hill, they have addressed thier rebounding issues from last year as well as being flimsy in the paint both offensively and defensively. Byron Scott will reinforce interior offense and defense along with physicality and use these bigs in the right way, positioning them in the paint. They also have players that are known to attack the paint like Lin, Nick Young, Xavier, Clarkson and Randle. They have post players like Kobe, Boozer and Wesley, If the attackers can collapse the offense and the shooters can hit some open shots to space the floor, the bigs are going to feast on the glass. This team was meant for Byron Scott and I expect them to exceed NBA “experts” expectations. My concern is that they have the fire-power to hit enough outside shots to keep the defense from simply packing the paint once the offense]ive interior game gets going. The Lakers’ identity is gong to based upon physical play, paint points, rebounding and hopefully defense.

    I also agree the Lakers have potentially a top 10 backcourt in Lin and Bryant IF they can co-exsist. This rests mainly on Kobe trusting Lin and both players knowing when to take the shot and when to pass. I see Lin attacking the basket, collapsing the defense and leaving Kobe open for set shots. That’s not been his game in the past but that shouldn’t be a hard adjustment for Kobe. I also see this working in reverse with Lin being the one taking the open look. Defenses will be on edge because so many players can create off the dribble.

    Lastly, the fact that we expect a healthy Kobe immediately changes this team. He’s still the Black Mamba and in those 6 games he was still only warming up. He came off a very dominant season prior to injuring his Achilles. I’m not betting against Kobe.

    I’m surprised that people are so negative on the Lakers expectations just because they didn’t pick up Lebron or Melo. Mitch did a great job in the off-season. I like Lin, Bryant and Boozer.

    This is the redemption squad. Lakers have something to prove from the coach to each player. Let’s get it!!

  • J Taylor

    If Scott can adapt and find useful combinations of players, he can overcome the talent disparity between the Lakers and the top teams in the West. – Assuming the defense will be — at the least — competent.

  • New power house

    Versatility! The team has players that could play more than one position and it has a combination of youth and experience players able to compete. Also Byron is a way better coach.

  • MaxBangayvef

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  • Carl Bradley

    On Paper: The Lakers will have the fastest team they’ve ever put together. Defense and team chemistry will be the key to success.

  • Carlo Montano

    the presence of kobe on the court will be the team’s biggest strength. while there are still more doubters than not in the impending court performance of kobe, this is understandable coming off from injury. but kobe’s will to win will surely rub-off to other players. and with the seemingly a-ok relationship with coach scott, this will be worth anticipating. kobe is still kobe, the ever workhorse. said coach rudy t. “don’t underestimate the heart of a champion! “

  • Eman94

    It has to be the front court particularly the power forward position after the additions of Julius Randle, Carlos boozer, and Ed Davis. Even though Ed Davis and Jordan Hill will get the bulk of their minutes at the center position they’re both natural power forwards. The only reason I don’t think Kobe is the biggest strength is because there’s too many question marks surrounding him and his health even though I have faith he can still be an excellent player and a top nba player. People here are saying Kobe’s presence on the court will have an impact on the other players but it’s an 82 game season his presence can only do so much and Kobe’s presence during the lakers down years like 2003-2006 didn’t always make his teams play to their absolute best the whole time. His presence will help but it’s not gonna make his team suddenly 100 times better

  • Spade

    The biggest strength of this team is depth. But as last year showed none of that matters if no one can stay healthy.

  • Richard

    I think preparing and putting the very best chemistry on the floor will be key to he season.

  • contraband south

    Rebounding and tempo should be the biggest strength. Utilize the bigs pound the ball into the paint eliminate as many fast break opportunities as possible. Control the tempo with aggressive bully ball. I wanna see the Lakers become one of the most physical teams in the league. Offensive side should be a lot of pick and roll and screens to create mis matches, back cuts for the wing players. This I really hope they add a guard who can defend and penentrate. And maybe Beasley since he can space the floor and create his own offense.

    • vdogg

      wholeheartedly agree about beasley. bring him on board!

  • Doug Carter

    well being a long time Laker fan I think I will step aside from forecasting the season and what Byron will be as a coach for this team and believe in what Kobe can do and his supporting cast I know that Kobe has had to listen to all the nay saying and I know that his motor is probably about to over rev I will bet he is training double time working on his stamina his 3 ball his timing and anything else you can think of tp be in tip top form and I will bet that his other team mates are doing the same in anticipation of being on the court with him so I for one am very incouraged as to our potential GO LAKERS GO ,GO PURPLE AND GOLD.

  • hookedonnews

    Of course, Kobe is the biggest strength. He’s one of those players that can practically win a game all by himself. On the other hand he can be a liability if he holds the ball, shoots too much, etc. With a new coach and a new system along with some new players it’s too early to really evaluate this team. We know what each one can do individually, but we don’t know how they are going to fit together.

  • Mitchell

    The Lakers biggest strength might be their depth. But I’d say their biggest weakness is that other than Kobe, none of these guys would even be close to starters on another western conference playoff team.

  • Hoopsman

    Did this article say that D’Antoni was a mediocre coach? Correction… he was a bum that destroyed players. This is the dude that could not find a way to use D. Howard and Pau Gasol.I hope he gets a job in Australia next.. He traded Jamal Crawford when he was with NY.. What a BUM..

  • Jeremaine Prieto

    All they need is chemistry, practice hard and enjoy paying with each other. I hope Kobe embraces each and everyone of his teammates. If he does, they’ll die for each and every possession.

  • George

    xavier henry should start at small forward in my opinion

  • Maxx Daxx

    Biggest source of strength for the Lakers will still be KOBE. Other sources of strength would be rookies RANDLE and CLARKSON, newcomers LIN, BOOZER and DAVIS can contribute while NASH, YOUNG, WESLEY, XAVIER, KELLY, SACRE and HILL will provide added depth to their rotation. They just have to be healthy and injury free.

    As for the head coach, it’s how he’s going to use these players on offensive and defensive sets which will make them serviceable at least.

    Next season will be a new chapter for the Lakers, I won’t judge them based on what the team has accomplished the last or the previous seasons.

  • Frank L

    Nice to read comments. You guys have points in your own way. Me? I will always be a Laker fan and happy about Scott being the HC. I will just sit back and relax and enjoy every game the Lakers will play. Winning basketball game is always a partnership between players and coach, never a one way. I know Lakers will soon be on the right track, that’s their brand. I have faith in them :)

  • David

    All you Lakers writer which Lakers Nation called ‘experts” are laughable; if defense is B. Scott’s driving motivation for this team then how is KB their biggest strength? Have you so called experts even watched the games objectively when KB was healthy? He would leave his man wide open on jump shots and would often get burned on drives to the basket, instead of playing through to cover the other man on the weak side KB would just give up leaving the team’s big man to defend two offensive players and the result is an easy basket. This is really ugly team basketball on the defensive side and on the offense it is isolation and watching KB playground basketball. SUCKS!

    Complete opposite to Spurs basketball.

  • mark wyatt

    Laker’s may win 30 games , Nash and Kobe wont last that long , who care’s? Former 90710.

  • apeknows

    We gotta stop looking at our past and keep building our future. This year’s roster looks a tad tougher than last year’s. But slow upright steps are better than staying at the bottom while showing our 16 trophies to others. Let’s go!!!

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