Lakers Nation Response to Clippers ‘Stayed’ Troll Banner Reviewed by Momizat on . Alright. By now you've all seen the Dwight Howard banner that was up (and then taken down) at Staples Center. It caused quite a flurry, as fans were wondering w Alright. By now you've all seen the Dwight Howard banner that was up (and then taken down) at Staples Center. It caused quite a flurry, as fans were wondering w Rating:
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Lakers Nation Response to Clippers ‘Stayed’ Troll Banner

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Alright. By now you’ve all seen the Dwight Howard banner that was up (and then taken down) at Staples Center. It caused quite a flurry, as fans were wondering whether or not they liked the Lakers clamoring for Howard.

Here’s the original banner;


Then, according to SportsNation’s Twitter account, there was a Clipper response;


So, we decided we would come up with a little trolling action of our own. What do you think?


Even though the Clippers have turned things around the last couple of seasons, it’s still fun to give them a hard time for the fact that there is no actual evidence that they play at Staples Center (in the rafters anyways).

So, even though the Lakers are in a state of flux and turmoil, make sure to remind Clipper fans that Staples is the Lakers’ house first and foremost.


Did you see our video about Dwight Howard’s meeting with the Lakers? If not, check out our video below and don’t forget to click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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  • john

    man efff the clit pers. purp n gold town.

  • LOL

    Lakers fans are so funny. Everyone gets so butt hurt whenever the Lakers are threatened. I can’t wait for Howard to leave you guys and crush your emotions even more. Keep begging for D12, it might work. And if it doesn’t, the almighty Lakers organization just made a fool of themselves.

    • Alipio Gabriel

      Lakers fans want D12 to leave lol.

      Im not saying its a good thing though.

    • Richard

      YOu are so so wrong… Howard staying is an icing to the cake, if he stays, it’s good… but if he leaves, we are still good. Our core just won the championships 3 years ago.. that is just 3 years, and we are a big player in 2014 free agency. Lakers always retool and does not go through the lottery. What do you have to boast about? Chris Paul staying? The last time I look, he couldn’t get your team to the second round with all the talent that he has around him. Fact is, he hasn’t won anything!

    • B23

      Why are you even on Lakers nation

    • Super Girl

      Coming from a Clipper who looses every year!!! ALWAYS JEALOUS ABOUT THE LAKERS !!! We will see how you guys make it against the SPURS, YOUR FAVORITE GRIZZLIES WHO ALWAYS PUSHES YOU OUT OF THE PLAY OFFS & THE OKC’S. YOU SORE LOOSERS!!!

  • D’Antoni

    We Want WIGGINS

  • 3339

    Clippers: Alright we won the pacific division, we can finally hang a banner in STAPLES center!!!!!!!

    Lakers: you guys actually care about division banners? thats cute. just imagine if we did

    • brianguy

      well they hung Minn. banners from before the NBA existed even though most Laker fans can’t spell Minneapolis or locate it on a map. the Buffalo Braves swapped places with the old Boston Celtics, who then moved to San Diego, so technically the Clippers should hang 13 banners?! that’s Laker fan thinking right there.

      • Richard

        Wrong… you don’t know nothing about NBA franchises… when a franchise wins a ship, they take it with them wherever it goes… Celtics is Celtics, they won 17 rings as Celtics… Lakers are Lakers, we won 16 ships as Lakers.. the Braves are the Braves, they won plenty of a-holes as Braves/Clippers… it is not about the place it is about the franchise… get it straight…

      • Lakers4life

        You must be the dumbest person on the internet. Good job.

      • 3339

        not just championships. how about retired numbers of great players.

      • COME, AGAIN?


  • Sti1lmatic

    I’m a Laker fan but I can’t hate on how the Clippers Org. shook up that squad.
    They have a decent bench compared to ours. Hopefully Mitch and Mini me can
    shake up our own squad. Even if its for one year contracts. We CANNOT afford
    to be taken out in the first round AGAIN!

    • lolwtferic

      You, I like you. Thanks for being rational.

  • renecee

    lakers got swept in first round with lot of injuries and without kobe. the clippers are in tack and still they lost in the first round how did it happen.?

    • Sti1lmatic

      I believe the same way we went down…bad coaching. CP3 can’t win a series all by himself. Kobe can’t win a series all by himself. The TEAM needs to step up and both teams came up short and were bad coached.

    • GOOD ONE


      • Elmer Chavarria

        Bad coaching and Blake got injured during playoffs…

      • Elmer Chavarria

        LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin left Game 5 of their first-round series against the Memphis Grizzlies in the third quarter Tuesday night for a previously injured ankle and did not return.

        SportsNation: Griffin injured

        Will Blake Griffin return from an ankle sprain for the Clippers’ win-or-go-home Game 6 in Memphis?
        • Vote!

        He was listed as day to day for a high right ankle sprain heading into Friday’s Game 6 in Memphis. After Tuesday’s 103-93 win, the Grizzlies hold a 3-2 lead in the series.

  • lolwtferic

    I made the Clippers banner, but if you want to play like that, well…

    • CharlieMurphy!

      AEG owns the LA Kings and part of the LA Lakers. You should take that down. You look like an idiot defending your own stupidity.

      • Jim213

        You said it best Lakers and Kings… True champions… Clippers should move back to the Sports Arena to hang their 2013 Western Division title…LOL!

    • Alex Echeverria

      you sir is a idiot. really 1 champion after all these years.. come on little kid. go get some meds.

    • Christian Vielman

      Lakers still pay rent to AEG with a certain percentage amount of ticket sells. So probably not great that you’re calling another person an idiot when they’re correct.

    • 3339

      when people think Staples Center, they think Lakers. when they go in Staples Center, all they see is Lakers. all that matters.

    • F.Y.I. – “LITERALLY”


    • CharlieMurphy!

      LMFAO @ Clipper fans. When butt hurt, they resort to technicality. Who gives A.S. about who’s paying rent? Clipper fans will do anything to stray away from reality.

      LA Lakers have more ties to the LA Kings than the Clippers organization will ever have, or will ever try to have. The late great Jerry Buss used to own the LA Kings back in 1979 and both teams played in the Great Western Forum.

      No need to try to use the LA Kings to win a discussion. The LA Kings is much superior to the Clippers and I’m not just saying that because I don’t like Clipper fans, but out of respect to the great Wayne Gretzky and the once great owner of the LA Kings, Mr. Jerry Buss.

  • dahillma

    We need to sign Josh Smith if D12 does not stay…

    • Elmer Chavarria

      They over the cap, can’t sign anybody until next year.

  • Jim213

    Clippers should move back to the Sports Arena to hang their 2013 Western Division title… LOL!…

  • Edmiles25

    Not your house its the kings house get your facts right you ignorant laker fans

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