Lakers Nation Reacts: Would You Take A Pay Cut If You Were Kobe? Reviewed by Momizat on . In the past few days, a lot has come out about Kobe Bryant and whether or not he'd take a pay cut after his contract expires next season. The Lakers will have e In the past few days, a lot has come out about Kobe Bryant and whether or not he'd take a pay cut after his contract expires next season. The Lakers will have e Rating:
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Lakers Nation Reacts: Would You Take A Pay Cut If You Were Kobe?

In the past few days, a lot has come out about Kobe Bryant and whether or not he’d take a pay cut after his contract expires next season. The Lakers will have everyone but Steve Nash and Robert Sacre off the books next off-season and it’s believed that the plan is to sign two max players.

However, this season, Bryant will make over $30 million while he tries to rehab his Achilles injury in time for opening night next season.

We asked Lakers Nation if they were in Kobe’s shoes, would they take a pay cut next season:

Washington Wizards v Los Angeles LakersIn our poll, 60 percent say they would take a pay cut if they were in Kobe’s shoes to help the Lakers sign more players. While he’s maintained he won’t take a pay cut, it’s hard to believe him re-signing for $30 million.

Bryant will be 35 in August and after his first serious injury, he’s aiming to return on opening night as it sounds like he’s somewhat ahead of schedule in his recovery.

The Lakers will need Bryant to be healthy next season if they want to be competitive as the hole left by Dwight Howard has been filled by Chris Kaman, Nick Young and Jordan Farmar.

It’ll be interesting to see how Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss approach negotiations with Bryant as in 2004, things were made very public about his dissatisfaction with how things were being run.

Bryant has put those days behind him and went on to achieve great success wearing the purple and gold, but Bryant will have to realize a pay cut is in order.


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  • knezpedja

    With all do respect to Kobe, who is IMO #1 ever, if I`m he, I would play for min. 1-2 (3) years. He has earned a lot, A LOT of money. Yes, business bla bla bla, but he can invest if he wants business, if he wants rings, then accept minimum and play with 2 younger mega stars for few years and ring A LOT around DH head.

  • Laker J

    Kobe is not in the category of playing for the vet’s minimum now. However, he is not worth 30M a year after this season. What he considers a pay cut, most of us would consider a fortune that would change our lives for ever. We have not helped the lakers win 5 championships, but our hard earned dollars that we spend on tickets, merchandise, and the such, has helped in no small way generate some of the revenue to pay the players salaries. Kobe is smart by taking this position, but would be even smarter, and would cement his Laker legacy if he indeed signs for less to help the team (and himself) win more championships.
    Whichever the case may be, the Lakers would be smart not extend his contract now, but should wait until the end of the 2014 free agency to exercise the bird right exceptions on Gasol and Kobe. Furthermore, the lakers need to consider having cap space or trade assets for the 2015 free agency when Marc Gasol and Kevin Love will be unrestricted free agents.

    • mary952

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  • jwickabdurrahim

    Look, the question was unfair. It was asked if he would take a pay cut to 1.4 million for one year. Are you serious? If you asked if he would take a pay cut down to like 2 years 20 million or something, then he may have been said sure but to go from 30 million to 1.4, come on. Kobe’s smart, he knows that he probably won’t get 30 million and the Lakers want to/need to sign a big name to take over after he retires and that that would give him a great shot to win a title. He also knows that if he takes a pay cut, there’s a chance Pau would resign for much less. Let’s see how this season plays out but let’s also not say he’s selfish because he would take a paycut by 29 million dollars. That was just a poorly asked question.

    • jjf

      Kobe is the best player in Lakers history. He will get 20m-25m- it will above all players. less than that it will be better for him to retire and play for Italy.

  • Jim213

    Too early to comment about this now… however, a vets contract or a contract less than $10 mil would be a SLAP on the face to the value that Kobe’s brought to the franchise.

  • lox2615

    No Kobe shouldn’t take a pay cut to bring in other superstars he is one of the last real competitive athletes left n the game why do like Miami big 3 who didn’t believe in themselves who needed other stars to play with to get a ring we don’t need another already made superstar all LA needs is a couple of hungry young players who wants to become suprestars.

  • SaShathemachine

    please mr. Mitch and J.Buss resign Vujacic he be excellent 3 point shooter and will give the lakers a excellent chance to win another championship with the new signed players!!

  • ephraim jones

    Kobe works to hard on the court and off the court to take any pay cut he is an excellent example of a staff who gives his boss 100% every day hats off to Kobe Bryant

  • Dk

    No disrespect to Kobe but the time is now.Kobe been a laker for 17 yrs his value to the lakers is writen in stone here. The game move on and now is the time for lakers to reload again with the most MVP being a free agent next season that should be the main goal for lakers LBJ or Carmelo 2014. 30M to Kobe at this stage in his career not going to happen sorry laker nation it time to move on

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