Lakers Nation Reacts: Which Playoff Matchup Is Best for Lakers?

Lakers Nation Reacts: Which Playoff Matchup Is Best for Lakers?


With the Lakers one game ahead of the Utah Jazz for the eighth spot in the West, it seems the Lakers will in fact squeak into the playoffs. After two losses against sub .500 teams and a loss to the Warriors, the Lakers chances of moving to as high as sixth in the West still remain in question.

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However, today we posed the question to Lakers Nation: Which team would you rather play in the playoffs? The Spurs, Thunder, Nuggets, Grizzlies, or Clippers?

Here are the results:

It seems that 56 percent believe that the Spurs would be the best choice, which would be the Lakers’ first round opponent if the season ended today. The Lakers stand 3.5 games behind Houston for the seventh seed and 4.5 games behind sixth seeded Golden State. Seed three through five are separated by only a game and the Spurs only hold a 1.5 game lead of the Thunder for the top spot.

In their two games against the Spurs this season, the Lakers narrowly lost 84-82 at home and lost 108-105 in San Antonio. The silver lining in both games is that the Lakers were without Steve Nash for the first matchup and didn’t have Dwight Howard or Pau Gasol in their loss in San Antonio.

San Antonio has held the number one seed for most of this season and finished there last season before losing in the Western Conference Finals against the Thunder. While playing any of these teams would be a great challenge to the Lakers, the Lakers have proven this year they can hang with the Spurs better then any of those other teams.

  • sdjfhskdjfh

    None. We’re getting smashed either way.

  • Shammockery1

    Kindergarteners…. and they’ll still get bounced……….

  • thisaintthelakers

    2004 – 2008 Kobe is showing back up again. Huge numbers. No rings in those years, even missed playoffs.

    Shaq was able to cover it for a while, and Pau was able to cover it up when he first showed up.

    But now Kobe is back to that same dude, and this time he has minimalized fellow hall of famers.

    season over

  • Al

    Who cares…they’ll lose to anyone in the first round.

  • zadd

    memphis without marc gasol

  • zadd

    who ever say SA Spurs don’t watch nba