Lakers Nation Reacts: Which Number Should Kobe Get Retired?

Lakers Nation Reacts: Which Number Should Kobe Get Retired?


kobe8vs24It’s been a debate for a long time, but with the recent jersey retirement of Shaquille O’Neal at Staples Center it’s resurfaced once more – which number, eight or 24, should the Lakers retire in honor of Kobe?

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Bryant played the first decade of his career wearing number eight, winning three championships and having his most memorable moment, scoring 81 points on Toronto, while wearing the single-digit numeral. Bryant switched to 24 prior to the 2006-07 season, and went on to win two more championships and his only two NBA Finals Most Valuable Player awards while rocking that number.

This morning we polled Lakers Nation to ask what the fans want to see once the Lakers do hang Kobe’s jersey in the rafters. The results were relatively one-sided.

Here are some of your responses to the poll, and the reasons for those decisions.



Ultimately, I still believe it will be Bryant’s choice. And I feel that he’s going to choose 24 to be the jersey the Lakers hang up. To me, Bryant’s days wearing number eight are still closely associated with Shaq, and when he donned 24 he truly stepped into the limelight as the leader of the team and cemented his legacy as one of the greatest to lace ’em up. While we’re still (at least) a couple years from seeing this happen, there are still those wishful thinkers out there hoping something different will happen;


I guess we’ll wait and see.


In case you missed it, be sure to check out Shaq’s jersey retirement press conference!

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  • Gurp

    Retire both! Ain’t no one gonna be ko8e or kb24 ever again!


    Both need to be retired

  • Jackmouve

    and ghost ride his locker.

  • lakers_824

    BOTH PERIOD…………….If they do retire only one Retire 24 but I dare any1 player too take # 8 u will have big shoes to fill!!

    #8: 3 rings, 81 points, Dunk Champion, 2 All Star MVP’s, Dunking machine posterizing every1
    #24: 3 rings, MVP, Finals MVP, Vino, 4 straight 50+ games, 3 All star MVP’s, 4th all time scoring,

    • lakers_824

      #24 has 3 rings becuz we winning this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Isabel Herron

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  • Claude Ammons

    Both numbers are unique to Kobe and should be recognized equally. He won 3 championships with the # 8 and is working on a 3rd plus championships with # 24. Plus both jersey numbers where the #1 selling jerseys during their time!

  • MARK


  • Jack King

    both 8 and 24.

  • Jack King

    it they retired number 8 and 24.. only kobe do that… heheheheh…

  • Jack King

    when michael jorden shift at number 45, he did not make it…