Lakers Nation Reacts: Should Lakers Sign-And-Trade Dwight Howard? Reviewed by Momizat on . [caption id="attachment_73257" align="alignright" width="300"] Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports[/caption] It's almost that time for Lakers fans to endure the in [caption id="attachment_73257" align="alignright" width="300"] Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports[/caption] It's almost that time for Lakers fans to endure the in Rating:
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Lakers Nation Reacts: Should Lakers Sign-And-Trade Dwight Howard?

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Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s almost that time for Lakers fans to endure the inevitable: Dwight Howard’s free agency. Howard won’t officially become a free agent until July 1, but there have been plenty of rumors to suggest the process won’t be tolerable nor efficient.

Termed “The Dwightmare Part 1″, Howard left Orlando under terrible circumstances and seems poised to do the same in Los Angeles, granted he chooses to remain a Laker.

Thus far in the off-season, there have been reports that Howard has narrowed his choices to the Lakers, Houston Rockets and also the Golden State Warriors, with the Rockets being the main threat to the Lakers chances of re-signing him.

However, around the NBA, many believe Howard will choose to bolt LA for Houston, and we asked Lakers Nation if the Lakers should entertain the idea of a sign-and-trade if he wants to leave:

Not surprisingly, 67 percent believe the Lakers should entertain a sign-and-trade, but that might not be possible as Howard would want to go to Houston to play with the young players the Lakers would seemingly want in return.

However, if the Rockets are serious about Howard, they’ve also made it known that they will pursue Howard and Clippers point guard Chris Paul simultaneously, thus leaving Jeremy Lin as a potential fit for the Lakers.

In theory, it would be difficult for the Lakers to lose Howard outright and if he does say to Mitch Kupchak that he does want to go to the Rockets, it’d be in the best interest of the team if they could get something in return.


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  • honestly

    sign and trade dwight for parsons asik and some draft picks… let nash go for a 1st rounder then maybe go after cp3… i would let pau go if we can get cp3, also let metta go and re sign clark..

  • CAS

    S&T DH to HOU for Pasons, Robinson and Brooks. HOU gets their man and LA gets what they need an expring contract (Brooks), a solid SF to start (Parsons) and a young PF (Robinson) to plug next to Pau.

  • J

    Silly article, esp since Lakers couldn’t take anyone back in a sign and trade….and even if we could, it would make more sense to send him to the East, to Brooklyn, for Lopez and Marshon Brooks


    Either way we’re fucked no to lin take any young pcs / draft picks and kobe might as well retire now or amesty him sorry kobe unless you play 3 to 4 more season at a lesser role and a lot less money its a biz .PS. .fuck Howard he should say he wants out and stop holding the best franchise in the the nba hostage ass.

  • Jack

    Can we stop with these articles already?! Even if I say please? I’ve seen about 3 articles on here with this same title this offseason. The lakers wont sign and trade him especially because dwight won’t even let them know his decision until it’s too late to do so. AND we would’t be able to get anything in return that could really help because teams know the lakers would be desperate to move him because they’ll get nothing if he walks. So please, lets get a little more creative until there’s actually something to report.

  • lorenzo

    i think regardless of what Dwight decides to do. The Lakers should go after guys like Ronny Turiaf and Kenyon Martin in free agency. Boris Diaw…Any help we can get realy. if they are cheap enough only though of course

  • lorenzo

    we gotta keep nash at this point though, but i wish we had like a jason terry off the bench, you know what im sayin?

  • 3339

    guys we are f*cked.

    we have a coach with no plan/ clue about how to coach

    we have an older team

    Dwight’s probably gone

    Kobe is recovering from a serious surgery.

    Jim Buss thinks about himself over the team

    at least we have good memories

    • markjsunz

      Jim Buss thinks about himself not the team? I am not a big Jim Buss fan but he had a 100 million dollar payroll last year to win a championship
      It may be unfair to expect the Buss children to fulfill the fathers talents.

  • JohnnyD

    Honestly D12 isn’t all that! He’s not the guy that will take a team to the finals and win a Championship. He’s just a guy that has a big contract and has a big HYPE behind him. Just look at this year when he joined the Lakers… Nash, Kobe and Howard… wow everyone thought they were gonna become champions! Yeah right! He’s a big joke plus his mind is too soft/weak and doesn’t have the champion attitude/mentality like great champs Jordan etc. D12 mean drama queen x12!!! He’s good but will never be a champ just a chump getting paid big and relaxing in the shade! Bank on it!

  • JohnnyD


  • Guest

    Fuck D 12, that guy has zero heart. Send him off please.

  • golden_lakers

    trade howard for curry and bogut

    trade gasol for love

    trade nash,artest,meeks,blake

    for allen,c.andersen,
    jamisson for korver
    duhon,ebanks,morris for 1st round pick






    • Lakers4ever1994

      Wow u dont know shit about basketball

  • David Aninion

    I’d be content to trade him for asik and lin; and just search for
    bonafide 3 point shooters who aren’t afraid to shoot the three ball when
    opportunity grants it. It looks to like asik can compliment both gasol
    and nash on the floor. if they can get ariza for metta world peace, I’d
    take that trade any day too. Line up: Gasol, asik, nash, lin, and

  • Just vibe

    you cant sign and trade if you have to pay luxury tax.

  • Magicman32

    Come on guys, Dwight is not gonna sign with the Lakers, Houston can just SIGN him and keep their roster. My Lakers kept D’Antoni, they made their choice. Why would any big man wanna play for coach D? Look at how coach D did Pau last year. Jimmy Buss made his choice and is sticking with it, Coach D for the year. I believe that if Phil Jackson were the coach D12 would be more inclined to stay. Jimmy Buss is killing my beloved Lakers

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