Lakers Nation is Looking for an Intern

Lakers Nation is Looking for an Intern


Hi there.

Lakers Nation has grown tremendously in the past year to become one of the largest independent sports sites in the world. We’ve reached a point where we need an intern to help us out. Our “office” is located in Pasadena and we’d like to fill up that chair in the corner with a hard working, creative, dedicated, curious soul aka known as THE Intern.


  • You should really want to be an online journalist, an online marketing person, or have some desire to want to learn how to build an online community of awesome fans.
  • Be able to write.
  • LOVE the Lakers. LOVE Sports in General. LOVE Learning.
  • Be internet savvy – HTML, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit and WordPress just to name a few.
  • Use OSX & it’s suite of apps. I have absolutely no patience with PC-users and their blue screens of death.
  • Be Over 18.
  • Know how to do basic photoshop and video-editing.
  • NOT Camera Shy – we might just stick you in front of a camera one day, so you best be ready.
  • Ability to commit 15-20 hours a week working out of the “office” and/or at home.
What you’ll gain from this experience:
  • A solid foundation of internet marketing and content production.
  • Learning some insights into the world of sports news reporting.
  • Learning how to pitch stories
  • A skill set that will make you a superstar at your next job.
  • School Credit if you’re counselors are cool like USC and LMU’s counselors.
  • A bunch of other stuff that I can’t think of right now.

If you think you have what it takes, we might be able to find some room in the budget for a stipend after you put in some time to prove your worth. We are absolutely clear on what we need to do when it comes to interns, but we understand not eveyrone is, so if you are unclear, please refer to this link.

What you need to do:

  • Email your resume to mailbag [(at)] with the subject line “Best Intern EVER”
  • Tell us about yourself, what you’ve done in the past and why you think you’d be perfect for this internship.
  • Bonus points for people who make a video of themselves and include that youtube link in your email.
Deadline is June 30, 2012 to get your applications in.

We really look forward to hearing from you.