Lakers Nation Interviews Julius Randle, 2014 NBA Draft Prospect (VIDEO) Reviewed by Momizat on . Please enable Javascript to watch this video 2014 NBA draft prospect Julius Randle came to the Lakers facility late Monday night to shoot around before his solo Please enable Javascript to watch this video 2014 NBA draft prospect Julius Randle came to the Lakers facility late Monday night to shoot around before his solo Rating: 0
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Lakers Nation Interviews Julius Randle, 2014 NBA Draft Prospect (VIDEO)

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2014 NBA draft prospect Julius Randle came to the Lakers facility late Monday night to shoot around before his solo pre-draft workout with the Los Angeles Lakers Tuesday morning. Prior to our interview, Randle refuted reports that surfaced claiming he would need foot surgery and said he would be playing in this year’s NBA Summer League.

After finishing up his workout with shooting drills, Randle stopped by to chat with Lakers Nation. From his first look at the Lakers championship trophies to his admiration for Kobe Bryant, Randle smiles at just the possibility that he could be a Laker next year. Plus, where does he think he proved himself most successful in his workout with the Lakers?


VIDEO: Lakers Pre-Draft Workouts – Julius Randle Clears The Air On Foot Surgery Reports

VIDEO: Julius Randle Shooting Around At Lakers Pre-Draft Workouts

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  • cj

    people are not bringing it up but embiid could end up falling to 5-7 range.

    1. cavs: could use him but because of “red flags” wont pick him. will likely take wiggens/parker

    2. bucks: dont need him they have a ton of bigs atm and are said to like exaum.
    likely take exaum/wiggens/parker

    3. 6res: dont need him they have nole but if wiggens/parker are not there they will take him. likely takes wiggens parker. will take embiid if they are not on board.

    4. magic: dont need embiid want exaum if exaum is gone will take smart.
    likely exaum/smart

    5-6-7 jazz, celts, lakers: this is were it gets tricky. if the read flags are big the jazz might pass on him but i dont see him getting past boston but one never knows nole fell to 6 because of his back we might see a fall to 7

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      I love your pick… with the Embiid back inury.. he might really fall to us with the 7th pick… but I would take Randle, because of his fire… Embiid though talented, lacks a little bit of fire in him. IMO.

      • Zimmeredge

        I dońt understand people getting crazy about smart. I mean, i love the guy. His tenacity, leadership, motivation, Hunger, skills, athleticism and all but it´s not like smart is or will be the first or last athletic freak at the pg position. I like him. But with Kobe being around, dictating the tempo of the game and with a completely depleted interior sector we could use vonleh and randle more. They offer more garanty and more possibilities in the future. I like smart a lot but the next fa is loaded with good pg. Se can still put up a trade for a lower pick in order to get payton, napier or Smith, players who are great as well. On the other hand expet gasol, and if bosh does not attend the fa there is no quality center or pf in the pf other than gasol. So imho we should really get vonleh or randle.

        • cj


    • VillainKing

      Finally I found you..I cannot reply to you on the other site because the threads is close Smart is better than Lavine remember it..Marcus Smart will become a Lakers and did you hear the news that the Lakers is very impress of Smart’s work-out??..and for me that list of draft order by yours will never happen..

      • BevWadevob

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        Riley got an almost new red GMC Canyon just by some parttime working online
        with a laptop. visit their website F­i­s­c­a­l­p­o­s­t­.­C­O­M­

      • cj

        no i agree some team that does not need him (bucks) will end up taking him. but if the teams drafted for need and not the best player like they should he could fall to us. and about the lavine vs smart thing just read the zimmeredge post above you hes right.

        • VillainKing

          Don’t agree of you Lakers need a PG and Marcus Smart is the best PG the Lakers can get at 7th..Lakers will draft Marcus Smart..also I don’t believe of your buddy zimmeredge..Marcus Smart is the perfect fit for the Lakers..

        • VillainKing

          In terms of Kobe Bryant and Marcus Smart they both need create a chemistry they can share the ball and trust the ball to each other and I know the both of them can do that..That’s what we could teamwork!!also remember Marcus Smart is a two way player like Kobe Bryant he can be a passer he can be a scorer..

      • Jonathan

        The Lakers will be very stupid to pass up on Marcus Smart,very stupid Lakers FO if they draft someone else.Marcus Smart will be at #7 i am 75% sure and if the Lakers pass him up then it’s a regret.Some L.A. Lakers media like Scott Howard Cooper are making it known the Lakers will draft Aaron Gordon.But ESPN mock draft says Marcus Smart will get drafted by the Lakers.Who knows?

        • VillainKing

          Yeah, Lakers must draft Marcus Smart!!

      • David

        It is possible they shut it down due to very poor use of foul language in that forum? Or they could have shut it down due to all the Kobe bashing going on, that might be me :). bwahahaha

        • VillainKing

          Maybe that forum shutdown because its reach the time limit of this site..hehehehe..:-)

  • Angelo

    Draft Smart (Embiid if he does fall to 7) and buy another pick and draft Randle at 10th.

    • Zimmeredge

      Philly wońt sell their 10 especially if it´s randle. Nobody should let randle go.

  • kiko

    Andrew Wiggins and jabari parker and Joel Embiid lakers should make trade or cash get deal

    • Marcus Franco

      I would be more realistic, those two It’s almost impossible to happen and Embiid I don’t have any faith on him, seems to be an Injury Prone… I really would like Exum aside Kobe, he has a great potential to be a super star and also we haven’t had a good pg in years.

  • Calbert

    Julius Randle looks and plays too much like Anthony Bennett.No thanks.Pass.

  • Gabe

    Ya’ll this cat Julius Randle reminds me of Miniature Shaq.Powerful with finesse.

  • Laker Illuminati

    Dude he looks small. How tall is this kid? I got to check this out.

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