Lakers Nation Free Agent Of The Week: Kyle Lowry

Lakers Nation Free Agent Of The Week: Kyle Lowry


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With the Los Angeles Lakers entering the off-season with plenty of cap room, we’re examining potential free agents and their fit with the team. Last week, we began our look at with Lance Stephenson. This week’s edition features Toronto Raptors point guard, Kyle Lowry.

Age: 28
Height: 6-0
Weight: 175
Position: PG
2013-14 Statistics: 17.9 points, 7.4 assists, 1.5 steals, and 4.7 rebounds.

Lowry helped guide the Raptors to their first playoff berth since 2008. Following the mid-season trade that sent Rudy Gay to the Sacramento Kings, Lowry emerged as one of the team’s leaders. Compared to 2012-13 when Gay was on the roster, Lowry saw 6.5 more minutes a game and became the team’s second leading scorer behind DeMar DeRozan.

He established himself as a top-tier point guard and should be looked at by a variety of teams during the summer.


Lowry can score in a variety of ways. He excels at attacking the rim especially in pick-and-roll situations. However, one flaw in his game is his inability to create for teammates. Although he was eighth in the league in assists per game, the majority of his assists came from moving the ball to the next man.

Regardless, Lowry is a dangerous offensive player. If opposing defenses try to cut off Lowry’s path to the rim, he is capable of punishing them with a three. Over the last season, he made the fourth most three pointers among point guards.

In addition, he is comfortable playing off the ball and comes off screens extremely well. His ability to move without the ball only makes him that much more lethal. When paired with Kobe Bryant, this would give the offense some flexibility as both players need the ball to be productive.

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One of Lowry’s greatest strengths is his hustle. Lowry commits himself wholly on both ends of the ball and can be described as a ball-hawk. He isn’t afraid to get into the opposing players’ faces and cause some havoc. His tenacity on defense would be welcomed presence in the Laker backcourt.

His 1.5 steals per game average is higher than any Laker over the past season. The Lakers struggled on defense throughout the season and could use someone with Lowry’s defensive presence.

Another way Lowry’s defensive effort helps him comes in his rebounding. Over the season, he averaged 4.7 rebounds a game which was the second most by a point guard. The Lakers ranked 25th in team rebounding and can definitively benefit from a point guard that can rebound as well as Lowry does.

Contract Outlook

2013-14 Salary: $6,210,000

Because of his tremendous season with the Raptors, Lowry is expected to demand a significant raise. While he can be considered one of the top point guards in the league, he doesn’t deserve a max contract of around $16 million a year. A more realistic range for Lowry is in the $9-11 million range.

Landing With Lakers Odds: 10 to 1

The Lakers could potentially have a need at the point guard position. Steve Nash confessed the Lakers cant rely on him to be completely healthy and be consistent producer.

The front office must decide how they want to fill in the gap. With one year left on Nash’s contract, the Lakers are going to be looking to find their point guard of the future. The draft offers some interesting prospects as Dante Exum might be available when the Lakers pick. Chances are the Lakers could want to invest in a less riskier option with the veteran Lowry who seems to have moved past his injury woes.

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  • condemor

    if they fire nash, they should after “lowry” or “bledsoe”, the last one is younger and “less” expensive..

    • condemor

      they should go after*

    • comrade24

      Bledsoe definitely won’t be less expensive. He will be a restricted FA and Phoenix can match any offer he receives, and they’ve indicated they will.

  • comrade24

    I’d rather see the team spend free agent money on the 3,4, or 5 positions. Having Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant around to mentor a young guard is invaluable. Either Dante Exum or Marcus Smart may be available for us to draft, and could potentially be the face of the franchise once Kobe retires. While Exum is a risk since no one has really seen him play much, his upside is impossible to ignore. Marcus Smart probably would have went #1 overall if he entered the draft last year. If we don’t move up in the draft, he will almost surely be available at the 6th pick.

  • comrade24

    Where did the reply button go? weird. @djjeremiahj:disqus i can’t imagine both Exum and Smart not being available unless the unthinkable happens and our pick slips to 9th. At sixth it’s definitely possible that Exum is gone, but Smart’s draft stock has dropped dramatically since the fan incident this last season. If he would have entered the draft in 2013 he likely would have been the #1 pick. I’m fairly certain he will be available at #6 unless something strange happens like Embiid’s back not checking out or several other teams picking ahead of us have definite need of a point guard. Boston will most likely pick ahead of us (Buck Foston) and we can almost certainly rule them out of picking a point guard unless they plan on trading Rondo. That would make no sense for them. Would be better for them to pick someone to play along with Rondo.

  • Charles

    Lets make Kyle Lowry a Laker baby baby.Ya ya lets get it.

    PG Kyle Lowry $8 miilion
    SG Lance Stephenson $9 million
    SF Kobe Bryant $23 million
    PF Julius Randle Rookie Money
    C Emeka Okafor Veteran Minimum

  • Luther

    Kyle Lowry changed the culture of Toronto and he turned them into winners the Lakers must sign him.Lowry is a winner and can guard the best Point Guards in the NBA and the Lakers need a top flight Point Guard like Lowry.

    • borsalino12

      It is very rare to find a play-maker like him with both excellent offense and superb defense. He can penetrate the opponent’s defense line at will and create his own shots, or find an open man.He is very often at the foul-line, because of his quick first step. Kyle is the 4-th best 3 point shooter among the point guards in the NBA. I think, he should be offered the starting job with the Lakers.

  • VillainKing™

    I go for Smart or Exum..

  • ersliva

    we can now only hope the lakers get a top two pick in order to get exum….imo hes the best player in the draft with the most up side….if the lakers cant draft exum…they should use their pick to trade away nash and sacres for a starting point guard and a starting power forward….then all they need to do in free agency is resign gasol to play center and sign a small forward and they would have their starting 5…and use free agency to get good cheap help to fill the bench with….

  • borsalino12

    Considering that Nash and Farmar have health issues, we have at the point only K.Marshall, who is far of becoming a starter for the future. Off the two options we have at the free agent market, E.Bledsoe is a long shot because of his status as a RFA. But, Kyle Lowry is an realistic and looks like the only choice. Playing alongside Kobe in the back-court, he can flourish his game and become 20 and 10 type of play-maker. We can offer him 4 years deal for $ 35 million ($8.0 + $ 8.5 + $ 9.0 + $ 9.5). There is no way Lowry can get $ 11 mil per year deal anywhere.

    • illpalazo

      Lowry would get 10 million a year in a heartbeat with the Raptors, and likely 11 million. Unless a team offers him the max, all things being equal he will resign with the raptors. Not going to happen at 8 mil a year.

  • Roberta

    Don’t bother…..he’s going to resign with the Raptors…..

  • borsalino12

    I like your comment about Nash. The Lakers were able to do that last season too, but the guy is very hypocrite. He played for the minimum of the 10 games and basically secured his stay for the season. I am very sure, he will do it again to ensure, he won’t be placed on the medical waiver. And the funny part here is this.If that happens, Nash is going to get his money from the insurance company at 100 %. The Lakers don’t need to worry about that.But… he wants to play for couple of minutes in another 10 games and make the management to pay his salary. That sounds to me like an intentional revenge to the Lakers.Don’t you think so?