Lakers Nation Debate: Win Projection For Next Year Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="302"] Topic: Now that the roster is basically set and the coach has been named, we wonder how many games fans believe the Los Angeles Laker [new_royalslider id="302"] Topic: Now that the roster is basically set and the coach has been named, we wonder how many games fans believe the Los Angeles Laker Rating: 0
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Lakers Nation Debate: Win Projection For Next Year

Topic: Now that the roster is basically set and the coach has been named, we wonder how many games fans believe the Los Angeles Lakers will win next season.

Context: The Los Angeles Lakers went through one of the worst seasons in the history of the franchise last season, and now they are hoping to turn things around.

Free agency started off slow for the Lakers, as they waited out the decision of Carmelo Anthony. Once it became apparent he would not be joining the Lakers next year, Mitch Kupchak and company went to work.

The team traded for point guard Jeremy Lin and also re-signed Jordan Hill and Nick Young to multi-year deals. They would then add big men Ed Davis and Carlos Boozer, before rounding out the roster by re-signing Ryan Kelly, Wesley Johnson, and Xavier Henry.

With draft picks Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson, as well as Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and Robert Sacre all under contract, the Lakers have 13 players on the roster, with little cap room to add anyone else.

Once the roster was taken care of, the Lakers finally announced that Byron Scott would be the team’s next head coach. At this point, fans now have a good idea of what the Lakers will look like next season.

Predicting results are always dangerous, but in looking at the roster and comparing it to what happened last season, fans can begin guessing as to how many games the Lakers could win next year.

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Verdict: We went to Twitter to ask our loyal followers at Lakers Nation how many games they believe the Lakers will win next season. These are some of the responses:

This debate was a definite eye opener for me personally. There were far more people predicting the Lakers would win 40 or more games and make the playoffs then I expected. The general fan consensus is that the Lakers will fall somewhere in the 44-50 win range.

As much as I would love that to be true, I think Lakers fans are thinking more with their heart in this instance.

A healthy Kobe will definitely help matters, but some fans seem to believe that Kobe is still at his ’06-’07 level. Kobe returning to his 2012 line of 25-5-5 would be an amazing accomplishment, but the rest of the team just doesn’t add up to 45-50 wins in my opinion.

The second best player on this roster might be Nick Young. As much as I enjoy Swaggy P, he shouldn’t be your second best player. That isn’t to say the roster isn’t better than last year, but it’s not that much better.

The other issue for the Lakers will be defense. There is no rim protector on the team. The closest thing to a defensive stopper is Wesley Johnson, and he didn’t exactly light the world on fire last season. Not to mention Jeremy Lin is far from a positive on that end.

Combine that with the depth of the Western Conference, and the Lakers are in a tough position. I believe they can improve by 8-10 wins next year. Anything more than that will be a major accomplishment.
Lakers Hire New Coach Byron Scott

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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • karl

    35-50 wins. It depend how healthy we are and if teams like the rockets/ suns perform and how our new players perform (that includes lin, davis etc)

    Keep in mind that the schedule can improve our situation. Playing against golden state and the knicks early in the season would be beneficial, considering that they got rookie coaches.

    a 7th or 8th seed is possible, but far away from granted. However, we will miss the top 5 protected pick a 100%

    I am confidente that we’ll win at least 35 games, but I think a realistic guess would be 40-45 wins.

    • karl

      I forgot to mention. 50+ wins is highly unlikely. Unless Nash and Kobe start playing on an MWP level again.

      • joshhh

        I agree with article and that’s what im trying to say this team didn’t really improve on defense the only rim protector on this team is ed davis that enough they have to get emeka okafor and shawn marion if they want to win lik 45 games around if there lucky defense wins ball ggames apparently they don’t understand

        • New power house

          What rim protector did we have back in 2009 and 2010? Do not say Bynum ,please! Lakers have to play team defense and manage Kobe’s minutes,like the Spurs does with it’s older players.

      • Omega

        MWP level? I think you mean MVP level. id be scared if Kobe was playing crazy like Metta World Peace

        • vdogg

          haha. truth!

        • Guest

          If like MWP during Game 7 of the 2010 Finals (before he was MWP), then 50 wins is somewhat of a possibility.


    Western Conference 2014-15

    1.San Antonio Spurs
    2.Dallas Mavericks
    3.Oklahoma City Thunder
    4.Los Angeles Clippers
    5.Portland Trailblazers
    6.Los Angeles Lakers
    7.Golden State Warriors
    8.Houston Rockets
    9.Memphis Grizzlies
    10.Phoenix Suns
    11.Denver Nuggets
    12.Sacramento Kings
    13.New Orleans Pelicans
    14.Utah Jazz
    15.Minnesota Timberwolves

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    • karl

      wow, an other delusional fan.

      I assume we would need around 55 wins for the 6th seed? That would only happen if the other teams would star working part time.

      In addition, dallas wouldn’t make nr 2, Portland wouldn’t make nr 5 and Memphis would be in the play offs for sure

      • Wendy Wagoner CHt

        I totally agree…very delusional…but doesn’t surprise me.

    • Spade

      We’re better than Golden State, Houston, Phoenix, and Denver? Lay off the drugs.

      • WAYNER

        When did Golden State become this Golden elite team lets be serious they lost a good coach in Mark Jackson who did good things for the franchise but he got fired remember, Steve Kerr has never coached in the playoffs before and doesn’t have any coaching experience for that matter no knock to Kerr, Byron Scott has Been to the NBA Finals twice and took a sorry Hornets team with only Chris Paul to the playoffs , Houston lost Parsons, Lin, Asik, 1st and 2nd round pick last year you think Harden and Howard can get it done when we have Kobe and better pieces than they do, Phoenix are a good team but haven’t been to the playoffs since Nash and he’s with L.A. , Denver finished 11th under Minnesota they could switch with Phoenix but i don’t seem them going higher than that, and Dallas have Dirk, Parsons, Chandler, Tyson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Monte Ellis, Richard Jefferson and Jameer Nelson and more pieces lol i think you need to lay off the drugs.

        • karl

          you’re delusional.

          Houston got howard, harden and Ariza. They can easily win 50 games.
          Golden State is still a good team. If you can’t tell me, that they are worse than the lakers (even with a new coach). They’ll win 45 games +
          the Timberwolves still got love and rubio. Even if they trade love, they get pieces that make them better than the lakers. They’ll win 45 games +
          Memphis will be a 100% sure playoff team. Hell they even gave the thunder a very hard time (they lead 3-2)

          However I agree that we are better than Denver, Utah sacramento and New Orleans. Maybe Phoenix.
          Can we make the 7th or 8th seed? Absolutely. But it would look more like
          1. Spurs
          5-10: TrailB, Lakers, Suns, Memphis, Golden State and Timberwolves
          11-15 doesn’t matter.

          • Redemption Rain

            I don’t think our roster is any match compare to the Suns or the Pelicans. Last season we had a hard time fighting those teams. Other then that I think we can still be better then the Jazz and Kings, also I see Denver dropping down to the lottery.

          • karl

            well the suns have 4/5 pgs, so let’s see there system first. But I agree, it wont be easy but possible.

          • Redemption Rain

            LOL I think they are trying to make up with Thomas in case Bledsoe goes down. Bledosoe has not played a full season in the NBA. But yeah we would be extremely lucky to steal the 8th spot against the Mavs, Suns, or Pelicans.

          • michael

            I thought they have Ennis and Dragic too.

          • Redemption Rain

            Dragic makes a good passing SG, and Ennis can come off the bench, if Bledsoe is injured. If Bledsoe stays healthy, I think Thomas will come off the bench

          • LakersOverEverything

            You mean our extremely injury ridden team, with a coach against playing defense struggled? But yet with a healthy Kobe, along with adding Lin, boozer, and defense, we still can’t beat them? Yeah we struggled with them, but they also struggled with us. Let’s see how the games fair this year

          • Redemption Rain

            How many games did we beat the Suns last season? Oh and IF we have a healthy roster this season, then yes I think we do stand a chance.

          • John

            Harden is a liability will drag the team downwards,

        • Spade

          1. First time coaches have a pretty solid track record in their first season. Loki no further than Jason Kidd.
          2. Golden State has far and away a better roster than we have.
          3. Byron Scott hasn’t been to the Finals in 11 years. Our personnel doesn’t match those Nets teams and the West is tougher than the East was back then. Also, lol at that Hornets team being sorry. They had a prime CP3, a Prime David West averaging nearly 20 and 10 a night, and a prime Tyson Chandler protecting the rim and catching CO3 lob passes. They also had Peja shooting threes for them and a solid bench. They were seen a a huge threat during the 08 season. If you really want to look at Scott coaching a sorry team look no further than Cleveland. Longest losing streak in history and awful all around.
          4. Houston lost Parsons but added Ariza. That’s an upgrade on defense. Lin was stuck behind Patrick Beverly. They won’t need those picks where they’re going. Plus they still have the best shooting guard in the league (Harden) and a top 2 Center (Howard). This years Houston team is miles ahead of the 2013 Lakets team. Better defense, better bench, and better coaching.
          5. Keep underestimating Phoenix. They won 50 games for a reason.
          6. Denver had an injured Lawson, injured McGee, injured Gallinari, injured Nate Robinson, and an injured JJ Hickson. That’s practically their starting lineup plus key bench players.
          7. Dallas is well coached, but that’s about it. Dirk is in decline, Chandler is in decline, Marion is likely gone, Jefferson is washed up, Nelson is washed up, Felton is a head case, and Ellis had a flash in the pan season last year. They’ll be in the playoffs but not number 2 in the west lol.

          So please take my advise and lay off the narcotics. They’re not good for you.

          • Enrique Henry Meza

            Thanks Spade for explaining it to the delusional.

          • Guest

            I agree that Wayner picking the Lakers to finish sixth in the Western Conference is, well, optimistic, but my bold prediction for the Rockets is that they’ll have a worse record than last season’s 54-28.
            And I wouldn’t be too sure about McHale being a better coach than Scott. He has a higher regular season winning percentage, but has yet to win a playoff series.

        • Henry Martinez

          I agree with you Wayner. Don’t mind those genius pretenders in which they’re belong to MORON notion.

          • Redemption Rain

            I hope you stay on this site from the start of the season to the end of the season.

        • Enrique Henry Meza

          I love the Lakers man, but better than Houston? The Rockets are top 5 in the odds to win the championship. Heck, the Lakers are not even projected to make the playoffs. If Scott can win 40+ games he’s done his job. If he can sneak them into the playoffs he’s knocked it out of the park.

          • cj

            the rockets lost 3 of their 5 best players and replace them with arzia they might miss the playoffs.

          • Earl

            They lost Jeremy Lin and Asik, and Parsons so what? Asik was a bad tandem for Dwight. Although Jeremy Lin is a lost, Trevor Ariza was actually on par with Chandler Parsons.
            Parsons- Offense, can create on his own
            Ariza- 3rd point offense, and lock-on defender
            The rockets are looking bad because u think they lost pieces, but there actually looking to solidify their team through fit. Having to many players who needs the ball to be effective, and prideful(just ask Asik and his role) players who cannot satisfy themselves with their role.

          • Earl

            correction *3-point offense*

          • http://www.smallbusinessloansdepot.com/bank-statement-loans/ ed boyles

            rockets have no bench, no true pg and have to go full year healthy. they also have a coach who will definitely be exposed this year so don’t be so sure about 50 wins for them.

          • cj

            they lost solid backups, if bev goes down/plays badly/foul trouble the rockets dont have a pg anymore. if howard goes down/plays badly/foul trouble they no longer has a center to play his mins. if harden goes down/plays badly/foul trouble they no longer have the third score to make up for it.

            the rockets no longer have stopgaps to help when one of their stars needs it. they are 1 injury away from having a 1 star team with next to no supporting cast

          • Matt Williams

            D12 is a failure. Harden is softer than a baby’s ass and they lost a lot of their bench, plus Harden. Houston is done.

        • LakersOverEverything

          People don’t understand man. They don’t realize that with the lakers being healthy and winning more games, that also means everyone else in the west is going to see their number if wins drop. It may not take 49 wins to get in the playoffs this year. Might only be 43-46. The lakers will make the playoffs and I can’t wait so all these bullshit know-it-alls, who know not much at all, can eat their words

      • Matt Williams

        What makes you think we’re not better than Houston and Phoenix? Phoenix hasn’t changed and Houston got worst. Ariza is not an upgrade from Parsons and Lin and Asik are gone.

    • Hank

      You are high on something strong and definitely illegal. 6th seed? Memphis will be healthy going into the regular season, and while Houston did lose some pieces, in no way do they fall that far back to 8th seed level. And you have the Lakers in front of Golden State too?

      • WAYNER

        Well let me smoke my drugs while your sober and still just stuck on stupid because Memphis is a good team but who else do they have other than ZBO and Gasol oh my bad i forgot they just added the great Vince Carter lol ok and Houston didn’t just lose pieces they lost some key pieces you really think Harden and a soft Howard with no post moves can get the Job done yeah okay Howard couldn’t even get the job done in Orlando with Jameer Nelson, Hedo Turk, Micheal Petrius, Richard Lewis and J.J. Redick and Golden State just lost the man who helped them get where they are which is Mark Jackson and he isn’t their anymore Steve Kerr has never coached before and have no Playoff coaching experience and no finals coaching experience usually when you hire a coach with a experience these are things you are looking for and Byron Scott happens to fit all of the traits i just named.

        • Redemption Rain

          If you are really confident in your theory I would like to make some bets with you.

        • jdolan126

          The Western Conference is so tough. I think the Lakers would have to be completely healthy most of the year to have a shot at an 8th seed. I am a huge Laker fan, and you may very well be correct. It’s all anybody’s guess and opinion. But, given the conference and the other teams in the West, when all is said and done, I would say the Lakers finish around 12th in the conference with about 35 wins. If that is the case, I would rather see the Lakers still get back their 1st rounder (top 5) along with the other 1st rounder they just got. Those picks with a good FA signing or two, and a year from now the Lakers are looking pretty good.

          • Redemption Rain

            Smart man….but if there is any improvements I can see this team going as a 9th of 10th seed

          • karl

            Their are just too many question marks. How good will be kobe. Can our young players help this team out? will nash play more than 20 games? How good will be the new guys? the list goes on.

            Expecting 50 wins is delusional

    • Bruce

      1.San Antonio Spurs
      2.Oklahoma City Thunder
      3. Houston Rockets
      4. Los Angeles Clippers
      5. Golden State Warriors
      6. Portland Trailblazers
      7. Dallas Mavericks
      8.Los Angeles Lakers
      9.Memphis Grizzlies
      10.Phoenix Suns
      11.Denver Nuggets
      12.New Orleans Pelicans
      13. Minnesota Timberwolves
      14.Sacramento Kings
      15.Utah Jazz

      From 1-7 no surprises, but I think we have to fight for the final playoff spot
      with Memphis and I think we can do it.

      • Redemption Rain

        How do you have the Griz missing the playoffs? Their team defense rivals the Bulls.

        • Bruce

          Because I’m a Laker fan, and I believe we are better than them, and can take the final spot :)

          • Redemption Rain

            Ummm that’s not an answer. The article and I quote

            “some Lakers Fans think with their hearts,” which is you.

            I guess I am a Lakers fans that thinks with his brain. No way Griz misses the playoffs with their grit and grind defense. Hell the Clippers and Thunders fans shit in their pants when they find out their team has to play against the Grizz

          • Joseph Rejekt

            I love the Lakers but I’m with Redemption here. The Grizzlies won’t miss the playoffs. I’d actually argue they’re better than the Mavericks. Honestly, the best the Lakers may and I mean may do is 8 and that’s beating the Mavs. In all honesty, I think 10 is about where they end up.

          • DanFromMV

            Yep, 32 to 35 wins. If anyone wants to bet me and say the Lakers will win 40+, I’ll take that action.

          • Redemption Rain

            LOL I said 32-38 which is a improvement from last season. Baby steps…my man

      • http://www.smallbusinessloansdepot.com/bank-statement-loans/ ed boyles

        personally i think we have a chance for 8 with a healthy kobe and a confident lin. if lin loses confidence early we’re in for a long season but in the end we’ll win with a high draft pick which is the plan all along but some pieces were put in place to sell tickets and if all goes well possibly make playoffs.

    • Henry Martinez

      With Kobe around, 6th to 4th place is good enough for the Lakers.

    • Kb24

      Durant in his prime,kawhi developing,port more bench,clips gets more loses due to our wins,lakers improve through trades,dallas dirk,ellis,parso,hou gets ariza for parsons,lin asik,gsw adj. bcoz of kerr triangle

    • Stackz43

      Yo bud u have Dallas way up there behind San Antonio ahead of Golden State, Memphis,Clippers,Portland,Thunder shit I don’t think they would even be better than us omfg please revise ur positions very embarrassing kid.

    • Stackz43

      I can see my Lakers at 6 or 7th seed this year it’s gonna be hard work involved but I think we have enough to contend especially with at Scott the helm

      • stackz43

        I meant with Scott at the helm lol..

  • Spade

    Worse case scenario 30 wins. Best case scenario 42 wins. Playoffs will be a long shot.

  • Henry

    29 Wins likely and 35 wins maximum.

    • Badazztj12

      29? Last year we won 27 without and playing defense. Get real man

      • karl

        40 wins is realistic.

      • Redemption Rain

        25 wins if its another season of half our team falls to injuries, but that would mean we get back our draft pick from the Suns as long as Eastern Teams don’t tank of purpose. Other then that with a health Kobe at a elite level playing at least 65 games I would add 8-12 more wins so around 33-38 more wins, that is a improvement but doubt it would be enough to make the playoffs in the stacked West.

  • Wes

    20 wins.

  • Joel

    38 Wins.

  • Adam

    W 45

  • Craig

    52 yes playoffs.

  • RealityHurts

    a 15 game or so improvement if things go right, meaning Kobe plays 70 games and no other injuries befall him or others on the team. I’m guessing 41-41 give or take 3-5 games either way, and you know what? That would be an improvement and fans should be happy with that, but they won’t, because a good chunk of vocal Laker fans keep crossing the line that separates optimism, and wallow in pipe dream delusional fantasyland. You hear them everyday on radio and over here: “RANDLE IS THE NEXT KARL MALONE!! CLARKSON IS GOING TO BE RUSSELL WESTBROOK-ESQUE” KOBE IS SUPERHUMAN, HE’S STILL TOP 3 IN THE LEAGEUE, AGE AND ALL THOSE MILEAGE DON’T MATTER BECAUSE OF HIS WORK ETHIC, BLAH BLAH”

    • Enrique Henry Meza

      Agreed. I think if Scott can win 40+ he’s done a good job. If they can somehow sneak into the playoffs he’s knocked it out of the park.

  • YourHIGHness

    With injuries like last two seasons, 30 wins.
    Without injuries, 40 wins. Still not enough to make playoffs, but its a step in the right direction.
    50 wins if Nick, Jeremy, Carlos and Jordan and the rest play like defensive beasts consistently.

    • Redemption Rain

      I would say 32-37 wins but 40 wins is very possible, sadly that would only get us around the 9th or 10th seed., but that is an improvement to look forward to

  • Badazztj12

    I’m calling this Laker team the Chip-On-The-Shoulder team. Nearly everyone involved has some type of redemption they’re seeking. Kobe is looking to prove he still has it, Randle/Clarkson are looking to prove they should have been drafted higher, Boozer is looking to prove he isn’t washed up, Lin is looking to prove he can be a solid starter, Nash is looking to prove he can play more than 20 games this year (or at least I hope he is). Heck, now the HC has to prove his success in New Jersey and New Orleans wasn’t a fluke. I’m looking forward to watching a team fight for some wins, and actually play defense. Any defense is better than last years. I don’t know whether that’ll translate to wins, but I’m a Laker fan, so I’ll be watching these guys try to put it together.

  • legend

    The Roster is a lot better than last year ..Kobe alone makes the roster better ….. Boozer gives you 18 and 10 .. Randall also gives you rebounds Lin and Clarkson gives you an attack guards .. and if the rumor about Beasly is true thats a gut who can score buckets and then Byron Scott in charge i say Lakers win 53 games

    • Joseph Rejekt

      Boozer doesn’t give 18 and 10. He’ll give at best 16 and 8 but he’s still not as skilled as Gasol is which makes him a downgrade. We don’t know what Randel will bring because he’s never competed on a pro level. Lin will be a definite point guard upgrade though. 53 wins is wayyyyy too optimistic though.

      • Redemption Rain

        LOL 53 wins would actually put us on the 4th or 5th seed. That is flat out delusional. So we going to beat out the Pelicans, Mavs, Suns, Warriors, Rockets, Grizzles, and Blazers? Yeah I think this question just answered his statement.

        • Badazztj12

          I wouldnt say its impossible. We could beat Suns,Rockets,Blazers,Grizzles, Jazz, Pelicans. Chemistry and Defense goes a long way

          • Redemption Rain

            Are you insane man?!?!?! Come on, this team hasn’t proven anything on defense, we got some new players, and this team is going to throw out everything D’Antoni taught them, and adjust and learn from a new coach. Defense and chemistry is non-proven yet, that is a wild assumption. and I fear most Lakers Fans including you would be disappointed just like the Melo news.

            If the Lakers are lucky we can beat out the Mavs, Suns, and Pelicans for the 8th seed. This team is no chance in hell is better then the Warriors, Rockets, or Grizzles. 50 wins is delusional, its that simple.

          • Badazztj12

            Never said that we havent proven anything on defense yet or said we would win 50+ games. I am just saying what I vision our team of what we have a standpoint. Hey dont put in where those fans that think we would win 50+ this season. Stop always view everything at a negative standpoint of things.I seen amazing and shocking shit happen in the NBA before.

          • Redemption Rain

            If you want some optimism from me while I stick with being a realistic fan then the Lakers will win 50 plus games in the next 2-3 season under Scott…..

            1. with better free agents signed, (needs to get younger, needs rim protectors, needs a solid bench)
            2. Our current roster continues to develop and build more and more chemistry,
            3. Scott continues to improve our defense which is ranked 28th right now and he can help improve that to 12th-9th rank. If the Lakers and their fans remain patient and give Scott some time.

            This season, no chance in hell, I’ll bet my life savings and my house to anyone thinking we would be above the 5th seed in a stacked West.

          • Badazztj12

            Lol hey you not reading what am saying. I know for show we not going to the Finals let alone the playoffs. Dude but you just already putting the team down when it still could have a chance to make it to the playoffs. I dont care it is the West. It doesnt mean we wouldnt have a chance to beat good teams in the West. I see and would believe some fans too think we could be a 8 seed this season. Alot of this guys on this team got something to prove this year

          • Redemption Rain

            I said if we are lucky we can beat out the Suns, Mavs, and Pelicans for the 8th seed, so no I don’t think I’m putting the team down. Only staying the fact that this season won’t be much, but each year with Scott and with Lakers FO making the right choices in free agency then we will have a bright future and get back to title contention.

            And yes Boozer the outcast from the Bulls have something to prove, Lin feeling disrespected by the Rockets will have desires showing his talents, Kobe wants to prove he is still a force to be reckon with, Randle will try to show other lottery teams why he shouldn’t be drafted that low, and Nash will try to prove he can play more then 15 games LOL. But just because they have something to prove doesn’t guarantee automatic success, they can work their ass of and get injured, their are many factors here.

            No doubt this team will work their ass off, but that instant gratification doesn’t work. So that’s why I’m saying not this season, but look forward to the future.

          • Badazztj12

            Your making the same suggestion about how we these guys cant pull it together and carve enough wins to make it to the playoffs. Ok until after the first 5 games we gonna find out. Lets give this team the Mike Brown treatment and see can Scott lead this team a 5-0,4-1,3-2,or 3-3. Anything below states that we have a bad season and from what I suggested will be a nice season who can possibliy make it to the playoffs. Preseason gonna give a hint also

          • Redemption Rain

            How often does a new coach and a some what new roster become successful immediately? They have to build chemistry and learn from a new coach. You have to understand my skepticism for this season, because this team lacks defense and lacks chemistry. Scott isn’t a witch doctor he can’t turn this team around immediately, if you check his coaching record he needs time to get players to succeed under him. But your right, pre-season and the first few games (around 10 games) will give us a look at what the team will be like. Also if the Lakers feel like my comments are putting them down, they can use this as motivation, that’s how successful people think. Both compliments and doubts from fans can be used to drive them. We have to be patient, it feels like fans just want instant gratification, and doesn’t understand that success is built through disappointment and adversities.

          • Badazztj12

            Mike Brown came in and did it lol. How you gonna say this team lacks chemistry and when some these guys played last are still on this team and they were known for having chemistry. If everyone on same page they can play team defense. The rest I agree on. We all on this site talk about the good vs the bad

          • Redemption Rain

            Mike Brown also failed in the fallowing season. Not to mention we had a a better roster, again what evidence is there that our older rosters have team chemistry? they were practically all injured last season and couldn’t play together, hell. Again I’ll be more than happy to put my life savings on the line.

          • cj

            how did we have a better roster in browns first season???

            lin-clarkson-nash> fisher-blake-morris advantage 14/15 lakers

            kobe-x-young-clarkson>kobe-kapono-godlock advantage 14/15 lakers

            wes-young-x-kobe pau-roberts-murphy advantage 14/15 lakers

            hill davis scarebrown.

            this lakers team is deeper browns team had more name talent.

          • Redemption Rain

            What are you talking about dude? Seriously?

            2012-2013 when Brown was fired
            Nash, Kobe, Dwight, Metta, and Gasol? Was our starting 5

            2011-2012 when Mike Brown coached the whole season
            Fisher, Kobe, Metta, Bynum, and Gasol

            Go back to BasketballRefrence(dot)com and check back with me, because right now you have no idea what you are talking about. I’ll take those two roster with their win record over last seasons roster and this seasons roster.

          • cj

            that is what i said.

            lin is better the fisher
            kobe is = to kobe
            metta is better then wes
            pau is better then bozer
            bynum is better then hill

            clarkson is better then blake
            x is better then kapopno
            young is better then barnes
            randel is better then murphy
            davis is better then mcroberts

            the 11-12 lakers had a better starting line up but no bench. this team has a solid starting line up and an elite bench. i perfer this team.

          • Redemption Rain

            Ok Lin is better then Fisher
            You forgot that you are comparing two different Kobes
            Metta is better then Wes
            Pau is better then Boozer

            Clarkson is a rookie, so to say he is better then Blake right now is silly, hasn’t played one game in the NBA season.
            X is better agree
            Young is better then Barnes, but I still think Barnes is a talented role player
            Randle is a rookie, but I’ll put down some cash to say he will put up better numbers in his rookie years then murphy
            Agree on Davis

            agree on your last statement

          • cj

            if you agree with ny last statment then u should agree this team is better then the first mike brown team

          • Redemption Rain

            Nope, because you forgot to factor in that we have new players and a new coach. The team has to start over again and learn from a new system from scratch. I’ll put money down to say getting more then 44 wins is highly unlikely. Because that was the number of wins we had when we had Dwight and Gasol.

            FYI Meeks is better then X, no idea what you are talking about

          • cj

            meeks was not better then x was in their fist season in la.

            that roster was brand new with brown too.

          • Redemption Rain

            Ok I see what you mean, but still up for debate if you are comparing them for 2012-2013 season when X was with NOH. Go check up their stats for that season on BasketballReference(dot)com. But the Meeks that we saw last year was flat out amazing and way better then X

          • cj

            agreed last season meeks was the third best player on the team and most consistent

          • Redemption Rain

            I still remember his career high against the Thunders, that shit was beautiful until he left us, it feels like players are just showcasing other teams their talents while we are developing them and then they leave us for either more money or a better team =(

          • cj

            lin> nash

            again great starting line up but no bench. that team was better then this one but they were not healthy howard was like 70% all season. pau was played wrong. kobe got hurt towards the end of the season. nash played in like 20 games.

            again i would pick this team if healthy over that banged up team

          • Badazztj12

            Thats because he brought in a new system that everyone wasn’t expecting. Howard didnt know how to post. Nash was only used to pick and rolling/popping. Kobe and Gasol were only ones that knew it basically a read and react system just like the triangle offense. Sure we had a better roster but not everyone wasnt really for the system. You got to have the respect out of the locker room. Brown didnt have that. Byron Scott already getting respect of his roster down. Calling them and telling them that they better be ready to play some defense. Sure I dont have evidence that our older guys play well with each other but most of roster is young guys. We had nothing but Vets on our 2012 roster and we can beat on the fastbreak all the time

          • Redemption Rain

            What you said was true and you proved my point, players NEED to learn a new system and it doesn’t happen in a blink of an eye, that’s why I’m saying this year don’t expect much but giving Scott time and keeping most of our roster intact they will succeed in Scott’s system. I’ll even go as far as to agree with you that because Scott won championships AS a Lakers he would command more influence and respect then the 2 previous coaches, but that is one fact and that factor alone is not going to get the Lakers to the FInals this years, if we lucky as I said we can overachieve and make it to the 8th seed but that’s it. Anything else like 4th or 5th seed your pushing it.

          • Badazztj12

            8 is respectful so cool. This is my vision if we have a good season.
            8.Lakers(Its gonna be a battle but it can happen)
            9.Pelicans(if not Lakers in 8 spot Pelicans will get it)
            10.Grizzles(Another battle between 8 spot)
            11.Suns(Downgraded by getting Isaiah and about to lose Bledsoe)
            12.Nuggets(Haven’t improved)
            13.Kings(got worser trading Isaiah to Suns)
            14.Jazz(Roster TOO young)
            15.TimberWolves(Having Love problems)

          • Redemption Rain

            Not saying it cuz its respectful, I’m just saying that its practical. If you read all my comments I said this

            Scenario 1- Lakers lucky that a sneak into the 8th seed
            Scenario 2- Win 32-38 games, which is most likely
            Scenario 3- Another year of insane injuries and LA wins 28 games and might get back its lottery from the Suns.

            Also don’t underestimate the Grizz and the Suns. Grizz as I said play insane team defense, they are the Clippers worst numbers and have proven to be a serious threat to the Thunders. The Suns didn’t get worst with Thomas LOL, and Bledsoe is a restricted free agent, he might be mad at the Suns, but no evidence of him leaving the team this season, you are reading WAY TOO much into that.

          • Badazztj12

            I am saying 8 seed is respectful to ME. Grizz do play defense but they dont have any scoring options but Z-Bo and Conley. They also lost Mike Miller. He was there only volume shooter beside Conley and Prince. I know there isn’t any edvince showing Bledsoe leaving but he said it himself that the Suns are using the RFA policy against him. You can tell he is angry at the Suns right right now and may end up signing a one year deal. They didnt improve this year and just got a another pg. We improved a lot and got a defensive minded coach with roster depth in all positions. They still weak at wing’s and C position. I am just wondering how they gonna split the minutes between: Bledsoe, Dagic, Isaiah, Ennis. All of them are full time starters in my book expect Ennis but he could have been a starter on another team easy. How will they pay for Dragic AND Bledsoe next year? Dragic may have a play option but we all know that he is opting out(making under a mllion) and the Suns are looking to keep him too. Thats why the Suns gave Bledsoe the contract they thought was respectful because they need to sign FA’s next year and trust there are lots of FA’s and if some guys decline there player option its gonna be better than this year.

          • Redemption Rain

            Grizz were always first a defensive team before they were even an offensive team. You really making a big deal about Mike Miller? That dude is a single digit scorer averaging only 8pts a game, the Grizz don’t need to have high volume shooters like Durant or Melo, the team shares the ball a lot on offense, Prince is not know for his offense, he is not a scorer rather there for the defensive purposes. So both Miller and Prince where never high volume scorers to begin with when both those guys average only a total 14pts per game TOTAL for both of them, each of them only scorers 7pts per game so making a big fuse about losing those two effects the “offense” is silly, hell Vince can make up the scoring for both those guys with 12pts per game. As for the Suns Bledsoe being mad yeah its true and he can also just sign a 1 year deal, but I’m talking about THIS season (don’t get lost we are discussing the seed position of the Lakers and other teams in the West for this season only), so this season chances are Bledsoe stays. As for the mins goes Bledsoe and Dragic would start as a PG and SG on the floor, assuming Bledsoe gets injured again then Thomas will come and play as a starter, but even with a healthy Bledsoe, Thomas can take his spot coming off the bench while Bledsoe gets resting time. As for the C position, the Suns were already weak in that position since last season but still capable of wining more than half their games.

            So yeah with that all said and done, it is going to be a tough ride for the Lakers to claw their way to the 8th seed, they will need to work their asses off and hope that luck is on their side to avoid injuries. As for the future goes yeah we will have cap space and as long as the Lakers FO makes the right decisions in choosing their free agents and offering the RIGHT contracts, and Scott given more time to develop the team, I see a bright future, but the present is going to be tough ass hell, we are not done with rebuilding yet, far from it.

          • Badazztj12

            Ok you right about the Grizz but you not seeing my point about the Suns. I am talking about THIS season. We even if Bledsoe go back to the Suns our team will be better than theres. We improved a whole lot this season. They only just added more depth to the pg positon. Houston hasnt improved and just got worser. Grizz havent improved. Pelicans only added another C and still having problems with Evans and Gordon. GM was ready to trade them mid-season. I am not saying these teams are gonna be the Lakers from last year. I am saying we do have a chance to sweep the series with these teams and make it to the playoffs. I dont care if its a new system or new coach. All I know they most of our team are already respecting Scott and his willingness to play defense. I mean if Kobe already have respect for Scott the other young guys gonna follow

          • Redemption Rain

            Ummm care to explain why we have a better team then the Suns? Their starting 5 vs our starting 5, and their bench vs our bench? The Rockets didn’t really improve but they didn’t get worst either, at least not as worst as you think they got, Ariza is a great 3pt shooter and a good defender.

            Here I am going to quote you….”Pelicans only added another C and still having problems with Evans and Gordon. GM was ready to trade them mid-season. I am not saying these teams are gonna be the Lakers from last year. I am saying we do have a chance to sweep the series with these teams and make it to the playoffs.”

            Pelicans added Asik, and I’ll rather have him instead of Hill. But enough about other teams. What exactly have the Lakers improved on? Ok you got a younger and heather PG in Lin, still rather have Bledsoe or Thomas. Kobe I hope he can still be a elite player, Wesley well you know how I feel and I’ll rather have Parson, Ariza, Deng, and Leonard, idk who is going to start and I hope its Randle instead of Boozer, but Randle is a rookie so don’t expect him to ball out, Boozer is a outcast averaging only 14pts per game and 8 rebounds, and you have Hill which I rather have Dwight, Gasol, or Asik instead.

            You also talked about how other teams lost this player or that player. Well what have the Lakers lost? Well for one we lost one of our most productive player in Meeks, Farmer, Gasol, and Bazemore.

            Ummm your comments are hyping the Lakers “improvements,” and over exaggerated how the Suns or Rockets got “worst,” that’s not very consistent. I would say the Lakers hardly improved they added good peaces and also lost good peaces. So Lakers going to the 8th seed is possible but highly unlikely.

          • Badazztj12

            Not gonna compare final roster because we have to see what Bledsoe gonna do first. But as the way I see it….

            Lin>Isaiah- Isaiah is too short to play defense and taller pg’s can throw over his head easy. I know it worked for Nate but thats because he was always in your face and didnt let you get a inch around him. Isaiah is not like that. He is a offensive minded pg. Lin is a guy who could play in any system you put him in and has great size for pg .

            Kobe?Dragic-Depends on how Kobe gonna play. If Scott keeps Kobe minutes to were he know Kobe needs to comeout at times. I will give this a >.

            Wesley=Tucker-Tucker plays better defense but Wesley have better offense game than him. Wesley may be inconsistent but he shows he can glide and get up or maybe pop a 3 from time to time.

            Boozer>Morris-Tricky because I dont know if Randle gonna start or not. I do know that Boozer has a better offense game(mid-range and face-up game) and experience. Morries is basically a stretch 4 who can move like a SF will no offensive game.

            Hill=Plumlee- Another tricky one because of Ed Davis but I see Hill starting. We seen flashes of what he can do without calling a play for him. Hill is also good in the pick/pop and plays decent pick/roll defense. He can also show some flashes in his post game giving good hook shots with both hands and blow by’s but he is just inconsistent. Plumlee is like your average Javale Mcgee who is your shot blocker and ducker with no offense game.
            Ill update the rest when I see Suns Final roster.

            Really you talking like we could still have gotten them guys from FA’cy. There are other teams out there looking to pay big money for them guys (as we seen this year) Mitch did the best what he could do. We lost Meeks because went for money, I mean like damn who wouldn’t? You seen Melo was already thinking of going back. Everyone knew that. I was on the bandwagon too but until after that weekend when he took so long to answer so I wanted to go after the same guys you looking for. Gasol wasnt coming back anyway after the way we treated him for years trying to trade him. Farmer didnt want to wait and see what I team was planning on doing so he went to Clippers so he could stay in LA with his family. Bazemore I say only one we lost but everyone lose good talent too. Houston lost Parsons. Ariza may be a 3 and D guy but lacks speed.. Parsons was more younger and had more potential to be a all-star someday. They also traded Lin who was there best 6th man who could play both PG and SG.Garica was next who is another 3 and D guy. Nice SF who could have come off the bench. Casspi who was nice stretch 4 and could play the 3 with his speed. He was gone. These are some good players to come off bench man if you ask me.

            You keep saying you would rather have these and that players(see what I did there lol) but we had to get the best guys that were available to us. I am sure the Lakers talk to all the good FA’s agents and couldn;t come up with a deal because they were looking to get paid. Hell Mitch even somehow got meeting with Lebron agent. Trust me those guys are doing the best they can.
            Lakers didnt improve hardly. Are you serious. Listen at what you saying. Mike D is gone. Boozer is a upgrade at the PF. Lin is a major upgrade at the PG. Kobe coming back full healthy. Got a defensive minded coach who is already letting guys know they better come ready to play defense. You have to get the coaches repsect. Thats always important and looks like he is doing well. Got Young back for 4 years as our spark off the bench. Got a steal in FA’cy with Ed Davis who is a PF/C that can play defensive and have a decent mid-range shot. Got a talented PF with the 7 pick and he has lots potential. Can handle the ball. Willing to play play defensive. We saw flashes. He is a leader and is planning on being a leader while he is in LakerLand. Clarkson is steal and just like a young Farmer is more potential. Best of all thses guys I mention have a chip on there shoulder which would lead to hard work and competiveness which will lead to wins. This is not a small upgrade as you think.

          • Redemption Rain

            If your not going to compare rosters then why are you saying our roster is better? LOL

            Lin=Thomas when it comes to defense, is Lin a know defender no….Lin mostly contributes in the offensive end and plays mediocre defense. Scott’s going to need time to get Lin to get a defending threat. However on the offensive end Thomas produces more numbers. Lin has a slight edge at dishing out the assist, that’s it. Also you really think Bledsoe is not playing on the Suns this season? Well chances are he is…guess we will find out soon enough but no team has asked for Bledsoe.

            Assuming Kobe is healthy and plays on a elite level and remains mostly healthy (playing at least 65 games) then he would be better then Dragic on the offense. However Kobe is way too old and banged up to play defense, Kobe hasn’t played defense for quite some while. Dragic isn’t known for defense but he has younger legs to keep up with SGs like James Harden or Paul George.

            LOL Wesley and Tucker are a draw. Both plays ok defense. And this is exactly what I am talking about, you are over hyping the Lakers. In what universe is Wesley a good shooter or a good offense player? His offense is garbage and so is Tucker. Both only average 9pts a game and Tucker shoots a better FG% and better 3pt% then Wesley. So both average 9pts but Tucker has better shooting percentage, if anything Tucker slightly beats out Wesley. Still can’t believe we are talking about Wesley’s garbage shooting/offense.

            Boozer over Morris yes, but that is only because Boozer out rebounds Morris, they both average the same amount of points per game.

            I like Hill over Pumlee, but who knows what either of them will do next season. Neither of them have enough playing time to make a accurate prediction. Pumlee is going into his 3rd year in the NBA so let’s see if he can improve his game. Hill yes has shown flashes that he can be a double double machine, but very inconsistent. As I said I’ll rather have Asik or Gasol. But at least neither of those two are on the Suns.

            Your explanation doesn’t justify anything. Should we offer the same deal to Meeks that the Pistons gave him? Hell nah….but you don’t understand my point, whether Mitch made the right choice or not, the fact remains that JUST like any other team we lost good players too, so saying teams lost that player or this player means nothing if you just ignore the players we also lost. Get it? You can’t have your cake and say those teams got worst because they lost players and ignore the fact that we lost players too. Because guys like Gasol and Meeks were pretty nice to have on your team. So this paragraph just explained everything about your comments on the Lakers FO and free agency.

            Also do you know what hardly means? It means minor/small improvements…Having Lin over Marshall is a slight upgrade. Having lets say for example Lillard over Marshall is a HUGE upgrade. Get it? Yes we improved on Pf position but because we didn’t have a ligament PF to begin with, when Wesley was our starting PF (Gasol was C) and we both know Wesley should play the 3 from the start. So yes I would rather have Boozer over Wesley in the PF position, but I would also have any Pfs who PLAYS as a Pf on the Pf spot LOL. Other then that we have the same roster with 2 new rookies needing playing time in order to develop. Both are great but its their first season so lets not jump to any conclusions. Oh and I would still rather have this or that player that I mention, those are obviously upgrades over the current players we have and it is up to the Lakers FO to talk and convince certain players to come and come for the right price.

          • Badazztj12

            Try reading sometimes I said FINAL ROSTER. When I said “By as the way I see it…” I meant how it stands now. I also said I will update it when Suns get there Final Roster. Bledsoe is not on the roster so its not a final roster. We all thought that Lance was gonna stay for the Pacers when he ask for more money but nooooo he went to the C. Hornets. There is plenty of time for what Bledsoe gonna do. Just because there hasnt got any sources telling Bledsoe who is interested in him doesnt mean teams are not looking at him. Ha and you telling me to stop looking too much into the media? By the way Lillard is freaking 6’3!

            You just straight bashing Lin and I bet you didnt watch him play last year. I dont care you dont like him just because you Asian too. The dude plays smart defense. Every dude that plays defense doesnt have be ball-stopper. Thats your view of defense. Lin is a smart defender. Read passing lanes and trys his best get around pick/rolls and at least get a hand up in defender face. Almost all the time I see Lin try to get a hand in the defender face. You just straight disrespecting him dude. I dont know the problem you have against him but dude you got to stop that. Just looking up at stats not gonna do you no good if you dont really watch the dude play. Dont tell me you watch him play. Because you not acting like it. An if you did what it was like 1-3 games? That is not enough games to judge someone. You up here saying Lin defense is same as Isaiah and what you talking about size dont matter? I seen taller pg’s throw over the dude head and “I was like damn try jumping” I am judging based on what I seen. I dont watch Rockets or the Kings often but sometimes when they are on I am observing everyone on the team.

            Ok you can have beast starting line-up but a sorry ass bench and get your bench gets torn-up every game. I seen that with the 2012 Lakers. Our bench was just getting torn-up every game and we had to fight to get wins. Having a good or great bench will save you from the risk of losing games in crunch time.
            Meeks not a lost because we have Kobe coming back. Gasol is not a lost because he has gotten slow on defense and we needed to get younger. If you want to say we lost Gasol offensive game. I say its the same as boozer but boozer is a better mid-range shooter. Bazemore was lost but not a huge lost but we still got X. He looked good both on offense and defense before getting injuried. X also has ball-handling skills like bazemore.

            I know you trying to say Lillard is a huge upgrade over Marshall and comparing that with Lillard, but you still talking like Lin is not a huge upgrade at the pg. Everyone right now even the media know Lin is a major upgrade at the pg position. You basically and some few others think Lin is not MAJOR upgrade. I know you gonna come back and say Lin is not a defender. Read above if you forgot. Lin is not bad on offense. Makes the right play, knows when to slash to the basketball, and can shoot. He is just inconsistent. He talking like he is just slightly good enough to be above Marshall.

            Wesley wasn’t our starting PF every game. You must dont remember Mike D changing the starting line-up every night? He had llike Hill,Kelly,Shawn Williams, Sacre starting a lot of games. So dont say we didnt have a ligament PF. Dont reply about this topic if you seriously think this roster like last year. This is what you said “Other than that we have the same roster with 2 new rookies.” Thats just saying you just see us losing because thats exactly what last year team did. I mean have you looked at the new coach and new team? You gonna be very surprised come playoff time. I dont care if we dont make it but will know we will be one of them teams competeing for the 8th spot. I know you gonna come back and say “I am a Laker fan I respect my team but I am just being real and dont see us being in the playoffs.” We havent seen them play but the way teams looking right with some players of the team already having respect for Scott and know Scott is gonna preach TEAM defense is looking great. You dont always got to a rim protector to play team defense. I will stand by my point that team defense will take a team a long way.

          • Redemption Rain

            I didn’t think Lance was staying on the Pacers, when he he was trying to milk the Pacers for more money. But he didn’t get a better deal with the Pelicans either. Chances are Bledsoe stays with the Suns this season, count on it.

            How the hell am I bashing Lin? Its a fact, you actually believe Lin is a ultimate defender at the PG position? He is no better then Thomas on the defense dude. Its a simple FACT that you’re just hyping Lins contribution on defense. Thomas is a better choice in PG simply because he contributes more offensives numbers and more assists per game. Lin’s saving grace is that he can drive the ball into the paint and the possibility of him returning to Linsanity. But the NUMBERS says that Thomas is better. FACT. So no I’m not bashing Lin, the NUMBERS are bashing him. Lin is more useful on the offensive end then defense, you talk about Lin getting up in defenders face, but you don’t think Thomas does that too? Or do you think Thomas just stands around on defense???? Fact of the matter is Lin and Thomas are just ok at defense, but Thomas puts up better assists and better scores. Your bais for Lin is mainly due to him being a “Lakers now,” hell with Lins short contract doe the Lakers FO plan to keep him as a long term player for this team?

            Recap on Par.1. How is Lin any better then Thomas on defense? And who puts up more assists and scoring? Ask yourself that before saying Lin is a better PG then Thomas. I sense a personal bias from you simply a player is wearing a Lakers jersey. But I’m not surprise since you find someone like Marshall to be a good basketball player LOL

            Or we can have a sorry ass starting 5 and a good bench that is only able to win 28 games. I’ll take the 2012-2013 season over the 2013-2014 season ANY DAY. But I have a better solution why not have a BETTER starting 5 and we pick 6 of our best young role players to become bench players and cut out the rest who aren’t contributing? That’s how you win. Spurs and Clippers for example have a good starting 5 and great bench players.

            This is what I am talking about and you’re not thinking straight, Meeks is a huge lost regardless of Kobe. Do you want to have a good in depth bench???? Young and Meeks can come off the bench putting up 32pts TOGETHER. If you plan to rely on Kobe to do everything well chances are he is going to get injured again that’s why you have Young but also Meeks, He was in fact a huge lost, especially if you say the Rockets suffer a huge lost when Parson went to the Pelicans. Gasol’s defense is no good agree with that but neither is Boozer’s defense. Last I check Gasol put up better offensive numbers. Guess how many points Boozer averaged? 14pts only. Gasol is clearly better choice over Boozer. Again this is what I’m talking about as soon as a new player puts on a Lakers uniform you think he is some how better then the guy who left. Bazemore and X is a draw, neither of them had enough time for me to make a judgement, but when X came back from his injuries he was very inconsistent compared to the begging part of the season.

            Again you should read my comments CAREFULLY. I’m not bashing Lin for fuck sakes. This is a comparison between two PGs. Lin is a upgrade over Marshall, but not a MAJOR upgrade. If Lin is a major upgrade then what do you call Lillard or Westbrook if they became a Lakers? When did I say Lin is bad on offense? Again re-read, I said Lin contributes more on the offense then he does on the defense, Lin’s defense on the other hand is okay, and is no better then Thomas. Meaning neither of them are defensive masterminds like Conley.

            What are you talking about???? THAT’S what I just said DUDE!!!!! You’re only proving my point, I just said that we didn’t have a legitimate starting Pf. Your last paragraph is only proving my point and agreeing with me so thanks for that. Due to the fact that we didn’t have a actually Pf that started last season, ANY PF players is automatically a upgrade over D’Antoni’s stupid rotation of putting a bunch of players on the starting Pf that should have played on a different spot. Big example that I use was Wesley being put at the 4 instead of the 3. So yes we DID NOT have a legitimate starting Pf. Also I am repeating myself again, we have NEW players who are rookies, we have NEW players from free agency that has never played on our team, and we have a NEW coach with a NEW system. Wouldn’t you think that it will take some time for this team to develop chemistry together and learning under a new coaching system? You said if Dwight, Nash, Gasol, Metta, and etc. had a hard time trying to learn to the Princeton offense from Brown, what makes you think Lin, Boozer, Randle, Young won’t have a hard time learning a new system after D’Antoni preached his fast pace 7 seconds or less offense. Again you expecting too much from this season, because players need time to develop and learn from a new coach.

            With all that said and done, I’m going to copy and past this again…..

            Scenario 1- Lakers lucky that a sneak into the 8th seed
            Scenario 2- Win 32-38 games, which is most likely
            Scenario 3- Another year of insane injuries and LA wins 28 games and might get back its lottery from the Suns.

            Hey, 32-38 wins is still a improvement over 27 wins

          • cj

            the west is not all that stacked atm. the thunder lost their best defender and shooter in sefh.

            the grizz lost miller and davis with no replacements.

            the rockets lost lin asik and parsons and got arzia……..

            the gsw lost their head coach and their bench is in major flux.

            phx looks like they might not keep bledsoe. phx played under .500 ball with out bledsoe last season

            the whole nba is in a flux right now. if healthy the lakers could be anywere from 35 wins to 55 wins.

            dallas won a title with dirk as the only star and a group full of roll players. the lakers are built the same at thins point.

          • Redemption Rain

            1. Who is sefh? And how does that make the Thunders weaker? They have the same roster and one of the most dominate player in the game Durant. FYI I think Serge is the best defender on that team.

            2. Grizz lost bench players in Davis and Miller, their starting line up is practically identical, so no….them losing Miller and Davis isn’t the end of the world for them. Check their stats, their mins weren’t even use that much.

            3. Rockets did lose Lin and Parson, agree they got worst but they still got Ariza. However that doesn’t mean they fall out of the playoffs

            4. Phx IS keeping Bledsoe that’s why they put him as a RESTRICTED free agent. They will offer what ever is left on their cap space and right now I can’t think of enough cap space to grab Bledsoe for the amount of money he wants.

            Ask yourself and compare our roster to the Spurs, Thunders, Clippers, and other playoff teams, with the circumstances of having a new coach that the need to learn from, having to start from scratch with defense, and hoping that this team stays fully healthy. The West is stack if a .500 team like the Suns couldn’t make it in to the playoffs.

          • cj

            1.thabo sefolosha was their best defender. not ibaka. losing him for nothing hurts their team i now have them behind the spurs and clippers this season.

            2. they may have been bench players but miller hit big shots and davis was huge when mack went down this season. the grizz are an older slower team that has next to no depth any injury to a starter will kill them.

            3. yes i could see the rockets falling out of the playoffs. they now have 4 players on that team worth anything in arzia bev harden and d12. if one of them goes down for any time theyt will fall out of the playoffs.

            4. they might lose bledsoe. bledsoe want a max deal and phx does not want to give it to him. phil could go after him as well as other teams if this drags out. they also lost fry who played well for them last year.

            the west is stacked there are 14 teams that could make the playoffs this season in the west. the only teams i would say make it for shur are the clips and spurs. every other team has flaws and injury risks that could keep them out.

          • Redemption Rain

            1. In what world is Sefolosha a better defender then Ibaka? Thabo is a good defender no doubt, but how is he better then Ibaka? YOu put him behind the Spurs and Clippers, ok the only problem is that they are still a playoff team.

            2. Agree, we saw Marc going down and that’s why they were losing games, however when he came back the team was back to normal. That team has always been a threat to the Thunders and Clippers. So yes I’ll still consider them playoff teams. With your logic losing Meeks, Bazemore, Gasol, and Farmer really killed us.

            3. Wish full thinking, I’ll put money down right now and say we will see the Rockets in the playoffs, I’ll agree they got weaker and I’ll even say they will get bounce out of the first round, but they still have a better roster then us, meaning they have a better chance at getting to the playoffs then we do.

            4. Ok let’s see how that works out, even if Bledsoe is unhappy with the Suns, I think he will still tough it out just one more season. Suns still have the ability to max out any offer if any team tries to get them. Also the 76ers is worst then the Suns, I don’t think Bledsoe would play for a team that tanks on purpose.

            West is stack as I said. that’s why its going to be difficult for us to make the playoffs. If you read all my comments I said we would be lucky to snatch the 8th seed from the Mavs, Suns, or Pelicans. Other then that I would also add that the Grizz, Warriors, and Blazers will in fact be in the playoffs along with the Spurs and Clippers.

          • cj

            the point is yes its going to be hard to make the playoffs if all u look at is the bad but bad things can happen to any team. saying its not possible to get a 5th/6th seed is stupid. id it likely we make the playoffs this season no no its not…….. but it is possible. if there is an injury to any team that compleatly changes the whole out look on a season. so anyone saying the lakers could win 50 games is looking on the bright side. there is no reason for you to say who impossible that is because it is possible.

            last season espn had the suns as the worst team in the west and only winning about 15-20 games they won 45 games and almost made they playoffs. this is the perfect example of how a team with lesser looking talent can over perform expectations.

          • Redemption Rain

            That’s what I said WE ARE LUCKY to snatch the 8th seed, but in order to get the 5th and 6th seed you will have to out compete the Blazers, Warriors, Grizzles, Rockets, Mavs, Suns, and Pelicans. And they have a better roster then us FACT, not up for debate. I’m am flabbergasted at the idea that someone can say that this roster can win 50 games with a new coach, who is going to teach a new system, new players, and veteran players returning from injuries. The bright side that I have brought up is Scott coaching this team to a defensive power house in his 2nd to 3rd year. Right now we are ranked 28th in defense, he can get us to the 12th to 9th best in defense if given the time.

            As for your last comment, I hope for our sake that you are right. As you said highly unlikely but still possible. Just like it was unlikely for a 1.7% chance for the Cavs to win the lottory AGAIN. (lol I think that shit was rigged, and Lebron going back to the Cavs with a better roster)

          • cj

            i dont think that cavs have a better roster then the old cavs. they have more name brand talent but that roster has to many egos. i see the cavs as the 4th best team in the east behind the

            1. bulls 57-25
            2. indi 56-26
            3. mia 53-29
            4.raptors 46-36
            5. cavs 51-31

            i believe the cavs will finish with a better recored then the raptors but they wont get the 4th seed because of the stupid division rule.

          • Redemption Rain

            Well Cavs have a better roster compare to when Lebron left. I think with Lebron Cavs will be a top 3 seed behind the Bulls and Pacers, it’s going to be a fight between them and the Raptors. Also Rose has not played for 2 years, so even if he stays health can he get back to being the explosive athletic powerhouse that he is???? Bulls have good defense all they need now is scoring from Rose, and maybe Doug and Gasol can help them out on the offensive end.

          • cj

            they have better names then
            the old cavs team but that cavs team fit togther better.

            that team was built around lebron this team has 4 guys that need the bull in their hands in james, irving waiters, and wiggens. can we honestly say this team will be better then thouse cavs teams. they do have better name talent but will it fit tgether as well as the old cavs teams??????? idk.

            i dont see the cavs beeing better then chi or indy or mia.
            they will be better then the raptors but because of the div rules the raps are going to get a top 4 seed.

          • Redemption Rain

            Agree with Bulls and Pacers being better then the Cavs, but Miami is SOOOO weak without Lebron, Wade is getting old and not contributing, so I’ll say Bosh is their best player, also the Heat bench sucks. I’m confident that Cavs will out compete the Heat.

          • cj

            i think mia will start faster then the cavs will and that will help. i think the cavs will strugle out of the gate but finish strong

          • xman

            Redemption your are the most pessimistic Lakers fan I have seen -__- do us all a favor and go follow a different sports blog

          • Redemption Rain

            Nope just facts, are you against the truth? Do me a favor and stop being delusional, fine line being delusional and optimistic.

          • Redemption Rain

            Nope I’m realistic and not allergic to the truth. Do us realistic fans a favor and wake the fuck up and put down that crack pipe. I’ll be here all season long, making the most ACCURATE predictions.

          • http://www.smallbusinessloansdepot.com/bank-statement-loans/ ed boyles

            i say 43-44 wins is possible.

          • Enrique Henry Meza

            Chemistry and defense goes a log way indeed… and what makes you think this team that just turned over half its players is going to have chemistry and defense?

    • Enrique Henry Meza

      Injuries did in the Lakers last season more than coaching, more than personnel. Most man games lost in the league. This team? I don’t know they’re better. Losing Gasol is going to hurt more than people realize. Playing in the West doesn’t help – I can’t see them winning 50+ games under any scenario.

  • Mr.Barboza

    I’m waiting for the next season to start but just because of 3 reasons:

    1-I want to see if Kobe will be the same player as always.
    2-I want to see how Randle and Clarkson do In the NBA.
    3-I’m hoping Byron Scott does a good job with the “roster” that we have now, if we have a bad season I won’t be mad with him, since we basically don’t have a roster unless kobe, randle and clarkson step up.

    But oh well if we’re lucky we could get the 7th or 8th seed.

  • Brent Yen

    Lin is not bad at defense at all, don buy that crap from HOU……maybe not perfect….but really far from “…..Jeremy Lin is far from a positive on that end [defense]“

  • hoperhetoric

    It all depends on kobe’s health… They have enough scoring & defense w/o kobe to win many games. But kobe’s clutchness & ability to lift the moral of the team is the key for decisive winnings & playoffs.

    • cj

      agreed i can rember about 15-20 games last season were if we had kobe we would have won them.

  • LakerSpartan117

    They’ll win more than 1, but less than 81 games this season… ;)

    Seriously fuck those people that are already claiming we’ll only win 20 games or so.. calling us a lottery team for years to come… then calling it FACT! HA!

    How bout you wait and see what happens instead of making stupid media-influenced assumptions.

  • wu kong

    Why does the narrative about Jeremy Lin being a defensive liability continue to propagate ? Defense that makes highlight reels is usually a player getting up in another player’s grill and keeping him from being able to dribble. But that is not a true indicator of defense.

    The point of defense is to lower the opponents FG%. Simply prevent them from scoring. That may get done in a flashy energetic way or in a more subtle way. Looking at stats can prove this.

    Jeremy Lin played with Patrick Beverley who made all defense 2nd team and people have no trouble arguing is a ‘great defender’. He is flashy and make highlight reels. However if you look at the stats:

    Opponent Point Guard 48-Minute Production
    vs Bev: effectiveFG% 48.0%, PER 14.3
    vs Lin: effectiveFG% 44.1%, PER 13.3

    JLin was better at reducing the opponent PG production. (due to injuries on the houston team ( JHarden and Pbev) JLin played against starter PGs as much as Pbev so the above is NOT due to playing against Bench PGs)

    What about Rim protection:

    Opponent FG% at rim
    vs Lin: 47.7 % (23rd overall among players that played above 25 mins/game)
    vs Beverley: 52.2% (68th overall)

    There are many more Defense stats that point to JLin being the same or better than Pbev. So why is Pbev considered a defensive specialist and Jlin is a liability? The false narrative first started by Houston and then recycled over and over without anyone looking a the realities is getting old.

  • MustardsOffTheHotDog

    Jeremy Lin is their second best player, if not their best. He just needs to be given the ball. Jordan Hill is probably their third best player.

    • Redemption Rain

      That kind of pisses me off that other then Kobe, Lin is our second best player…..=_=

  • Redemption Rain

    Finally I see some reasonable Lakers Fans on this site, sorry Wayner but this season is going to give you a HUGE WAKE UP call, Lakers as a 6th seed?!?!?! That is a flat out lie and delusional to the point of no return. I thought that seeing Melo going back to NY and Lebron going back home would wake some of you guys up. Sadly some here are still lost in fantasy land.

    Lakers will win 32-37 games this season. Definite no more then 40. Count on it….and this is assuming Kobe plays all 82 games at a elite level.

    • cj

      the lakers were an above .500 team last season before kobe came back and injurys killed us. this team – kobe is as good if not better then last years team – kobe. add kobe and this team could see 45+ wins.

      • Redemption Rain

        lol the Lakers were 10-9 before Kobe came back……that’s only 19 games out of 82, that doesn’t mean anything. If we stayed healthy I would agree that we would have won at least 15 more games but that isn’t much since the Suns were above .500 but also missed the playoffs

        • cj

          it does not matter if it was 19 games. we were above 500 at that point and we had won 4 out of our last 5 games.

          if fully healthy – kobe last season that team finishes around 37 wins to around 45 wins. with kobe they win from about 45 to 50.

          this team is better then last seasons team – kobe if kobe is healthy we could be in the playoffs

  • This LadyLuvsLakers

    This LADY is chiming in with 41 wins plus, just because that’s what I want to do

  • Bruce

    50-55 wins in a loaded Western Conference?? Let’s be realistic, we be lucky if we sneak into the 7th or 8th seed playoff spot. I predict 45-47 wins.

    • Redemption Rain

      LOL 45-47 wins is still WAY too optimistic. I don’t see how this roster and a new coach that hasn’t coached this team long enough going to break through .500 wins. So 41-41 is already a challenge when you have teams like the Mavs, Suns, and Pelicans. I’m thinking mid 30s to low 40s, in a stacked West.

      Best case scenario is we make the 8th seed.
      Most likely scenario we make the 9th or 10th seed
      Worst case scenario is we go through another year of injuries and wining only 28 games, but if this happens we might be able to get our pick back from the Suns.

      • karl

        40-45 wins is realistic.

        • Redemption Rain

          It takes 41 wins to break an even .500 win/lost ratio. But that is going to be tugh with the Suns, Mavs, and Pelicans who are still a threat. 40 wins is realistic agreed. Anything over 43 wins is silly.

          I’m going to submit my vote, I’m going to say 36 wins.

          • Bruce

            Just saying, last season Phoenix surprised everybody even themselves by winning 40+games and almost sneaked into the playoffs, so why not the Lakers?? I still predict 40-45 wins is a possibility, but maybe not enough to make the playoffs, maybe a 9th or 10th seed. Best case scenario is 8th seed.

          • Redemption Rain

            Hummm ok. But yeah the Suns did surprise everyone, they won more games then they lost, I forget their record but they definitely won more then 41 games. We can surprise people, but that is unlikely. My guest is that we win around the mid to high 30s. This team still needs a consistent rim protector, this team needs to stay healthy, and this team has to adjust to a new coach VERY quickly if they want to make your predictions come true.

      • MustardsOffTheHotDog

        I’m more optimistic about the roster than I am the coach.

        • Redemption Rain

          Scott just needs time, he isn’t going to conjure up magic to turn this team around, give him time and have some patient. I think Scott can work within 2 to 3 seasons coaching the same roster.

  • Jim213

    Currently have the Lakers playing 500 ball. Hard to figure a winning percentage when you’re best player hasn’t played for close to a full season as well as the many new faces that will need to mesh together. Veteran leadership also counts but Scott will have a challenge with some of the non defenders on the roster. Hopefully who ever can play D gets plenty of time on the BENCH.

    • Redemption Rain

      Well Kobe isn’t going to ball out in the first game, give him a week or two to shake off the rust of missing out a year and I think he can still play on a elite level assuming he is heath.

  • Orlando Foolridge

    Kobe is back and will play 70ish games +5 Wins
    Lin is better than any PG from last season +3 Wins
    Boozer/Davis/Randall vast improvement in Front Court +5 Wins
    D’antoni is gone +5 Wins
    Pau Leaving (see +5 wins above)
    Meeks leaving -3 wins

    27 wins last season…+15 wins from above = 42-40

    will miss the playoffs and be 10th or 11th in the west and will convey a 11-14 pick to Phoenix. It’s basically the worse possible scenario, not good enough to be in the playoffs…not bad enough to get a lottery pick.

    If kobe gets hurt again, Scott shows that the 27 games losing streak in Cleveland wasn’t a fluke or Randall/Davis end up not living up to expectations probably a 30-35 win season.

  • Henry Martinez

    Realistically with their present line up, It’s more than 40 games. If they have a good center they will be a title contender. They will enter the play offs for sure. Wishing KOBE and the Lakers good health and more wins to come.

    • Redemption Rain


    • Bruce

      They are pretty far away from contending even with a good center my friend.
      If everybody healthy, 40-45 games is realistic, if the injury bug hits them again, then same crap as last season, 20-28 games.

  • meep

    For sure between 35 to 45 wins but if luck on their side they will get like 48 wins

  • Kb24

    Draft is done,FA is almost done,1 more chance to improve team….TRADES…this team can win 40-45 with a healthy kobe and the team, but with trades,this can go from 48-55 wins get past the 1st rd,dethrone the spurs(core is getting older) and reach a deciding game 7 against okc and possibly win the nba championship 2014-15 season against bulls,pacers or cavs

  • meep

    I’m ready to see what Lin can do after seeing his documentary. Dude just wants to play basketball and prove he can

  • John

    If KB is healthy, & Nick Young matures…! I say will go to playoffs…!

  • Kb24

    WEST: okc,sas,port,lac,lal(through trades),dallas,hous,gsw
    EAST: chi,ind,cle,was,rap,cha,bkn,nyk/mia

  • Isaiah Ruiz-Castillo

    I just hope everybody is healthy for this upcoming season, also the defense I think scott will have fixed and offensively I think that the Lakers are going to be okay they had the 2nd best scoring bench in the league. this reminds me back when the spurs won in 2007 and in 2008 the Lakers killed them and the Lakers went to the finals against Boston. also I would be happy if the Lakers do make the Playoffs anything can happen. you just got to believe. GO Lakers

  • Bryan

    45+ wins if we can stay healthy. Our roster last season was inconsistent and we had scrubs playing half the season. No way Kobe is going to allow himself and his team to miss the playoffs. WE WILL BE PLAYOFF CONTENDERS NEXT SEASON.

  • Rob

    Why would I respect the opinion of the author that doesn’t even know Kobe’s correct ’12 stats. 27.3pnts, 6asts, 5.6. Rbnds. Not trying to nit pick here but come on. Not that hard to look up. I hear what you’re saying but Scott will have these guys playing defense. Lin and boozer both have talent and understand the drive of Kobe, and want to prove haters wrong. Our biggest problem isn’t our bigs, it’s the SF position. Boozer and Hill both love to get physical. Our defensive rebounding will be much better with this team and so will their heart. Not saying they will win a championship but if they stay healthy they will be a surprise team in the west. Just one guy’s opinion…… except for the stats you got wrong.

  • Ray-Marcus

    What’s the author talking about? Nick Young is not better than Boozer. Booze is the second best player on the team as it stands, then its a toss between Lin and Swaggy. Nash could even be better depending on his health and Randle could change that depending on his performance. I believe LA will struggle to win less than 35 games. Returning players like X and J Hill had near career years, only thing that held them back was D’Antoni IMO. Throwing Lin, the rooks and a contract year ex all star like Booze into the mix means we are poised to have a better year. 40-45 wins in my book. I expect Booze to put up Gasol’s last season numbers but more consistently (without early season slump or as many injuries)

  • john

    25-30. honestly hoping for 20-25 just so we get a crack at okafor and them boys, but so long as we get that top five pick, this season won’t be a waste. if we somehow get over 35, the season’s pointless.

    • Bruce

      You won’t get your wish, Kobe and the Lakers are not going to tank and they will compete for a playoff spot.

    • Spade

      I agree with you. In a perfect world we get our pick back for next years draft. But we have a roster full of players that will be playing for pride. Kobe won’t allow it.

  • Kaleb

    There’s a fine line between optimism and just flat out delusional lunacy out here. The lakers a 6th seed? Will place higher than GS, HOU, MEM? 50wins?!? I’m sorry, some of you must be inhaling car fumes or chugging Kerosene. If they go from 27 wins to 40, THAT would be an improvement in itself.

    • Redemption Rain

      They suck at being delusional too, hell if your going to dream at least dream that the Lakers win the 2014-2015 NBA Finals

  • dencio

    It really depends on team chemistry, Kobe’s health, improvements of young players, and bonus contributions from our rooks. Worst case scenario is 25 wins with Kobe probably missing at least half the season. Best case scenario would be 45-48 wins.

  • Maknusia .

    You can have all the talent, and injury-less players… but team chemistry takes time. Many tend to forget, many teams with great players and great coaches, had always taken their own time to jell the team together.

    In addition, the coach and players, need to find the right system that brings the best out of them, the pre-season alone aint enough…so give it time

    If we can get 9-10 position, we are on track, if we manage 7-8th, then we have surpassed expectations, anything beyond that is WOW

  • Kb24

    FOR NOW, lakers are SLEEPERS IN PLAYOFFS(just like phx last yr), but DONT FORGET TRADES,FA AND DRAFT ARE THE 3 ways to strenghten the team,looking forward 3-6 months from now,lakers can rise up to 4-7th spot in thw playoffs

  • Kb24

    Okc,sas,port are locked on top3 in the west,4-8 is a battle btwn lakers,dallas,hou,gsw,pel,sunsgriz

  • metalbass

    if healty 45-50 wins are possible.

  • Chris

    Mine 52-30.

  • SirBosco

    Can’t be worst than last year. History tell us we don’t miss playoff back to back season. Stay healthy and mamba will play at MVP level. 52-30. 6seed in the playoff. Beat clippers in the first round. Lose to SA in the second round

  • Fans4Fanatics

    My prediction and IMHO anywhere between 41-47 wins, 50+ if the team is really clicking or 37 if the team is imploding.

    Key factors to considered.
    - No teams in the West with 60+ wins this seasons as many teams in the east and west has gotten better (upgraded) or are in the mixes for the playoff. Minimum wins to compete for a playoff spot this year in the West will be around 46 wins.

    - Top 3 team in the west will relatively be the same, however from 4-8 will be a dog fight, gonna be separated by 4-4.5 games (i.e 2014 season 4th seed Houston 54-28 and 8th seed Dallas 49-33). In terms with two bad weeks in West you can go from playoff to lottery 4-10 place standing.

    - Houston (Dark horse) might missed the playoff. Conferences are tougher, they lost key pieces (Asik, Lin, Parson). Remember 5 games will separate you from playoff to lottery bound. those 3 valuable pieces equal to more than 5 wins. That a lot of points to cover for even with Ariza.

  • AK

    people forget how bad our team was 2 seasons ago and kobe took us to the playoffs by himself pretty much, if kobe is healthy they can win 50 games which would be like a 7th seed in the west.

  • Rainbow Page

    i see the lakers making the playoffs,with a surprise season,and serveral breakout seasons for many laker players.the lakers and alot of players have alot to prove.that being said,i see alot of people eating crow!!kobe if healthly will have his best season ever.55 wins

  • Matt Williams

    Doesn’t anyone realize that with a different coach there will be a different outlook? D’Antoni is gone and we should expect better results than last year.

  • Mark Zarina Samonte

    Team work can do things! I think 45 wins with an upgraded line up. Can’t wait to see the tip off!

  • joe

    I feel 35 wins will be disappointing. .they won 27 games last year without consistent starter and zero defense because there was no system ..I believe this team is better than last year just if kobe playing. .The Lost of gasol we are making for it by lots of other additions that make the team in general better..I will say 45 games..and if they click together in chemistry we can go up to 50..but no way less than 45

  • Yu-Hsing Chen

    Heh, MDA has consistently gotten better results out of scrubby teams than Scott, so 27 win was probably more like 5+ win from the coach instead of minus.

    Having said that, MDA is also a pretty bad coach to lead guys who can’t fit into his system, so in the sense of running a team with a healthy Kobe then maybe Scott will function better.

    There is always teams that really blows away expectation every season, so there is hope there, that the Lakers maybe gel so much better than expected under Scott that they push into 40 wins. I think the odds aren’t terrible there, but if it doesn’t happen then it’s a 35 win team at best.

    That still assume Healthy Kobe obviously, which is far from a sure thing at this stage.

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