Lakers Nation Debate: Why Not Tank This Season Away?

Lakers Nation Debate: Why Not Tank This Season Away?


NBA DraftTopic Of Debate: Tanking, and whether the Lakers should consider it.

Context: It’s reasonable to understand why tanking is a very sensitive subject amongst Lakers fans, as this is something that has hardly been associated with the franchise and its storied history. But after Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, and Julius Randle impressed during their playing debuts at the collegiate level, it has raised the discussion on whether tanking might be a reasonable option for the 2013-2014 Lakers.

Kobe Bryant recently spoke on the subject of tanking, and had and interesting point to make regarding the topic in an interview with Jim Rome on Jim Rome on Showtime. Naturally, Bryant stated that tanking is something that no franchise should partake in, as he feels that it sets a bad precedent for the culture of the team.

As for the Lakers franchise, the security of their future is now in question after Dwight Howard elected to go to Houston and partner up with James Harden. And simply relying on the “Lakers mystique” to attract free agents hasn’t proved to necessarily work, being that the only major free agent the Lakers brought to Los Angeles in the last 20 years was Shaquille O’Neal in 1996.

Given this roster, and Kobe Bryant’s timetable for return in limbo, tanking is certainly plausible, but in the end is it the best decision for this franchise?

Verdict: We took this poll question to Twitter to get the fans take on the idea and where they stood on the concept of a tanking

I presented the poll question:

Here are some responses.

Tanking is a very tricky discussion, and I can understand the logic from both sides.

Barring some blockbuster deal, the Lakers chances of being a contender this season are slim to none, let’s face that fact. In knowing that, the case can certainly be made that it’s more beneficial for this franchise to be very bad instead of mediocre.

While making the playoffs as a 7th or 8th seed for the sake of saying “I told you so!” is inspiring, what good does that do for this franchise moving forward? Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol will be gone in the foreseeable future, and after that fans will be looking for someone to turn to. And given the slim amount of big-time free agents available in 2014 (no guarantee that LeBron and/or Carmelo decide to leave), the draft is going to be one of the first places the front office will have to turn to. So why not give yourself the best chance at getting the best possible pick?

I understand the point from the opposite view as well. Why give the security of your franchise to chance? Make your own luck. There’s naturally no guarantee that if the Lakers do tank, that they’ll end up with Wiggins, Parker, or Randle. There’s also the “We’re the Lakers!” stance, as this franchise has prided itself on letting the front-office figure it out, rather than partaking in schematic tactics to re-build the team.

Ultimately I have to agree with the tweet from @TheLakerLion. The Lakers front-office has seemingly always found some way to pull off a deal that alters the course of the franchise. No matter how hard the situation they figure it out. Whether that trade is this season, next, or in two years, I’m confident it’ll happen.

What about you? What’s your take?

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  • Lakers Fan

    Tanking is not a part of the Lakers no matter how bad some fans might want them too. Personally, I want them to tank. It seems logical. Kobe could sit out this entire season and come back 100%. Nash will hopefully retire, making only Sacre and Nick Young the only players under contract. That gives us a ton of cap space, to go along with a top pick and a new coach. This year is a waste. Every year we don’t win a championship is a waste. That’s just how this franchise is built. If we were to tank, I don’t see that as a bad thing. I see it as a smart move moving forward once Kobe Is gone. If we were to let this season go, we would be right back a contender next year. On the other hand, I can see where most fans come from because whether we tank or not we would still end up with a solid player going forward since this is a deep draft.

    • Daryl Peek

      All I can do is SMH at calling the season a waste 10 games in. Pundits can predict all they want but the games still have to be played and no one knows the future.

      • Lakers Fan

        Did you read my comment? The Lakers pride themselves on winning championships. If we don’t win a championship, the season is a waste. So are you suggesting we will win a championship? Because if you are, it’s time to be realistic. Kobe said it himself. It’s all about winning championships an if not the season was a failure. Thats the ultimate goal. If we have began to pride ourselves on making the playoffs alone, then this franchise’s pride has hit an all-time low. Tanking might not be a part of this franchise, but it is a smart move.

        • LakeShow

          EXACTLY! I’m surprised there are plenty of Laker fans just being satisfied with our team making it to the playoff just to be eliminated in the first round. What’s the point of that? Not only we didn’t win the championship, we also wasted the opportunity to get young talent because we didn’t get the lottery pick.

          • Lakers Fan

            It saddens me to be honest. I know everybody has their own opinions, but it’s like the bigger picture is being missed. We shouldn’t have the mindset of these other teams who are happy to just get to the playoffs. We are a spoiled franchise who is used to the motto “Championship or Bust”. And who is to say we will get a big name FA next year who will help us win a championship? I would rather get a young up and coming star who we can groom. I love Kobe to death, but it’s like people have fallen in love with trying to get him his 6th ring. I would love for him to get it, but we shouldn’t jeopardize getting a young star who we could groom into being our next Kobe. Like I said, we can’t always be on top.

          • Daryl Peek

            Exactly, no team is always on top but that’s no reason to look beyond what’s on the court ten games into a season. At this point the team, meaning the players and coaches can’t worry about next year. As fans we shouldn’t either. When has the Laker FO failed to not try and improve the team during an off-season or at the mid way point? Forward thinking is always the deal with this organization. This is what draws fans. Contemplating a draft in November is for losers period.

          • Lakers Fan

            So a team is a loser just because they look forward to the draft? Considering how deep this draft is every team should be looking forward to it no matter what point of the season it is. I’ll always be behind what ever the front office do because I believe in my team. I just said I wouldn’t mind if they were to take a tanking approach. They obviously wouldn’t make it noticeable, but I wouldn’t mind if they did it. Like I said I’m all for the lakers win or lose.

          • Daryl Peek

            YES! As I showed you below. The season will be played out, GO LAKERS, and the draft will be taken care of by the FO regardless of how the season ends… see Kobe as the 13th selection in a then deep 96 draft. The team was bounced out of the first round in 95-96. No tanking was needed. No tanking has EVER been needed for this franchise and it’s disrespectful for fans to even entertain that ISH.

          • LakeShow

            So, what’s Daryl is trying to say is it’s okay for Lakers to lose for a long time as long our pride is protected.

            So what happen to the franchise and the money that coming in from sponsors when Lakers not winning anything for a long time.

            Those bandwagon fans that you spoke of are the one that bringing the money. Once they leave, who’s going to finance the club? You?

            You talked about getting Kobe as the 13th pick without tanking. How many times a team get one of the best players of all time at no 13? If it happen one time, it’s called LUCKY!

            You talked about winner mentality and yet you put pride over winning. Trade alone is not going to help Lakers win. LeBron & Melo are not coming, who other FA are going to be good enough to win championship for the Lakers.

            It’s good to use brain sometimes!

          • Daryl Peek

            What Dayl’s saying is, let the FO do what they’ve done for 60 plus years to the tune of 16 championships. All pride aside as Lakers fans we should use our brains to cheer for the team, that’s all.

          • LakeShow

            LOL, did you forget to change ID before commenting or something?

            If Jerry Buss still here, I don’t mind him work his magic but are talking about Jim Buss here. It’s not the same FO and the league is changing.

            Fine, you don’t want to tank. Come out with another solutions. Trade? Who can we get. Right now, nobody want Pau, Nash or any other players in Lakers roster (except for maybe Jordan Hill). How do we trade overpaid, old, injury proned players to other team in return for young talented players? No dumb GM would do this deal.

            Let me ask you, do Lakers compete for playoff or championships? If only playoff, yes you are right. We don’t need to tank, we can just get any FA next year (exclude LeBron or Melo) and compete for playoff with little possibility of winning the title. Is that what you want?

            We got lucky with Kobe at 13th pick. It won’t be easy to get another player like him beyond top 10 pick.

            Nobody like to see Lakers tanking but what other choice do we have? Plus, you keep forgetting that Lakers won the last 5 championships because of Phil Jackson. And because of that, right now, more than ever, Lakers need more talents on the roster.

            Did you forget what Kobe said about extending his contract? He doesn’t want to take paycut. How many superstar can Lakers get if Kobe has max contract? With rookie contract + first round pick, Lakers have at least 2 talented players on the roster at minimum salary.

            Well, unless you don’t want to see Kobe win another ring, then maybe we shouldn’t have this conversation. Maybe we should just let Lakers being mediocre as long we don’t tank. Pride is more important than winning, right?

          • Daryl Peek

            Not worried about think tank scenarios. The players on roster will compete bottom line. The FO will do what’s needed IMO… no room for pessimism as a fan!

        • Daryl Peek

          The championship or tank absolute is not acceptable 10 games into the season. Should Lakers fans stop buying tickets and stop going to home games? Should they cancel their cable subscriptions and stop watching the team? Should fans jump off the bandwagon and stop rooting for the team because it looks bleak ten games in?

          There is no such thing as a waste of a season ten games in. I want to see the team win every game they can. Will they lose their share? Sure but that’s no reason for the CHIP or bust bandwagon ISH ten games in.

          “satisfied with our team making it to the playoff just to be eliminated in the first round” ?!? Do any of you have a FF button and know the future or something? Did Kobe make it to the finals all 17 years of his Laker tenure?

          Kobe will die trying to win regardless of who’s on the court with him. And y’all can stop all the sit Kobe out for the season mess because we all know that’s not gonna happen. Ride or die as a fan simple and straight. Leave the future forecasting to the pundits, who said the team was gonna win it all last season?

          • Lakers Fan

            That the Lakers mindset championship or bust. That’s Kobe’s mindset. It should be ours too. At least I thought it was. Why are you so satisfied on just getting to the playoffs? I’ve never been a fan, but considering the circumstances I wouldn’t mind it. We’re only throwing out our opinions and I stick by my opinion. Of course I know Kobe won’t sit out. Of course I know kobe will give it his all win or lose. I’m just throwing out a logical opinion. If you want to continue to rely on free agency as if there aren’t better looking teams in the league, then you go ahead. I don’t mind them building through the draft and hoping we draft our next Kobe. I don’t see why tanking is such a bad thing. I’m no fan of it, but I wouldn’t mind if they took that approach because I’m all for the Lakers win or lose.

          • Daryl Peek

            Why are you so satisfied with calling it quits ten games in? Ask Kobe about your opinion and he’ll have choice words for you that might turn you off as a fan.

            All Kobe and his teammates see is the game their playing and trying to get a win. As Fans that’s what we pay admission to see. All that other stuff matters not. Fantasy GM’s are fantasy. GO LAKERS

          • Lakers Fan

            Your talking as if I don’t believe be in the team. I never said that. All I said was that we shouldn’t be satisfied with just getting to the playoffs cause that seems like the only thing I see Laker fans talking about. I love the Lakers just as much as everybody in this forum, I’m just throwing out an opinion. And your right WE ARE ALL fantasy GMs. That shouldn’t keep us from throwing out out opinion tho. GO LAKERS!

  • Bobby Parr

    Lakers are going nowhere in the playoffs this year. It makes complete sense to build for the future by getting a higher draft pick with all of these incoming studs. True Lakers fans get zero satisfaction out of making the playoffs and getting ousted in the first round, that is not what this organization is about.

    • meep

      but top picks arent always a guaranteed to have picks are more a risk and which your trying to bank on they can do well in the NBA and more often then not they dont pan out. also there nothing wrong in getting a player after the top 10 look at ty lawson a talented PG and he was pick number 18th

      • LakeShow

        The top pick player would be the foundation of the team. Lakers need to find free agents to build around him in order to win championship. Kobe is our foundation but now he’s getting old, so we need someone younger to carry the team for years to come.

        • meep

          that is true, but we as fans just have to trust the lakers and believe they will do the right thing to help build the team for the future. there might be a time to get a very good young player, but i just see it as this isnt the draft lakers will get one. but if we do it wont be a top 10 pick

          • LakeShow

            “there might be a time to get a very good young player, but i just see it as this isnt the draft lakers will get one.”

            When would that be? The Lakers are in a great position to get lottery pick this year with all the things that going on right now: Kobe coming back from the worst injury, Nash haven’t fully recovered, Pau inconsistency and the rest of the rosters are auditioning for contracts next year.

            It is a PERFECT time for the Lakers to rebuild the team from lottery pick!

  • Jim213

    KB24 was asked about this recently, AIN’T TANKING!! Don’t like it… tough!

    But to bring this up early in the season just shows that many don’t have confidence in the team’s direction, current (coach, players, but especially in management). However, shouldn’t blame the coach and players for the product that management places on the floor. If the team doesn’t make the playoffs and attains a top 10 pick this won’t address the issue for the next few years. Yes, a player can be molded down the line but it may be an over 4-5+ yr process.

    IMO, best thing for now is to make some trades to acquire players that will help the team now and in the long term. Trade the players (before deadline) who’s play has been less than consistent and bring back some of the players would’ve managed to show consistency. Then pray that someone else either than Kupcake or Jim goes to get or brings and sells the teams future objectives to attain a top 2014 FA. Managements recent past moves leaves many to contemplate the teams future.

    IMO, not making a trade before the deadline to help address the teams current needs will further alienate many especially since certain players haven’t or can’t play consistent ball. Don’t blame the coach too much too (for the rotation yes) but he’s managed to build a good 2nd unit and though I don’t really have complete confidence in the coach management get’s the blame. If they didn’t believe in him they should’ve replaced him before the start of the season. #rollwithit

    Best thing for now to turn things around while in a a mediocre season is to makes some trades for the long term benefit of the team. The franchise is a top business #1 NBA it’s managements responsibility to place the best product on the floor to represent the brand. IMO, it’s management that doesn’t give many the confidence in the team’s future. Tanking may benefit the team 5+ years down the line but won’t address the team’s current needs. The fastest way to turn things around is to make some trades (young talent) and wait to acquire some top players in 2014FA.

    By the 2014-2015 season Kobe should be up to his old high level of play given the 2014 off season (strength and conditioning). There’s alot of issues to address today to turn things around as tanking may just help down the line and not address things currently. Don’t know about many here but I’m still hoping to see KB24 play in at least another NBA Final before he retires. The problem is whether Kupcake and Jim Bust know/can make the right moves to keep the ship afloat.

    • LakeShow

      First of all, Lakers don’t owe anything to Kobe. They gave him plenty of opportunities to win championship by assembling star players around him. It’s time to move on and look at the future. Plus, he’s coming back from a really bad injury, who knows how long he can play at high level. And if Lakers tank the season, he can take the time to fully recover and then next year go for the title with the lottery player + free agents – better chance at winning.

      Yes, a lottery player doesn’t guarantee instant championship but at least there is a potential there than our current situation. Plus, getting top agents also doesn’t neccessarily guarantee championship too. We tried that last year, remember?

      There reason why bring up this early is because we should start planning ahead. If we plan to go to the playoff, Mitch should really get the players needed to make that possible now. If not, then we should just lose as much games as possible to guarantee top picks (top 3) rather than later when we already won 30+ games. There is no turning back!

      • meep

        how can we guarantee a top 3 pick, this isnt the NFL. the NBA draft lottery picks are at random. tanking guarantee nothing but a good chance to get a top 10 player

        • LakeShow

          It’s all numbers game. The higher the percentage, they higher the probability. Of course there is no guarantee but if you have better chances of getting the top 3 than the 14th worst team in the league.

          Plus even if the Lakers doesn’t get the top 3, there are at least 5 players who are going to be a franchise player. Still worth tanking!

          • meep

            well lakers are never one to tank and i will be surprise if they ever did. as much as it would be great to get a top 10 player, top 5 even. it more likely hood we wont. that just how the lakers work. plus just because a player has alot of talent there still no guarantee they will turn out to be a franchise player. there a great chance they could be but there still a chance they wont. nothing is guarantee in this world. unless your lerbon and a freak. that what great about the draft is because you never know what you will get from a player.players make or break you as a owner and GM

      • Jim213

        “There reason why bring up this early is because we should start planning ahead”

        Correction, to possibly plan 5+ years down the line. Tanking WON’T guarantee a top three pick just better odds in the lottery. You’re right the Lakers don’t owe Kobe but KB24 doesn’t OWE anything to the franchise too (what more can you ask aside of more rings) just like all the HOFs who’s jerseys hang in Staples.

        It’s both management and player’s having/wanting the same outcome/objective that’s attracted top talent to the franchise aside of making the right draft acquisitions (J West). Kobe’s also had plenty of chance to win rings… does this mean that the franchise should shut it down for the next 5+ years and pray that their top draft pick manages to become an elite player to build around him then?…

        The Lakers have been a competitive team since they moved here with Jerry West and others (1960) from Minneapolis. Hopefully things don’t change in the near future (management). IMO, Kobe should play less than 25 min. given his injury and be brought in in crucial moments and during momentum changes. Although, not sold on the coach too but that’s an issue that needs to be addressed after the end of the season. #rollwithit

    • LakeShow

      “The fastest way to turn things around is to make some trades (young talent) and wait to acquire some top players in 2014FA.”

      Who do we have that interest the other teams to give up their young talent?

      • meep

        i heard cavs and kings might be looking to improve the team. but i doubt cavs will give up a young player and who know if kings will deal cousins. but i think a good chance to get a young player if we do a trade with the pistons, since who knows what the 2 young big men will want to do after the season.

        • LakeShow

          Who do we trade? Pau? His salary alone scares the hell outta these team, let alone his no longer the same player that gave us the titles. It’s possible that Pistons going to trade Monroe but I’m very much doubt that they are interested in Pau or any other player in our rosters. It’s just doesn’t make any sense.

          • meep

            it depends what the team want and are looking for. lakers have some players team could want, like pau for his expiring contract,young,kaman maybe even meeks. we also have the first round pick that they could use, but i would only use that if say we get a talent like cousins

      • Jim213

        IMO, given the Raptors have expressed interest in Nash (marketing purposes) it’d be best to trade him as long as he returns. The R Gay trade wouldn’t work out given salary $19 mil. Unless we could swap Gasol for R Gay then it should be considered. Otherwise, I’d try to acquire K Irving for Nash with a possible future #1? rounder while signing Irving to a 1 year extension if agreed upon before trade given he’ll be a FA in 2014.

        Don’t believe management can take care of all the issues during the 2014 FA which may make this a 1-2 yr process. Signing Irving to an extension would buy them another year to either try him out or if he happens to prove to be the future PG starter than work out a long term contract. Agree, Gasol’s contract and play downgrade’s his worth but if he can be traded it should be strongly considered.

        Would be best for the both given that if the Lakers are looking to change their offensive play for the long term Gasol doesn’t seem to fit this style (small ball). Yes, Gasol’s helped the organization to obtain two rings but they should look at it from a business aspect aside of the future success of the team.

  • LakeShow

    Thank you Ryan Cole for this article. I’ve been commenting a lot about tanking here and finally, someone created a perfect platform to debate.

    • Gregory Choa

      Yeah, thanks for opening up this ugly can of worms…

  • meep

    as great as it would be to get a top player it just so hard for me to ever get behind tanking. they have to do some deep scouting more so then they have in the past if lakers really want to get a good player though the draft.. since even after the top 10 there still could be a some players who could have a bright future. just look at ty lawson one of the best PG today and he was pick 18th. so you dont always have to get a top pick to get a good player. you just have to have very good scouting. for every lebron james there always darko milicic.

    • LakeShow

      It’s true that beyond top 10, there are good player but how many became franchise player that lead to championship? Higher percentage than the top 10? I doubt it. It’s not that easy!

      “for every lebron james there always darko milicic.”
      But what if there is the next LeBron in next year draft?

      • meep

        i dont think so, not to knock on the talent of the guys who will be in the draft, but you have to be a freak talent to be on the same level as lebron . there could the next great star like lebron, but it too early to tell and im just not sure there is at the moment

        • LakeShow

          The big question is who do we have in our rosters to carry the team for the future? I’m not saying that there is the next LeBron in 2014 draft but any of the top 5 picks would be a great potential to carry the Lakers. Even if we get 80% of LeBron or Kobe type of player from the pick, at least we have somebody to build around. Right now, we have nobody. Get my point?

          • meep

            we dont have a super star but we have good pieces to build from, scare,hill,harris and kelly. i get what you mean in wanting a player to groom to be a star it just hard for me picturing the lakers losing that bad or wanting to lose that much in order to have a good chance at a top 5 player. im just so use to rings and seeing the lakers in the playoff almost everyone year.what your thoughts on getting a guy like Doug McDermott if lakers dont get the top 5 pick or even top 10 pick like people want.

          • LakeShow

            I like the fact that we have young players like Sacre, Hill, Haris, Xavier and Kelly but they should run as 2nd units. We should use this season to develop and create chemistry between them.

            “im just so use to rings and seeing the lakers in the playoff almost everyone year”
            I’m so used to the rings too but I’m not blinded with the fact that we don’t have enough talents to go past beyond 1st round. I’m sure we can get into playoff but what’s the point getting eliminated in the 1st round? That’s doesn’t look like rings to me.

          • meep

            that true, since lakers havent been able to make a playoff run since the last ring and we always lose either first or second round. so maybe pride aside it time to think about getting a future star from the draft. but for me with all the rumors going around it being a deep draft. it just makes me think it not that necessary to get a top 10 pick in order to get your future star. there could be under the radar player with big talent later in the first.

          • LakeShow

            Honestly, I hate the fact that Lakers need to tank the season in order to rebuild but I just don’t see any other way to acquire young talent to carry the team for the future. Unless the Lakers suddenly able to pull some magical trade by getting player like Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant or Love, we have no other option.

            It’s true that Lakers have 1st round pick and we might get some good “under the radar” talent but as you and I agree that the team is not going to get past 2nd round. So, we might as well tank the season and get lottery pick and 1st round pick. So, we double our chance. The way I see it, let’s say one player is not good as we expected, we still have another one. Make more sense to me since we don’t know the potential of these players as you said earlier.

          • Paytc

            See my post above in regards to the “real Laker fans”

            Go Lakers !

          • Lakers Fan

            Just because another fan doesn’t have the same perception as you doesn’t make them any less a fan than you. We all want to see our team win even if it means having different point of views. I, for one, wouldn’t mind them tanking so I agree with LakeShow.

            If we pride ourselves so much on winning, wouldn’t you want to see the best team possible on the court? We have a good team this year I never doubted that one time, but you all are fooling yourselves if you think Kobe can come back and save the Lakers from their biggest Achilles heel: Defense and Consistency. Everybody seems so set on making the playoffs and going home because that will happen. Not because of the lack of talent because it is there, but because we lack consistency and defense.

            There is nothing wrong with wanting to better your team. You’re acting as if we tank the season the Lakers will be bad until our draft pick develops. It’s only one season! If we were to actually tank this season and win it all next season nobody would care that we actually took that approach.

          • Daryl Peek

            1992-1999 did the Lakers ever entertain tanking? There were two seasons the team was under .500 and they missed the playoffs only once… 93-94 in a season very similar to last year where the team had three head coaches in Magic, Bill Bertka and Randy Pfund. Outside of that one season the team was one and done for the most part every year in the playoffs.

            94-99 Del Harris was hired after that disaster of a season mired in the coaching carousel. Del began to groom a winning culture immediately but the team never got beyond the WCF as Houston San Antonio or Utah knocked them out of the playoffs during the Jordan 90’s.

            West kept the team competitive all throughout the 90’s leading up to the Lake Show era. Coming off a 53-29 season (95-96) where the team had just lost in the first round to the Rockets, Kobe was the 13th selection in a deep 96 draft like this coming one. Shaq was a looming FA who opted out of his Magic contract just like LeBron, Melo and many others may very well do next year.

            Tanking was NEVER a consideration or even discussed in the 90’s leading up to 1996 when Kobe and Shaq landed in LA. From a championship or bust perspective the 90’s sucked but it was still exciting basketball as the team progressed from the Showtime Late Show to the Lake Show.

            The LOSER, tanking mentality was not an option, PERIOD! I’m offended as a fan of this organization when I hear that kind of disrespectful chatter, and I’m 100% sure it’s coming from either haters that are jealous of this proud franchise or young fans with limited or selective memories of what it means to be a Laker fan.

            GO LAKERS is the motto all the time! Ride or die!! As a fan who’s seen the ups and downs dating back to 1977, I understand the win loss cycle and again tanking is the unmentionable with this franchise! Always competing is the given regardless of the outcome!

            Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but as Lakers fans tanking is across the hall Sterling/Clippers talk. I can’t let that ISH ride on Lakers blogs coming from Lakers fans!

          • Lakers Fan

            That’s why so many people call so many Laker fans bandwagons and so on because of the lack of support the fans give on another. Everyone thinks their right without looking at the others perspective. You might be older than I am, but that doesn’t mean I don’t lack the knowledge of the history of the Lakers. I know everything about the Lakers dating back to 1947 when they came into existence. You are completely discrediting my opinion because you feel so strongly about yours. I never knocked your opinion, but to suggest someone had a losers mentality because they through out a logical opinion speaks volumes about you.

            Everybody keeps talking about LeBron an Melo. LeBron is not coming to the Lakers! And if D’Antoni is still here next year Melo won’t come either, which he already said he wants to retire a Knick. As far as keeping a competitive team on the floor, of course they will do that. I never doubted they would, which you continue to completely overlook. But how far will that get us? The playoffs? Cause that seems like the only thing anyone cares about. I want them to win championships. And if that means letting a season go in order to solidify championships in the future, I’m all for it. I’m no fan of tanking either, but considering Kobe can’t stay around forever I would rather them draft a future star who can take over once kobe leaves. You might not agree but that gives you no right to call someone a loser who throws out their opinions.

          • Daryl Peek

            First off, I could care less about LeBron and Melo. Who ever the FO lands I ride with them. I did so with Howard til he proved he couldn’t hack it as a Laker.

            Now as for discrediting your opinion, yes I’m absolutely doing so! If you have the knowledge dating back to 1947 you should absolutely understand my stance against your thought process… its not Lakers like. I could care less about how others view us as Lakers fans. Winning is all that matters and competing is the only way you can win. Ingesting the think tank mindset is setting ones self up for failure (As Kobe said) period point blank.

            Even the Spurs didn’t fully buy into the tank theme til it was absolutely clear Robinson was not coming back from injury and the team was completely mired in mediocrity during said season. The Spurs were a 60 win team with Robinson in 94-95. Just the same as the Lakers were a 50 plus win team before Kobe was traded for in the draft.

            96 was a deep draft just as this coming one is projected. Kobe wasn’t even top ten lottery selected and he is ABSOLUTELY the best player to come out of that draft. This is the point! There are no guarantees Wiggins, Parker, ETC… will be the next great thing the Lakers will miss out on by not tanking. How did the top ten 96 draft phenoms work out as far as the championship dynasty theme goes?

            Tanking is not an option for winners. Winners always compete and find a way to keep the tradition going regardless of downtime’s.

            Again, no one wins it all, all the time but rebuilding is best served while staying a competitor at all times. Franchise changing draft picks are rare if your gonna look at it from a championship dynasty perspective. FA signings and trades are time tested common place for dynasty building. See the Heat currently.

          • Lakers Fan

            If you could care less about LeBron and Melo then why did you bring them up? There are plenty of other FAs available after season and yet you throw out two of the biggest FAs if they decide to
            opt out their contracts. That’s the problem. Laker fans continue to think they can snag these big time free agents. It doesn’t work that way anymore. The Lakers aren’t a desirable destination right now with other teams looking much better roster wise. During those acquisitions of big time free agents and trades, who was at the helm of all those trades? Jerry West and Jerry Buss. I give Mitch credit for acquiring the free agents they did last year, but look at us now! Dwight left because of management and we’re stuck with an injured 39 year old PG who is making 9mil a year. Looks like we’re on the losing end of the trade thanks to Jim Buss. All that being sad we don’t know what exactly Jim Buss will do. We don’t know what they talk about behind closed doors. Considering all the questionable things Jim Buss has done, he might have taken a secret tanking approach. Who knows?! None of us are in the FO. We are just speaking from a fan’s perspective. All we can do is offer our opinions, no ones being better than the others.

            You know the times have changed when this organization is begging a player to stay. I hated that they did that and it pissed me off. So you tell me where has our pride gone? When it comes to Jim Buss, I wouldn’t be surprised if he secretly wants to tank. And considering how much “fans” talk about just making the playoffs, I don’t think anyone even realize how much our pride has taken a major hit. So dot give me the “we don’t tank because of our pride” speech. Our pride was tarnished when we begged a player to stay.

          • Daryl Peek

            “Who ever the FO lands I ride with them.”

            Please take what I’m saying in full context. LeBron and Melo are just FA examples. Times have changed. Jimmy and Jeanie are not Dr. Buss but just like MDA and this team they need time to grow into their roles with the franchise Dr. Buss built up with the help of Sharman, and West. Duplicating the instant success Dr. Buss had is a tall order no one in all of sports will ever live up to IMO. Dr. Buss came along at a perfect time to unleash Showtime.

            Let the kids work this out. They’ll be fine in time. Pride matters! And yes we don’t tank PERIOD!! Fans with that perspective are new math bandwagoners IMO. Those with the knowledge of winners pride understand this and are unmoved in their Lakers faith, regardless of changing times, pundit predictions and outside fan perceptions.

            GO LAKERS ALL THE TIME, that’s all we can and should be speaking on as fans. Anything else is ceding to less than what this franchise has represented as far back as I can remember.

          • Paytc

            You lack the type of support the team needs to defy the odds. Sure they are not the favorites but teams have over come greater odds. I’m sure you wear your Laker gear and run the streets proudly displaying it after championships. My guess is you probably have been hiding your Laker gear and wearing the Heat’s jersey the past couple of seasons. Well the Warriors,Clippers, or Pacers might win this year so I’d suggest you want to see who does before you buy any new NBA gear.

            Meanwhile let the real Laker fans keep pulling for the Lakers every step of the way (good or bad times).

            Go Lakers !

          • LakeShow

            You don’t know me, so don’t make any assumptions as I don’t make any assumption on you. Who are you to tell which is the real Laker fans and which is not? For you, tanking may not be a good idea but other people look at from different perspective.

            Rather than bashing other people, why not come up with solutions on how Lakers can solve their problems?

          • Paytc

            It starts with supporting the team through the struggles. Anyone who has ever played sports at a high level has conditioned themselves to only play at that level. I think quitters should stick together. I am supporting the Lakers because they have built a culture of winning. We don’t have to win it every year to still be winners. The Lakers and Celtics are so far ahead of the pack they could take 20 years off and probably still have a comfortable lead. I apologize for my assuming you we’re not a real fan.

            My apology for being a big time Laker fan and not flopping in my support.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Here my take on this sensitive subject.I will never ever cheer against the Lakers and i find it dishonorable to cheer against you’re favorite team just so they get a higher draft position.That just a losers mentality IMO.Sorry teams that tank are bottom feeders that get walked on until the town stops supporting them and they move to a new state.No need to cheer against my favorite team the Lakers,if they win i am a happy fan when they lose i am not happy about it.

    I do understand their is a chance the Lakers might have a crappy season and end up with a high lottery pick well in that case i will be at the Lakers draft party headquarters.Lakers fans will cheer on the newest collegiate talent the Lakers draft.But i am not crossing my fingers hoping the Lakers tank and lose all their games,NO WAY.I am just wishing my team a great year and a playoffs berth and hopefully once Kobe comes back hopefully Lakers can make a run in the playoffs.

    But if the Lakers suck this season and lose a bunch of games and miss the playoffs then okay lets start scouting the college players and wishing upon a superstar named Wiggins,Jabari,Randle,Exum,Smart but for now i still have hope the Lakers will make the playoffs.It’s only ten games so we must be patient and see how this season goes.Tanking is not needed this franchise is too proud tbh.But it is possible for the Lakers to miss the playoffs this season,but i still have hope.Let it all happen naturally no need to force the issue IMO.I am a Lakers fan no matter what tbh.

    Go Lakers!

    • meep

      all i do is hope for the best with the lakers and i will never wish for them to tank because i could never get behind tanking. i get lakers fans want young players to help build a team. but what about a getting good young players over the years and not necessary one top of the line player that require the lakers to have a bad season.

    • Jim213

      The issue… Jim (Palpatine) Buss

      • ra

        “To cheat the NBA is a skill only one has mastered. Working together with Stern we can unlock this secret.”

        • Jim213

          Stern for Lakers GM? retiring 2/2014.

          • ra

            not suggesting that (I was just quoting Star Wars for your pic). That might not work well for the Lakers (what do you think?).

    • richard

      I second that… tanking are for losers… it’s a losing mentalitly.

    • A Fan

      damn right. The Lakers are gonna have a 1st round pick anyway (and the draft is projected to be deep, so why not hope Kupchack can draft a steal), so why not just perform to their best this season? Besides, I personally think LA doesn’t need to sign bunch of superstars. Incredibly good role players will do.

      Heck, if LA even just keeps this same team (minus Nash), if Kobe’s return is successful, if their first round pick turns out to be a solid role player in his rookie year, and if they add someone like Loul Deng, I do think they can be title contenders next year.

  • Zimmeredge

    come on. tanking in LAL? that’s not part of our organization. be serious.
    We don’t need a big free agent next summer.
    You can’t tank with Nash, Bryant and Gasol on the roster. It’s disrespectful. It would be a dishonor for their career. Even when Shaq left the Lakers did not tank any season. We only missed the playoff one time during that time then we were back on track.
    We already have a first round pick next summer. We will (already are?) consider a trade with Pau and/or Nash during the season.
    2 months into the season we will have a better idea on who we are and where will we be at the end of the seaon. LAL’s priority = dominant AF/P.

  • ra

    Again: what makes anyone think that the Lakers would ever intentionally ‘tank’?

    Let’s run with this for a second, ‘intentionally tanking’ would consist of having a meeting with the coaches and players, and asking them not to play their best, and consistently let the other team win, right?

    Or, would it mean meeting with the coaches and players, and asking them to do what they normally do, but not to worry if they lose, because the Lakers are looking to get a high draft pick?

    The Lakers are ‘already’ not having an easy time winning. Also, the individual players have a ‘stake’ in their future with the NBA. Why would they intentionally try to ‘not play their best’ or ‘not try to win’? They would have no benefit from this, because I’m sure they’re not being paid a king’s ransom now, and if they intentionally tank it could be their ticket out of the NBA.

    The only other way to intentionally tank is for the FO to trade away ‘decent’ players, and trade them for ‘worse’ players. It’s hard enough to assemble players who are even NBA-worthy. They might accidentally trade for a player is better than the one they traded away, right? But actually, the truth is, they won’t really be able to trade for someone better anyway. So, chances are, any trade would be a downgrade at this point, right?

    How else would the Lakers tank? If the FO wanted the Lakers to tank, they have already done it, and already assembled the team to help them get there. Just like the Celtics, trading away KG and PP, they already took steps to tank. Two years ago, the Mavs traded away any good players (or players with higher salaries), to open up cap space for DH. Look how that turned out. They didn’t sign any marquee players from the draft, did they?

    Not sure exactly how the Lakers can ‘intentionally’ tank moving forward. Anyone have any ideas?

    • Gregory Choa

      The only way the Lakers could effectively “tank” without tanking – which is to say, without intentionally losing games, or not play their best – is to shut both Kobe and Nash (with their respective blessings) down for the season. As well as this revamped Kobe-less lineup has been playing, with Blake, Meeks, Wes J., J. Hill and Gasol starting and Nick Y., X. Henry, Farmar & Kaman coming off the bench, I’m not sure these lineups are necessarily getting us into the playoffs. If Kobe comes back by say Christmas, and he’s 100% G-T-G, well, then that’s a different story and I think this could actually turn into a pretty dangerous team, especially in the postseason, and especially if they can also get Nash back 100%.

      • ra

        Yeah, they won’t ‘shut down’ Kobe, and I see Kobe ‘biting his lip’ wanting to play badly (so you’re right, they won’t get his blessing). Nash, I’m sure, feels like a heel, having not played much last year, and this year, because of his injury. I’m sure he wants to give it a shot in a bit. $9M is a lot for not playing much – Bynum wouldn’t care, but it eats at Nash, I’m sure.

  • Paytc

    How about flushing all the fake fans and media down the very tank they want the Lakers to fall in?
    We have a good team this year. Is it great? Not at this point, but in time it can and will get better. Plus real fans know a healthy Kobe and a team that hits it’s stride at the right time could be dangerous.I think they have already given us a demonstration of how well they can play by beating the playoff bound teams they’ve beaten (without Kobe) already. We have over 70 more regular season games alone, not to mention the playoffs. We’re not “giving up” we’re “STEPPING UP”

    Go Lakers !

  • Martin Susman

    The concept is wrong in the first place… If the Lakers keep Nash & Gasol & this coach, they won’t have to tank, they will already be tanked…. This season & most of next is rebuilding time… The Lakers NEED to first off TRADE Gasol, Nash & Blake for nothing but draft picks in the next two years…. Forget getting oneyone over 25, get draft picks or future studs for pne year only deals….Let only the playters you think can be on the team in 2015/16 & let them learn & play & yes, lose…


    makes the orginization look bad.

  • DraftJabariParker

    Draft Jabari Parker

  • Daryl Peek

    This is the thing. The Lakers like any other organization in all sports can’t and don’t win it all every year. Does this mean hands should be up on a season before it’s over? Hell NO! And this franchise has never done so. The team is already in rebuilding mode. They were in the 90’s as they couldn’t break though in the Jordan era. Rebuilding for the Lakers is NEVER a think tank lotto mindset! If it naturally happens, so be it but this planning for it BS is for the birds!!

  • hookedonnews

    Tanking is not an option. Too many players having expiring contracts, Kobe & Nash aren’t going to throw away a season when they have so few left to go, and D’Antoni is coaching for his job. Not going to happen, and it shouldn’t. Ticket prices being what they are, I don’t know how a team could expect fans to come out and watch a team that was trying to lose. Besides, just because a #1 pick signs with a team, doesn’t guarantee they’ll always be there. Just ask the Cavaliers.