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Lakers Nation Debate: What Is Your Favorite Pau Gasol Moment?

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Topic: With Pau Gasol deciding to join the Chicago Bulls after seven seasons, and two championships with the Los Angeles Lakers, we wonder what was Gasol’s best moment with the Lakers.

Context: Pau Gasol has been an essential part of the Los Angeles Lakers since joining the team in 2008. He also helped lead the Lakers to three straight NBA Finals appearances, and two championships.

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Over the last few seasons, Gasol has been a part of non-stop trade rumors, and was actually traded to the New Orleans (then) Hornets in the ultimately overturned Chris Paul deal.

Despite everything that he went through, Gasol remained humble and professional throughout his time in Los Angeles, and now that he is headed to Chicago, it is tough for most to see him go.

With seven seasons and a host of playoff games to his credit, Gasol has etched out a number of memories in the heads of Lakers fans everywhere. But what was the most memorable?

Verdict: We went to Twitter and asked our passionate followers, what is your favorite Pau Gasol memory? These are some of the responses:

Melo and Gasol Pass On Lakers

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About The Author

Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

Number of Entries : 881
  • sena

    the time when he went to bulls yesterday.that was the best moment.screw him.we have randle.

    • Chrmngblly

      Geez. Randle will not make up for losing Gasol. Gasol has not been a forward for years.

    • HAHAHA

      dont you dare to disrespect him. we would not get the chip without him you know

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    • Redemption Rain

      Are you serious? Why do some of you hate it when a player leaves? As far as I see it most of you “Lakers fans” wanted to get rid of him and call him soft. Putting him through trade rumors and never complaining about it. Now that he decides to leave you going to hate? Pau is a great person and a great player that I hope LA Nation can appreciate the memories and hope he returns to retire his jersey.

      • sena

        i am not saying he must stay but we could send him in sign and trade situation so both sides aquire something but WE GOT NOTHING HE LEFT US THAT’S IT HE TURNED DOWN THE CONTRACT MITCH OFFERED.U FEEL ME?????

        • Redemption Rain

          That’s on Mitch and JIm, not Pau. That’s like saying you hate Melo because he wanted to go back with the Knicks instead of the Lakers. Pau was a free agent and he had the right, Mitch and Jim should have offered more and then traded him, Mitch offer 5mill a year, the same amount as Nick Young. That’s a slap in the face for Pau already.

          • Daryl Peek

            “Mitch offer 5mill a year” ?!? The offer was 2 years 23 mil which is 11.5 mil a season. Another offer was 29 mil for three seasons. The FO did justice to Pau in those offers but the totality of how he’s been treated in general by many Lakers fans and the local and National media, I don’t blame him for saying no thanks and moving on…

          • Redemption Rain

            Exactly, Pau doesn’t deserve the hate. Class Act, good person! Lakers fans forget that he was put through numerous trade rumors and constantly criticize him for being soft, and then expect him to sign back? What is Pau? A door mat?

          • Daryl Peek

            The sad part is Pau took a steep pay cut from what we offered… 3 years 22 mil to join the Bulls. 11 mil a season VS just over 6 mil, WOW!

          • BYE BYE

            everyone can treat me bad with 19 million a year fuck pau should of got rid of him a couple of years ago and he is soft the good thing for him right now there isn’t too many big men out there that’s it #LAKERS4LIFE

          • Daryl Peek

            You say that but let your name be dragged through the mud on a daily and in every local news outlet coupled with your so called fans dissing you at work while your boss is trying to get rid of you constantly. Human nature, it’s hard to be Teflon Don all the time.

          • Redemption Rain

            You’re fucken sad and pathetic. You mad just because he left your spoiled cry baby ass, and now you are “glad he is gone,” sure about that? You don’t seem too happy to see him leave and now your venting your frustration on him. WIthout Pau Lakers would not have won the last 2 championships, without Pau Kobe might have demanded to be traded to the Bulls or Clippers. Fuck you little spoiled bitch, I hope your boss treats you like a little bitch ass whore, after all he pays your paycheck and keeps you employed. Fair deal right?

          • FUCKIN PUNK ASS

            Fuckin kiss ass bitch fuck you with that big mouth online punk get bitch slapped like pau has for a couple of years now get choked out in front of your moms bitch #NO LIE BITCH #LAKERS4LIFE

          • comrade24

            i agree. can’t blame him. this is his last few years and he wants a chance to earn another championship. i’m sure he was torn but ultimately doesn’t believe we’re going to have a chance. don’t blame him.

        • Chrmngblly

          No matter how drunk I get I will never “feel you”…..:-)

      • nlruizjr

        exactly !!!

    • LakersHeatBeef

      KEVIN DING ‏@KevinDing
      Julius Randle has signed–and will debut for Lakers’ summer-league team in less than a half-hour.

      • rival

        Nice do you know how to stream the game?

    • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

      Not a real fan ^^^

    • nlruizjr

      yeah but Gasol and Randle together would have been awesome !!!

    • Kin Diesel

      Not cool

    • Alex

      The Lakers can easily replace Pau Gasol with Michael Beasley.Actually this lineup works for me.Besley can also play power forward and he is good.

      PG Lin
      SG Kobe
      SF Michael Beasley
      PF Julius Randle
      C Hill

      • BULL

        i would love to have Beasley here.. good offensive player 6 10 and a lefty.. him, Randal, and X.. alot of lefty on the team lol .. but we need a SF and a Center i like Beasley

    • BULL

      here here.. i mean every one can say , ahh dont disrespect him but they are probably the same ones that was calling him soft and weak these past few seasons…. he HELPED wind those chips along with ODOM and BYNUM so i thank him .. but Lakers offered him a good deal, and for him, not to be loyal and take it and leave.. GET ON.. i only care about Lakers.. no ex players

    • Tough Guy Lakers

      The Lakers were 30th in rebounding as a team last season and 30th on defense last season yeah i am glad Pussycat Pau Gasol is gone he provided no interior presence or else we wouldn’t be 30th in rebounding and defense.

      We need to sign King Kong Patric Young he is a beast on the boards and he is the best post defender from the draft also he is a unrestricted free agent a unsigned rookie.He is built and big,a young strong ox.Also maybe sign another enforcer type like Ivan Johnson and the Lakers will no longer be looked at as being pussycats.

      And Lance Stephenson is the perfect wing for the Lakers a true warrior fighter.Lakers lack toughness and they need a tough guy identity in order to win with lesser talent.Pau gasoft was a soft whining bitch and he never played hard since his hoe broke up with his ugly bitch ass.Good riddance to that pussycat.

  • sena

    andrew bynum phoned mitch he said that he wants to play he wants to come back but mitch didn’t want him.there is no team interested in andrew bynum.and maybe his career is over.i’d like to see him on lakers roster as a bench player.

    • truth24

      Hitting the pipe this early in the day?!

      • Daniel

        I am in south America, it is 10 in the morning here. I lived in LA many years, Lakers for life, over 30 years already. I watch games at 3 in the morning, sometimes.

        • http://supervillain.com J King

          So you guys start that early, eh? Your country never ceases to amaze me. Is it turning into Zimbabwe yet?

          • Daniel

            That tells me how an ignorant prick you are, moron. South America is a continent, you might as well be in Zimbabwe playing the monkey.

          • BULL

            hahahahaahhahaaha BURNNNNNNNNNNNN

      • sena

        he is gasofest on the earth….he can’t lift his ass.he is old he is anthing u can imagine.crazy,lazy,moron

    • Chrmngblly

      I would like to see the guy on a D-league contract and get his knees fixed. He should do the Pau Gasol Adult Stem Cell treatment. Why is he waiting?

    • Al Haldie

      You sure like to make make things up— your a rumor starter – with no clue….

  • Lakers All The Way KobeLin

    Pau Gasol is the nicest guy dude signed every autograph fans requested.The other day i was watching The Lakers versus Toronto Summer League Game and before the game started some Asian kid approached Julius Randle for a autograph and Julius refused to sign the kid a autograph and he gave him a dirty look much like the Kobe death stare it was sad to see the big Lakers fan get dissed and rejected by Julius Randle.Some players just hate signing autographs maybe Randle is that guy who hates.

    • http://supervillain.com J King

      It’s sad that you judge people by their reaction towards rug rats. You must be the person who judges people by how your dog feels.

    • TheZuluNation

      Some players are just weird like that. They don’t like interacting w/ fans. Kobe is kind of the same way unless he has to do it.

  • Daniel

    Paul was always a Power forward, great size, but weak, he can’t bang, and he can’t play aggressive. when Bynum was player center, Gasol played great, when we needed to play center, he lost. Great set of skills, great guy. If he were more powerful physically speaking he could have been one of the most dominant players in history. Worst moments, very time that instead of dunking the ball, he would try to lay it up, and he would get blocked, it just drove me crazy, with that size.

    • LOLS

      so Pau sucks as a center? How did the Lakers won championship Bynum(C) Pau (PF) Odom (SF)???? when Bynum get injured maybe Phil made Ariza and Artest play center.

  • Daniel

    My question to Lakers Nation is, where is your research? who the lakers are trying to get at center, who else has a chance of getting to LA? you guys are just reporting what already happened. PLease, give us something.

    • Al Haldie

      most of it is just a RUMOR they start .

  • sena

    we coudl send him in a sign and trade.1 or 2 picks would be ours but he went straight to bulls we got nothing.screw him

    • sena

      pau is fuckable right now.

      • Al Haldie

        You sure got a MOUTH on you its funny how some people show what they are when the person their talking about is not there in front of them o r when their gone

  • LakersHeatBeef

    My best memory of Pau Gasol is when Kobe missed a shot in the closing moments of a closeout game against OKC Thunder and Pau Gasol got the offensive rebound and he made the game winner on a put back shot.That shot helped us advance it was game 6 and we passed round 1.

    Pau redeemed himself in 2010 outplayed Kevin Garnett.Helping us win the championships twice.

    2009 NBA Finals Pau Gasol dominated Dwight Coward.

  • riv

    My favorite moment was when Kobe punked gasol on the court in front of everyone. Grow some balls pau.

  • Chrmngblly

    Pau was the classiest act we have had in a while, since Magic, maybe. He will be missed. He was never fully appreciated by the bone-head brute-force crowd. To me, he was always a center.

    • Daryl Peek

      WOW!! Something we 100% agree on? Couldn’t have said it better.

      • Chrmngblly

        Hell, DP. We agree on a lot more than I will ever give you credit for—without an equal serving of shit on the side. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to tell love from just regular abuse…:-)

  • http://supervillain.com J King

    The moment Black Griffin posterized and then castrated him. Since then, he has never been himself; and maybe he’s still having a nightmare. Screw him. We have Randle.

  • Spade

    2010 Finals. He made KG his bitch for most of those games. That’s the last time I saw him play with any passion or intensity.

  • riv

    Wow is Jeremy Lin really the best pg we’ve had since nick the quick? And please don’t say dfish was better.

    • Mr. Chong

      Ya for some reason the Lakers don’t ever get All Star Point Guards.We had Magic Johnson and that was the best we ever had then we lucked into Nick in the second round because attitude issues he slipped to us.Ugh nothing much after that but a solid Derek Fisher and nothing else.Yeah Jeremy Lin is the best Lakers Point Guard since Magic Johnson since he is better than Nick Van Excel more of a controlled true Point Guard that can score 30.

    • Daryl Peek

      Fisher was better to date. Fish was a crucial part of a dynasty team. Until Lin makes an all-star team legitimately or is a crucial part of a strong playoff team his 15 minutes of fame (Linsanity in NY under MDA) is just a passing fad on the NBA scene.

    • TheZuluNation

      I think Sessions would have been real nice w/ us had he stayed longer.

  • roseducanna

    If LAKERS sign GASOL for 3-4yrs ,I think he stay with us.

  • Jim Buss Fan Club

    Fuck Pau Gasoft he turned on our fan base and he turned heel on Kobe.GTFO

    • Redemption Rain

      You turned on him when you put him through numerous trade rumors. Pau doesn’t deserve bullshit like this. He has earned your’s and our respect.

      • GET OFF HIS COCK !

        19 million a year nobody owes him shit its the other way around he owes the lakers at least take more money or go play for the champs
        but to dog out the Lakers for 6.4 million over 11.5 million and been milking a 19 million a year salary since the finals that bum should of had more respect for Lakers and Kobe before going to the bulls for less money and will not win a chip with chump town period

        • Redemption Rain

          Sorry he helped the Lakers bring in 2 championship. If it wasn’t for him, Kobe would have demanded trade to the Bulls or Clippers. Lakers Fans like you have no respect. Fact is Bulls are better then the Lakers and are going to the playoffs. There is nothing here for him in LA except for disgruntle fans like you putting him through trade rumors and etc. Now you realize how valuable Pau is, when he left. Good!

          • BYE BYE BITCH

            Your punk ass can go with him too bitch

          • Redemption Rain

            BYE BYE Faker Fan. Lakers Nation doesn’t deserve to have pathetic spoiled crybabies like you.

    • nlruizjr

      who turned on who first, you idiot !!!!!

      • Chrmngblly

        Dr. Buss turned on us all first when he stuck us with his kids to raise. What a snot-nosed delinquent Jim Buss has turned out to be. Have you ever noticed that no matter how well intentioned Jim Buss may be, everything he touches turns to shit? When you don’t demand excellence in yourself, first, nothing else matters.

        Reviewing the last two years, are the Lakers on the rise—or are they circling the drain?

        • nlruizjr

          I can agree with your comment but this was in reference to Pau Gasol vs. Fans.

          • Chrmngblly

            My comments were directed similarly, referring to the beginning of the Laker’s and Pau’s estrangement two years ago when the Chris Paul trade botch and treachery occurred. Neither Pau or Lamar ever recovered from that breach of faith and the way everything was handled. This is the beginning of the Jim Buss era, to most.

            I do see what you mean and apologize for skimping on the details.

          • nlruizjr

            as the great Chicky would say “no harm, no foul”

  • Elvis

    Lakers suck that’s the reason Pau left show some class Jim Buss and step down.

    • Chrmngblly

      No shit. Finally someone who doesn’t call a spade a shovel. Jim Buss is like a duck that’s been hit on the head. He just doesn’t know what to do.

  • Alejandro

    This is a big blow for the Lakers.Pau is one big reason Kobe always acted cool.Before Pau Gasol came to The Lakers Kobe Bryant was yelling and cussing out the Lakers FO and he was standing in a parking lot in front of reporters and camera men demanding Andrew Bynum got traded for Jason Kidd the famous ship his ass out demand by Kobe major rant.Also Kobe was about to get traded to the Bulls but Jerry Buss held out for Luol Deng the Bulls refused to include Deng so the deal never happened.Once Mitch got Pau then Kobe was happy and back to winning rings again.Now that he is gone the next few years are going to be awful.Who replaces Pau Gasol with that passing and inside post scoring?Julius Randle is young he must prove it against men like Duncan and Ibaka,Dwight,Blake.You think Kobe is going to stay quiet for the next season when they are a 30 win team giving the pick to the Suns?Kobe should just retire save face and arguments just bow out gracefully with no resistant it’s over Pau is gone.

  • Ron Mexico

    Love Pau, but the moment that will stick out to me is that playoff series when his girlfriend broke up with him or something and his performance sucked..he was never the same since. SMH

    • rival

      Lol nice I totally remember that.

  • Mike

    Sergei Lishchuk>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pau Gasol


    honestly it is kind of sad to see pau go, dam imagine how miami must feel. LOL!!!! HA!!!!!!!

  • Badazztj12

    When he hood dunked Birdman(Nuggets)

  • Kb24

    No1 wants to come to the Lakers anymore. Gonna a looonnnnnggg rebuild it looks like…

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I think Julius Randle will replace Pau Gasol and the Lakers fan base will be shocked of how great Julius Randle is.Honestly Pau had his run with The Lakers now we need Julius Randle to take his run and i think we will all love our own player we drafted Julius Randle.Yes Julius was the top rated player coming out of high school along with Andrew Wiggins and most early mock drafts in December had him going 1,2,3 we got him at #7 that’s a major steal for the Lakers.Julius Randle will be a major Superstar in the NBA mark my words.Laters Pau thanks for the memories.

    • nlruizjr

      Randle is a PF at best, not a center, so no he won’t replace Gasol.

  • rival

    Have you guys seen that center on the summer team? X Gibson? He looks interesting

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Yes he is big and tough.I actually found The Lakers a center his name is Ekpe Udoh the kid is a Shot Blocking machine a fly swatter and he is big and was the 6th pick in 2010 and he can rebound not a scorer though.

      Hey sorry the only thing i know about the game today is that NBA TV is showing it on TV on tape delay at 10:30 PM pacific time and also NBA website is selling the Summer League games online for $4.99 i think.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Gibson needs work but Jerome Jordan is not great either.Both are raw.

  • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

    All these Gasol haters make me laugh.

  • Kenneth Robinson

    For me it was a whole series, against the Celtics part II. Pau played pretty passive in the first meeting against the C’s in 2008. He took a lot of heat for being outplayed, which he was. Fast Forward to 2010 and the rematch, Pau was more active. He was aggressive on both ends of the floor and being that extra spark the Lakers needed in order to get that win for the Lakers and helped to bring home another title.
    Thanks, Pau for seven great years with the Lakers. Good luck with the Bulls. I wish you nothing but the best. Thank you

  • Kin Diesel

    The time when he sonned Chris Paul.

  • TheZuluNation

    Definitely has to be the tip-in against OKC in the first round of the 2010 Playoffs.

  • Patrick Jackson

    My Favorite moment? the last 7 seven years.

    • CurtisMWare

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  • Orlando Foolridge

    Probably the block against Garnett in game 7 of the 2010 finals…that dunk he had where he barely made it to the rim in the 4th quarter was pretty special too. That game also had the lone Metta highlight while he was a laker in it as well, that was a pretty epic game.

    I think we’ll all miss what a great dude Pau is, great team mate…great passer…nice post game…decent midrange shot. We will not miss how soft he always was inside and his lack of aggression in general. We will not miss the Vertigo and Foot Problems that come with too many miles on the body. Straight up, Pau is one of the top 20 Centers of ALL TIME…but when you come to the lakers following Shaq and Kareem and Wilt, you need to have that Killer Eye. Pau was a great Europlayer, but in the end a little too nice and passive to earn the respect of the LA Fans. We like him, but don’t respect him…see ya ’round the bend Pau.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    When he went on CSI and denied being a murderer

  • The_Sports_Dude

    Pau joining the team is what made them the LAKERS, not the Kobes. I don’t even recognize this team anymore. We have an ownership group with no vision and incompetence that’s permeating every nook and crevice of the organization. The Buss kids need to sell the team. They’re in over their heads in today’s NBA and its self-made billionaire businessmen owners. What do the Buss kids bring to the table besides a birth right?

    Pau was all class and his mistreatment the past few years foretold his departure. Maybe a few years from now, the Lakers will bring him back for a ceremony that will rightfully hand his #16 jersey on wall at Staples, and it will probably be the highlight of the season because we’re only at the onset of the Dark Ages in Lakerland.

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