Lakers Nation Debate: Should The Lakers Trade Their First Round Pick?

Lakers Nation Debate: Should The Lakers Trade Their First Round Pick?


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Topic: The Lakers will have their first lottery pick since 2005. But if that pick falls outside of the top 5, should the Lakers trade the pick for other assets?

Context: The Lakers just went through arguably their worst season in the history of the franchise. But if there was a year to be bad, this was it as this year’s draft class is shaping up to be one of the best in recent memory.

The Lakers have the sixth worst record in the league which gives them a 6.3 percent chance of the top pick, and a 21.5 percent chance of landing in the top three.

There is also a chance of the Lakers falling down a couple of spots in which case the Lakers may be looking at more of a project than an immediate contributor with their pick.

With the Lakers having only three players under contract for next season, and Kobe Bryant expecting an immediate turnaround, the Lakers will be under a lot of pressure to make some big moves.

Guys like Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, and Joel Embiid could be franchise changers, and while you can get someone who can help, the chances of getting a big-time player at the eighth or ninth spot is significantly lower.

With a draft this deep, teams could be willing to give up some intriguing assets for a top-10 pick, so if the Lakers fail to get a top-5 pick, should they try to trade that pick?

Verdict: We went To twitter to ask the Lakers Nation faithful if the team should trade their first-round draft pick if it is not in the top five. Here are some of the responses:

The results of this question were almost split down the middle. Many are fine with the Lakers trading the pick in exchange for more immediate help, while others are quick to point out that there could still be quality players outside of the top five.

The main issue is that no one knows what the Lakers could get for that pick. If it’s an established star like Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love, the Lakers would probably do that in a second. But something like that is highly unlikely.

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Ultimately, I believe the Lakers should keep the pick regardless of where it lands. The team has an excellent track record when it comes to lottery picks with the last one being Andrew Bynum, a key part of the last two championship teams.

Guys like Damian Lillard, Paul George, and Stephen Curry have all been taken in the back-half of the top-10 in recent years and there could be some diamonds in the rough in this draft.

If they want a point guard, Marcus Smart and Tyler Ennis could be available. If they want a big, Aaron Gordon or Noah Vonleh could be there as well. At the end of the day there are too many options for the Lakers to not bring in a new player in this draft, in my opinion.
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  • vdogg

    keep it! still holding out hope for exum.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Keep the pick.Fingers crossed for Exum or Smart.If we win the lottery get Wiggins.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    This is one of the best top heavy drafts ever.Must keep the top 6 lottery pick.Keep!

  • $20509373

    Keep the pick at all cost.

  • lakerfan

    If the Pick were to be 1-5 its a must keep and sign Melo/Deng, If pick is 6-10 try to trade it for Kyrie/Love and sign Melo/Deng.

    • kookiebuger

      No to Melo and h*ll no to Deng, just keep the pick and rebuild.

      • Sti1lmatic

        Melo is boo boo

    • michael

      4th and 5th are impossible.

    • comrade24

      i agree with Deng. We need defense especially at the 3/4

  • michael

    If it’s not top 3 (4th and 5th are impossible) we should consider it. Ideal would be to make a package with some players we don’t need (like marshall) and get a late first rounder.

    • Swagzilla

      It’s a lottery… the Lakers pick can be anywhere from #1 – #9 nothing about it is impossible.

      • kobe24

        ….After the first 3 picks, it goes in order from worst record ->best record derp

        • Swagzilla

          It’s a lottery 15-30 is based on record, 1-14 is random that’s why teams like the 2008 Bulls with the 9th worst record got the #1 pick derp.

          • Lakers Lifer

            Sorry dude but you’re wrong. Only picks 1-3 are lottery based, 4-14 are based on record. Google it.

          • Swagzilla

            Then how did the 2011 Clippers (8th worst record) traded to Cavs, 2010 Wizards (5th worst), 2008 Bulls (9th worst), 2007 Blazers (6th worst), 2006 Raptors (5th worst), 2005 Bucks (5th worst),2002 Rockets (7th worst), 2000 Nets (7th worst),etc. picks all get the 1st pick? If 1-3 is lottery based then none of these teams outside of the top 3 shouldn’t have received the #1 pick.

          • Sam

            Any lottery team can get 1-3, with some teams having more chance of it than others, but outside of top 3 it is based on record. Lakers cannot get 4th and 5th.

          • Nalin Shukla

            I’m sorry swagzilla but your talking non sense 1-14 is lottery and 15-30 is based on record..

          • mark morgan

            at Nalin Shukla,…um..You are actually repeating what swagzilla said. just letting you know.

    • hump_derp

      give up a top 10 pick for a lower first round pick, you should (re)read what you post buddy!!

  • Will

    Here’s the thing they should go to the table with the twolves and say that they will more than likely lose love at the end of this year anyway so with this draft it provides Lakers immediate help and ensures the twolves they get something

    • Swagzilla

      So you want the Lakers to potentially lose an allstar for Love? Who might leave in 2015 to a team in a better situation like the Bulls? This will just set the team back further, just wait and hope he joins the Lakers in 2015 be patient and let the team rebuild.

  • kobe24

    I don’t get why you all want to trade our draft pick so badly for Kevin Love. He can’t even carry his own team into the playoffs what makes him able to carry the lakers into the playoff? Granted he has Kobe to play with but what if things don’t work out? He can opt out after next season and it can turn out like a Dwight Howard situation all over again.

    Obviously there are risks in the pick and they might not always turnout as super stars and could be a bust however just because a guy isn’t top 5 doesn’t mean he can’t be a future HOF top 5 player. Many players who weren’t drafted top 3~5 become great players. (Nortwitzki, Nash, Pierce, Kobe, Paul George, Stephen Curry, etc etc)

  • thatguykory

    Kobe was the 9th pick so it couldnt be that bad..

    • Lakers Lifer

      Kobe was drafted 13th, c’mon man, know your stuff if you’re gonna talk…

  • X

    they need to just fire D antoni
    dont the lakers understand keeping MDA is just hurting the lakers
    dwight wanted phil left when they didnt
    melo wont come if he stays
    pau gasol doesnt want to stay if he stays
    kobe bryant doesnt want him there
    he doesnt belong

    @LakersHeatBeef if they win the Lottery everyone knows Lakers should get
    Jabari Parker he would be our KD at of course SF

    and if we were to trade anyone it should be for another 1st round pick

  • quickster007

    Keep the draft pick and chose Dante Exum cause all the Lakers point guard are always hurt. Nash and Farmar are always hurt. Marshall I still don’t know why he still in the league. Let Pau walk and 19 millions off the books. Try to sign Loul Deng and Greg Monroe. The Lakers can offer Deng 13 millions and 5 millions for Monroe. There’s your small forward in Deng, your center in Monroe and Dante Exum the point guard. In 2015, the starters will be Exum at point guard, Kobe at shooting guard, Deng at small forward, Ryan Kelly at power forward, Greg Monroe at center. Also, in 2015, Let Nash walk and 9 millions will be off the books. The Lakers can sign Kevin Love for 17 millions for the power forward spot.. The Lakers might go over the salary cap for this one. In 2016, Kobe should be gone and 24 millions of cap space is available. The Lakers can try to sign Klay Thompson for 7 millions a season. In 2016, Monroe at center, Love at power forward, Deng at small forward, Thompson at shooting guard, Exum at point guard. The Lakers will have 9 millions left to fix the bench.

  • Rod Milton

    Depends, this draft class isn’t that strong.

    • Carters Room

      this draft class is one of the deepest in recent memory… not really sure what your talking about

  • hypo

    can lakers make sign and trade for pau + nash for love?

    • comrade24

      Only on NBA 2k14

  • comrade24

    One interesting scenario which i haven’t heard discussed on here would be the possibility of trading our pick for Kyrie Irving. While i have mixed feeling about this scenario, it’s more reasonable and likely than trading the pick for Love as many have suggested. 1) Dan Gilbert has stated that they will trade any player who doesn’t accept an extension. Kyrie will have the chance to accept/decline this summer, so it may make it possible to trade for him. 2) Kyrie (correct me if i’m wrong) is only making 8 mil this year, so it wouldn’t hurt the cap space near as much and we’d still have room to resign Love next summer. It would give us an elite pg, a legit scoring threat. We would still have cap room to resign players we like from last season, sign a sf/pf (deng, ariza etc..)

    • Marty Susman

      I agree 100%. I have been saying this for months…Irving will not accept his extension & Irving NEEDS to make a statement to the press saying,”He would LOVE to play for the Lakers” meaning other teams will be afraid to deal for him for fear of him not signing with them…..Having said that, nothing we can do until after the ping pong balls fall…. Now let’s all remember, the Lakers NEED a flu new starting 5 since Kobe will be gone soon oft may not be even able to play….. As for free agents this year, none of them is worth going crazy for….If the lakers could somehow someway get Lopez for a sign n trade Gasol, that would be a great move. The same thing for Greg Monroe….(First choose Lopez) The best shot they haver is for Irving to announce today, “I want to be a Laker” forcing the Cav’s to trade for him now, meaning the first round pick for Irving….. If Kobe can play the 2, Irving the point would be a great start towards 2015….

      • comrade24

        Are you talking about Brook or Robin Lopez? Brook is very injury prone.

        • Marty Susman

          Brook & this is the first real injury…

  • Erad

    Can everyone please shut up about Kevin Durant?

    You know, if you win the lottery in between now and then maybe you’ll have enough resources to worm your way into his inner circle. Then with enough time you may earn enough of his trust that you become his best friend and closest confidant. Then you can persuade him to join the Lakers.

    Since we’re going forward with random hopeless ideas yanked out of our asses I’d say you’ve got your work cut out for you. Time to dump out your life savings and hit up every gas station in between you and the Mexican border. Get to scratchin. Good luck!

  • Josh

    Kevin Durant seems like a very likely play to me. When he becomes a free agent, he still will have zero rings, Kobe will have just retired, and the Lakers will have max money to offer him and another key role player in addition to whoever is already on the team at that time.

  • comrade24

    People keep comparing the situation to Howard’s because they would be signing him with his contract expiring. However, that’s exactly where the similiarites end. Dwight didn’t want to come to LA. Never did! Kevin Love, on the other hand grew up in L.A. Dwights dad was not a Laker. etc etc.. I definitely understand FO being cautious about making such a move, but i agree, if they have a shot to get Love and the price is reasonable, by all means they should consider it. That said, i think the smarter move is to make other off season signings and develop our own draft pick. If we’re able to put together a team that can compete in the playoffs WITHOUT Love. That makes us a more attractive destination for him and other potential FA’s.

  • comrade24

    you must be able to see the future, cause it seems like the Thunder have a pretty legit chance of winning a title this season, next season, and who knows. They have a solid young core, veteran leadership, great coach. I don’t see Durant leaving Okc unless osmething drastic happens.

  • Josh

    I see him leaving OKC if he doesn’t get a ring and a storied franchise like the Lakers is poised to compete for one.

  • comrade24

    it’s possible, i mean if Okc doesn’t win a championship in the next two years he may entertain FA. I just think they’ll be relevant for a long time if they keep that core group intact. Would love to Have Durant in a few years though,

  • Josh

    Maybe I’m trying to predict the future again, but I just don’t see the Thunder winning it, at least not with Scott Brooks. A couple years ago I thought he was one of the best coaches in the league, but now I can’t figure out why he still thinks it’s a good idea for Kendrick Perkins to start. KD has to fight his own point guard for shots. I think that team could begin to unravel at any moment.