Lakers Nation Debate: Should The Lakers Pursue Chris Bosh As Plan B?

Lakers Nation Debate: Should The Lakers Pursue Chris Bosh As Plan B?


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Topic: With the Lakers having only a slim chance of getting Carmelo Anthony via free agency, we wonder if the team should go after Chris Bosh as a Plan B.

Context: This year’s free agency class is shaping up to be a very loaded one. The cream of the crop is Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James, both of whom the Lakers plan to recruit. But James is almost definitely staying in Miami, and Anthony will also be courted by the likes of the Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets — teams that are much further along than the Lakers.

As such, the Lakers’ chances of landing one of these prizes is slim to none. And if they are unable to get one, what do they do then? One of the biggest names available could be Chris Bosh.

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Bosh is likely to opt-out of his contract, making him an unrestricted free agent. While he could remain in Miami, there have been rumors of the Heat trying to re-tool the roster by bringing in Carmelo Anthony and possibly trading for another big-time player.

With James being the best player and Wade having been in Miami his whole career, Bosh would seem to be the odd man out if one of the three doesn’t return. The Lakers could use some players up front and Bosh is a relatively similar player to Pau Gasol.

Bosh has been a third-wheel since being in Miami, but showed what he was capable of as a first option in Toronto. There is no denying his talent, even if he has played on one of the most hated teams in the history of the NBA.

Verdict: We went to Twitter and asked our loyal followers if the Lakers are unable to get Carmelo Anthony, would you want them to go after Chris Bosh? And how much would you pay him? These are some of the responses:

I probably didn’t do a good enough job of showing this through the tweets, but the fans are vehemently against Chris Bosh joining the team, using a bunch of language that I can’t repeat on this post to make that point known. The question I have is: Why?

Why do fans hate Chris Bosh so much? Is it because he plays for the Heat? Is it his yelling and celebrations? Is it the hundreds of memes?

At the end of the day, Bosh is an All-Star talent who would fit the Lakers roster in my opinion. He put up nearly the same numbers last year as a third option, as Gasol did as a first option.

When he was in Toronto, Bosh averaged 20 points and nearly 10 rebounds in seven seasons. That’s the Bosh we’re more likely to see in LA, especially with no LeBron and Wade to take away most of the touches.

His game also fits well with Julius Randle as he can operate from the elbow and vice versa. I would prefer the Lakers go after other players, but Bosh is an excellent consolation prize if the team strikes out on their main targets.
Lakers Mitch Kupchak On Coach Search And Free Agency

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  • Kobe Gagnon

    Nope. Not at 16mil a year. Keep pao for much cheaper and get through the final runs with him and Kobe

  • courtney harris

    Corey simply put No. Gasol may have some weaknesses defensively, but bosh is his faternal twin who would be asking for MORE money. Kobe wouldn’t be able to heart check him. They don’t have that type of relationship (assuming). I don’t understand the new school basketball of having him at the three point line also. He can easily be dominated in the paint, and eye test tells me he can easily taken out of his game. I rather have gasol (who honestly has some of the same weaknesses) for chepaer the price. && he’s a proven laker champion. At this point bosh just wants to secure his legacy as a person who can carry a team.

    • taviyoung

      Excellent comment. I agree on EVERYTHING you said 100%. We don’t need to look his way. Especially when he’s asking for 14 million. We can get Gasol back for about 7.5 to 8. No brainer!

    • DDub

      Good job, you and I see the same thing in soft ass bosh.

    • Orlando Bloomerfield

      We need to sign one or two big mans, but I would not name Ch.Bosh, nor Pau Gasol as our best options. You all have to understand guys one very simple thing. Going to totally new direction with the rebuilding and the new coach does not require to sign back all of the washed-up veterans in NBA. You don’t build your future with 34,36 y.o. players in their obvious decline and career end.I don’t understand whom interests we need to serve? Kobe’s or the Lakers? Signing someone like Ch.Bosh or Pau Gasoft is a short-term deal with absolutely no effect at all. Kupchak is trying really hard to accommodate Mr.24 and try to get a ring for him, before he call it a career.That is not gonna happen anyway. Putting your star’s interests ahead of your team’s interests is very, very wrong strategy and will never pays off.


    the best versatile shooting big man next to nowitski, a championship fierce player who the flakers would really need to make a legit run at a chip while kOB is still here. why not… ???
    bosh be a great addition,!!! thats ok why flakers are doing bad their fans are ignorant haters!!
    bosh can shoot and hustle, and most off all play defense.. they should try hard to get them, they have enough $ to do so.

    • DDub

      Hell no he won’t be a good addition, he can’t guard anyone under the basket, he is soft and admits that he didn’t want to play under the basket and that us one of the reasons that Miami lost. He only want to shoot threes, so go Head and call us flakers or fakers or whatever, but bosh is soft and Boris d. Kicked his ass, Tim d . Kicked his ass, and if Al Jefferson didn’t hurt his foot in the first game of that series, he would have kicked bosh ass too. So as a flaker fan Hell no to bosh. 15 or 16 million a year. Foolish !!

    • DDub

      I was a stupid laker fan when the logo played and I will be an ignorant stupid laker fan when Kobe leave, so I guess I will be a stupid ignorant dumb flaker, faker fan all my life, but guess what …the flaker fans have not 1not 2 not 3 not 4 but at least I6 championships .. So we can wait for a rebuild..


      Why don’t you just shut-up your mouth. It is smelling very bad. I can feel it from here,Saratoga.FL.

    • Evan

      Bosh is fierce? Are we talking the scary kind or the Beyonce kind? I’ve never seen Bosh mentioned as a defensive player. So unless I’m mossing something, you just threw out some utter nonsense.

  • Will Adaros

    I like this fit. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Pau for a long time on the Lakers but this is a business and the Lakers are in the business of winning. Pau has gotten weaker and has become injury prone in his age. He doesn’t have the athleticism to defend well in the paint anymore either. Bosh is basically a younger, more aggressive Pau and while he doesn’t have the same basketball IQ he will do the big man intangibles and get more touches with LA than he saw in Miami giving him more pressure to perform. I think he would be more effective than Pau in a grinded out championship series and that’s where we are looking to go right? In the only game that the Heat won in the finals Bosh had a huge game and made his presence felt with big plays on both ends of the court; he was also big in the Pacers series. As much as I love Pau, I just don’t see him being able to perform the same way. Its the reason he is so willing to take less, he knows his best days are behind him. Maybe we will be able to convince Bosh to take less and join the Lakers along side Kobe as he is now used to playing with someone that is as ball dominate (Lebron). Plus he would be big in helping Randle with his NBA game. Thoughts?

  • hookedonnews

    No. Bosh is not the player he was in Toronto and isn’t worth the money he would want. Would rather have Gasol than Bosh. He is essentially a one-dimensional player now.


    Pau is a better deal at half the price and leaves us more $ for other quality pieces.

  • JohnSmith00

    If you’re going to drop that much money you sure as hell don’t do it for an aging star, a max contract for Monroe would be around 12-14 mil. Not only would he be cheaper but he also has the upside of being younger and much more dominant than Bosh.

    • kmjjnj42

      That’s what I’m saying John.

  • Aaron


  • Lakers4Life

    Bosh would be good, but there are several other alternatives out there. I wouldn’t stress too much over him.

  • iEATcelticBabies

    Wellll, im not too much a fan of bosh, but he was the only heat player to step up, and was critical in their repeat championship, he diserves a looksie !

  • Mexico is out. Ijjo le.

    Chris Bosh is done as a player. He is just one small piece of junk, piece of garbage. We don’t need anyone from that Miami team.The Lakers should start the rebuilding process with younger players with bright future. The best days of Bosh were left in Toronto.

  • China Town Fredy

    Chris Bosh? No fucking way. The Lakers don’t need this loser. Period.

  • Wytols

    The only thing I like about this,is that Bosh can shoot the 3 a lot better than Pau. But in the all the other categories…Pau is way better. I would approve this only if Bosh will get his stats up and play for less than 9 million.


    Noooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Gasol & Randal, are good enough …. resign Hill and you have Kelly.. Perfect bigs.. now work on Small Fwrd *Melo, Ariza or Deng* and try to put all effort on Bledsoe need a strong athletic defensive point guard

  • rival almighty

    Kobe should pay gasol 15 mil for 2 years from his own new contract so we can still sign melo this year kyrie and love next year

  • Will Adaros

    You have to take into account the touches that he gets with the Heat. Wade and Bosh both have suffered STATISTACALLY playing along side Lebron. They both had the lowest scoring averages since their rookie seasons this year. If you replace Bosh with Pau I guarantee you he will put up bigger numbers than Pau did this last year. With Kobe out everything ran through Pau, of course he is going to have inflated numbers, but we usually never won. I’m not saying pay him twice as much either but if you want to upgrade you need to pay more. I would extend him a 10-12 million dollar offer and give Monroe the same offer. That way he knows if he doesn’t take it Monroe might. Either way I’m good. I’m not set on Bosh by any means, I am just entertaining the thought and it just might work.