Lakers Nation Debate Of The Week: Is Kobe Rushing Back?

Lakers Nation Debate Of The Week: Is Kobe Rushing Back?

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Topic Of Debate: If Kobe were to return on Jan. 28, would that be too soon? Is he rushing back?

Context: About three weeks ago, the Lakers received some shocking news when it was announced that Kobe Bryant will have to miss at least six weeks of playing time after suffering a knee fracture against the Memphis Grizzlies.

After a few weeks removed from the injury, Bryant is supposedly planning his next comeback. While on ESPN Radio 710 in Los Angeles on Friday morning, Mike D’Antoni hinted that Kobe could be returning sooner rather than later.

“Nash and Kobe are going to come back together at the end of the road trip. They’ll get re-evaluated and they could possibly be ready by the end of the road trip.”

We’ve heard other reports saying the team is targeting Jan. 28 as a possible return date, which was mentioned by LA Daily News reporter Mark Medina as well.

This has led us to question whether or not Kobe is rushing back too fast.

Verdict: We took this poll question to Twitter to get the fans take on whether they felt Kobe was rushing back.

I presented the poll question:

Here are some responses:

At the end of the day, Lakers fans want what is best for Kobe as well as this franchise moving forward.

With that being said, a return on Jan. 28 would lead me to believe that Kobe is pushing himself too hard to return. I understand that the original timetable was at least six weeks (which would coincide with the week of Jan. 28), but because Kobe is fresh off surgery on his Achilles, he has to be more cautious of his body.

Considering the team is struggling and likely unable to reach the playoffs even with a healthy Bryant, it’s possible that Kobe could be taking an unnecessary risk by returning at the end of the month.

It’s clear that he wasn’t himself at the initial return and that was expected. His conditioning was not up to par, and he didn’t have the burst that was necessary for him to be the player we’re accustomed to seeing. The recent knee injury only compounds things, making it evident that he’ll need more than the expected recovery time of someone that hasn’t come off Achilles surgery.

Some would say that the only way Kobe can get himself right is by getting back on the court as soon as possible and getting playing experience. But why not come back in the middle of March and finish the season strong, versus taking the toll of three months of basketball for no reason? He’ll be able to go into the summer refreshed, and be ready to fully turn the corner come next season.

The last thing we want is for Bryant to suffer another injury that will put him out for the rest of the season and potentially even more. Coming back early could lead to that.
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  • Spanky

    What’s the point of Kobe coming back to a proven failed basketball system. Injuries or not coach Dantoni needs to be fired. He had one decent season in Phoenix other seasons were mediocre and then failed miserably in New York. It’s sad to watch Kobe’s twilight career years spent on this system. If Kobe does return his efforts will be futile this is not a championship team. This coach can’t lead a team to a championship. Kobe’s best bet is to conserve his body until a new strategy can be developed. The less time on the court the better. Save yourself Kobe next season with a new coach will be best. To answer your question if Kobe returns January or February or March as long as it’s under this coach it will always be too soon #FIREDANTONI

    • smugbill

      well reasoned and nicely said.

      • Gregory Choa

        Well reasoned??? That was the biggest load of bunk I think I’ve ever read on this blog! Rest Kobe until the coach gets fired??? That makes no sense on any level and does absolutely no one any favors, unless you’re a D’Antoni hater ahead of all other considerations and loyalties. There is no such thing as futile effort where Kobe Bryant is concerned. Every thing he does is strictly for the love of the game.

        • savi

          I feel very sorry for D’antoni, luck is not on his side at all. I don’t think , this season there is any other coach in this league who’s getting so much thrown at him, but he still goes out there and tries to do whatever he has in the team. it’s a bad phase, for a team that was ranked 12th by ESPN at the start of season when only Kobe was injured. Now after so many injuries they are 13th. what I m saying is, Firing D’antoni is basically not that logical. bad luck can hit anyone, we as Lakers fan should keep supporting our players and The Coach too.

          • C Petre

            Are you serious? Gregory and Savi? Look at D’Antoni’s track record, he can’t win. Proved that in New York, and you want evidence: 1. Carmelo Anthony 2. Healthy Chauncey Billups 3. Healthy and still in his last year or two in his prime, Amare Stoudemire 4. Tyson Chandler 5. JR Smith (played two seasons with D’Antoni… Thats a pretty good line-up. Can’t win with those players and his system is horrible for these players. Kobe needs to rest for next season, why rush to come back just to make it to the 8th seed and get knocked out in the first round?

    • hookedonnews

      You obviously don’t know D’Antoni’s system or his record in Phoenix or NY for that matter. As I’ve said about a hundred times, how many championships do you think Eric Spoelstra would have won without LeBron, Wade & Bosh? The point of Kobe coming back is that he has 3 years left and wants to play. He’s not coming back until he’s medically cleared. He’s not stupid. He’s not going to come back if he’s not ready. Anyone who thinks he’s going to sit the rest of the season when he’s able to play doesn’t know Kobe Bryant. The problem is not the system. It’s Injuries to almost every key player. It doesn’t matter who’s coaching or what system is being run if you don’t have the players on the court.

    • Lakers lifer

      Because that’s what he’s paid to do. He’s paid to play basketball. It’s his job. As soon as he’s cleared medically, he will go to work.

      • richard

        agree… only Kobe knows when he should come back… if he comes back tuesday, then he is good for the that game… no one around here should say otherwise, no matter the record says. Champions are not defined by what the fans says,,, he is defined by his actions on the court. Whether losing or winning.

  • Marty Susman

    Kobe should NOT come back this year. The worst thing would be for him to be hurt again, rest & do nothing but practice your 3 point shooting so when you come back next season you will be the NUMBER 1 three point shooter in basketball history in a season.

  • hookedonnews

    Kobe will come back when he’s cleared to play. Discussions about him sitting when he’s ready to play are pointless. Never going to happen.

  • Lakers lifer

    “No reason to play this season”??? Really??? How about THATS WHAT HES PAID MILLIONS TO DO!!! Kobe wants to play, wants to add to his legacy, and respects the fans and league enough to “go to work” as soon as he is cleared to play. If he gets re-injured, so be it. There’s no point second guessing everything, if he waited till next year and then got injured, like rose, people would say it was due to the long layoff and lack of physical activity. So just do what you and the medical staff think is best Kobe!!!!

  • richard

    Million $$$ or not… Kobe loves the game too much not to play this season when healthy… only a fool would say otherwise.

  • Gregory Choa

    It’s really not in either the Lakers or Kobe’s DNA to ride the pine for “precautionary” reasons. If Kobe is healthy enough to play, he plays…that’s it – there are no two ways about it.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kobe will comeback whenever he is ready.Whether he should or not is pointless.He is coming back regardless and he will play when he feels healthy.

  • Lord of the rings

    Kobe came back too early and he injured himself almost immediately. The Lakers have a ton of injuries and gaping holes in the defense. Bringing Kobe back too early could be a disaster. Considering the disaster that has already transpired (see Lakers record) There is no good reason to bring Kobe back even if he is medically cleared. He was medically cleared the first time and we all saw how wonderfully that worked out.

    • Gregory Choa

      If not when he’s medically cleared and when he feels in his own right like he’s ready to go, when then should Kobe play???


    D’antoni will break him again

  • comrade24

    I’m SO sick of hearing everyone complain about D’Antoni. FYI The Lakers are STILL paying Mike Brown, now they’re paying D’Antoni who is under contract, you can’t expect them to fire him and be paying 3 coaches to do one job. This season is a disaster, we all realize that. But, how can this be D’Antoni’s fault? He has two healthy guards on his roster. read the headlines. we’re so hobbled that Mark Madsen is having to suit up for practice. Be patient, hope for a high draft pick and a good free agent class and let the good times roll. Chant “We want Phil” all you want, he’s not coming back. Let’s move on Lakerland.

  • Jalen

    come back to shake the rust and get his body prepared for next season, more gauging on what he can do on court.v

  • john cox

    Well Said Spanky,I agree 1000%