Lakers Nation Debate: Lakers Taking Too Long With Coaching Search? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="289"] Topic: With the NBA Draft coming up later this month and free agency kicking off soon after, we wonder if the Lakers are hurting them [new_royalslider id="289"] Topic: With the NBA Draft coming up later this month and free agency kicking off soon after, we wonder if the Lakers are hurting them Rating: 0
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Lakers Nation Debate: Lakers Taking Too Long With Coaching Search?

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Topic: With the NBA Draft coming up later this month and free agency kicking off soon after, we wonder if the Lakers are hurting themselves by taking this long to hire a coach?

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Context: This off-season will be extremely important as the Lakers look to turnaround after a disappointing 2014 season. The Lakers will likely look much different as they are armed with the seventh pick in the draft and loads of cap space.

Arguably the most important change, however, will come on the bench. With Mike D’Antoni gone, the Lakers have begun interviewing a number of different coaches to find out who their next head coach will be.

The team vowed to take their time in making the hire, ensuring that they hire the right person for the job, but could they be taking too long?

Last Wednesday the Lakers held a huge group workout with a number of possible lottery picks. A coach watching and talking to these guys would likely have a huge influence on who the Lakers might select, but there is no coach there.

In addition, free agency will be kicking off July 1. Players want to go where there is a sound structure and where they will be their best. It is hard to know that if there is no coach around.

It is fine that the Lakers have chosen to take their time, but at some point the head coach would seem to need to be in these discussions and if the Lakers don’t make a decision soon, they could be doing damage to themselves.

Verdict: We went to Twitter and asked our loyal followers if they think the Lakers are making things harder on themselves by taking so long to name a coach. These are some of the responses:

The fans were relatively split, but seemed to lean towards being alright with the Lakers taking their time making this decision. After failing on the last two hires, it only makes sense that the Lakers would do everything to ensure that their next coach does what they need to do.

Personally, I am slightly torn on the issue. I like that the Lakers are taking their time and want them to make the right hire, but there are some things that the coach should be involved in and I think that would really help the Lakers.

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I want the coach to have a say in this draft selection that could help change the fortunes of the franchise. Coach and player must have a great relationship. I am also very wary of allowing any free agent to have any say whatsoever in who the Lakers would hire as coach.

Overall, the Lakers waiting until now to hire a coach is fine in my opinion, but if the Lakers don’t make the hire soon, definitely before the draft, problems could arise from waiting this long.
Lakers Pre-Draft Workout: Mitch Kupchak

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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • Noah Miller

    Considering they acted quickly before to sign a coach, maybe this very patient approach is best. They need to get this right.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      Getting it right doesn’t mean you have to take it too long… they have already made the interviews a week ago… it’s a sign of indecision. Jewish proverbs says, “if you can’t decide in one day, you can’t decide!”… Indecision leads to a bad culture. If you have the information you need, pull the trigger already, otherwise FO is just over-compensating their last hire.

      • comrade24

        that’s what i’ve been saying!

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    • Jim213

      Agree, and as long as they hire a coach before July it’ll be good. No rush given the off season hasn’t officially kicked in yet. IMO, B Scott is the front runner (FO) until someone who has a stronger resume comes along.

      • J Taylor

        IMHO, Hollins trumps B Scott.

        • Jim213

          Your opinion, but let’s say Hollins becomes coach to favor a more so slow pace for Kobe and some other vets. IMO, FO would end up looking for another coach 2-3 years down the road once Kobe hangs it up given the future roster will have younger players while the league adapts more so the small ball concept.

          At best would prefer a coach who could adapt to the roster which doesn’t mean playing either a slow or run and gun pace. Prefer the best candidate out there but in the end if it happens to be B Scott then it wouldn’t be a bad thing either tho FO best hire a coach who can coach for more than 4 years IMO.

          • Reality Check

            All you old school Lakers heads know how the Lakers are right now.We all know how inept this Lakers front office is and also how horrible of a GM Mitch Kupchak has become with Jim Buss steering the wheel for him making Mitch a bitch yes man.

            Lionel Hollins is no dummy and he has already had dinner on Sunday last week with the Cavs reps and he had meetings with the Cavs on June 3 a Monday and he is likely meeting with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert about the Cavs head coaching job so he is going in a different direction once he left the Lakers lame stupid interview.The Lakers are no longer a job anyone wants.

            Jim Buss fails at hiring good coaches and man let me tell you Lionel Hollins is a great coach and he is too good of a coach to waste his time with a loser like Jim Buss.No way will a good coach accept a job with Jim.

            Get someone else you old Lakers heads you know that Mike Dumbleavy guy is available.Maybe Kurt Rambis and his crappy record can take over.

            Maybe Jim Buss can beg Mike Dummytoni back and pick up his team option.Heck maybe Mike Brown can comeback to fail again anything is possible with Jim Short Buss and his fans are starting to think like him it’s getting scary for Lakers fans like myself.Bad FO is all it is.They are losers.

          • Jim213

            Can’t speak for the rest but not an old Laker head. Just think outside the box being that FO best understand that the OVERPAYING DAY’S are over with players who haven’t shown anything aside of playoff inexperience.

            Unless it’s LJ (doubtful) no player should be overpaid. That goes for anyone of the available FAs who haven’t shown anything. The Rockettes decided to over pay DH and will likely wish they hadn’t as it’ll take more than 4 years to see a return of investment (title IMO) with DH unless their purpose was to sell more seats.

            Right now the two best options seem like Scott and Hollins unless a championship or real experienced playoff successful coach comes along. But Jim has 3 years to deliver before he steps down so if he’d like to take his time until close to Draft/FA can’t complain since his job is on the line.

            IMO, best if FO took their time until the end of the month to see if someone else turs up up given the franchise can’t be hiring and firing coaches every two to three years. If a coach can’t challenge themselves then they shouldn’t be the coach anyways as it’ll take 2 to 3 more years to possibly be in the mix again (if FO acquires solid role players.

          • comrade24

            i’m good either way. Both are great coaches, my personal preference would be Scott but either way we’re going to have a defensive minded coach and i think we’ll be at the VERY least competitive next season

          • Jim213

            It may really come down to if they acquire better pieces this off season as opposed to re-signing certain players who never showed upside on the defensive end IMO.

        • keenanjen

          What has Hollins done? What has he won? How many times has he been to the finals?

          • comrade24

            The only coach who’s available who has won anything and been to the Finals is Scott? I’m assuming this is a vague endorsement of Scott? I’m all for that too, but just because Hollins hasn’t won a championship or been to the Finals doesn’t mean he’s not a great coach or couldn’t get a team there. You’d be hard pressed to find many coaches available that have coached on the highest stage, especially considering that since 1999 The Spurs, Lakers, or Heat have been in EVERY NBA finals. Doesn’t leave a lot of room for a large pool of championship level coaches does it?

          • keenanjen

            All I know is Scott has proven that he can rebuild a team, and when he has the talent he can get to the finals.

          • comrade24

            I think Hollins has proven the same thing, sans the Finals. When Byron coached the Nets to the Finals the East was far weaker than it even is today. Hollins did it in the much tougher Western Conference. Remember the upset of the Spurs a few years back when they were the 8th seed. They got better every year. Under Hollins Memphis won it’s first playoff game, first series, and made it to the Western Conference Finals against a stacked conference. I’m not saying this an endorsement for Hollins, but his accomplishments are definitely on par with Scott’s. I lean towards hoping Scott gets the job, but if we hire one of these two guys, we’re in good shape coaching wise IMO

          • keenanjen

            What? Detroit, Indiana, Philadelphia, and the Nets. The east had better teams, except for Miami now days. But the east no cake walk. And Golden State did the same thing to the Spurs you remember that.

          • Gekko

            I like Byron, but keep in mind he did that in the Eastern conference. The eastern Conference was by far the weaker conference. Also, don’t forget that he lost 26 games in a row in the eastern conference. In my opnion, I think Hollins has accomplished more in the West, than what Byron has done in the East.

          • keenanjen

            I could care less if it was the Euro finals lol. Scott has proven that he can rebuild. Most keep bringing up Cleveland, but really no one could win with that organization after LeBron left. The only player they had was Irving. If you look at what he did in both the Nets, and the Hornets he’s proven with time he can win.

          • keenanjen

            Scott’s record is a career .444
            In new jersey he went to two finals with J.Kidd at Point
            1st year he was .316
            with a full squad he went
            .634 and nba finals
            .598 and nba finals
            .524 (team traded away talent and cost cutting efforts and scott was let go)

            Then took pelicans job where the years he had CP3 he had winning record….the years without he went

            .220<<first year no cp3 starting lineup was baron Davis,1st year david west,Jamal Maglore,and tomato cans…a rookie named J.R.Smith)

            .463 (first year with Cp3 hurricane katrina caused them to play in oklahoma city,Traded away jr smith)

            .473 (still in OKC due to katrina,got peja stojcovic for smith bridman and had david west still team was up and coming and brandon bass

            .683 (went out and got Tyson Chandler,mo peterson,bobby jackson,bonzi wells,still had David west,and Rasul butler)

            .598 (CP3 got injured )
            .333(fired after 9 games blamed for a dust up with chris paul…paul traded at game 24)

            Next job was Cleveland…and had only one decent player
            he went .232,318,and last season he went .293

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Right… and what has Erik done before he won coaching Miami, how about Pop, before he won in San Antonio. That logic is so flawed… everything starts from something… Lionel Hollins has the aura and the pedigree to take a team to the next level… he knows how to use his players and get the best out of them… i tell you, Scott only won when he has a great PG in his team, but even that, he couldn’t bring them to the next level… his team always came crushing back to earth after a successful season… that is not a good coach.

          • keenanjen

            What? LOL.. Okay let’s hit all your points, POP was nothing without Duncan, Parker, David Robinson, Erik has the best basketball, and a top10 player in Lebron and Wade, Top 3 PF in Bosh. Hollins had Marc,Rudy, Conley. those players in them selves are are good. Hollins never got to the finals Scott did. Every team he has taken over they have improved. only had one real season with Cleveland before he was fired. In new jersey he went to two finals with J.Kidd at Point1st year he was .316
            with a full squad he went
            .634 and nba finals
            .598 and nba finals

            .524 (team traded away talent and cost cutting efforts and scott was let go then took a pelicans job where the years he had CP3 he had winning record….the years without he went

            .220 first year no cp3 starting lineup was baron Davis,1st year david west,Jamal Maglore,and tomato cansa rookie named J.R.Smith

            .463 (first year with Cp3 hurricane katrina caused them to play in oklahoma city,Traded away jr smith)

            .473 (still in OKC due to katrina,got peja stojcovic for smith bridman and had david west still team was up and coming and brandon bass

            .683 (went out and got Tyson Chandler,mo peterson,bobby jackson,bonzi wells,still had David west,and Rasul butler)

            .598 (CP3 got injured )
            .333(fired after 9 games blamed for a dust up with chris paul…paul traded at game 24)

            Next job was Cleveland…and had only one decent player

            he went .232,318,and last season he went .293

            So in what season after winning did it all come crashing down?

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            i read you lonnnnngg comment, and you mentioned it yourself… after going to the finals the second time.. he was fired in Jersey… after reaching the semi-finals with cp3.. he was fired, he had the strongest lineup in NO,… and the rest is history in Cleveland… You can’t compare.. Gay, Conley, GAsol.. to Wad, James, Bosh or Duncan, Robinson… or Duncan, Parker, Ginobili… Marc,Conley,Gay are nowhere near those players… I can’t believe you even mentioned them alongside as if they are in equal footing with those great players…Hollins took those three and make them playing like a great team.

            Cp3, Tyson, West… that was one hell of a trio in NO…and their supporting cast was really good… go check it out…

    • Martin

      Hiring Lionel Hollins is the only right choice at this time.Rick Carlisle said that when his team played the Spurs in round 1 this year the Spurs shoot the ball with 6 seconds or less they beat you up by tiring you’re defense out by playing grind half court basketball.It takes a lot out the defense when a offense grinds it out by passing the ball around and making the other team play hard defense.Lionel Hollins is the master of grind basketball.Him and Gregg Popovich are the 2 best currently at grind it out basketball slow pace.The Lakers players will love being slow and methodical.Kobe needs to rest up that body and have a slower pace than before.Lakers are old.

    • Martin

      Meaning the Spurs waste 18 seconds on the clock before they attempt a shot and that means on a 24 seconds clock only 6 seconds or less are on the clock pound it in basketball has led them to the NBA finals back to back.Also they used to play a faster pace but it was a failure and Gregg Popovich reverted to a much slower pace and it’s a big success.Hire Lionel.

    • Dino Madness

      So the strategy should be wait until all the good coaches get hire then pick from who ever is left. That’s a strategy for failure because the good coaches will get other offers and will not wait until the Lakers are ready. Plenty of time has already gone by, they should know who they want and should had done the hiring by now

    • Reality Check

      June 7, 2014 Updates

      It’s possible the Cavs will hire a rookie head coach, but I wouldn’t bet on it. The mandate for new General Manager David Griffin is to make a serious playoff run. A safe guess is that he’ll pick between Alvin Gentry, Lionel Hollins and Vinny Del Negro — three established coaches. There will be another round of interviews for the three veterans and some others in the next week or so, these with owner Dan Gilbert. The Cavs want to have a coach in place for the June 26th draft. Cleveland Plain Dealer

      June 2, 2014 Updates

      The person spoke to USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity because of the private nature of the search. While team officials have already interviewed Byron Scott, Lionel Hollins, Mike Dunleavy, and Kurt Rambis, it is not certain that former Lakers guard Derek Fisher will interview in person for the job as had been widely expected. USA Today Sports

      Los Angeles Lakers, Byron Scott, Derek Fisher, Coaching, Mike Dunleavy, Lionel Hollins, Kurt Rambis

      But it wasn’t known until Monday that he had interviewed for the position on Friday and Saturday, joining Bulls assistant Adrian Griffin, Clippers assistant Tyronn Lue, former Suns coach Alvin Gentry and former Memphis coach Lionel Hollins, who had dinner with team representatives on Sunday night and continued his meetings on Monday. Cleveland Plain Dealer

  • Burt

    Change the opening picture of Mitch Kupchak,he looks retarded in it.New pic ya.

    • sams club security

      Mitch is retarded.

      • keenanjen

        Two championships and getting us CP3, before he was stolen. D12, and Pau doesn’t make him retarded. You are looking at the wrong person. Like at Jim, if Jim steps back I truly believe Mitch would get it done.

        • the_lorb

          Jim has been involved with the decision making on the team for the last 10 seasons. They won two championships and went to the finals two other times. Do you really think Mitch made the decisions?

          • keenanjen

            First off Jerry Buss put Jim there to learn and follow Mitch. Jerry Buss always believed in letting the GM do his job, and not sticking his nose in the GM’s business. So yes Mitch was the one who closed those deals. Jerry only stick his nose in the GM’s business once in a blue moon. Jerry wanted Jim to know the basketball side of the business that’s the only reason why Jim worked with Mitch. Jerry trusted Mitch fully. So know the facts

          • the_lorb

            Drafting Bynum was 100% Jim and he worked out for a few years. Everybody loved the Dwight and Nash trades when they happened. Jim has made some damn good moves that just didn’t work out due to circumstance.

          • keenanjen

            Bynum never worker out anywhere he went lol. He was always injured that’s why we got Pau, and who pulled off the Pau trade? Mitch did, The Lakers won two rings with Bynum only playing about 10 mins or less in those finals

          • J Taylor

            All i read is:
            Bynum = 2 rings.

          • keenanjen

            Are you saying Bynum is the reason we have two rings? When he only played 10 mins in those two finals?

          • J Taylor

            Yes. Jim was a talent scout during most of the time you just mentioned.

            Jim tried to hire… We got A guy who retired in 3 months…. then he tried… we got Mike Brown…. then he tried… we got D’Antoni.

            Mitch gets the talent.

          • keenanjen

            Also to your point of Jim getting D12, that’s not true at all. Mitch pulled that trade off. Jim wanted to keep Bynum, but Mitch went to Dr. Buss, and he got the okay to trade Bynum.

  • Drew

    As long as they hire a coach before the pre season starts is all good.Patience!

  • Jerome

    Before Quin Snyder became the Utah Jazz’s head coach on Friday, he was interested in the Lakers’ job after sparking a favorable impression with his preparation as a Lakers assistant under Mike Brown in the 2011-12 season. But Snyder was advised against the Lakers’ job if it became available because a potentially long rebuilding process could have added additional challenges in his first NBA head-coaching gig.

    PER Mark Medina

    Good coaches are being advised against taking the Lakers job.

    We are fucked.No good news from this little news that came out.Damn it.

    • Chrmngblly

      As though elapsed time between the last coach and the new coach is of any importance whatsoever, the Lakers are dragging this out interminably.

      They have no clue what they are doing. This is called paralysis by analysis. They are parallelized with fear. What they should be doing is changing up the decision methodology. Why don’t they bring in a couple highly respected outsiders who are NOT candidates for the job and getting their points of view? Why not ask Magic, Jerry West and Pat Riley for their thoughts? Riley owes the Lakers his best advice, as do they all. Then they should pull the trigger—unless there is really something special they are looking for.

      It is harmful to wait until the best assistants are hired by other teams and preparations that should already be under way for next season are stalled.

  • Lakers Rebuilding

    I think that it’s good that they are taking a while to look to for the next head coach 1.) it shows that they aren’t in any rush to find one and that’s a good thing because they don’t want to hire the wrong head coach for the third time in a row. Also it’s also a good thing because this time the Lakers are determined to find the right coach that they can hang on to for a while and they wont fire after one or two seasons. So it’s good that they are being patient because they want to find the perfect guy that will fit and who can help the Lakers get back on the map which is very important.

  • comrade24

    I think at this point they’re just posturing and privately already know who they’re going to hire. I mean, they’ve narrowed it down to two candidates it seems like. What new information is going to come out? You have your two guys, pick one of them already before someone else hires them!

    • J Taylor

      I am going to agree… The team has only had the “5 or so” coach interviews that mitch mentioned. A lot of what we are hearing about is how the team is assembling the assistant coach ranks.

      Also, a lot could depend on trade offers…
      If they could build a defensive team, Hollins is the key.
      if they could get a PG, Shaw is a better match.

  • Tune

    It’s a double edged sword, if they take a long time and screw it up, there’s almost no hope. If they get it right, then we’re happy.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    Not really I want them to take their time maybe pick the right coach during the draft or after it but shortly

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    Rushing the decision to bring in D’Antoni was an extreme they obviously want to avoid. However, let’s not over compensate by taking TOO long. This could lead to another team, like the Cavs, stepping in and taking away our best.option. Do the due diligence, but once you make a decision, pull the trigger.

    • the_lorb

      Best option… i.e. Lionel Hollins

      • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

        I agree.

  • ra

    They’re holding out so that Mitch Kupchak can be the coach. Flip Saunders already created the precedent. Phil is next, and then Mitch. Pat Riley might coach the Heat again if they lose.

    It’s the ‘Expendables’ for NBA coaching.

  • Truth B Told

    Taking to much time and still getting it wrong……Is just as bad as a rush judgement.

  • Marcus

    Of the most heavily rumored head coaches, which one fits the Lakers best?
    Lionel Hollins

    Byron Scott

    Mike Dunleavy

    Other (specify below)

    Total votes: 5,284

    Bleacher Report Lakers Poll

  • Marcus

    Kobe Bryant might not be crazy about playing for Lionel Hollins but he will warm up to Lionel in due time they will get along professionally maybe not personally.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      I haven’t really read anything about Kobe commenting on Hollins.

    • Chrmngblly

      Well, for the length of Kobe’s contract, it’s not going to make any difference who the coach is, we are going to suck.

      • J Taylor

        If you mean, Stuck in Playoffs mediocrity… then suck we will.

        • Chrmngblly

          Yep. Do you see us making it to the finals this year? What about next year? So we agree, our best hope is making it to an early round exit in a year or so.

          • comrade24

            The ONLY way the Lakers make it to the Finals this season is we play well all season, stay healthy, and somehow pull off a trade coup at the deadline. doubtful, very doubtful. But the Finals shouldn’t be our goal. The playoffs should. Our draft pick is going to Phoenix unless we’re REAL bad, and we’re looking for a max agent next summer. We need to prove that we can make the playoffs WITHOUT another max guy. That’s going to be a task in itself but if we can we will look a lot more attractive. The Kevin Love’s and Kyrie Irvings that are sitting at home watching the first round of the playoffs next season will be thinking, “Man the spurs are kicking their ass, but if i was on that team we could take them”.

          • Chrmngblly

            Right. It would be incredible for the Lakers to gel as a team with a new coach and make it into the playoffs at all. Playoffs for the next two years is going to be a bitch in the Western Conference.

            Whatever happens in the draft, they need to come out with guns blazing and re-sign all their own core free agents: Young, Meeks, Marshall, Bazemore, Pau and Hill. Of them, only Pau and Hill care who the coach is—that it’s not MDA, anyway.

            Do you suppose they are angling for one of the Spurs or Heat coaches?

          • comrade24

            The only thing i can think of is the FO is still hoping that Chicago will allow them to talk to Thibs. Only reason i could think of for them to be taking so long to hire a coach. it seems like a foregone conclusion that either Scott or Hollins gets the job, which i’m fine with either way.

          • Chrmngblly

            I think the “Thibs” ship has long since sailed. Why would Chicago ever let us do that? It’s like Miami letting us interview Spoelstra. What is his contract situation, anyway?

            Has anyone thought about what Riles is doing in Miami, anyway?

            Worth reading, serious:

            replace the [dot] with a period

            We need some athletic bigs.

          • comrade24

            i’ll check that out. i never gave the Thibs thought a second look. too unrealistic. No way they would let us, plus Thibs kinda has a rep for overplaying his starters, not good for an aging star.

          • Chrmngblly

            Yeah. Some of the weird BS that floats around on here is totally unrealistic, wishful thinking. Getting a Miami or Spurs assistant might not be.

  • Marcus

    Then again Kobe and Phil Jackson had their ups and downs nobody knows how Kobe will react to anyone players,coaches,management,ownership.Ups and downs.Hiring Lionel Hollins is a no brainer regardless of what Kobe thinks.It benefits Kobe’s old ass the most anyways.Pau Gasol benwfits all the young players benefit and the team will win with his style of play.Commit to defense and rebounding.

  • Trust in Mitch

    Its not even too long. Maybe theres more candidates they have in mind. Maybe they want to consider the assistant coaches from either the Heat or the Spurs!??! Plus why flood their minds, when they have to worry about working out players and interviewing those players as well. Its like 2 1/2 weeks or so before the draft, so I’m not worried they are taking their time. I say draft the best player, and then pick the coach that can utilize whom they draft.

    • Chrmngblly

      There are some European coaches—and some Asian coaches—they haven’t interviewed yet. I also hear there’s a couple in the Philippines. Then, too, we haven’t scoured the junior college ranks thoroughly enough for JB to be really sure, either.

      • Enjoy the Sarcasm

        Im guessing your one of the ones that was in panic mode ever since the coaching search began! Maybe the Lakers want to interview David Fizdale from the Heat. He has the experience, he’s had championship runs with the Heat now, and could be a viable candidate. Plus its not like the Knicks have made a decision yet, and they seem to be wanting a coach that they can mold and run PJs system, which means they wouldn’t want a guy like lionel hollins or b. scott. And I don’t see the Cavs making a decision anytime soon, because no one in their right mind wants to coach that mess. And if the FO wants to use this as part of the selling process for the big FA, then why not use.

        • Chrmngblly

          Well, we are not going for a big free agent this year. It is not part of the plan according to Mitch—but we will still need a coach, regardless.

          Janie Buss says her brothers are just afraid they will get what they want. The coaches worth having have already turned the Lakers down. The only coach they have not interviewed is Luke Walton.

          I expect them to make a move right after the draft, depending on who we take.

  • nogoodno

    “quick” result “sick” .

  • C Jerome R

    I think they are taking to long. At this point FO is interviewing players for the draft. As an experienced coach (Hollins, or Scott) would be able to see things that managent just can’t. They could also determine the next best option to fit the system just in case the desired player is drafted by another team

    In my opinion, hire a coach already!

    • J Taylor

      I think i’d trust Mitch and (ironically) Jim a lot more than a coach. – Both have made their living projecting the future of 19 year olds.

  • kiko

    Hire George Karl or Jeff Van Gundy and lionel hollins as Next Season Head Coach LA Lakers

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Coaching vacancy that should be filled up by either Lionel Hollins or Byron Scott.

  • el tahur

    I think the Lakers should hire the great Jerry West as consultant on hiring the head coach and players selection.

  • globe_smart_sun

    George Karl will be the new Lakers Head Coach ^_^

    • VillainKing

      buddy I cannot reply on you on the other forums because the threads is close..This is my reply on your comments to me, There is also a big probability that Vonleh will be drafted by the team ahead of the Lakers and also a big probability that Marcus Smart will be available at 7th pick for the Lakers..If this is going to be happen then your correct the Lakers will very lucky in getting Smart..

      • globe_smart_sun

        Hollins is good for Lakers, Lakers may trade their #7 pick that is also a probability. I hope this coming week Lakers will hire a new head coach.

        • VillainKing

          I hope the Lakers will not trade their #7 pick they need to keep it always..For me, they need this pick and select the right young prospect available at 7 also hire the perfectly fit coach for the Lakers..

  • kb24

    I am pretty confident they will have the RIGHT COACH for the LAKERS BEFORE THE DRAFT NIGHT….i think they will hire the coach a week b4 the draft….gut feeling only

  • Reality Check

    Lakers only hope was Lionel Hollins and they blew that chance by waiting all this time.They know that it is a time sensitive matter to hire a head coach yet the Lakers FO thinks it’s a game of charade.No this is reality you’re god damn franchise hangs in the balance of this coaching hire you idiot Jim Buss.Oh of course he doesn’t give a poop about the Lakers franchise as Jim Short Buss is a big L.A. Kings fan and a horse racing fan more than he is a Lakers NBA fan.That’s why he hardly ever attends games because he is not a fan of the Lakers nor the NBA.He is more interested in buying expensive properties and partying with ladies.Nothing would shut up the Jim Buss haters more than if he hires Lionel Hollins that would change my mind about Jim Buss and i would actually start admiring him for being committed to winning a championship.But otherwise my thoughts exactly Jim Buss stinks.

  • Reality Check

    Usually a job lets you know within a couple days after you’re interview if you are getting hired or not.Yeah those coaches that got interviewed won’t be hired.Time to give the job to that little drunk Scott Skiles.Yeah Skiles is a awful coach and a jerk.

  • Nash

    Mitch Kupchak should coach the Lakers.Best idea so far.

  • Laker Illuminati

    We have to name a coach soon. We have had all the time to look into all the possibilities. By the lakers waiting,this shows how unstable and undesirable the Lakers coaching position is to the rest of the league and free agents. No free agent wants to come to LA and play for the Lakers. That is a statement I thought I would never hear. Lionel Hollins is the right choice for this franchise right now. All I’m say’n is make the choice and show the league and free agents their are no issues with Laker leadership.

  • Lakers4Life

    It’s all for the LeBron! :-D

  • Robert L. I.

    I’m glad the Lakers are taking they’re time. There are enough voices in management, no need to bring one more. The coach they bring in will work with the team the Lakers give them… simple!

    Too many chiefs, not enough Indians.

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