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Lakers Nation Debate: Is A Gasol-Bynum Swap The Right Move?

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Topic of Debate: Whether or not a Gasol-Bynum deal is the best thing for the Lakers moving forward.

Context: This week there has been some talk of a potential trade between the Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers centering around former Lakers center Andrew Bynum, and current Lakers center Pau Gasol.

With Bynum on the trading block (due to unspecified violations), the Lakers have surfaced as one of the primary suitors that would be open to dealing with the Cavaliers.

As of now, trade talks between the two teams have stalled. This does not necessarily mean that the deal is dead, but perhaps it indicates that the Cavaliers are going to look at other options to see what other teams are offering.

The Cavaliers would like to get a deal done by no later than January 7th, as Bynum’s contract would then become guaranteed.

Because the deadline is so sudden, a case can be made that the Lakers could be rushing a deal, and aren’t maximizing the value they can get from Pau Gasol.

Ultimately this lead us at Lakers Nation to ask this question: is A Gasol-Bynum swap the right move?

Verdict: We took this poll question to Twitter to get the fans take on whether they thought a Bynum-Gasol swap would be appropriate.

I presented the poll question:

Here are some of the responses:

Reports indicate that if the Lakers were to complete a successful trade with Cleveland, Andrew Bynum would be released, as that would allow the franchise to save up to $20-million dollars in cap space.

It’s understandable why the front office would want to cut costs. This team is in no position to contend, so why have a payroll that would indicate otherwise? However, Pau Gasol is not just a player that you simply ship off. This is something the front office will have to come to terms with.

Gasol has an expiring contract worth roughly $19.3-million dollars, and still holds value  as a veteran big man with a unique skill-set. If the Lakers are going to trade him, they should make it a priority of theirs to bring in some valuable assets in return. They aren’t doing that with this deal.

Even in an underwhelming season, Gasol can be of good use to any NBA team he’s on. The last thing the Lakers need to do is jump to get something done just for the sake of it. It wouldn’t be smart and could impact this team in the long run.

By bringing in Bynum (just to release him), along with a throw-in, the Lakers aren’t maximizing Gasol’s worth. Cleveland might be hesitant to give up a draft pick, or a young asset, so it’s important that the Lakers don’t rush to get something done, even if it saves cap space.

On other the hand, if the Lakers can bring in a young player that has potential, along with a draft pick, this could be a deal that jumpstarts a rebuilding process for the future.

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Number of Entries : 206
  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yes it’s the right move if the Lakers plan on losing most of their games.But IDK.

  • Daryl Peek

    At this point (sigh) it has to be done. At 13-19 this season (we were 15-17 last year) with Blake, Farmar, Kobe and Nash out four more weeks, and the Grammy road trip coming up there’s not much hope of 28-12 like last season.

    Gotta start making moves thinking about next season. I HATE THE THOUGHT OF TANKING but we have way too many injuries that needed to be overcome yesterday.

    • Al Haldie

      You did not have FARMAR LST YR…

      • Daryl Peek

        First, Farmar is not that much of a difference maker, and we don’t have him now.

      • ra

        got it wrong dude. Daryl did not say that Farmar was on last year’s team. He just mentioned that Farmar was one of 4 people out this year. Last year, DH was intermittent in playing, Nash was out, Blake was out for some time, and Kobe was playing. This year, it’s much worse, and so Daryl is saying that we don’t even have ‘last year’s’ chance.

        Last year’s team actually had a functioning Dwight Howard (in March) which helped the Lakers to 28-12 at the end. We don’t have anything like that now.

  • Rigged4fun

    I agree with others that if the Lakers can get an asset with Bynum they should make the deal. Money has never been the prime reason for their actions in the past.

  • Dencio

    if we could get a 1st rounder and Dion Waiters then you’ve gotta pull the trigger.

    • Mark Rigney

      If you could get a first rounder and Dion Waiters then the Cleveland GM is high. It’s not 2009 anymore.

      • kobe24

        Some ridiculous comments by Lakers fans smh. Agreed if kupcake can get 1st roudn + Dion Waiters + Bynum for Pau Gasol he should be awarded GM of the year.

        Lakers should pull the trigger if the can get 1st round OR an asset (probably not Waiters)

    • mecca242

      REALITY: Unlikely Cavs send out significant asset w/ Bynum.

  • Edwin Ixcoy

    Stupid move. We have alot of injuries and now we gonna trade a Player that always plays for another player that has a huge history for missing games for injuries. We have enough injured players. fu**!!!

  • Yohann Iza Laker


  • Yohann Iza Laker

    We could get earl Clark and then a draft pick.

  • ersliva

    this would be a very big mistake by management….Bynum is lazy and his knees are very bad…plus his attitude would only make others worse…..STAY AWAY FROM BYNUM!!! hes a plague

    • Chyeah

      We’re not keeping Bynum, he’ll be waived as soon as he’s traded

  • Jermain

    Seems like the heavens are doing everything to send the Lakers a message on the course of action: Throw in the towel this season, get a high lottery pick and take that with you in the offseason with that 20mil or so they have. It’s one injury after another, the Lakers on the verge of being swept in this “softest” part of the schedule, then 10 of 14 on the road the rest of the month. Instead of heeding the message, the Lakers seem hesitant still. The FO has to be willing to make unpopular short term decisions (I personally would’ve amnestied Pau wo has the 2nd biggest contract on the team, and would never have given Kobe that kind of extension), because that seems to be the besct course to rebuild and effectuate long term success and title contention down the road.

    • ra

      One high lottery pick (this year) is not going to create a Championship Lakers team. The college players this year may be good, but not like the superstar players of the last decade (and a half). Even the current ‘exceptional’ newer just out of college players are not taking their teams to Championship (e.g., Kevin Love, one of the greatest – yet, where are the TWolves? Did they make the playoffs last year?). There doesn’t appear to be a LeBron, Kobe, DWade, Shaq, or even Melo in the future.

      We were lucky to be around for this group of unbelievable players.

      Gasol is actually an exceptional player, who just may be on the downturn now.

      So, since the future of the NBA is slightly above average at best, trading away all-star or superstar players now for the future seems to be a tricky move.

      Honestly, Kobe’s ‘not playing’ seems to be reducing the interest in the NBA. It’s like those 2-3 years Tiger Woods was out. Golf started to lose its ratings. Too bad Kobe’s at the sunset of his career. I think we were spoiled.

  • Marty Susman


  • AHHH

    If only we could trade Mike D’Antoni too.

  • derek

    why the lakers dont deal nash? he is more liable for what happened to this laker team and why trade gasol he can be a good supporting guy to kb24. Probably its time for me to pick a new team to root for. i still hope kobe gets his 6th ring

    • Chyeah

      they’ll eventually trade him

    • petron_run&gun

      nash will be next after pau get traded, lakers want to clear cap space for their run to carmelo anthony and other top nba player

  • petron_run&gun

    I’m sure Chris Kaman is very happy on that trade so he will replace Pau at Center position

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