Lakers Nation Debate: Have You Changed Your Stance On Tanking? Reviewed by Momizat on . Topic Of Debate: Tanking, and whether the Lakers should consider it, given the fact that this team is battling a multitude of injuries. Context: About a month a Topic Of Debate: Tanking, and whether the Lakers should consider it, given the fact that this team is battling a multitude of injuries. Context: About a month a Rating: 0
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Lakers Nation Debate: Have You Changed Your Stance On Tanking?

2006_NBA_DraftTopic Of Debate: Tanking, and whether the Lakers should consider it, given the fact that this team is battling a multitude of injuries.

Context: About a month ago, we at Lakers Nation observed the idea of tanking, and asked fans what they thought about it. With an amazing NBA draft class coming up in 2014, and the Lakers title chances looking very slim, why not try to increase your chances at getting the best possible player available? Seems logical right? Well not exactly, according to Lakers fans.

A good portion of the fans were against the idea. At the time, many were waiting on the anticipated comeback of Kobe Bryant, as they felt that this team’s chances couldn’t fully be evaluated until they saw how the team performed with him on the court.

Unfortunately for the Lakers and their fans, they received some shocking news on yesterday when it was announced that Kobe Bryant will have to miss at least six weeks of playing time after suffering a knee fracture against the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday night.

The Lakers are 12-13, and are currently missing four rotation players due to injures. Barring some incredible trade, there is no way this roster is a built to contend in the Western Conference. Tanking (be it respectable or not), is a legitimate option at this point.

And given Kobe Bryant’s need to recover, it might be the best thing for this team right now.

Verdict: We took this poll question to Twitter to get the fans take on whether they changed their mind on whether or not the Lakers should tank.

I presented the poll question:

Here are some responses:

Kobe’s recent injury has certainly softened up a few of the Lakers fans, as the opinions on tanking are  varied now, as opposed to a month ago. There’s a natural pride that comes with being a Laker fan, but sometimes that has to give.

As mentioned before, while making the playoffs as a 7th or 8th seed for the sake of saying “I told you so!” is inspiring, what good does that do for this franchise moving forward? There are some gaping questions that are going to have to be answered.

$48.5-million dollars is committed to Kobe Bryant over the next two seasons, and salary cap restrictions can either prevent the Lakers from bringing in the caliber players they would like, or keep them from retaining pieces on this current roster that they want.

Because of that, the front office should do their best in trying to bring in the best possible player from this 2014 NBA draft class.

I myself am confident in the front office, and trust there judgement, but I’m starting to lean on the concept of tanking.

What about you? Has your stance changed?

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  • Gregory Choa

    It’s not tanking if it’s injury related. Look, being a point guard for the Lakers right now is like being a drummer for Spinal Tap – it’s just not a desirable position to be in. Just because circumstances have conspired to possibly work out in the team’s favor in the bigger picture does not necessarily constitute tanking in the normal sense.

  • Andrew Wiggins Fan

    Tanking is not a bad thing if a team is full of key injuries.It’s not really tanking if a team just can’t win games due to injuries and other factors.

    The Lakers are a very proud franchise and they have never ever tanked before and i am 100% sure they will always be respected in the NBA no matter how bad they might struggle this season or in the following seasons.Deep draft many prospects and about 3 or 4 future cornerstones of perspective franchises.Lakers will be fine in the big picture.Keep hope alive.

  • Lakers Fan

    We’re not tanking. We’re just losing games. Injuries, lack of defense, lack of effort, lack of consistency, and having one of the hardest starting schedules in the league is the reason we are losing. Although I have stated in the past that I wouldn’t mind a tanking approach, it looks like we’re headed towards a top draft pick without actually tanking. And the latest turn of events makes a top draft pick even more realistic. I don’t think they are tanking, we just have a lot of issues going on with the team right now which is resulting in us losing.

  • Jose

    The Lakers should try and trade Gasol for a couple of players or a future draft pick or two. They all wouldn’t have to be first rounders. Then if you are able to do that you may convince Kobe to shut it down for the season and he can truly come back healthy for the next training camp. You allow the current roster to play develop and then you get an accurate assessment of who you would want to resign or let go. Also if in the process you happen to land within the top five in the draft then you can bring in the possible heir to Kobe’s throne. After that during the off season you after a couple other mid tier players and you have a competitive team that will allow them to attract Love in 2015. At that point you can do a sign and trade or depending on how they work the contracts you may sign Love out right. Well i know it probably won’t happen but hey I’m a fan just wanting my team to back to the top where they belong.

    • GM Jack

      Let us get on thing clear..If some teams wanted Gasol, he would be gone by now.

      No one wants his contract @ $ 19 million per year. Any teams that brings him in will have to pay luxury tax. I do not of any team that have that kind of cap space. And for the trade to work, the other team would have to unload their 19 millions dollars worth of players. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

      Rudy Gay, would have been good since Toronto was looking for a player with an expiring contract. But, that was never even in the conversation with the Lakers. At least he is athletic and can produce 20-25 points per game.

      Further, for the new team that picks up Gasol, what if he does not agree to his market value of $ 6-8 million dollars per year. For that kind of money, I think Gasol will go play in Europe where the game is not physical.

      Then what?

  • Daryl Peek

    HELL NO AND NEVER!!!! That’s all #LAKERS

    • dab

      let’s get knocked out in the first round again. brilliant idea!

      • Daryl Peek

        Lets willfully put a losing product on the court? Lets watch fans stop buying tickets to games? Lets cancel Time Warner subscriptions and possibly loose the 3 billion dollar TV contract. Lets just think like average loser franchises and scrap the 60 plus year history of never winning less than 30 games in a season.

        Brilliant indeed!

        • dab

          do you actually know the exact financial situation of the lakers, including a surplus of money they could have built up over the years?

          do you know the terms of the contract and how many views would have to drop to to lose the 3 billion dollar deal?

          do you know if that 3 billion deal and/or full laker seating is even necessary for the laker’s to operate?

          and whose to say the views haven’t gone down a lot already, or that they would go down a lot more if the lakers did tank.

          do you have any relevant data?

          • Daryl Peek

            I know the FO inked Kobe right after the team broke its sellout streak. I know Dr. Buss kept a keen eye on ticket sales along with wins, that was the basis of his Showtime vision. Tanking does not fit that model in any way shape or form! I don’t need insider data to know this as a fan of the greatest organization in all of sports.

            Greatness doesn’t take steps back to move forward. Winning is all that matters! No team wins it all all the time though but this franchise ALWAYS TRIES!!

  • Cedric

    I’ve said it yesterday and I’m going to say it again and again till everybody got it: We are the Lakers. We don’t tank. We have pride and we try to win every game. I won’t wear any Lakers jersey while they’re tanking. Don’t get me wrong if my team loses because their bad that’s a diffrent situation. But losing voluntarily is not an option. And believe me when Kobe’s back there won’t be any tanking with him on the floor.

    • terry

      you realize blind pride can be stupid and counterproductive to the ultimate goal, unless the ultimate goal is to rack up a vague amount of season wins and get early round playoff exits or fall short of making the playoffs.

      • Cedric

        The Lakers always got championship teams and great players without tanking.

        • terry

          but who says they couldn’t have had more championships? of course we can never know … the lakers have been around for 67 years, have won 16 …..

          kareem, magic, and shaq were 1st round number 1 round picks. pau gasol was a 1st round number 3 pick.

          • Daryl Peek

            None of which were procured with the Lakers own #1 pick. The Lakers have never selected higher than #10 with their own lottery pick.

          • terry

            but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen and work.

          • Daryl Peek

            True but to set up in that mentality from the get based off a projection is disrespectful to all involved.

      • Daryl Peek

        Do you realize it is blind faith that often gets billions in this world through the days in life?

        The goal is to win every time you lace them up. Forecasting what will or wont be matters not to the will of those who dig in, in the midst of competition. Projections aren’t a 100% fail-safe. Effort is all you can expect out of a competitor. You play to win. Sometimes your opponent is better but that’s no reason to not try.

        • terry

          you can know things in advance though, if you listen to the way things are.

          last year while watching laker pre season i had a feeling that the lakers weren’t going to do well, and i was right. the lakers ended up with lots of injuries and a kobe’s achilles. they could have tanked that year, but the fans kept talking about getting in the playoffs. I don’t think that year year would have made any difference in the big laker picture of championships, unless the lakers got a star draft pick or trade, but the 2013 first and second was gone due to steve nash.

          this year i don’t think the team will be championship contenders, so in that sense tanking for a better round pick would help more than not .

          tanking doesn’t exactly mean getting worse as a player….. it could just mean saving your best for a better time.

          • Daryl Peek

            Tell that to the paying customers who root for their team to actually win. There 30 teams in the NBA. Only one can win the championship. The Lakers have hung that banner 16 times. They’ve been in existence for more than 60 years and each one of them they tried to win. Tanking is for losers. Outside of the Spurs you can’t show me a NBA dynasty that tanked their way into said supremacy.

            To become a Lakers dynasty you compete at all cost. Success is not always gonna be realized, but again winners always try…

  • GM Jack

    I am not sure tanking is the way to go. When you tank, you develop bad habit. Anyone who has played competitive sports, either you go out and play, or sit home!!!

    Bad habits make you lazy, just like any other line of work.

    You might as well quite..

    But, if you getting ready for the playoffs, there is nothing wrong with resting a player..But, tanking at pro-level. That is pure armature.

    • Daryl Peek


    • LakersHeatBeef

      I agree nothing good come out of tanking.Lakers will never ever tank.The risk of losing millions of fans and tons of money since ticket sales would dwindle and TWC would likely pull out of the TV deal.Merchandise sales would slump to a all time low.Keep in mind teams that lose and have attendance issues usually end up relocating elsewhere.Tanking is cheating.

      • terry

        well the lakers got 30 wins in 1975. they would end up getting the number 2 and 8 first round pick would be part of their trade to obtain kareem abdul jabbaar.

        also i bet you the lakers have more than enough surplus money to cover low revenue years.

  • Jim213

    No matter what some believe the BENCH MOB doesn’t intend on tanking. They have a good opportunity to remain Lakers past this season so the last thing on their minds is tanking thus giving others an opportunity rather than themselves.

    • terry

      but if you set up a thing like multiple laker scrimmages after the season to fight for your spot on the team, you can find out who the better players are then, which is closer in time to the next season. if the BENCH MOB knows that, they don’t have to show their best during NBA games.

      and do you think the BENCH MOB is good to lead the team to a legitimate run at the championships this year? if not, why does it matter if they fight for a laker spot when on NBA TV?

      • Daryl Peek

        Because it shows the heart of a potential winner. Thaddus Young just asked the Sixers to trade him because he’s not down with the tanking solution Philly is clearly on. Any player that openly accepts that kind of thought process is not welcome on my team.

        Bill Russell told a then Rookie Kenny Smith to sit up front with him on the team bus because he didn’t want his being influenced by all the losers on the Kings roster he had just inherited.

        • terry

          just because you are tanking doesn’t mean you are a loser.

          it could just mean that you are saving your best for later, or that you are making a strategic decision within your current limits.

          i can tell you in my life story I had one of the best academic years of my life right after one of my worst. my best years don’t always come like that but they have.

          remember that year with kobe the lakers had 34 wins? you like to talk about being a winner and all but it really doesn’t matter if don’t feel like you are at a championship level yet. who cares if you win some games and get knocked off early in the playoffs or don’t even make the playoffs? might as well get better help from the draft in that case.

          • Daryl Peek

            The sacrifice made in tanking is not worth all the collateral damage done to everyone involved. Accepting losing is the worst! It becomes a chain that’s hard to break.

            Losing after competing just motivates you to get better. That’s a basic life principle. As children we are taught to get back up and fight. it’s also a natural instinct that every living thing in this world has in them.

            It’s all about the attitude your willing to carry. Again, see the Bill Russell message to Kenny Smith. Kenny went on to become a two time NBA champ.

          • terry

            1. Lakers did not qualify for playoffs in 1975. The first round pick they got that year would be included in the trade for Kareem Abdul Jabaar.

            2. Just because you tank doesn’t mean you suddenly like to lose or accept yourself as a loser.

            3. While tanking it is possible to conserve your best for the future.

            4. You say losing is a chain that’s hard to break. Well the lakers have gone on a 11 year streak without winning a championship. The Celtics have gone a 22 year streak.

            5. You really think the lakers have a shot at winning the championship this year? I think you are delusional if you think so. You either take that step or you don’t, and the lakers have shown absolutely no signs of being one.

          • Daryl Peek

            1. So, Did the team Tank in 75 or did they just lose while trying to win?

            2. If you willfully tank you’re setting a premeditated loser mentality, I. E. the Thaddeus Young beef with the Sixers.

            3. Your best is now tainted/corrupted. Evidence is in the form of most tanking teams being stuck in that revolving door plight. See Cleveland, The Clippers, ETC… bad decisions often come from bad ideas.

            4. Again, no team wins all the time. There are many different factors to the why’s on losing. Example; MJ owned the league in the 90′s. No team was gonna beat him in that era. Again, sometimes your opponent is just better but that’s no reason to tank.

            5. My opinion matters not whether I think they can win it all or not. All that matters is the guys on that team believe in each other and go out there and compete. Win lose or draw, trying is all that matters. As a fan that’s what I pay to see. The championship or bust theme is not a punk out, give me my ball if I can’t win absolute. CHIP or bust is die trying.

            People have got the object of competition twisted now days. Win or go home is a call to compete not lay down and skew the playing field.

          • terry

            for some reason i think you really dislike the word “tank”.

            “tank” or “lose while trying to win”.. who fucking cares how you put it.

            When laker fans are are talking about tanking they are talking about lowering the win count to get into the draft, or get a better draft pick once into the draft.

            “skew the playing field” by trying to add a great player within nba rules. wtf are you smoking?

            can you please stop trying to argue word choice with me.

            the argument this whole time has been whether to lower the win count to get into the draft, or to get a better draft pick once into the draft.

          • Daryl Peek

            First off watch your mouf internet tough guy. I’ve kept it respectful with you so don’t go there with me man. SMH at the child please ISH.

            Purposely lowering the win count is tanking period. Trading away good players for the purpose of lowering the win count is tanking, and a cop out any way you slice it. You’re setting a losers precedent for those on the team currently. Them that come back don’t forget this and often get stuck in it because they are now the tenured leaders of your team.

          • lewis

            i don’t understand why you think getting a lower win count for one season, hell maybe even 2, suddenly means you’re doomed to a loser mentality.

            you get less wins in NBA games and meanwhile develop your skills on the side. none of that means you suddenly like to lose games.

            In 1975 the lakers got 30 wins. they ended up with number 2 and 8 first round pick, which would be included in the trade for kareem abdul jabaar.

          • Gregory Choa

            The term tanking simply denotes a premeditated and deliberate course of action by way of purposesly losing games. There is no way any true Lakers fan could possibly subscribe to such a course of action. There will be no “tanking” going on – the Lakers don’t tank.
            That said, this Lakers team will be hard pressed to compete for a championship this season, let alone even get into the playoffs given how competitive the Western Conference is this season. Losing games because you’re getting out-talented because your team is decimated by injury is NOT TANKING. Please stop trying to say that these two ideals are actually one and the same.

          • Daryl Peek


          • lewis

            ok so instead of lowering your win count by “tanking”, you lower your win count by getting injuries.

          • Gregory Choa

            Correct. The first course of action is deliberate, the second is circumstantial.

          • Daryl Peek

            Premeditation VS. shit happens.

          • lewis

            also in 1975 the lakers got 30 wins and ended up with the number 2 and 8 first round pick, which would be included in the trade to get kareem abdul jabaar

      • Jim213

        Aside of feeding off of each other the bench mob feeds off of the fans (Staples). Don’t believe the fans watching the games want the team to tank the remainder of the season and if they happen to they should ask FO for a refund for purchasing season tickets. But if the Lakers happen to miss the playoffs it won’t be b/c of effort IMO.

        • Daryl Peek


        • terry

          I bet you enough fans will still watch the lakers even if they tank this year to cover the costs of the organization, not to mention I bet the lakers must have a huge surplus of cash over all the years.

          • Jim213

            Doubtful, they’ll either stop going to certain games while others change the channel. But this likely applies to 30% of the fans not the true legion.

          • tent

            Doubtful? you are agreeing with what i said fool.

            70 percent is still more than enough to cover operating costs of lakers, not to mention the huge surplus of cash over all the years.

          • Jim213

            Don’t forget the revenue sharing they have to dish out CHUMP.since you seem to believe they have a huge surplus. So losing 1/3rd of the audience/fan base doesn’t help.

  • Justin

    If the Celtics who are in tank mode gets back to title contention sooner and Lakers continue to wallow in mediocrity 2+ years from now, I’d like to see the reaction of those hanging on to blind pride. At some point, you just have to let the house collapse and quit trying to prop it up with stick and glue, and then rebuild with a stronger foundation moving forward.

    • Daryl Peek

      Your argument is premised off IF. Are you willing to let your house collapse or do you get your ass to work and complete you honey do list? IF you don’t your wife is gonna leave your tanking azz LOL

      • Paul

        But all you anti-tankers have nothing viable to offer this season. What? lets just keep plugging along and maybe the ground just opens up and swallows the other teams ahead of the Lakers, therefore they go to the Finals by default? The “Lets tank” people, at least their plan while it is a longshot given it is a draft lottery and all, gives the Lakers a punchers chance at something tangible to come out of this now wretched season.

        • Daryl Peek

          Tanking is setting a losing precedent mentality bottom line. Nothing needs to be offered except trying to win. trying to lose is not an option. if it results into plugging along so be it. The FO will make moves. The draft will come and they will pick a player. The damage of letting a losers mentality is not an option. Kobe and crew will not stand for that buffoonery, period!

          A punchers chance is players trying to win games.

          • lewis

            well in 1975 the lakers got 30 wins and ended up with the number 2 and 8 first round pick, which would be included in the trade to get kareem abdul jabaar.

          • Daryl Peek

            Not from tanking. If you lose while competing there’s no shame in that. This is the point.

          • lewis

            so this whole time you have been arguing with my choice of the word tank while all i have been trying to do is discuss the strategy of getting less wins to get a better draft pick.

          • Daryl Peek

            Purposely trying to get less wins for a draft pick is tanking, and unacceptable.

          • lewis

            but the lakers have done it before.

            you saying they got 18,25, 30 wins by accident in the past without putting their hopes in a draft pick? and they just happened to get three great players? that makes no sense.

          • Daryl Peek

            No they didn’t. The 30 win season your talking about happens to be the one after West retired. Of course your gonna have a drop off when a legend like that hangs them up.

            Also keep in mind Kent was a good owner but frugal to the point of being flat out cheap. Newly hired West, and Bill Sharman use to have fits over this dealing with Kent. The team missed out on the opportunity to pair Dr. J with KAJ because of it. Fortunately they had the Goodrich trade draft pick that resulted in Magic.

            Dr. Buss changed the cheap plight and the thought of ever tanking again…

          • lewis

            well when Baylor came on the scene after the 18 win year the lakers shot up to make it into the finals.

            then the next year they tanked with 25 wins and got jerry west. and those two would go on to do many great things for the lakers on the court and as general managaer or fans or something.

            also you say a 30 win only happens because of “retirement” and not a tanking attitude. well who cares what word you use the lakers at that time could have done better than a 30-52 win like the current kobeless lakers have been doing but hey maybe they got smart and went for a good draft pick instead of an early round playoff exit.

            seriously this whole time i feel you’ve been arguing with me just cuz i used the word tank.

          • Daryl Peek

            Tank is just a word for losing on purpose. The intent is what I have a problem with.

          • lewis

            The lakers got jerry west and elgin baylor during record low seasons, 25-50 and 19-53 records in 1960 and 1958 from first round number 2 and first round number 1 picks.

          • Daryl Peek

            And those picks weren’t during the lottery era. I did say the team has never had a lottery pick of their own higher than #10.

            So the team has had 2 seasons out of 65 where they were under 30 wins. That still unbelievable and a testament to what the Lakers brand represents.

          • lewis

            who cares if they weren’t during the lottery era. the lakers still had to get low amount of wins to get those two players.

            and in the lottery era less wins increases your chances, all else equal.

          • Daryl Peek

            The big difference is premeditation from the start of a season. Your in this to win bottom line and only one team is gonna win it all. The CHIP or bust absolute is taken out of context when you tank a season based off pundit projections. What message does this send to your players?

          • lewis

            well it can send the message to keep developing and save your fiery spirit in anticipation of next year or something else positive, idn i’m not the coach of the lakers but as I’ve told you before it’s possible to raise your play dramatically one year right after a bad year i’ve done it in the past.

          • Daryl Peek

            It can also (more often than not) breed a culture of complete sorriness into your franchise. See the Clippers of old, the Cavs, Bobcats, ETC…

          • lewis

            no you see it’s all about how you go about losing the games. losing the games in itself doesn’t mean anything besides the fact you aren’t winning a championship that year.

          • Daryl Peek

            We’ll agree to sit on opposite sides of this. All I know is the Buss model has been the most successful one in the NBA since he purchased the Lakers and Riley is continuing it in Miami.

          • lewis

            what you’re saying about the buss model being the most proven successful one isn’t realy true because getting

            jerry west, elgin baylor, and jabaar all were obtained due record low season draft picks before buss bought the lakers in 1979.

            west and baylor made it to the finals like 9 times and won a championship. i’m sure this low point in laker history was a major source of inspiration for future championships.. jabaar talked about how fans and certain laker personnel would thank him and the other players with much happiness.

            and jerry west has been credited for putting together the showtime and kobe shaq era together as scout/general manager. he even happened to be general manager of the grizzlies and retired the year before the gasol trade.

          • Daryl Peek

            West and Jerry Krause are two of the best talent evaluators in NBA history IMO. Krause worked for the Lakers with West early on as recruiters.

            West no doubt built Showtime on the court but it was Dr. Buss and his willingness to spend that allowed the winning to manifest. KAJ was the inception piece but it took the vision of Dr. Buss to get it off the ground. KAJ needed Magic just as Magic needed Dr. Buss to become who he now is.

            You can never give all the credit to just one person. Dr. Buss was the visionary, West was his conscious. The Showtime model was Dr. Buss’s and is the standard.

          • lewis

            i think you’re giving dr. buss and the spending too much credit.

            it’s not like bill russell did things for the fans and glamour and he won 11 out of 13 and 2 in NCAA.

            sure dr. buss liked to win but that doesn’t mean he was the cause of the winning.

            and KAJ had already won 3 NCAA in a championship before the lakers. i felt like the more accurate story would be KAJ was getting tired of all the leading and needed another great like magic to get inspiration again. and magic himself had won an NCAA before the lakers.

            i feel like guys like magic will attract the glamour and endorsements and such by themselves with or without someone like jerry buss.

          • Daryl Peek

            What Bill Russell did for the Celtics worked for them in that era. How am I giving too much credit to Dr. Buss when I said you can’t give all the credit to just one person?

            The Lakers would have been a solid team without Dr. Buss but it would not have been Showtime. As you said, Baylor and West went to the finals 9 times but only won it all once. The funny part about that is it was the addition of Wilt coupled with the eventual dumping of Baylor that brought about the 72 season. The FA addition Laker way. West was keen on the draft also but missed more often than hit.

            I’m not of the total glamour ilk of FA attraction. Dr. Buss took his love for the Lakers brand and strengthened it. The attraction to be a Laker had long been solidified before Buss. Showtime took the entire NBA to another level and Buss used the LA/Laker lure to procure it.

            West was Dr. Buss’s eyes for talent and managing finances. Dr. Buss deserves all the credit he gets but yes he did not do it alone.

          • lewis

            showtime was an entertainment move. kareem and magic and worthy and others would have still won without it. they already had done it before. kareem with 3 ncaa/1 nba and magic with 1 ncaa and worthy with an ncaa.

            that or magic would have created something like showtime himself and if he didn’t his basketball iq would have still been championship level. magic was already a more outgoing person than his rival bird in college.

            i’m saying no jabaar or no magic makes a difference in championships obtained. Not having buss makes no difference besides the entertainment theme of showtime. kareem and magic will attract loyal fans on their own as long as there is a venue for the sport.

          • Daryl Peek

            Now your giving too much credit to the players. KAJ had one ring outside of Showtime in the NBA. Yes Showtime was entertainment. It takes more than just talent to win. As I showed you earlier, Buss’s willingness to spend was the difference in one out of nine VS. Showtime.

            Again, West was completely flustered with Kent’s cheapness. West will be the first to tell you he gives so much credit to Dr. Buss for Showtime both on the court and the Hollywood effect.

            IMO the inspiration Dr. Buss provided was crucial to winning multiple championships. The Paul Westhead debacle is a perfect example. It was handled badly but was absolutely the right move. Magic felt suffocated in Westhead’s offense. Keep Paul you might not have the Showtime we all came to know. Kent may have kept Westhead IMO.

          • lewis

            No that wasn’t the difference. the difference was Bill Russel’s superiority during that time period. and they didn’t put emphasis on spending.

            spending or not, who cares, you play better basketball or you don’t.

            god you idiot i never said anything about being cheap. i ‘m saying the superior basketball play of the players will attract enough revenue to operate the stadium. sure you can add entertainment value and cash like with showtime. that’s not the reason they won. magic and kareem and worthy and jamaal had already won ncaa championships, 7 total between them.

            How many championships has Buss won before he became owner of the lakers? 0 from what I know.

            You shouldn’t put an NBA ring below an NCAA, which kareem had already won 3. Do you know how many NBA greats lead their team to an NCAA ring? Very few.

            Do you know how many NBA greats lead their team to multiple ncaa rings? like none. only russell and kareem have.

            also buss wasn’t even the orginator of the spontaneous offense that would be considered showtime, one of the coaches was, and paul contiuned that to win that 1980 championship.

            and when paul was fired when the lakers were 7-4 in 1982. who is to say they wouldn’t have won the championships if they kept paul? all history has shown is that buss was addicted to the showtime vibe during that era.

            and it’s not like the lakers could always play showtime style to win. they’ve had to play half court games too, and the celtics have matched them fast court breaks. any style can be countered, obviously.

          • Daryl Peek

            WTF I’m done with yo punk ass!! SMDH at the bitchmade name calling ISH. GTFOH

          • lewis

            i meant you shouldn’t put an NBA ring above an NCAA ring.

    • GM Jack

      It did not have to be this way. If you play the cap right, and stop dishing out max contracts to the veterans, then, you will make some progress. The problems right now is not due to draft picks, but, massive contracts to the older players who should be playing at mid-level salaries.

  • GM Jack

    Losing is negative. Winners never accept negative.

    If this is not clear, then, go tank. Your negative attitude will always follow you.

    Sure, you can get good grades by cheating. But, they will find out you are a looser once you are given a real project, like choking in the playoffs.

    Make no mistake, the last 5 rings are courtesy of J. West.

    Kobe and Shaq acquistion. It was not due to tanking.

    • lewis

      In 1975 the lakers got 30 wins and ended up with the number 2 and 8 first round pick, which would be included in the trade to get kareem abdul jabaar.

    • lewis

      The lakers got jerry west with first round number 2 pick after a tank year 25-50 record.

  • Daryl Peek

    I stand 5’11″ tall about 250lbs. I’ve guarded guys that stood 6’8″ playing b-ball. On paper there’s no way I should be able to check said player. Fortunately I was blessed with hops. Even given that the task was daunting but I never let that stop me. I was 28 at the time and the guy I was playing against was in college only 20 and played for Portland State University. Even more reason for me to be feel I had no chance. Given the clear advantage he had I surmised I’d lean on him using my weight to my advantage. Our team won two out of three games against these kids and after the guy came up to me in disbelief but thanked me for leaning on him like that in the post.

    I could have easily flowed with a tanking mindset given the fact I was not suppose to win. My teammates would have been pissed but they ride with me because they know I’ll fight regardless of what’s in front of me.

  • Frank The Tank

    Tanking is so easy to do.Just fake injuries and sit out good players.Play bad defense and pull out the starters early and often.Use a D-League Point Guard.Trade players and hire a stupid coach.So far other than trading players since a trade has not happened yet everything i said the Lakers have done.

    Even paying a stupid overpaid amount of money to the legend Kobe Fourty Eight Million Dollars ouch yikes this is a set up to clear cap space somehow down the road.Or else how do you justify a team paying Kobe that much money after a serious surgery to his Achilles Tendon without watching him play 1 game?

    Lakers FO should have waited to see how he would perform.Lakers are in the clear of all bullshit contracts in 2016 and they must be targeting Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook for the future.Lakers are also doing everything a tanking team does but the team is 12-13 and the wheels have not fell off just yet.Wait until they are 10 games back of .500 and then tell me they are not tanking.

    Oh maybe they will just stink.The loyalty contract Kobe got was a nice gesture from Jim Buss.Time to move on to a rebuilding process it starts tonight,compete or not lets just rebuild fast.Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker would look great in a Lakers uniform.

  • Lakers Fan

    At the end of the day, we all want the Lakers to be back on top. We all just have different opinions about how to do it. Some feels that tanking will get us a future star to build around, and some feels tanking is not a part of the Lakers’ legacy. Truth be told, both of those are true. When it comes to this management, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did take the tanking approach. But at the same time, they know Dr.Buss would never take this approach.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but we can’t make this about pride anymore. That pride was shot to hell when they begged Dwight to stay. If they don’t tank, it will be because they are trying to follow in Dr.Buss’s footsteps and that’s not turning out so well right now. All any of us can do is be fantasy GMs. We don’t know what they are doing behind closed doors right now. If they tank, we have no choice but to be behind it. But if we don’t right the ship right now, the post-Kobe era is gonna be very daunting.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers are not tanking.It is cheating to tank.Lakers would never think of tanking.

    Go Lakers!We never give up ever Lakers Nation Winners Circle!

  • Troy

    Pride is good, but it is also a terrible terrible thing. Until some pride is swallowed by management AND Laker fans who refuse to accept reality, this franchise is stuck where it is for a long time. The league has passed the Lakers by in every facet not just on the basketball court, but on their front office and way of thinking. Until everyone learns to let go of what worked in the PAST, there will be no future. (ie..championship parades, banners, etc..).

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Ever since Preschool and Little League we as athletes are all taught to win and to play hard and to give full effort never give up on any play no matter what and never lose on purpose never ever.

    For example if a guy was playing his girlfriend at basketball one on one i know for sure i would go for the win and give full effort the whole time my playing my best to win her.Never lose on purpose.If you show me someone who accepts losing then i will show you a LOSER!Teams that tank get stuck like that for many years.

    I am all about winning and giving full effort at all times.Winning at all costs is my motto.The Lakers are 16 time champions for a reason and that won’t be tarnished ever.Full effort and being competitive is all i have ever wanted to see this season tbh.Win or go home.No draft pick is worth tanking for.It’s a crap shoot in the draft.

  • TNT


  • Mike

    I was against it before, but now, I really have no problem with it. I don’t want to go 20+ years like the Celtics before they won again in 2008. It’s a once in a lifetime draft class, They are not winning anything this year so might as well get some pingpong balls on our side and hope we get a lucky bounce. Also, somebody in the FO needs to grow a pair and tell kobe “No, you are not coming back this season alright? take the year off”. I get that Tanking is not in Laker history, but you know what, so is just simply making the playoffs and only to be trampled on and swept out in the first rd. At least there’s a chance that tanking can result in something great (Parker, Wiggins, Randall, etc..)

  • 3339

    quite honestly, after seeing them play for the beginning of this season they won’t have to try and tank cause losing will happen anyway.
    They need to make changes.

  • lewis

    To the people who say the lakers have never tanked to success, which i have assumed to mean getting a low win count for better draft picks.

    in 1958 the lakers had a 19-53 record. they ended up with elgin baylor with the first round number 1 pick. they got to the nba finals the next year.

    in 1960 the lakers record was 25-50. they ended up with jerry west with the first round number 2 pick. the lakers would get to the finals 8 times, but lose, and win the finals once.

    Unfortunately the lakers were up against Russel’s Celtics for 6 of those 8 losses, not to mention the Lakers had won five championships from 1949-1954, if that’s relevant. But it seems the losses in this time era would lay a foundation for future laker championships. Jerry West’s trade for Kobe, the sour memory of the lakers losing all those finals.

    In 1975 the lakers had a 30-52 record. They ended up with the number 2 and number 8 first round pick which would be included in the trade for Kareem Abdul Jabaar.

  • roseducanna

    LAKERS still have coach M.A, you trade or not team LAKERS will go the hell.

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