Lakers Nation Debate: Biggest Weakness This Season Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="312"] The Lakers front office has put together a roster full of potential this off-season. While they missed out on the big-name free agent [new_royalslider id="312"] The Lakers front office has put together a roster full of potential this off-season. While they missed out on the big-name free agent Rating: 0
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Lakers Nation Debate: Biggest Weakness This Season

The Lakers front office has put together a roster full of potential this off-season. While they missed out on the big-name free agents, they were able to bring compile an excellent mix of young players who can grown and veterans with a lot to prove.

The signing of second-round pick Jordan Clarkson put the Lakers roster at 13 players. With the team well over the salary cap, the team is only able to sign players for the minimum, meaning this Lakers roster is pretty much what it will be this season.

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Looking at the Lakers roster, there have been improvements in a number of areas, but there are still some holes on this roster that could come back to bite the Lakers during the season.

The small forward position is extremely thin and with Wesley Johnson looking to be the starter, the team is definitely below average at that position. Defensively, the team may struggle at the point guard spot, as well as on the back end with no rim protector.

The team also seems to be missing that knockdown shooter who can keep defenses honest. Needless to say, there are some issues on this team. But which is the biggest?

We went to Twitter to ask our loyal followers what they believe is the Lakers biggest weakness heading into this season. These are some of the responses:

The fans seem to be in agreement for the most part as the vast majority said something about the Lakers defense being an issue. It’s hard to argue that point considering the team’s performance a year ago, and the roster they have assembled.

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The two most important parts of the defense is a lockdown defender on the wing, and a big man who can patrol the paint. The Lakers do not have either of those things. Maybe Byron Scott can help with some things, but there is only so much he can do.

Wesley Johnson has the physical capabilities to be a positive on that end, but he didn’t show much last season. Jordan Hill is a hard worker but is far from a rim protector. Until the Lakers shore up those things, the fans are right, defense will be an issue for the Lakers this season.

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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • Realistic Laker Fan

    Rim protection,the SF position, 3 point threats.

    • cj

      davis blocks about 2 shots pergame per 36 mins and hill blocks about 1.5 per 36 so were looking at about 3 blocks per game form our two centers. then we got randel who will also block shots we dont really need another big for this roster

      • steven b

        We certainly do . Look back at the Laker history and all championship teams had league leading centers who dominated the league and 3 of them are in the top 7 all time leading scorers and defensive greats

        • cj

          were not winning a title this season and i never said we dont need a center its just not our biggest need. plus the nba has changed there are no more truly elite centers anymore.


      So pretty much everything. Lol

  • Enrique Munoz

    Defense,defense,defense I would start Sacre the only true center the Lakers have. He is mobile andjust make him play and protect the rim.

    • Adesuwa Brittany Iyasere

      yeah he has height, but is a terrible defender, can finish easy looks, slow, bad re bounder and a bad pick-up

    • Joseph Apohen

      Hill is far superior than Sacre. Trade him more someone that can really help at the center position.

  • Al Haldie

    I think DAVIS will be our rim protection he’s big and quick – and SACRE will do well this yr. Hill should come off the bench for the faster bench play like last yr..

    • JohnnyHomeless

      They aren’t paying Hill the big bucks to come off the bench! He’ll be in the mix from the start and often..and I say give him a chance to prove his worth. He’s a banger and a great rebounder/hustler and he’s ready to show it.

  • Brodiac

    3 keys to be even considered in the same zip code as the rest of the top heavy West:
    1.) Too much penetration last year, can’t guard one on one = Go Zone Defense
    2.) Manage them minutes, especially the old farts. Have some ballz and tell ‘em straight up they need to get with the program.
    3.) Ride who’s hot like there’s no tomorrow. Last year Mr. Pringles practically ignored Chuck Norris (A.K.A. Chris Kaman). He had some good nights, but was practically absent the next. Probably thought he was some kinda Hobo or tree-hugger, idk…

    • Rome

      Brodiac, you are the VOICE of Reason! I love my Lakers but I am also a REALIST! We would be LUCKY to get a 7th or 8th Seed! Even Luckier if we reach the 2nd Round of the Playoffs, with that said, I hope my Lakers would PROVE ME WRONG PLEASE!

      • Ric V. Avelino

        At this point of time, we are more in giving confidence to the team than saying they are good for luck. We still are wanting of 2 more players hopefully to fill up the 4 and the 5. Then the reality that there is always a chance as long as the ball is round.

    • Monkeylol

      Definitely reminds me of the post Magic era…

    • Redemption Rain

      You are the voice of reason, don’t forget that we need a healthy team otherwise there will be no .500 wins or playoffs for that matter.

  • tehabz

    I think sacre will do good this year. .He will grow into a good player

  • Kerran Culmer

    Lakers have a lot of young talent this year so we just need a shoot blocker that can own the paint on both sides and and a good spot up shooter and a Sf I think Lakers should pick up Michael Beasley and they key to the game Defense defense we have a defense minded coach so Lakers will be playing some defense this year they will surprise plenty people this upcoming season

    • cj

      davis blocks about 2 shots pergame per 36 mins and hill blocks about 1.5 per 36 so were looking at about 3 blocks per game form our two centers. hell scare gets about 1.5 per 36 we are fine when it comes to rim defence its not elite but it better then last season and with a defensively minded coach we will be fine. then we got randel who will also block shots we dont really need another big for this roster.

  • New power house

    There are some very good players from the tournament in Europe now. Turkey just give USA a little spanking. There are two centers there that play good enough. By the way,how many real rim protectors still there available now? None! But at least one more center won’t hurt,particularly if he can shot and can open the paint. Pg also is needed. Lin and particularly Nash get hurt often.

    • Ric V. Avelino

      Jordan Clarkson will be good from the bench. Center is more the wanting.

  • Jerry Newcomb

    Why dont they bring Matta World Peace for defensive purposes. He is still a great defensive player. To gamble on Andrew Bynum is not much of a gamble either, Kobe had a handle on him before he left and I am sure there is enough respect from Bynum’s end to liisten to Kobe now too. They have answers, BABY BOY Buss is just not very good at seeing the obvious.

    • cj

      ron artest aka metta world peace aka the pandas friend is not a good defender anymore he is to slow. if your looking for the best defensive sf left its in between earl clarck or devin ebanks. beasely is the best sf left and he can play d when he wants to. we dont need another big. we have three players that will play center atm in hill, daivs and scare. now if we cut rob the be my guest got sign bynum but considering they are not cuting rob we dont need to add a 4 center that wont get any pt

    • steven b

      Bynum is a curse and never achieved greatness .he just never had the stuff that great centers possess and never will .No one wants him anyway , Why they still have Nash who at over 40 and basically did not play for the last 2 years is ridiculous . They traded away 2 key players in Meeks and Blake which made no sense but fortunately D’antoni is gone . Jim Buss had ego and personal problems with Phil Jackson who would have come out of retirement to coach but screwed that up

  • Captain Beefheart

    you put Kobe @ the small forward, Nick Young @ shooting guard. A no-brainer.

    • cj

      young is better off the bench like harden, manu, terry, jr and other offensively minded spark plugs.

  • TheDonVito

    I would start with the hiring of B. Scott as the new HC. He has been severely over-hyped. The guy had two hot seasons apiece in New Jersey and New Orleans. The GCF there was a top-5 PG/PF (Kidd/Martin and Paul/West). Outside of those two assets, he has like a 25% win%. His style is both old-school and uninventive. That is the most glaring hole in this team to me. Their SF’s are as serviceable as the rest of the league (there are only like 5 SF’s worth talking about anyway) and defense of course is always a concern with DAL, SAN, GS, and OKC. The NBA needs new coaching blood.

    • Truth B Told

      Apparently you stand alone……Scott is what this Laker team needs…..Changing their mindset from the previous regime of Brown and D’Atoni……Respect , Pride, Defense and Winning when wearing the Purple and Gold…..Some of these young guys has to be brought front and center.

      • TheDonVito

        That is all he represents is a change. LA could certainly do worse, but LA had a chance to do something special and think outside the box (like Boston, San Antonio). There is very little proof that the current NBA coaching selection and promotion system works. The NBA has almost completely changed and yet coaching styles have remained very much the same. I can’t believe that teams and ‘experts’ are still implementing the 1/4 and 1/5 method of play.

        The Spurs keep winning because Pop re-imagined his methods. This 2014 Spurs team is wayyy different than the 1999 and 2003 teams. Pop & Company want to keep winning sooo, in comes a completely new set of eyes on the bench. A set of eyes who comes with expertise of a style totally different from anything most of the NBA has thought of. Unless B. Scott comes back completely reinvented I expect to see a disjointed train-wreck of 1 1/2 seasons and walking papers.

    • Ric V. Avelino

      B. Scott is now the coach let us start from that.

      • Chrmngblly

        OK. But I would like to see the rest of the story unfold with Kareem brought in to coach the bigs and Gary Payton or MWP brought in to coach defense. I would also give an arm to get Chip Engelland from SA to coach shooting. I think MWP might be a surprisingly good coach.

        I also think they ought to take some kind of flyer on Bynum and see if they can fix his knees.

        Scott needs to run a SA style of game: Passing beats dribbling all day—especially in the 4th quarter.

    • Bruce Dwayne

      Many coaches are blessed with TOP stars (HOU for example had Harden #1 SG, #1 Center) and got nowhere.

      Paul/West and Kidd/Martin are hardly Lebron/Wade/Bosh or Parker/Duncan/Ginobelli/Lenoard.

      So please do give Scott some CREDIT here.

      Outside maybe 4-5 coaches in the NBA, you are not really gaining much or worse with Scott… You can do a lot worse.. McFail for example…

      • TheDonVito

        I think his past 3 years in Cleveland speak volumes. I’m not saying he is a complete hack. #IJS

        • Bruce Dwayne

          Well, Lebron wasn’t there, was he?

          Yes he did have some potential young stars there, but Irving, Waiters aren’t exactly top of class there…

          And who knows what their goals were last 3 seasons. Seems like to me they were trying to tank for more lottery picks when they decided they didn’t have enough to go far.

          Sometimes things aren’t what they appear…

          Unless Laker management is a complete douchbag, I don’t think they would take 3 interviews to hire another loser.

          They must have put in the due-process and feel it can work. I’m sure they paid a lot of money to outside agencies to look at every possible angle….

          Turn it around, how many coaches do you think could’ve taken the same roster to the 2 Finals? Not many I bet…

          • TheDonVito

            I’m not arguing his effectiveness when he has his default toolkit. I am arguing his ability to adapt as a coach and either forge new tools or use the tools available to him. This is a skill that few coaches in the league have. Most of these coaches have this idea of bringing in some “system” and forcing players into unnatural molds (D’Antoni).

            I respect Spoelstra for allowing the star players to dictate pace and the type of team the Heat would be. He looked at the roster, trimmed the fat on the play-calling, and made small ball a reality in MIA. The result is 4 Finals appearances and 2 rings.

            Right now the Lakers have 1 tool really in a combined Kobe/Nash package. These two will NOT be lighting up the scoreboard or jelling and turning into a dynamic duo for the ages.

            This would have been the perfect time to try something new in LA and be innovators. Hiring a coach who hasn’t had a winning season since a young CP3 when all you have on your roster are Chris Dudleys, seems well…dumb.

  • Jervis Fitzgerald


    • Adesuwa Brittany Iyasere

      more like Sacre

      • Jervis Fitzgerald

        Sacre will atleast crash the boards..Wesley Johnson is like a cheetah..when a cheetah catches there prey..they have to hurry up eat.or another big animal will come and takes its prey..Wesley Johnson will not CRASH THE BOARDS..to grab a REBOUND..i think because hes afraid of getting BANGED around by a BIGGER PLAYER or GETTING HURT IN THE PAINT!..on a FAST BREAK .maybe hes o.k block shots decent..not a good FINISHER…HE SUCKS!..get rid of him LAKERS..PLEASE!

  • http://www.jlinnation.com/ JLinNation

    Lakers are missing a big man in the paint.

    • Faisal Syed

      so does most of the team in the league, ur point ?

      • Ric V. Avelino

        You’re right but it is wrong to stand on the reason of just ok anyway almost all other teams are.

    • cj

      hill and davis put up per 36 numbers that are close to howards per 36 numbers. now i know they arnt as good as howard but both can play around 20-25 mins pergame and be putting up their 14p-8r and 1.5b durring their time so we get 28-16-3 from our center position per game thats not bad

  • Adesuwa Brittany Iyasere

    I feel like the lengthy and athletic Wesley Johnson should step up and be that defender, and this shouldn’t worry too much about its shot, but it has little height in the paint.

  • Truth B Told

    If Scott is going to preach defense…Then we must have a deterrent on defense such as a rim protector…..Hill is not a rim protector…..Sacre doesn’t pose any threat…….Okafor and Beasley would be two good additions.

    • cj

      hill and scare blocks about 1.5 shots per 36 min. davis blocks about 2 shots per 36 min so just looking at a rotation of hill and davis we will be looking at about 2.5 to 3 blocks pergame from our center position thats not bad as a matter a fact that elite. the lakers dont have an elite shoot blocker no but we have guys that do a good job at it.

  • D

    The Lakers’ biggest weakness this season will be the loss column.

  • Jose Blanco Jr.

    Biggest weakness is matching up at small forward. I think they are physical and bulky enough in the frontcourt to clog the paint. But a solid true center would be very beneficial. But i think pre-season will reveal much more. Right now it’s speculation.

    • cj

      agreed i see us as needing a sf like beasely and a pg like sessions.

      we dont have a true sf on this roster and i dont trust nash to play more then 200 mins this season.

  • Randy

    The one thing that is killing the Lakers this season is Kobe’s contract. That restricted anything they may of thought to do with free agents. If Kobe has a outstanding season that would make him worth half of what they are playing him. You have to move on and not pay an older player for what they done in the past. The same go’s with Nash. I think D’Antoni played him the 10th game last season just to screw the Lakers making his contract impossible to medically able to remove from this seasons pay roll. And last but not least, get rid of Jim Buss and bring in Jeannie. She was groomed for the last 20 years to take over but some how Jim has the reins.

    • steven b

      Jim Buss has ego and power problems could have had the best basketball coach in history to come back and coach the Lakers [Phil Jackson] but let his personal ego get in the way . He is nothing like his father

    • JohnnyHomeless

      Jim and Jeanie are in this together along with Mitch. Don’t believe in organizational “titles”…he’s not the be all and end all you think…
      As for Kobe? He’s worth every cent they are paying him. Kobe will be back this year strong, and he’s the best leader and mentor on the floor these young guys could have. The money this franchise makes because of Kobe is faaaaar more than they are paying him. Nash may be another story, but let’s see what he can do….his nerve and back issues have cleared up, but if he is used smart and again, mentors others like Lin and Clarkson, worth it to have him on the team.

  • Joseph Apohen

    Letting Farmar go was a big mistake. He played well and will be more dependable than Nash.

    • JohnnyHomeless

      Don’t need him…Lin and Clarkson will both be better!

      • Joseph Apohen

        I am talking about as a backup to Lin. Hopefully Clarkson works out. However, he is still a rookie while Farmar proved his experience with how he responded last year. I don’t think the Lakers thought much of Farmar. Hopefully he shows what he can do when the Lakers meet the Clippers.

    • Chrmngblly

      Farmar? Bazemore was our biggest loss, by far. He was so versatile and he wanted to be here. Everyone was more dependable than Nash.

      If Jim Buss would have stepped aside, we could have had Phil. Look what he’s doing for NY. What we have in the FO is called Nepotism. It will never give us a world class FO or team. What has Jim Buss ever done that qualifies him for that job?

      • Joseph Apohen

        Bazemore, I like him a lot, but he is not a pg, Farmar is. Forget Phil. It is over. What great thing is he doing in NY? Nepotism is right. What else would you call it? We will not have a first class team for the next five years. Don’t despair.

        • Chrmngblly

          I think we could use him s a pg pretty easy. We need 2 “ball handling guards”—and Bazemore can defend. Bledsoe may be available. Rondo may be available.

  • cj

    if everyone is healthy in order from weakest to strongest. sf, c, pg, sg, pf.

    if older players go down. sf, pg,sg, c, pf

    if nash misses alot of time (most likely of three options) sf, pg, c, sg, pf

  • steven b

    Like all the great Laker teams in the past when they won championships and without exception they all had a great big man at the center position whether it be Chamberlain, Jabbar, Shaq and even Gasol they could not have won without a superstar big , The first 3 being in the top 7 as all time leading scorers and dominating the league and Gasol for his high intelligence and unique skills . They don’t have such a dominant center and therefore won’t win championships

    • cj

      the question is not what do the lakers need to win a chip. if that was the case we would be here all day. the question is what is this rosters biggest weakness is and that is the sf position

      • steven b

        They still need a dominant center some or some big guy with great potential it is a crucial part of the Lakers success more than any other position

        • 1mtoldman

          it has been. as you say. but look around the nba now. how many dominant centers do you see? or even “true centers”. the spurs dont have a center. who does? dwight howard. who else? dieng might become. this is not a time of the dominant truly big man. there are some strictly defensive centers “rim protectors” (where do these terms come from?)-
          but you sacrifice remaining game to get that. hibbert? no. davis will do fine. i dont think sacre is of much use and with the current roster should be #13 and end of the bench but some think otherwise. could be. if yer defense is dependent on a “rim protector” its not a good defense. i think a dominant truly big man center or otherwise would bog down this team as structured and besides there aren’t any. i think the roster is ok. i think sf is the weakest link yes being patchworked with johnson/(defense)/kobe(slid down)/henry (unknown quantity) randle (slid back). lin will be fine at point guard hes been underused has lots of minutes to spare, nash can give some and clarkson come along as nash wheezes out. but im not sure beasley would be a good idea to fix the weakest link; all star talent but d league mentality as some gm said: if hes such a nofault bargain why doesn’t anyone want him?

          • steven b

            Until a big man is found who can follow the Laker tradition and a critical position for the Laker success , Lakers won’t have anywhere near a championship caliber level team.

        • cj

          but were not geting that threw whats left in freeagenty. i never said i dont want us to have a mac gasol but that is a next year fix not this season.

  • stevchipmunk

    If the Lakers pass the ball around well and play as a TEAM, then… then magic might happen, because Good Teams ALWAYS beat no-team-work teams, chock-full-of Great Individual Players.

    • cj

      yep thats why the spurs have won 5 titles in the last 15 years.

      • steven b

        The Spurs are a well oiled very disciplined truly a great professional basketball team with great strengths in every area . I predict they will repeat like they did last year

        • cj

          i think its going to be an lac-chi finals and i favor chi

  • savi

    Well, rim protection, some scheme with Ed Davis will work well for sure, Perimeter lockdown defender, Well cut Wesley some slack, He ll be fine, Byron is a defense minded coach, he ll know what to do! I mean if this team didn’t get 40 wins i ll be disappointed. And anything above 45 wins will be playoffs. What else, it’s as much you can expect in a tight western conference

  • Enrique Munoz

    Hill is much better offensively than and okay defender. He is not a rim protector. He is 6’10″ while Sacre is 7’0″. Lakers will have plenty of offense. Can they defend? I would sacrifice some offense with Sacre just get him to constantly be moving under the rim and swat anything down low.

  • Yung Bean

    lakers should have swallowed their pride and sign bynum and metta again. they did contribute huge parts to our latest 2 rings ..

  • ECFrantz

    it’s the “coach.”

  • JohnnyHomeless

    SF position depth. Bring in Beasley and problem solved! Think it will happen soon…

  • Mike C

    This is a mediocre team at best, IF it stays healthy, which, odds are, it won’t.
    Kobe can’t do it all, although he’ll try.
    There is no legit post presence.
    They have no significant 3 pt threat.
    Will they play defense? We’ll see.
    They’ll get abused at the small forward position.
    Who will show up at the 4?

    Sorry, I’m a realist and a 40 year Laker fan. I’m looking to the future when the team isn’t saddled with the contracts of Kobe and Nash. Gotta build for the future.

  • Eroc

    Kobe thinking he needs to be the Kobe of Old is their biggest weakness. If he acts like a prize fighter unwilling to give up that his glory years are in the past (and not helping the Lakers who have done so much for him, build for the future). And the Lakers FO trying to do everything to try to win a Championship in Kobe’s next 2 years. If moves that ensure a Championship team are there to be made, then make ‘em. If not, don’t “reach” for something not worth sacrificing the next 10 years (a la, Nash deal, giving up a bunch of draft picks).

  • Thomas Klein

    Sacre is under rated, he’s the biggest body we have, play Hill and Sacre with Ed Davis for relief. I think our center position will be stronger than people think. Bring on Beasley as long as he commits to playing defense too, not just offense. Finally trade a 2nd round pick and some cash for a back up point guard, or get one in F/A at the vets minimum.
    We should do better than people are projecting.
    We’re average at point guard, above average if Nash is healthy.
    We’re above average at shooting guard with Kobe, and Nick Young
    We’re average at SF, with Beasley and Wes Johnson
    We’re above average at PF, with Randle, Boozer, and Kelly
    We’re about average at center, with Hill, Sacre, and Ed Davis

    Look for us to upgrade the Center and Point Guard spots thru trade or F/A in 2015
    Also look for us to draft a small forward or Shooting Guard in the draft.

  • steven b

    Nash was / is a total waste of 20 million and now the eldest player in the NBA who virtually sat out the last 2 seasons making him a non entity and to have him comeback when 95% of players stop playing at 36 is utterly insane . Blake and Meeks were far better and should have not been traded. Now that Gasol is gone Kobe will have to make new bonds and run the show which he is capable of doing .I was thinking KOBE could be a player coach for the Lakers a position he is suited for

  • Clipper’s_suck_my_balls

    mann don’t stalk the lakers nation page. if u r a clippers fan, go to some clipper fanpage if one even exists.. get the fuck out of here!

  • cj


  • cj

    no he wanted the lakers he went to the clippers because he was tired of waiting.

  • Joseph Apohen

    Not true. Only after the Lakers did not even think of signing him.

  • cj


  • cj

    i dont understand why ur pointing out what they believe he will average.

  • steven b

    If Kobe averages 22 points per game that would be super more would be amazing I can’t think of any player over 40 who averaged better than 20 . Kobe is an exception and if God willing he can play healthy that would be excellent . They certainly are paying him super big bucks to do so . I know he wants to pass M. Jordan this year making him 3rd on the all time scoring list

  • cj

    depends on the needs of the team. but 20 to 27 if its higher then that then he is just guning.

  • cj

    i got kobe at 26.3ppg- 5.3apg-5.8rpg 47%-35%-88% this season.

  • cj

    the lakers are a team that if healthy could make the playoffs its just highly unlikely.

  • Joseph Apohen

    He never said he did not want to play for the club that does not have a chance of going to the post season. He waited, waited, waited, and waited more but the Lakers did not make the move.

  • Joseph Apohen


  • steven b

    We will see . 26 points pg that’s really pushing it

  • JohnnyHomeless

    Damn right!!! I know you’re being sarcastic here…but it’s true! He’s got THREE compared to Doc’s one as a coach (never won as a player!). He’s got purple and gold in his veins, and he knows what it takes to win. He’s what the Lakers need and it’s a great fit.

  • JohnnyHomeless

    By the way,..A healthy Andrew Bynum in the championship in ’07′-08, who missed the entire playoffs and finals and was having a great year….and Doc wouldn’t even have that one! Doc really has yet to win it all against a healthy team, but has plenty of experience going out in round 1 or 2!
    Apples to apples in playoff coaching experience:
    Scott: 33-24 .579
    Rivers: 70-64 .522

  • cj

    i got him taking 17-19 shots a game and playing around 30-33 mins. i see him geting to the free throw line alot this season

  • cj

    no its not he could get 30 a game but his shooting % will be bad. harden, and love got 26 per game last year and neither of them are better scorers then kobe

  • steven b

    I think it was in 05 when Kobe averaged 30 points a game the year he won MVP with 2800 points he played 80 games and 37 or more minutes per game . If Kobe comes close to that then he is super human

  • cj

    kobe won the mvp in the 08-09 season the fist season with pau kobe averaged 26-5-5 that season. it is not all that hard to see kobe taking 25 shots pergame hitting 11 of them 44% shooting. if 9 are 2s and 2 are 3s then kobe has 24ppg with out taking into account free throws and its not hard to think a kobe taking 25 shoots pergame getting to the free throw line 8 times. all kobe would have to do is hit 6 out of 8 free throws to get his 30. im not saying he will but its not impossible just very unlikely but if the lakers suck hard this season dont be surprised if kobe goes into get his mode.

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