Lakers Nation Debate: A Fourth Year For Mike D’Antoni In Los Angeles? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="138"] Topic: With the Lakers seemingly leaning towards keeping Mike D'Antoni for a third season, we wonder if the Lakers should pick up his [new_royalslider id="138"] Topic: With the Lakers seemingly leaning towards keeping Mike D'Antoni for a third season, we wonder if the Lakers should pick up his Rating: 0
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Lakers Nation Debate: A Fourth Year For Mike D’Antoni In Los Angeles?

Topic: With the Lakers seemingly leaning towards keeping Mike D’Antoni for a third season, we wonder if the Lakers should pick up his fourth-year option if he leads the team to the playoffs this season.

Context: When the Lakers signed Mike D’Antoni, they gave him a three year contract with a team option for a fourth year. After suffering the most losses in franchise history, many fans are calling for D’Antoni to be removed now, but it looks as if the team will give him at least one more year.

D’Antoni has gone 67-87 in his two seasons in Los Angeles, with his lone playoff appearance ending in an embarrassing four game sweep to the San Antonio Spurs. However, he has dealt with an extraordinary number of injuries during his time with the Lakers.

Steve Nash has played in only 65 total games in the past two seasons, Kobe Bryant played in only six this year, and basically every role player of the last two years has missed at least some time due to some kind of injury.

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With D’Antoni however, comes his offensive system which doesn’t seem to mesh with the players on this roster. And, in general, it seems as if he just doesn’t fit with the high pressure, media-driven world of Los Angeles.

But if the team brings in a couple of new players, gets a healthy year from their stars, and makes the playoffs, should the team pick up the option on Mike D’Antoni for his fourth season?

Verdict: We went to Twitter and asked the Lakers Nation faithful if the Lakers should pick up the fourth-year option on Mike D’Antoni if he leads the team to the playoffs. These are some of the responses:

I am not, in any way, surprised by the reaction of the fans to this question. Mike D’Antoni has completely lost the support of the Lakers fan base as a whole, and most are angry enough that he would return for a third season, let alone a fourth.

There are some, however, who base it off of what seed the Lakers grab in the playoffs, and how far they would go. A seventh-seed and quick first round exit and he shouldn’t be back, but a fourth-seed and making it to the second round, and it would be difficult to let him go.

Personally, I am with the majority of fans in wishing that the Lakers would move on from D’Antoni now rather than later, but I do believe that there have been a lot of things out of his control that have hindered his ability to win in Los Angeles.

I would prefer to see a new coach in charge of the Lakers, but if D’Antoni is able to move the Lakers into the group of contenders in the West, it becomes hard to say he shouldn’t get another year.
Lakers Coach D’Antoni On His Future, ‘Ludicrous’ That His Style Of Play Causes Injuries

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  • comrade24

    Let’s see what kind of roster the FO brings in. Boozer may be inexpensive to sign if the Bulls amnesty him. I think Deng would be a good addition, plus we’ll have a draft pick. With Boozer we’d have a trade chip if we decided to go after Love later in the season. Either way, and there are many options the FO have roster wise this off season, the Lakers should be much better next season whether we have D’Antoni or not. I still don’t believe any other coach could have coached the 2013-14 roster to the playoffs. not a chance. Now that Dan is going to coach Marshall, hopefully we can bring in a defensive minded assistant like Nate McMillan.

    • hookedonnews

      McMillan is assistant head coach at Indiana. He may have that head coaching job next season if the Pacers keep playing like they are now. They hired him this season to replace Brian Shaw.

    • Chrmngblly

      Hell. Let’s see what happens to the Clippers. If they let everyone that feels like they can’t play for DS opt out, maybe we can get CP3, Blake and Doc Rivers, at least Doc Rivers. Magic already offered to buy the Clips. Jeanie ought to be all over this.

      Besides, Comrade, none of the guys you mentioned would change the world for the Lakers. I was thinking a lot like you until I listened to Mitch talk, recently. Boozer??? Deng I could see except we have too may guys that can play the 3 now and we may draft so late that the best available athlete would be Aaron Gordon—who plays the 3. I think we need to re-sign Meeks and move Kobe to the three, anyway, so he doesn’t have to guard all the lightning quick guards that are coming into the league.

      What do you think about doing a sign and trade of Pau for Tyson Chandler? If we include Nash and they include an additional player we can use, it would be better than Monroe or Davis for us. TC has 2 years left on his contract at $14M and he is finally healthy and protects the rim. Phil will want Pau to teach the triangle to NY and love that Nash will be on an expiring contract to help fix their cap.

      • comrade24

        i don’t think the Knicks would even consider getting rid of Chandler. He reminds me of a lot more talented version of the flurry of Bulls centers that Phil won championships with. I’m sure he’d love nothing more than to pair Gasol with Chandler and Melo

        • Chrmngblly

          Sure. Who wouldn’t want them both? Phil has another problem though because he has to get under the cap—just like we do, only they are in a much worse situation. By making the trade with us, they lose 15 Million-ish off the cap and still have a very good center that also knows the triangle, which is what Phil says he is going to run in NY.

          I just think it makes a certain sense for all concerned–and we dump Nash.

  • 3339

    this is pathetic. the Lakers have looked like absolute trash ever since this man was hired. I really think the Lakers are just to damn afraid/ashamed to admit they fucked up.
    when this dork was hired people like Mark Cuban said that he hoped the Lakers had to make another coaching change soon. Many people said it was a huge mistake. the lakers are just desperate to prove them wrong rather than do what is right.
    dantoni has proven to be a disaster, yet those chickens in the front office are afraid to admit a mistake and will throw next season away. The Lakers will be stuck in this position as losers if dantoni is allowed to coach the team again.
    don’t even get me started on the possibility of a 4th year with this bullshit.
    If the great Dr. Buss was alive, I guarantee that he would have stopped this bullshit after watching the dantoni hire backfire this badly.

    • hookedonnews

      The Lakers had the best record in the West after the All-Star break last season and might have done something in the playoffs if they hadn’t lost Kobe, Nash, Meeks, Blake, and MWP. What has happened this season is the result of 319 games lost to injury and less than elite talent on the court most of the season. Don’t have an aneurysm. No one is going to give MDA that 4th year. Even he couldn’t possibly believe they would give him that. He’ll be lucky to come back next season. I think Dr. Buss would understand what happened this season, but no one can say what he would have done.

      • keenanjen

        The injuries happen because of the System Mike runs. You cannot ask 30 year Olds and D. Howard it didn’t make sense to bring him in. He’s a good coach, but not for this roster

        • Danny E. Pagan

          That is the most ridiculous thing a basketball fan can say. So when the Heat go on a fast break you want the Lakers to walk the court instead of running them off? When they get a steal you don’t want them to run and go for a dunk?! Stephan A Smith said that on First Take once and I noticed ppl have been saying that for a while now but you have to understand they are all about controversy in that show and players getting hurt because the coach wants them to hustle is an absolutely ridiculous statement.

          • keenanjen

            It’s not a ridiculous statement tell me one team that runs up and down the court with 4 30+ year olds than we can talk. It’s funny Stephen A isn’t the only one who has said this same thing. 37 Nash 34 Kobe, Pau 32, Metta, 33, and the only 20 year old that starts and he’s your center. The Heat run because they’re young, and you see Wade is breaking down. So no it’s not a ridiculous statement WHEN THERE’S PROOF

          • hookedonnews

            Nash was injured playing the Princeton and all his problems stemmed from that broken leg. MWP was healthy until the playoffs. Pau came into last season with bad knees and plantar fasciitis and missed 33 games because of that. Kobe tore his Achilles which could have happened at any time because of the miles on those legs. Achilles injuries are not uncommon, and don’t only happen to players who are in the D’Antoni system. His injury this year was a freak injury just like Young’s and Nash’s.

            Wade has had bad knees for years. There are plenty of players with bad knees who have never played in D’Antoni’s system (Andrew Bynum comes to mind). The majority of injuries this season were to younger players. Nash & Gasol both came into the season at less than 100% due to situations having nothing to do with D’Antoni’s system (knee procedures/nerve root irritation).

            If you can’t run the floor, you don’t belong in the NBA. Stephen A. Smith is no different than any other person who makes statements that have no basis in fact. It wouldn’t be the first time he said something that was incorrect. And it doesn’t matter how many people repeat an erroneous statement. That doesn’t make it true.

            The Spurs also push the pace, and they have older players. I don’t see any NBA teams walking back on defense. Your argument just doesn’t hold water.

            If you have a good bench like the Lakers started the season with this year, you don’t have to play anyone extended minutes. If you were watching the games in the beginning of the season you noticed that the starters played at a slower pace than the bench to accommodate the roster. Coincidentally the bench was the more effective unit in a lot of those games. Of course, once the injuries started coming everything changed with players being asked to play out of position, etc.

        • hookedonnews

          Both the Heat & Spurs play with pace and have older players. Every team in the league has to run up and down the court. If you will look at the injuries the Lakers have had you will quickly discover that they have nothing to do with the system. Where were the 319 games lost to injury on the Phoenix Suns in 2004/5? Those were not just older players who were injured this season. Nash was injured before MDA arrived. Blake had an abdominal issue and a torn ligament in his elbow. Kobe & Young both broke bones when bumping legs with other players. Meeks hurt his ankle stepping on the foot of another player. Henry had a history of knee issues and fell on his wrist. I could go on and on, but by now you should be getting the picture. The injuries the Lakers have suffered are common to every system, and other teams who play with pace have not been decimated by injuries. It’s just bad luck, and you can’t call it anything else. The Lakers have brought in young players who fit this system, and started the season with an 11-man rotation. To say that the system is responsible for the injuries that followed is not borne out by the facts. Sometimes players are injury prone (Kaman & Farmar for instance), and sometimes stuff happens.

    • dejay Goodman

      Well said!!!

    • daniel

      D’Antoni is not a coach that can take you to a championship, but in reality with the material he had, he did a good job. He made Wes Johnson, Young and a few others look like stars, when in reality are bench players at best. In the paint he had Gasol that would not guard anyone and Hill totally undersize for a center, that is it. You can not do much with that.
      IN reality, if the Lakers had Young and a few others under contract, those were great chips for trading, all thanks to D’Antoni.
      I would wait another year, draft a good center, keeps developing players, and get someone like Deng in free agency. 2015, fire D’Antoni, and get more free agents for a run to the title.

  • Daspin

    D’Antoni needs to be replaced not because he is a lousy coach or because he is making the Laker’s worse. He needs to be replaced because fans have lost confidence in him. Lost confidence is reason enough.

    • Gemini Ac

      THT’S RIGHT.

    • hookedonnews

      Don’t agree. Fans operate on emotion not facts. Plus they don’t have to dole out the $4 million to a coach to sit on the beach and drink beer. Believe it or not, that’s a lot of money even for the Lakers to throw away. Plus if the new coach didn’t pan out you’d have another guy to pay for not coaching. Doesn’t make business sense.

      • 3339

        It does make sense to fire someone who has failed.

        • hookedonnews

          Not if you believe the reason he failed was beyond his control. If they believed he was the problem, they would have already fired him.

          • Crenshaw On My Shirt

            They don’t wanna fire him because their pride won’t let them admit they made a mistake, so they rather torture the fans instead. There’s no excuse to not play defense.

          • hookedonnews

            They didn’t hesitate to fire Mike Brown. That was an admission that they made a mistake. Maybe they don’t believe they made a mistake, or maybe they believe he hasn’t had a fair shot because of the injuries. That’s more likely than refusing to fire someone they consider a bad coach because of pride. In the end they are going to do what they believe is best for the team. I don’t think anyone wants to torture fans, but you can’t run a team based on the opinion of fans.

      • Crenshaw On My Shirt

        If I was failing at my job, my ass would be fired. Point blank.

        • hookedonnews

          Unless you’re a coach your situation is not synonymous. I don’t believe the FO believes coaching was the problem this season. They believe injuries were the problem. I haven’t heard an NBA commentator who doesn’t agree. Your job probably doesn’t depend on the health of other people or on their level of talent.

      • Jim213

        “Fans operate on emotion not facts.”

        Smh, Stats say otherwise as the masses pay everyone’s bills. So guess FO rather lose more revenue next season with fewer national tv broadcasts instead of owning up to their mistakes.

        • hookedonnews

          There will be plenty of national TV broadcasts if Kobe is playing. Who’s going to air the games of a team whose players couldn’t be identified by 99% of NBA fans?

          The fact that fans operate on emotion and the statement that the masses pay everyone’s bills are 2 unrelated statements. Anyone who reads these threads knows the first statement is correct. Fans can affect the sale of merchandise, etc., but what matters is who’s on the court and how are they playing. That will determine wins/losses and how many games are televised. Maybe you think firing the coach would immediately turn this team into a contender, but that’s a reach. It might placate some fans, but I’m not in favor of making decisions based on what I’ve seen from some of this fan-base the last 2 seasons. Decisions should be based on facts and financial considerations and the judgment of professionals. Any fan who refuses to watch games or support the team because they don’t like the coach isn’t a real fan.

          • Jim213

            Agree that decisions should be based on facts as the stats show. Don’t expect 20+ nationally broadcast Lakers games if broadcasters aside of (TWC) aren’t sold on the team’s current plan as in the end it’s about viewership/ratings. BUSINESS

            Agree, many operate on emotion but for myself it’s about the facts not excuses or not taking accountability. “Fans can affect the sale of merchandise, etc., but what matters is who’s on the court and how are they playing.” Yes, they will affect revenue (to the point) what pays everyone’s bills which applies to tv ratings if no one is watching.

            Doubt advertisers spent millions to sell their products during the Clippers games (when they stunk). “Maybe you think firing the coach would immediately turn this team into a contender.” What I believe is that the current coach is not the coach of the future. So rather than waste another year it’d be best find the FUTURE COACH of the franchise.

            Otherwise, it’s a given that the Lakers won’t be contending in the Western Conference in both 2015 and 2016 seasons. But Jim put his job on the line as I’m not emotionally affected by their moves since it’s very likely Jim will be stepping down after the 2016-2017 season. Yes, decisions should be based on facts as stats show tho the $4 mil doesn’t affect the cap but not looking out for your own business (like signing older players without clauses or with strings attached is inept in itself).

            “Any fan who refuses to watch games or support the team because they don’t like the coach isn’t a real fan.”
            Not sure what to think about the view. Although for myself #rollwithit being whatever but given today’s times some have the right to spend their hard earned cash wisely.

            Just b/c a fan may not spend hundreds of dollars on a TWC subcription doesn’t mean they’re not fans. Which IMO may also apply to avoiding watching bad effortless games from players who are only concerned about putting food on the table. FACT, effort is shown on the floor without excuses which for myself doesn’t necessarily apply to wins and losses. (p.s. even with injuries=effort)

          • hookedonnews

            If Kobe is playing, people will be watching. The Lakers are still a big draw. I can’t imagine getting cable in the first place if you can’t afford it. You can always listen to games on the radio or online if you can’t afford cable. I was referring to people who said they wouldn’t watch the games if MDA is coaching. Are we only fans when things are going well or when the FO is making decisions we like? As I’ve said before, I didn’t see any effortless games. I watched every game I had the opportunity to see because I wanted to watch my favorite team play. It’s as simple as that.

            You can’t compare the Lakers to the Clippers. Even now they aren’t the favorite team in LA even though they’ve got the better team. If Kobe had been playing all season, those games on national TV would not have been canceled IMO.

            I don’t know who the coach of the future is. If MDA stays and the team has a good year he could be given a contract extension. There’s no way to predict that. Even if he was fired and another coach brought in for next season, there is no guarantee that he would be the coach of the future. That’s just the nature of the business.

            I don’t believe you can say what’s in store for the team in 2015/2016. We don’t know who will be picked up in free agency or what will happen in the draft. There are a lot of difference makers who are going to be available like LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love, Durant, etc. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Scott Brooks is the best coach in the league. I think he has some of the best players in the league. Great players make a difference and can make a coach look good, and the reverse is also true.

            Whoever is coaching the team next season, I’ll be watching and hoping for a good season.

          • Jim213

            Aware of your reference but just showing other situations to possibly missing out on games/viewership. Not comparing Clipps to Lakers just showing some results of losing. Scott Brooks would be an option but it’d take time to mold a coach depending on the talent which I’ve blamed FO on since summer 2013.

            Yes 2015/2016 is uncertain but we can be assured that top talent may pass up the Lakers if they don’t get their act straight (assembling a competitive team to lure top talent). Love is not a guarantee in FA especially with Phil Jackson trying to out compete this FO who’s bad moves only appear to delay success as opposed to help it.

            Aside of that it’ll be interesting to see if Sterling stays or goes b/c it’s possible players will DEMAND a trade after their season ends. No diss, but I don’t buy injuries affecting effort on the floor. Yes, wasn’t expecting them to make the playoffs with all the injuries but wasn’t expecting the worst season in LA Lakers history given the lack of effort which falls on players and the coach who refuses to take accountability. FACT…

          • hookedonnews

            I don’t think the Knicks will have the flexibility the Lakers will have, depending on what Carmelo decides to do.

            Injuries affect effort when you’ve barely got enough players to fill the minimum number required. Players get worn down when they’re facing superior talent and they’re having to play more minutes than they should. That being said, I saw players who played hard from the start of the season to the end. Were there some moments where they lacked energy? Yeah, but that happens on every team at various times during the season. They could have just given up, and I’ve seen plenty of lousy teams who did just that. You & I have a different perspective on that, but that’s okay.

            I don’t think it’s realistic for a coach to be held accountable for what happened this season. It it had been one or two players out it might have been different, although not having Kobe or Nash pretty much guaranteed they weren’t going anywhere. I’ve never seen an injury situation like this one, not to mention that they had 7 new players to begin the season and acquired 3 others before the season was over. I just don’t see how you could expect anything more than what they got under those circumstances. Jerry West has said he thought D’Antoni did a good job considering what he was dealing with.

            I expect Sterling will be forced out like Marge Schott was forced out with the Reds. Once he’s gone, I doubt that players will demand trades. LA is a great place to play, and they have a good team. Of course, no one knows how that’s going to play out. If he’s allowed to continue, there’s no telling what players might do. I don’t know if the commissioner has the power to force him to sell the team. At the very least they should be able to make him turn the team over to his wife or someone else.

          • Jim213

            “I don’t think it’s realistic for a coach to be held accountable for what happened this season.”

            There’s one of the differences as a great coach like Doc accepts full responsibility for not getting his team mentally ready (tho can’t blame him for the short time span between what took place and the quick turn around to play the game). As opposed to the current coach who doesn’t accept accountability for what’s taken place even for the worst season in LA Lakers history.

            IMO, it’ll be a slow process to kick Sterling out so look for some to demand a trade as Doc may not return next season from what he’s mentioned as of late. No excuses to end with the worst record in LA Lakers history #10.

          • hookedonnews

            The question is not whether D’Antoni has ever taken any responsibility for what happened to the team this year. He has done that at various times. I was expressing MY opinion that he was not responsible. I’ve said that he didn’t always make perfect decisions. I’m talking about the big picture. Why the bad record? Injuries and talent level. Coaching decisions were not even close to being the reason this was the worst season ever.

            There are reasons that things happen. Reasons are not synonymous with excuses, but some people seem to have a problem deciphering the difference. You don’t expect to see a guy with a broken ankle winning the NY Marathon or even finishing the race. It would not be reasonable to expect that, and no one would accuse him of making excuses if he came in last or failed to finish.

            It’s impossible to know what’s going to happen with the Clippers. Doc has a contract, and I don’t know that it can be broken because their owner is an idiot. Sterling is not the type to just lay down and agree to let the team or the coach go. It’s a mess, and I agree that it’s going to take some time to sort it out. Do the players really want to break up the team because of this? A lot of tough decisions are going to have to be made.

          • Jim213

            Disagree, but you may know more about the coach accepting responsibility. “Coaching decisions were not even close to being the reason this was the worst season ever.” Injuries are the result of a bad season BUT it’s no excuse to not being able to represent the brand on nights when they should’ve beaten their opponent (worser teams).

            Again, didn’t expect a playoff appearance given all the injuries but could’ve played better no excuses ACCOUNTABILITY, IMO (let it go). Believe some players will not want to return next season (Clippers) if Sterling remains so we’ll see what develops.

          • Chrmngblly

            Bullshit. You are just a simple guy, hook.

      • Chrmngblly

        True. So many operate on emotion alone, Hook, like you do. I think everyone realizes that although he may coach a certain style, one element of his style is lack of balance. No MDA team has ever been accused of playing defense, ever, anywhere he has ever coached in his whole life. Forget the last 2 years all you want. No D, ever.

        Also he almost always has trouble getting bigs to buy-in. There is always someone–like Pau or Carmelo or Hill or Kaman who just doesn’t buy it. He was fortunate with Nash in Phoenix, but still they brought Steve Kerr in to try and straighten MDA out, if you remember the Shaq experiment and MDA’s departure.

        So when you finally realize that the guy, MDA, is not going to be the ONE to take you all the way, in this case to a championship, what do you do? You let him go sooner or later. If he sticks around, it will just cause the rebuild to stretch out. I favor sooner.

        Now is when the Lakers need an outside voice to tell the truth to people who made the decision to hire MDA to begin with.
        MDA is a second-tier coach. Let him go and get Doc Rivers, who may become available very soon. That would be a coup.

        Sorry, Hook, you are a simpleton and so emotional….:-)

        • hookedonnews

          People like Jeff Van Gundy and Jerry West have said that D’Antoni did a good job this season with what he had to work with. They have no emotional attachment to MDA. They are just looking at the facts.

          D’Antoni had no trouble getting Boris Diaw or Amare Stoudemire to buy in. Same for Tyson Chandler. Pau wants to run the Triangle. That’s his problem. Kaman thought he was being brought in to play PF alongside Pau. Don’t ask me why he was harboring that delusion, but it clearly was never D’Antoni’s intention to have those 2 slow big guys on the court together. Anthony is a selfish ball-stopper who cares more about himself than the team. That was no different in Denver than it was once MDA departed NY. That’s who he is.

          Steve Kerr did the Suns no favors when he was their GM. Shaq was at the end of his career and was a poor fit for their offense. Kerr is the main reason MDA left to go to NY, along with the big bucks they offered. They started dismantling that team in 2005 and refused to pay their better players to keep them in Phoenix. By the time Nash left they had nothing left around him but 40 year old Grant Hill.

          I don’t think Doc Rivers is going to be available. If he was, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Lakers go after him. The coaches available now are on no higher tier than MDA. That’s one reason that it would be foolish to eat that $4 million. None of those guys is guaranteed to be better, and then you could be looking at having to find another coach while you’re still on the hook for another salary. D’Antoni is just as capable of taking this team to a championship as Van Gundy or Karl or Scott, etc. If those guys are so great, why are they unemployed? If D’Antoni doesn’t have a better record next season he’ll be gone. There’s no reason not to give him that chance. That’s got nothing to do with emotion. That’s just common sense. If Popovich or even Doc Rivers were available, I would say go for it. But for those other guys, no.

          • Chrmngblly

            I don’t think he did a bad job under the circumstances. I give him a B+, myself. Still, I can see that he fails as a coach because he doesn’t value defense. If he did the Lakers would have more of it, not less. Players, like kids, look at what a coach does—not what he says. That is his problem. He doesn’t really believe in paying much attention to defense.

          • hookedonnews

            No one is going to pretend that MDA is Tom Thibodeau. But if you had been listening to what players and assistant coaches as well as D’Antoni have been saying since he arrived in LA you would know that there has been an emphasis on defense in practice and in games. But you can’t work miracles with a bunch of players who were never great defenders to begin with (Kendall Marshall, Nick Young, Pau & Kaman just to mention a few) and were in and out of the lineup because of injuries.

            D’Antoni has a reputation of not caring about defense which he addressed in his first press conference in LA. No one cares what he says. If the team plays poor defense they assume it’s because their coach doesn’t teach defense or because his offense results in bad defense. The facts (if anyone cared to investigate) don’t bear that out, but facts don’t matter. As Stephen A. Smith likes to say–”in 2005 Mike D’Antoni said…….” I’m pretty sure he knows this is 2014, and things change, but apparently he believes D’Antoni is stuck in a time-warp.

            Perception is reality in this business apparently. Give him some good defenders who can stay healthy and you’ll see some defense. Give him a team riddled by injuries with a D-League PG who couldn’t guard my grandmother and a supporting cast who wouldn’t be recognized outside of LA and you’re going to get what you got this season.

          • Chrmngblly

            This is one of the most ignorant statements I have ever heard and you are one of the biggest ignoramuses in the whole world. There are too many smart guys that agree with me and none that agree with you. Why is it that only you are right and all MDAs critics are wrong?

          • hookedonnews

            What smart guys might those be? People who comment on these threads? Stephen A. Smith? How many of the people who parrot these cliches about D’Antoni have listened to the coaches and players in LA? How many Laker games have these critics watched?

            As I have said 100 times, people like Jerry West & Jeff Van Gundy (and many other NBA people) have said that D’Antoni had no team this season. Even SAS has said that even though he thinks he should be fired because that’s what fans want.

            I’m ignorant because I believe if the Lakers had some great defenders they would play better defense? I don’t think that’s a controversial position. I’m pretty sure that if the Heat players traded places with our roster the last month of the season that the defense would have automatically improved. All of the players on our roster have played on other teams (except Kobe). Did they not learn how to play defense from other coaches?

            People repeat what they hear and believe to be the conventional wisdom. I’m just telling you what the coaches and players have said. Those are the people who actually know what’s going on. They have said the team was working on defense. Most fans and certainly the majority of pundits aren’t listening to these interviews. There is a perception that was formed in Phoenix, and continues to be recycled today. If I hadn’t taken the time to listen to what was actually going on with the team the last two seasons I might be assuming like most people that defense wasn’t a priority. I like to get my information first-hand. Now maybe you think people like Chuck Person were lying, and that they actually weren’t working on defense in practice. Some people will deny reality when they hear it with their own ears. I have read on these threads people saying that D’Antoni only talked about defense during timeouts because he was on camera. That’s what I call ignorance. Anyone who believes that a coach is playing to the TV audience during timeouts needs therapy.

            Now you can either believe what people who don’t go to practice, watch a few games a year (or none), and don’t talk to players or coaches say or you can believe what the coaches and players say. It’s your choice. But don’t call me ignorant because I believe the people who actually know what’s going on. I never said that defense was his only priority or that he’s a defensive genius, but to keep repeating that he doesn’t care about it is to willingly ignore the facts. Now most people don’t have the facts (at least on this subject) because they don’t care enough to get them or they don’t want to take the time.

        • hookedonnews

          You are just repeating the standard line about MDA and defense. The Suns played better defense than you think. The other team had more possessions because of the pace of the game which resulted in more points allowed, but they weren’t scoring 130 points against them. In a lot of their games the other team was held below 100 points. They won over 50 games all 4 seasons D’Antoni was there. To try and compare those teams with what has happened in LA is like comparing apples & oranges. The Lakers had few if any good defensive players other than an injured Howard and an old MWP. You can’t have defensive consistency with a new lineup practically every night because of injuries either.

          • Chrmngblly

            You are just making stuff up, hook. They fired MDA in Phoenix and broke up the team because of defense. I know I lived through it. Everybody knows this but you.

          • hookedonnews

            You should know by now that I don’t make things up. D’Antoni was not fired. Steve Kerr asked him to stay, but he left to go to NY. He has since said he regretted that decision, but he wasn’t fired. Look it up on Google. If you lived through it you must have been heavily medicated because they never wanted him to leave. They did not break up the team because of defense. Some of the players they allowed to leave because they were such cheapskates were their best defenders (Shawn Marion and Raja Bell for example). I can assure you that no one who was watching the situation in 2008 believes that MDA was fired. Didn’t happen.

          • Chrmngblly

            I know you are full of shit. MDA left Phoenix under a big cloud. In the big leagues, you rarely fire anyone–you squeeze them out or you ask for their resignation. It was all about defense in Phoenix.

            And I am always heavily medicated when I can be, same as you….:-)

          • hookedonnews

            As I said, google it if you don’t believe me. I read an article just yesterday that said Steve Kerr had asked him to stay, but I didn’t need to confirm the fact that he wasn’t fired because I pay attention to what’s going on in the NBA pretty closely. D’Antoni left Phoenix because the FO was letting his best players get away and bringing in players he didn’t want (Shaq). They wanted him to stay. You don’t squeeze out a coach who has won as many games as he won in Phoenix, especially considering the kind of team they had when he arrived. Kerr was a bad GM, and the guy who followed him was worse. Yes, Kerr cared about defense, but had no intention of getting rid of MDA. D’Antoni was given a good offer by the Knicks. NY is an attractive venue for both coaches and players. Of course, once he got there he discovered that they had a bad owner who is the main reason they are in the situation they are in today.

            Actually I try to avoid medication, but when I’m conversing with you I sometimes wish I had some. :-)

  • LakersHeatBeef

    “With D’Antoni however, comes his offensive system which doesn’t seem to mesh with the players on this roster. And, in general, it seems as if he just doesn’t fit with the high pressure, media-driven world of Los Angeles.”

    Now this scares me out of wanting him back at all.This is Los Angeles the market and City is way too harsh and tough on losers and we have the highest expectations of any fan base in any sport.So read into my answer all you want it’s clearly said.

    Lets get a better roster of players and the Lakers must take full advantage of the Donald Sterling racist case and sign all the good free agents they can get and make the Lakers the top team in regards to wins and best roster.Racism is a powerful thing.Lets hope for a better season and yes the Lakers need to make major roster changes more than coaching changes.But i will fully support a new coach if one is hired.FUCK THE CLIPPERS!FUCK DONALD STERLING!

    • hookedonnews

      D’Antoni’s system does fit this roster. There may be a few players like Gasol who would prefer another system, but that doesn’t mean they can’t play in it. He would fit fine in LA if he hadn’t been hired when everyone believed Phil Jackson was coming back. The fans still haven’t regained their sanity. He deals very well with the media, and is one of the better interviews among coaches. He’s frank (sometimes too frank) and has a great sense of humor, which fans often miss and take what he says as serious. Being in LA one more year is not going to bring disaster. The team will probably be essentially the same except for a few players. The big moves will be made in 2015/2016. If D’Antoni has a bad year he’ll be fired, and a new coach will be brought in along with the new FA’s. If he has a good year he’ll probably get that extension. Either way, there’s no reason to panic. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it takes time to rebuild a team.

      • 3339

        Dantoni said pau and dwight couldn’t play together during the first season then at the end once kobe went down he admitted that they could. Hes an idiot that needs to be fired
        you are seriously all over this guy. Its pretty disgusting.

  • Andy L

    What the hell kind of question is this!? Here are a couple of similar questions: “Would you like to eat puke?”, “Do you enjoy feces on your face?”

  • hookedonnews

    No one is surprised at the reaction of these fans, but they aren’t writing the checks. No one believes the Lakers will guarantee that 4th year including D’Antoni, but any coach is going to ask for it as a matter of course.

    That “embarrassing 4 game sweep” against the best team in the West was played without Kobe, Nash (after 2 games played on 1 leg), Blake (after 2 games), Meeks, and WMP at some point in the series, and with a guy brought up from the D-League to play SG with the 3rd string PG and the worst bench in the league. I don’t think being swept by the Spurs is all that surprising under the circumstances.

    If they keep D’Antoni and the team plays well there would be no reason to let him go. There are no coaches out there who are going to be a sure thing. If they were they wouldn’t be unemployed. If the team has a bad year he’ll be gone, and the team won’t be paying another coach who isn’t coaching the Lakers.

  • Sylvia Ross

    The Lakers should have parted company with this ass hole the day after our last game. I will not attend any Laker games this year and will not order it from Time Warner. When I saw this butt hole was coming back I wanted to cry and now to think you guys are considering a fourth year with him is unbelievable. I guess our input and loyalty means nothing. Everyone is so focused on what’s going on with the clippers until they have forgotten what’s happening with the Lakers. Let’s put our focus on what involves us . I say he should not be given a fourth year and if that doesn’t make him happy HIS NO COACHING ASS SHOULD QUIT !!

    • independentbynature

      I’m hoping this will be a deal breaker,Sylvia.And I am so disappointed in Kupchak.I keep hearing that he wants to keep coach Pringles.How could he have forgotten about playing defense?It just makes no sense at all.

  • corky carroll

    He lost me when he didn’t have a clue what the standings were nor the ramifications of the last two games. DUMP THE DUCK NOW.

    • hookedonnews

      You’re misstating the facts, and winning those last 2 games had no effect on the lottery. He wasn’t hired to try to win games, not worry about what effect winning was going to have on a lottery pick.

  • Crenshaw On My Shirt

    Jim Buss is destroying the franchise that his father built with his own 2 hands. 2 more years of Dantoni? Do you even want fans to come to games and free agents to come to the team? Jordan Hill is gone for sure now. This is a disgrace. How many chances does this guy get, he’s like a fucking cat with 9 lives. Mike Brown sure didn’t get this many chances, and he at least had the team playing sold defense. This is bullshit.

    • hookedonnews

      Actually it’s being reported that Mitch Kupchak wants to keep MDA, and Jim is on the fence. Mike Brown lost 11 games in a row to begin last season. His defense apparently didn’t help them win those games, and I just read an article that blamed the defense for those losses. Would you like to have Mike Brown back? He’s probably going to be looking for a job soon. If you owned this team would you let fans dictate your decisions? I don’t think so.

      • Crenshaw On My Shirt

        Man, u are defending this clown like you’re his defense attorney smh

        • independentbynature

          He’s HookedonAntoni.

  • Crenshaw On My Shirt

    Jim Buss is basically saying fuck the fans.

  • TheTruthKills

    Jim Buss said he’d step down in 3-4 years if the team wasn’t competing for a championship. 2 more years of D’Antoni will waste most of that. Free agents don’t want to play for a terrible coach, and more importantly they don’t want to play for inept management. Jim Buss is scaring off potential free agents with his terrible decisions. By keeping D’Antoni, he’s showing that feeding his ego is more important than the good of the team. Jim Buss would rather run the team into the ground doing it his way than succeed doing it someone else’s way.

  • curtis paggett

    I would have fired him 30 sec. after the last game. He made it clear he feels the post-up play is a waste of time anytime you score 130pts and lose by 15 whole story.bye bye Dan

  • John Fleischmann

    Just another reason the LAKERS will lose! A coach who dose not know how to coach and who other (FA) players will not play for, GREAT IDEA Buss family!

  • nlruizjr

    why is it that MD get’s a chance and M. Brown didn’t, basically their 1st yr compared MB= 41-25(66%) (short season), 2nd rd PO, fired 2nd yr after 0-5 start.
    MD= 40-32(56%),(short season for MD), 1rd PO, not fired / 2nd yr. 27-55 rec. (worst in Laker History, again not fired), Lakers leaning towards giving MD another chance, Why wasn’t M. Brown given the same opportunity being that Brown has a better coaching rec. than MD(finals 5yrs w/Clv +1yr. w/LAL), MD (finals 2yrs w/Suns +1yr. w/LAL), of those 2 M.Brown seemed to have the better potential.

  • dejay Goodman

    What a lot of people fail to understand is that it’s not just the injuries he had to deal with, but the fact that he did not have a clue as to how to use the bigs. Moreover, he has no skills in dealing with star players. Keep in mind, NY ran him out of town. The only good season he had was when he had a very young Steve Nash and the team did that ” run and shoot!!” He does not even know defense is a big part of the game. Once again, Jim “spoil” Buss hates to say he made a mistake or worse he has no clue about what he’s doing. Keep in mind, for years he said he would not trade “bad Knees baby Bynum,” until things got so bad in the locker room, he was forced to move him. Lakers have become a team “hoping to get a top lottery pic in 2014-2015, 2016, 2017. 2018 and so on…The new “Cavlakers” Pathetic!!!!!!

  • jasonkim

    Ultimately, given that there was lack of offensive talent, D’Antoni’s performance should be based on team defense. Third to last place in defensive efficiency? For defense reasons alone, D’Antoni should go. It was pathetic to see how many points they gave up in several games.

  • Edward

    They’re keeping him because they don’t want to spend more money, and they WANT TO TANK. After Mike Brown they have too much money on the books. They will have no one on contract really besides Kobe after next year. It’s going to be a brand new team, with two HIGH draft picks because we’re tanking. Then going after Kevin Love / Kyrie / Lebron. Love is the only realistic outcome.

  • Clifford Paul

    Only time there was no traffic in Los Angeles was when teams drove the lane against the Lakers. They allowed 49 points in the paint per game!! Inexcusable. Apparently defense is an afterthought. Get this guy outta Los Angeles, I will personally drive him to the airport.

  • Greg Brown

    I don’t want him back now much less next year too! Ditch D’antoni for the good of the Lakers.

  • Russ States

    Everyone keeps saying we should give him a break because there were so many injuries this year. Has anybody thought about the fact that all the injuries might have been caused in part by his poor coaching?

  • KingEmperor

    fire that coach already no players want to play in his coaching style..

  • KingEmperor

    coach byron scott DEFENSE!!!!

    • Sylvia Ross

      I agree BYRON SCOTT.

  • Rob

    No, he should absolutely be fired YESTERDAY. A brand new report from Yahoo Sports says there is no way that Doc Rivers returns to the Clippers if Sterling still owns the team. Steal Doc from the Clippers. It will appeal to him because he will not have to move anywhere and his family can stay where they are. He will also be able to work with one of the legends of the game in Kobe and fix what Dantoni has messed up with his current system. Yes, it will take some rebuilding but LA would be able to lure numerous Free Agents in the future with Doc at the helm. Kevin Love would play for him, and you might even be able to lure Melo. Everyone in the NBA respects Doc Rivers.

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