Lakers Nation Countdown: Kobe Bryant’s Top-10 Dunks

Lakers Nation Countdown: Kobe Bryant’s Top-10 Dunks


4. Baptism of Dwight Howard
Crime Date: November 12, 2004
Scene of the Crime: TD Waterhouse Centre, Orlando, FL
Victim(s): Dwight Howard aka Superman
Accomplice(s): Lamar Odom
Eyewitness Statement:

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It was an early season game. Only the sixth career game for the top pick in the draft, Dwight Howard. He had no clue what he was getting himself into. In the words of Kevin Hart: ‘He wasn’t ready.’

Kobe got a great screen from Lamar Odom that allowed him to get a step on DeShawn Stevenson. Pat Garrity tried to cut him off but Kobe blew right by him leaving Howard alone at the rim as Kobe approached.

Kobe rose up and before Howard even realized what happened, his face disappeared as Kobe threw down the vicious dunk on top of him.

This is a special dunk as it is over a three-time defensive player of the year who has averaged more than two blocks per game throughout his career, though admittedly in his rookie season.

This is another classic poster for Kobe, this time over a true shot-blocker. But ultimately, there were a couple others that are ingrained in our minds just a little bit more.

3: Lakers Nation Countdown: Kobe Bryant’s Top-10 Dunks