Lakers Nation Countdown: Kobe Bryant’s Top-10 Dunks

Lakers Nation Countdown: Kobe Bryant’s Top-10 Dunks


10. Kobe Seals Game, MVP, with Double-Clutch Reverse
Crime Date: April 11, 2008
Scene of the Crime: Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA
Victim(s): The Rim, Chris Paul’s MVP Candidacy
Accomplice(s): None
Eyewitness Statement:

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In the year 2008, Kobe Bryant had re-established his dominance over the NBA, leading the Lakers to one of the top records in the NBA, and finding himself at the forefront of MVP discussions.

A late season matchup with the Charlotte Hornets put him face-to-face with his biggest competitor, Chris Paul, who also had the Hornets in front of the Lakers in the race for top seed in the Western Conference.

The Lakers were dominant from the start, proving that they were the superior team in the West, and in the fourth quarter Kobe decided to cement his MVP vote in a big way. A stray rebound was tipped towards Kobe, and with no one in front of him Kobe exploded for a ridiculous double-clutch, backwards dunk.

The dunk itself was ridiculous and it did contribute to Bryant solidifying his only MVP, but the fact that it was not over or around someone keeps it down at this level.

9: Lakers Nation Countdown: Kobe Bryant’s Top-10 Dunks