Lakers Lose Close Game Against Spurs At Staples

Lakers Lose Close Game Against Spurs At Staples


The Lakers, as we all know, have hired Mike D’Antoni as head coach. But he was not coaching this game against the San Antonio Spurs; for the third game in a row, Bernie Bickerstaff was in the helm once again for the Lakers. Does Bickerstaff go 3-0 as Lakers coach? Or do the Spurs break the short winning streak of the Lakers? Let’s have a look-see.


Some people were bothered by this.

The Spurs, the good team that they are, went on an immediate 10-0 run. The Lakers immediately called timeout.

Then the Lakers countered back with a 14-0 run. I think Bernie Bickerstaff told his guys, “You people need to score more than the Spurs.” Well, I don’t know but the Lakers sure did that. Dwight showed us how it was done.

As if the Lakers were showing off to D’Antoni, Lakers were putting up shots early in the shotclock and were scoring in streaks.

And then nobody scored in about the last two minutes. Jordan Hill blew a breakaway lay-up at the buzzer. Everyone in L.A. got angry.

The Lakers led the Spurs after 1, 24-18.


Other than a Chris Duhon shot, the Lakers went off to a bad start.

It was a sloooow start for the Lakers but while the Spurs went on a 7-2 run, they didn’t look all that great. The Lakers were able to stave off the Spurs for a bit, which included, shockingly, a Chris Duhon 3.

Kobe continued his excellent play (15-3-5 at the half) in the young season. He was very efficient on the floor (7/11) and continued to do his playmaking (5 assists). With some help from Darius Morris, Dwight Howard, and Pau Gasol, they kept the Spurs away and led, 43-38, at the half.

Still, we all wish they kept the turnovers down (9). But they’ve looked better defensively (Spurs shot 37%).


This was an ugly quarter.

Someone made an observation about Dwight Howard again.

While he had some gaudy stats, he kept losing the ball. That led to a Spurs 7-0 run, which looked bigger because of the low-scoring affair.

But Metta World Peace, the birthday boy, took the lead back with a 3.

That started a 7-0 run of their own, which, again, was big since it was a low-scoring game. But the Spurs came back with timely defensive plays and Tim Duncan lay-ins.

The Spurs took the lead with that last basket. At the end of the 3, it was San Antonio 60, Lakers 59.


With not very many offensive weapons out at the start of the fourth quarter, the Spurs took a five-point lead early, 67-62. And I agreed with this tweeter:

Our wish was granted. Kobe came in as the point guard then made an immediate 3.

In fact, Kobe went on to score 7 of the next 9 Laker points after his return.

Late in the game, they traded baskets. Metta made a long 2. Tony Parker made a shot. Antawn Jamison made a huge 3. Then Tim Duncan converted a 20-footer. By that time, they took a break to look at Metta’s long shot. The score was Spurs 79, Lakers 78. We were seeing playoff-caliber basketball in November. Pretty cool.

Then Pau got fouled on a driving lay-up. He made both freethrows to take the lead for L.A., 80-79. After an empty Spurs possession, Pau made a jumper to extend the lead to 3. Tim Duncan countered with a lay-up to pull within 82-81. Metta missed a 3. And the Spurs got the ball back with 19.9 seconds left.

The Spurs got Danny Green open and he made them pay. Spurs 84, Lakers 82 with 9.3 seconds left.

Pau Gasol missed a 3 at the end of the game. Spurs survive a close one, 84-82.

POINTS: Kobe Bryant, 28.
REBOUNDS: Dwight Howard, 15.
ASSISTS: Kobe Bryant, 8.
STEALS: Jodie Meeks, 2.
BLOCKS: Dwight Howard, 3.

  • joe23

    i like the way darius morris play defense against tony parker…

  • colo


  • JohnC

    Too many turnovers. How could Dwight have 6? How many +/- points are 6 turnovers? 12? 15?. LA should shield the ball movement = going to the hands of the appropriate guy.

  • youngboy

    there getting better who? kobe yea he is dwight mr superman best big in the game kobe said he could be the best center of all time and get 13 points against 34 year old tim duncan all he could do is dunk and now he’s wearing a head band the same way lebron james wear he’s lol kobe have to save this team every game like all the other years so what do u see better kobe look better gasol 10 points really better?

    • tf

      You are one ignorant Laker “Fan”.

  • OdumbassBAMA
  • lafan88

    problem back up point guards, solution darius johnson odom!!!

  • lafan88

    darius johnson odom!!!

  • Rasheed

    Even though Lakers lost this game. I felt good how they were improvising thru out the game.
    Last 2 critical mistakes (or maybe one)…
    MWP missing the 3-point shot (If it had gone in, Birthday boy would have been blowing kisses and kissing is arms but that didn’t happen).
    Pau hitting that 3-pointer irritated Kobe to the peak. He had no choice.
    Anyways, Spurs were probably thinking we won because of Lakers errors…all this w/o Steve Nash…
    I have positive hope for Lakers.

    Lesson I learned from this game: When you do something in life/project/goal, try to make better decisions at the end/crucial time otherwise all the handwork leads to failure. 98% you do good and last 2% you make error and that 98% gets wasted (but gives you a life lesson or learning experience.)
    Over all good game by Lakers.

  • DG

    MWP missing 3s is killing the Team. And why not signing Delonte West ?