Lakers Legend Magic Johnson Picks Michael Jordan Over Kobe Bryant Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="282"] Ever since Kobe Bryant became a household name with the Los Angeles Lakers more than a decade ago, the superstar guard has gotten com [new_royalslider id="282"] Ever since Kobe Bryant became a household name with the Los Angeles Lakers more than a decade ago, the superstar guard has gotten com Rating: 0
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Lakers Legend Magic Johnson Picks Michael Jordan Over Kobe Bryant

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Ever since Kobe Bryant became a household name with the Los Angeles Lakers more than a decade ago, the superstar guard has gotten comparisons to arguably the greatest player to have ever played the game in Michael Jordan.

One player that saw the emergence of Jordan firsthand and also witnessed Kobe’s rise to superstardom is Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson. The five-time NBA champion basically passed the torch to Jordan in the early ’90s and watched Kobe become arguably the best player in the league shortly after Jordan called it career.

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Magic was asked his opinion on who he thought was better, Kobe or Jordan, while making an appearance at Long Beach State recently. Magic’s response was a little surprising considering his allegiance to the Lakers.

According to Chris Trevino of the L.A. Daily News, Magic went with Jordan or Kobe:

“Jordan over Kobe, even though I like Kobe a lot and Kobe is my man,” said Johnson. But Michael Jordan never lost a Finals. Six trips and 6-0.

“I love Kobe, but he is not Michael, but he’s the closets to (him) that we have ever seen. Kobe got game.”

Kobe’s game developed into almost an exact replica of Jordan’s over time. Once Kobe starting winning championships, the comparison got even closer with Kobe in contention to potentially surpass Jordan’s ring total and earn the distinction as the greatest player of all-time.

After beating the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals in 2010, Kobe took one step closer to matching Jordan winning his fifth ring. Unfortunately, the Lakers began to fall apart the following season and haven’t been the same since.

With Kobe signing a two-year contract extension, the window of opportunity is closing quickly for the future Hall of Famer as he continues to pursue the elusive sixth ring. Chances are definitely not in Kobe’s favor moving forward with the Lakers potentially at the beginning of an extensive rebuilding process.
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  • comrade24

    Kobe will get his 6th ring!

    • Michael Simon

      When ? During his 2 years deal ? You’re dreaming !!!

      • michael

        that season will be awesome. they’re going to win it in 2016, trust me.

  • http://youtube.com mbipson159

    We all know Mike is the best. But Kobe is great himself. Let’s just enjoy greatness.

    • Angry NRI

      Nah Mike isn’t the best, that’d be Wilt. However, completely agree with Magic though in regards to Kobe. I’ve got Jordan 2nd and Kobe 7th on my list.

  • loveLakers

    The only good thing about Magic, he was a great and hall of fame player, but his criticism toward players and coaches is just awful. He needs to stay quiet sometime.

    • Michael Simon

      You know because he’s Magic and knows better. He’s been there played the game to the highest level then witnessed greatness if this guy can’t say between MJ and Kobe who’s better and he’s a true laker gold & purple who you think can tell you the truth ? You ? I don’t think so !

    • Chrmngblly

      He probably would shut up if the Buss family produced more than rich spoiled potheads and trophy girlfriends. I don’t blame the guy at all. These Buss kids are playing at being big-shots. I hope Jeanie demands her say in who the next coach is. Any other team president would weigh in. The coach ends up being the face of the franchise. Being surprised by your brother’s midnight hire of any coach is unacceptable.
      Go shush someone else. I want Magic to speak out.

  • purp& goldpride

    I feel like we’ve heard this 100 times…who cares just appreciate greatness. I can’t stand the media pinning all time greats, from different eras, against each other. Kobe is great, Jordan is also.

  • Comrade25

    Kobe will get 7 rings.

    • Michael Simon

      The two other ones in your dreams ! Wake up wake up !

    • Chrmngblly

      He could if he can learn to give up the team when the time is right and become a Paul Pierce or Ray Allen: former greats who deal with and accept the passage of time well.

  • 24 living legend

    Is everyone that supports jordan over kobe forgetting he always had a great spring team to help him win not only 1 extra player like kobe and pau. There was jordan grant pippen buchler etc his first time around then jordan pippen kerr harper rodman kukoc etc. So kobe had shaq and horry the first time around and pau the second time time around

    • 24 living legend


    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      If you’re going to call Buechler, Kerr, Harper, and Kukoc great players, you might want to consider just not commenting next time.

    • Michael Simon

      24 living legend
      MJ made players around him better ! That’s why he left the game those players couldn’t win a ring then he came back you know the story. Jordan won 3 times NBA best defender how many kobe got ? Jordan got how many MVPs kobe got one check the stats of his greatness bro and Jordan got many nicknames the media gave him those nicknames how many kobe got and he choose his. Look how MJ impact the game back then and now kobe doesn’t belong in this man category bro all due respect he’s the closest to his Airness but not his match. Check Wikipedia

      • William Eston McCoy

        why didnt Jordan make players better his 1st 7 years? for players will 30k plus points kobe has to most assists. Wikipedia isnt a reliable source LOL. Stop trolling it makes you look desperate for attention.

    • 24 living legend

      GREAT SUPPORTING players ROLE players. Kerr buechler and kukoc pretty strong at the 3 point shot. Decent defence . Harper a pretty damn good pg at that time not all star caliber but good.

  • felliniherzog

    Magic’s being modest. Kobe’s not even the best Laker.

    • 1decim0

      no, he would of said that. Magic has blasted the lakers in the past and will continue to do so. i dont see why he would be modest with kobe

    • rocco

      What about himself, Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, Lew Alcindor, aka BS.

    • KingEmperor

      Kobe is the best laker men!!!!

  • Sid

    Mr. Ward spelled, “closest,” wrong. I think.

  • TheJah

    Kobe is better, Michael had a great squad for years, Kobe did not for years. You can’t base it off just rings.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Kobe would base it on just rings, so I’m okay with this.

    • Michael Simon

      TheJah for your information Jordan made people around him better check the scoring stats, how many defensive player of the year awards he got and so on the guy didn’t put himself there he took it with his greatness last time I check the defenders back were tougher and better than those in this era. Kobe copy Mike still MJ got more title than him. I witnessed MJ play and Kobe MJ is better on and off the court MJ is a national and international monument son

      • Damian T McCalman

        Scottie was the defense for the Bulls, Mike was a help defender. Kobe had to gaurd top scorers nightly and still score…check the tapes. Jordan really had it made…great nontheless.

  • TheTruthKills

    I love Kobe, but he doesn’t belong in the same sentence, paragraph, or even book as MJ. Hell, he doesn’t belong in thegame library.

    • vdogg

      of course he does. i would take mike over kobe too, but let’s not kid ourselves. it’s close.

      • KingEmperor

        i will take kobe over michael for sure..

    • The Arsonist

      Thats one of the most ridiculous statements ever, folks act like Jordans shots counted as 5 points, man Kobe is neck and Neck with Mike in terms of basketball ability and Skill, Jordan was a slightly better defender and Kobe is a better shooter than Mike in terms of skill, Kobe took elements of Mikes game and perfected them he’s probably the best posting SG ever, MJ started the trend with his turn around J, but Kobe took that to a new level with his footwork, people don’t like Kobe and thats where the hate comes from the dude is a top 5 great.

  • vdogg

    no one will match jordan’s resume — 6/6 in finals, MVP every time. kobe won’t. lebron won’t, either. but i think you can make the argument that kobe is the greatest one-on-one player the game has ever seen. for my money, jordan > kobe, but not by much.

  • ra

    I “couldn’t be unhappier’ about this comment. Let’s add another component to all this ‘comparison’: Everybody loved Mike, and supported him. Kobe has excelled in the face of extreme criticism, and generally ignoring him in many MVP considerations, among other things.

    The media generally has not favored Kobe. They have built up LeBron all these years, even though he ‘doesn’t’ have the rings. They have tried to jump over Kobe (Michael … -> LeBron). They have insulted Kobe, and put negative spins on much of Kobe did.

    And Kobe had to ‘win’ to overcome this. Michael never had this much disdain.

    Yes, Jordan was a phenomenal player, and did many amazing things. But just look at many of the things Kobe did – he could do things that Jordan never did. His skill set may be unappreciated. Kobe took many shots with double and triple teaming, 30′ shots, some impossible shots and plays. Some amazing post up play. Mid range, and 3 point plays. Moving shots (like Dirk). Fabulous ball handling, etc.

    Nobody like Kobe.

    And, his career is not over yet. When he gets his next ring, Magic will have to change his tune.

    • Jered

      kobe’s not getting another ring unless he rides the coattails of LBJ, KD, or any other young stud to a title, either here in LA or elsewhere.

  • Wayne Brown

    Who’s better? Kobe, MJ, or Magic? Think about this in terms of total basketball and who makes the players around him championship quality?

  • Tyrone

    Kobe’s geting a 6th or 7th ring? Are they going to start giving out rings for simply “squeaking” into the playoffs as an 8th seed starting next season (and only to be bounced out in 4 games)?

  • Matt Williams

    Jordan > Kobe. But Kobe > Lebron.

  • vdogg

    jordan made guys around him better.. but so does kobe. let’s not act like the bulls without jordan were some sort of lottery team. in 94 when MJ was playing baseball, the bulls lost in a tight seven game series to the knicks, who ended up losing in a tight seven game series to the rockets. if a couple of balls bounce a different way, the bulls could have won a title WITHOUT jordan. let’s not act like he was a one man team or anything. keep it in perspective.

  • box5

    Fuck rings horry got 7, I enjoyed watching kobe more so than micheal. Micheal cried to get rules changed to win, kobe just went out and did it, yell

  • dansan951

    I think everyone here has forgotten all those times Kobe had to play after being at court all day and still scoring 40+ points. That in itself is a feat. He’s had to overcome a lot more ridicule and disrespect than any other elite player ever has. He should have at least 3 MVP awards but the league overlooked him. You forget all this because he made you forget with how great he plays the game. Talk about giving yourself a nickname, LeBron was called a king before he even had a championship won. He’s been lifted on a pedestal ever since he came into the league.

    • Michael

      The NBA’s always looking ahead to hipe certain players or basketball’s popularity is going to suffer, especially since it’s got to fight against the NFL for fan support. Kobe’s on his way out and the NBA needs a new Kobe, or a new #1. Remember, Kobe was the new hero and kept the NBA afloat after Jordan left. Before Kobe it was Magic and Bird, if I’m not correct. So it’s LeBron, Kevin Durant and CP3 now. After them it’ll be someone(s) else.
      PS Has Magic’s head gotten a little big? I agree with “Damian T McCalman” below.

  • Damian T McCalman

    Love the Magic man but his “allegence” with the Lakers is only apparent when they are winning.

    Jordan over Bryant isn’t a shock, but he would also take LeBron over Kobe.

    Let’s enjoy Kobe and all his greatness. He’s the only player that’s forever being compared to Mike.

    Losing championships shouldn’t diminish his legacy…he has 7 Finals under his belt, one more than Mike. I love the fact that he had to compete and battle for rings.

  • Enrique Memo

    Let’s not forget what Jordan said.

  • bballforever

    Jordan is still g.o.a.t.

  • geecee

    I can live with Kobe being second best to Jordan. I never got to witness jordan play other than youtube videos I see of him but just from what I’ve gathered the man is a beast. I mean the man never complained for a call, he’d just get back up and run to play defense. No doubt the GOAT. By the way LeBron is not even close to neither, not yet anyways.

    • vdogg

      jordan never complained for a call because he always GOT the call. maybe that’s not something they tell you on youtube. google “the jordan rules”.

  • Esroyalty

    WOW!! I’ve never understood we ppl suck on MJ nuts so much he is not better than Kobe to me. Kobe has done things MJ couldn’t dream of doing when he was playing, like score 81, break multiple nba records and Laker records in 1 season, all ppl can say is MJ has 6 rings and he never lost in the finals Big Deal! The talent when MJ was playing couldn’t compare to the talent in the NBA now so MJ had it a little bit easier Kobe had to claw and fight to get what he has. On top of Kobe never took time off to play another sport he’s played consistence basketball for his whole 16 – 17 yr career. No disrespect to MJ great player one of the all-time best SG’s ever but my money on Kobe prevailing at the end. ( Let’s go MJ nut suckers let’s hear the hate for my comment)

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