Lakers Leading the Way as TWC SportsNet Releases Program Lineup

Lakers Leading the Way as TWC SportsNet Releases Program Lineup


The Laker’s new broadcasting partner, TWC SportsNet, has just released their new programming lineup, which will start on October 1, 2012. Leading the way will be live Lakers programming seven days a week. With their special partnership, TWC SportsNet will be able to bring us behind the scenes access and expert analysis from faces familiar to Lakers Nation, such as James Worthy, Bill Macdonald and Mike Trudell.

The shows that Laker fans will be most interested in will be called “Access SportsNet,” which is a one hour show that starts at 7pm pst and will feature a ton of behind the scenes content.

“Lakers fans want content about and access to their team seven days a week and we’re going to provide that with ” – Mark Shken, Sr. VP & GM of TWC Sports Regional Network

The next show is going to be called “#LakeShow” which should bring back memories from the Laker fans of the late 1990’s team. The emphasis for this show is going to be on social media, where conversations happening in real time will be highlighted and discussed. The plan is for the show to run 90 minutes prior to tip-off on game days and 6:30p on all other nights.

For those of you who love watching old games, TWC looks like they’re going to be hooking you up as well with shows called “Encore+” which shows the games in full, but for you fast-paced youngsters on the go, they’re going to condense all the games to key plays and highlights in a show called “Lakers Compacto.”

But wait, when and where can I watch these programs along with my LAKER GAMES?

Aside from all this, we all know that the main thing on everyone’s mind is how they’re going to catch the Lakers on their local cable provider. We have talked to representatives from TWC SportsNet and the best advice they can give is for us to call our local cable providers to bug them to get the deal done with TWC.

If you’re not sure about whether or not your cable provider will be broadcasting the Lakers this year, TWC has made a website called –– for you to check.

Personally, I’ve been bugging AT&T U-Verse to get on the ball, so hopefully you all are doing the same.