Lakers Introduce Head Coach Byron Scott (Photos & Videos) Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="309"] Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Jamaal Wilkes introduced Byron Scott as the new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesda [new_royalslider id="309"] Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Jamaal Wilkes introduced Byron Scott as the new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesda Rating: 0
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Lakers Introduce Head Coach Byron Scott (Photos & Videos)

Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Jamaal Wilkes introduced Byron Scott as the new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday. After nothing but supporting speeches from his Showtime teammates, Scott also answered over 20 minutes of questions from the media. In our photo gallery above, check out some of the best quotes from Scott’s presser. Below, you will find Scott’s presser at length (split into four parts) and media interviews with Magic Johnson. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Lakers Nation YouTube Channel!

One-On-One With Byron Scott – Who Reminisces About Mentoring An 18-Year-Old Kobe Bryant

Byron Scott Press Conference – PT. I (Magic, Kareem, Wilkes Introduce Byron)

Byron Scott Press Conference – PT. II (“This Organization Is All About Championships, Period.”)

Byron Scott Press Conference – PT. III (Timetable For Turnaround? Relationship With Kobe)

Byron Scott Press Conference – PT. IV (On Clippers And LA Being A Laker Town)

Magic Johnson Says Dr. Buss Wanted To Hire Byron Scott In 2012

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  • New power house

    Byron’s face tells it all! He is like a child at the candy store! Go Lakers!

    • sophi444

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    • EleanorENewsome

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  • Daniel

    Talking about Legends, my God. Any team would be happy to have had one of these players, we had all of them and many more.
    That is why is important Byron got hired. I am sure he will have some of these guys also talking to the young guys, just to tell them anecdotes, explaining what the Lakers are all about, their history, their mystic, their weight in basketball history.

  • Jim213

    Heard it from Scott’s mouth, if you can’t play D you won’t see many minutes. But agree with Magic that hopefully the secretary of defense is considered for a coaching staff position down the near future tho will likely have to work out something with Atlanta (WNBA) being he’s currently the coach and now under treatment.

    • Zimmeredge

      talkin’ about Coop? I guess if we have glove (he could work with JC for a while) or coop we are ready to roll at least on defense. on offense we should try to get after a offensive minded coach as well are at least try to rely on Kb and nash’s offensive mindset. They are the masters in pnr or triangle or iso or post. Also Boozer will be a great add as well.

  • Ikjyot Singh Kohli

    Yeah, that’s great, he’s going to institute defense, but the caveat is that you need defensive players to do that. On ratings alone, the BEST defensive lineup of 5 that the Lakers have are:
    C – Robert Sacre
    PF – Ed Davis
    SF – Wesley Johnson
    SG – Kobe Bryant
    PG – Jeremy Lin

    How many offensive teams do you think that that lineup can stop? And if they don’t stop such a lineup, and play defense, he’s going to bench them? Okay, and put on who?

    Second, as you all heard in his press conference, he’s going to make this team run up and down the court. The biggest contributing factor to Kobe’s achilles injury last year was D’Antoni’s run and gun system, and now we’re going to get more of the same.

    This was not a good hire by the Lakers. Mike Dunleavy, George Karl, or any other half-court oriented coach that would have focused this team around Kobe and Boozer would have been much better. Basically, the Lakers brass just sold us Mike D’Antoni with defense!

    • Jim Bust

      Sacre as the defensive center? Based on what? His height? Jordan Hill averaged more blocks a game than Sacre did last year, Hill 0.9 and Sacre 0.7, and Hills post defense is better then Sacres as well as his speed and hustle to defend the P&R and then his rebounding is far more superior than Sacres.
      I would say to put Hill as the center or even Davis at the center and Hill as the PF, it doesn’t really matter. And Julius Randle is a good defensive PF with energy and hustle with good size, his shot blocking skills will have to be seen at the NBA level first before judging it but the Lakers front court is pretty versatile and one of the most versatile front courts in the whole league, pretty good starters and decent bench players.

      And you don’t understand the Run & Gun term, he doesn’t mean to run up the court and shoot jumpers like DAntoni, he means run up the court for fast break opportunitys, with a healthy Nash at the point he can get easy fast break assists as he did last season when he did play, but he obviously will slow it down in the half court if he needs to, not just force up jumpers like Dantoni, if you watched Byron as a Lakers analyst last season that was his main thing he disliked about Dantonis offense, that he ran them too much even when he shouldn’t. Byron is going to use Kobe the best way it is for Kobe to produce.

      • Realistic Laker Fan

        Randle wasn’t that great of defender in college.

    • lakers32

      “The biggest contributing factor to Kobe’s achilles injury last year was
      D’Antoni’s run and gun system, and now we’re going to get more of the

      dude…the lakers NEVER played a run ‘n’ gun with kobe on the floor. last year they played that way but WITHOUT kobe. the year before it was a mesh of iso ball and pick and roll sets over and over. kobe got injured because the fool d’antoni let him play 48 mins a game down the stretch. literally…48 mins. the last coach just didn’t know how to manage kobe. b-scott will handle kobe…and kobe will respect him just like he respected phil jackson.

    • LAstory

      George Karl isn’t, hasn’t and never was a defensive minded coach, he was one of the authors of small ball, 7 seconds or less type of offense and his defensive mind was just to outscore the other team, he had GP in Seattle which helped, yet his other stops as coach defense was far from his teachings. Nor was he a half court type of coach, from having PG like GP, AI, Ty Lawson, Ramon Sessions, he wanted to push the tempo at all cost.. Dantoni has no offensive foundation excepts iso’s and having you PF shooting 3′s… if you think that’s what B.Scott is about… you’re sadly mistaken.

  • kiko

    LA Lakers Should add center Sign ekpe udoh,Blatche, Andray,add sf mwp or michael beasley, add Barbosa, Leandro and waive sacre

    • Jim213

      Ian Begley@IanBegley

      “Hearing: ex-Knick Metta World Peace is close to agreeing to terms with the Sichuan Blue Whales of the Chinese Basketball Association.”

      • kiko

        ah ok thanks

  • Savio

    LA Lakers Coach Byron Scott Preaches Defense; Gary Payton To Be Hired As Assistant?
    BY Craig Harrison | Jul 29, 2014 08:04 PM EDT

    PER KDrama Stars

  • atakan

    prediction about record=
    43-39 at most with this roster
    but lakers won’t continue with this roster.they gonna make major moves.LAKERS PLAN B=paul george.and kevin love next seaon.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Welcome home Byron Scott.Right where he belongs coaching the Lakers.All the Lakers Legends are very ecstatic about Byron getting the coaching job for The Lakers.I love the move and Byron was always in my top 3 for coaching candidates.Long term Byron was the right choice since he is 53 years old and Lionel Hollins is 60 years old that’s a 7 year difference and that goes towards Byron as the long term coach.

    Byron kept mentioning defense as the main thing we need to win championships again well i agree with Byron on that and he can hire great defensive assistant coaches to implement a defensive mind set and defensive system that is built like Thibs defense in Chicago or maybe more like some old Chuck Daly defense from Detroit.Gary Payton would be a great choice for the Lakers assistant coach he is a great defensive mind and many people have said awhile back he was coming to coach the Lakers as a assistant coach most likely,it will be great seeing The Lakers playing great defense.

    Jeff Van Gundy was never even considered according to what Lakers Nation has said.Great choice by Mitch and the Buss Family.Byron will always be better than Mike D’Antoni at coaching.A true Laker is Byron Scott that means a lot to the brand expanding and staying the real deal.

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