Lakers Injury Update: Xavier Henry To Be Reevaluated Thursday

Lakers Injury Update: Xavier Henry To Be Reevaluated Thursday


Xavier HenryThe Lakers could finally start to get some of their key roster parts back as forward Xavier Henry is set to be re-evaluated for the bone bruise in his knee he suffered during last week’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers, according to ESPN LA’s Ramona Shelburne:

Henry has proven to be an integral part of this team so far this season. Besides posting career high averages in points, rebounds, assists, and steals, Henry also took over primary ballhandling duties after the rash of injuries that has befallen the Lakers point guards.

With a reevaluation set for Thursday, it is possible that Henry could return for the Lakers game on Friday against the Los Angeles Clippers, or next Tuesday night at home against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Before going down with this injury, Henry was in the midst of an extremely impressive stretch of basketball. He scored in double figures in his last five games and did an admirable job of handling the point guard duties for the injury riddled Lakers.

Henry was the latest of Laker ‘point guards’ to be injured this season and was the only one to avoid missing extensive time. Steve Nash could possibly miss the rest of the season while Steve Blake and Kobe Bryant both remain at least a month away from returning and Jordan Farmar recently suffered his second torn hamstring of the season and will be out at least four weeks.

ICYMI: Mike D’Antoni admits the team gets demoralized after these tough losses.

  • LakeShow

    Can’t wait to watch Henry + Marshall playing together. Get well soon X!

  • Wiggins,Jabari,Emiid,Randle

    Lakers are tanking so Xavier should rest up until next month.TANKING!

    • LakeShow

      Well, if he’s fully recovered, he should play because he will gain a lot of experience which is good for his development.

  • Gregory Choa

    Just once this season – JUST ONCE – I’d love to see everyone healthy and active. Is that really so much to ask? Can you imagine if we actually had the luxury of seeing a starting lineup of; Nash, Kobe, Wes J., Pau & Kaman play on a regular basis?…while being backed up by the likes of; PG – Farmar / Marshall, SG – Blake / Meeks, SF – Young / X. Henry, PF – Williams / Kelly, C – Hill / Sacre???

    I mean, that’s a hell of a lineup, and a hell of a bench!

    • Lakers Fan

      Too bad MDA is terrible with his rotations. Those are too many good players for MDA to handle. He wouldn’t know what to do with our team if we were all healthy.

  • The Hype Man

    Xavier Henry has played good basketball injury sets him back.But Kendall Marshall by storm by putting up Magic Johnson type assist numbers.IMO Kendall Marshall is the Point Guard that will change the way the Lakers culture is and he will bring back showtime basketball to LA Lakers.Xavier should work on being a better player become the best athlete of the team.Wesley Johnson is the best athlete right now.

    • kobe24

      I love Kendall Marshall however he is nowhere near the great Magic Johnson (at least not yet).

      Xavier Henry and Wesley Johnson have great explosion and athleticism. If they can both develop handling the ball better and able to finish better at the rim those two guys can become scary good.

      Currently any of these 3 players are not close to being anywhere near “All star material” however they have the potential to be (Marshall, Henry especially only 22)

  • Kasey

    I’m hoping that X goes beast mode when he returns. I like his game and really want him to stay with the team. This is his chance to shine and hopefully having a true point guard in Marshall will help him do so until the others return. But I am afraid that D’Antoni will still make him play backup point when he returns though. DOH!!

    • kobe24

      True, however once all the PG issue is settled it would be better for Henry to get more consistent numbers someday he shoots 22 points and next game 3 points…thats extremely inconsistent. If he can manage 10~13 points this season in a reasonably good fg% (about 45~50% since he drives to the rim alot) and develops his game over the summer he can be really great for the lakers

      • Kasey

        Yup. Before his injury it seems like he started to be a little more consistent, especially on the road. Hopefully when he returns he’s able to maintain that. I also hope that he can work out his issues with free throw shooting.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Xavier is a perfect running mate for Kendall Marshall.Xavier we miss you man.

  • ranfan

    So many players going down the past few seasons in the NBA. Sad to see things happen this way