Lakers Injury Update: Xavier Henry To Be Evaluated Wednesday

Lakers Injury Update: Xavier Henry To Be Evaluated Wednesday

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier Henry had been one of the most pleasant surprises for the Lakers this season. His scoring ability has been a welcome addition, and he was also the team’s de facto point guard after Steve Nash, Steve Blake, and Jordan Farmar all went down due to injury.

When Henry went down with a bone bruise to his knee, it really set the team back as it lost one of its best scorers. After being evaluated last week, it was determined that Henry was not ready to return yet. But according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters, it looks as if Henry is much closer to getting back on the floor for the Lakers:

It will hurt to not have Henry on the floor against the two-time defending champions, but it is good news that he will be pushing himself in practice. The Lakers do have games on Friday in Orlando, and Sunday in New York. If everything goes right, it is possible that Henry could be back in a Lakers uniform by the end of the week.

With Henry out, the Lakers have struggled due to a lack of ball handlers and bench scoring. Ryan Kelly has played great as of late and moved himself into the starting lineup, while Manny Harris parlayed his excellent D-League play into a 10-day contract from the Lakers.

Whenever he returns, Henry will be a welcome addition back to the Lakers.
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  • LaLa Melo

    Tanking is tricky since teams like the Lakers must win a game here and there to keep the NBA League office off their ass.That’s why you see the Lakers win a game or two every so often then lose a few in a row.Gotta make tanking look legit.Xavier Henry should sit out as much as possible.Keep TANKING!

    • richard

      yeah, and if your argument is true… Lakers can win games if they want to, right? Then why not win games instead of losing games? That assumption of yours just doesn’t hold up in any court of law or in the hood argument in any shape of form., Markazi, is that you?.. you should think things a little bit, ok.

  • Ya’ll Can’t Afford Me

    Sure just sit out X Man and keep on tanking.Fakers faking injuries.

  • Jim213

    If cleared he should take his time being at a gradual pace since the past two comeback attempts (Kobe/Farmar) have led to re-injuries.

  • Daryl Peek

    Would be nice to get some good news for a change.