Lakers Injury Update: Xavier Henry Expected To Miss Four More Weeks

Lakers Injury Update: Xavier Henry Expected To Miss Four More Weeks


As if Steve Nash and Steve Blake suffering injuries in the loss to the Utah Jazz wasn’t bad enough, the Los Angeles Lakers received more bad news on Wednesday.

According to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters, Xavier Henry will miss another four weeks with his knee injury:

Henry suffered the knee injury back on Dec. 29 in the loss to the Philadelphia 76ers. The injury was non-contact making many believe he’d be out for a considerable amount of time if not the rest of the season.

Initially, Henry was expected to miss seven to 10 days before being re-evaluated. Unfortunately, the injury appears to be more serious than first thought and it may end up being severe enough to keep him out the rest of the year.

Along with Henry still on the shelf, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Nick Young and Jodie Meeks are also injured.

Needless to say, the injuries continue to rip this team apart this season. There’s no telling if this team will be able to stay healthy enough to compete moving forward. A high draft pick in the 2014 NBA Draft is inevitably on the horizon.

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  • Gregory Choa

    WTH?!?! Wow, all the “tank” proponents out there are loving it, I’m sure…smh…

    • cyborgspider

      They’re not in favor of the Lakers purposely losing games, but I’d rather have a top-five draft pick than something in the 10-12 range. You miss the playoffs either way, but receive a stronger asset (you can draft a player and trade for an established star, in case you don’t want to entrust your future for an uncertainty).

      Unless you think the Lakers still have a chance to make the playoffs this year (let’s say you need 45 wins to make it this year. Lakers need to go 27-3 to make that happen).

      • X

        Don’t need to reason with Gregory. He’s an idiot and don’t understand how NBA team works. He rather the Lakers get “useless” wins and not make it to playoff than get a top 5 prospect.

        I completely agree with you Cyborg. That top 5 player would be our asset going forward. Yes, he may or may not turn out to be a great player but logically, a top 5 player has higher chances to succeed as compare to 6 – 15 pick. You don’t need a high IQ to understand that.

        There is no way the Lakers to make the playoff and even if they do, there is 99.9% chances we will be eliminated in the first round. We won’t get anything out of it and it would be a wasteful season.

        Yes, the Lakers have tradition and reputation not to purposedly tanking but right now, we have to do everything to rebuild the team even if we have to sacrifice this season. It’s not like we are doing it every season like Bucks, Cavs, Jazz, etc. We do it because the draft is deep this season and their a big chance we are going to land someone good.

        Right now, the FO need to find a way to offload Pau and get a lottery pick from the Suns and then trade another player to save luxury tax so that we can go forward to sign a top FAs or young talents.

        To build a championship team required strategy and a little bit of sacrifice. To someone like Gregory, he won’t understand this. He won’t mind if the Lakers land a mediocre pick and hope for the best. That’s what I call a gamble and blind faith. Idiots are everywhere.

        • Gregory Choa

          X, unlike what cyborgspider is talking about, you are one of those pathetic legions of “tankers” that favors the Lakers purposely losing games. You couch it as “sacrifice” but we all know what you’re really talking about.

      • Devon Samuels²⁴

        Finally someone who knows Basketball other then typical fan that only knows every time we lose games is automatically “Tanking” nonsence

      • Daryl Peek

        I could care less about a top pick if it means losing on purpose. Period point blank the Lakers don’t do that, enough said.

        • JohnSmith00

          And here we have another prime example of the idiocy of the casual fan. Cyborg and X said exactly what I’ve been thinking but never bothered to post because most pro winning fans are too inept to understand the long term aspect of the game.

          First off the Lakers do lose just like any other team, they just don’t do as often. Second we are thinking about winning too and for that very same reason.

          Only that like Cyborg and X said we’re hoping that a lost season such as this, can give us the security and luxury of having that in the future.

          • Daryl Peek

            Who said the Lakers don’t lose? I know this as fact, the Lakers don’t lose on purpose and have been the best team in the NBA since 1979 at turning things around without a premeditated losers mind set, I.E. tanking.

            Any Laker fan that’s a proponent of tanking need look no further than the Celtics history since about 1994 – present. No dynasty and they embraced tanking after the Bird McHale Parrish era ended. One championship in said time frame and back to tanking. The sacrifice of tanking is a viscous circle that more often than not turns you into a professional farm team.

            Again I could care less about a top pick if it comes at the cost of losing games on purpose! Only idiots think that any given Sunday NFL worst to first parity works in the NBA. A true winners mentality never takes on a losers philosophy as a sacrifice for the future.

          • JohnSmith00

            SMH…. why don’t you go back and read or re-read what we wrote, no one is saying we should embrace losing/tanking.
            I sure as hell am not for the Lakers purposely losing. Every single loss is as painful as the the next one.

            What you fail to realize is this isn’t about taking on a losers mentality in order win for the future. It’s about taking a good hard look at your team’s current situation.

            As well as the continued constrictions of NBA CBA which limit the Lakers ability from continuing to be one of the best in the league.

            And coming to terms with the fact that in the ether of endless scenarios, losing far outweighs the benefits of winning.

          • Daryl Peek

            “And coming to terms with the fact that in the ether of endless scenarios, losing far outweighs the benefits of winning.”

            That’s accepting losing no matter how you try to spin it or dress it up.

            Everyone understands the CBA and the fact that we are out of the playoffs but these guys have pride as sporting competitors and will not accept losing games to satisfy fans wanting a higher draft position. Neither will the FO or HC, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

          • JohnSmith00

            It’s dealing with not accepting, but that wouldn’t work for you either right?, because fans like you are too proud and stubborn to reason with.

            But worse of all you are a bunch of hypocrites because if the Lakers landed a top 5 pick you would probably jump off the walls.

            So you keep deluding yourself into thinking that losing or tanking brings shame to such a great franchise and it’s fandom. I on the other hand will continue to live in reality and always be brutally honest with my opinions.

          • X

            Why are you even debating with the idiot? Stupidity is contagious!

            Don’t waste your time, John. Let him remain stupid!

          • Daryl Peek

            Let you ruin what the Lakers have been for thirty year with some loser ignorance!

          • Daryl Peek

            What ever pick the Lakers land naturally I’m good with so miss me with the hypocrite ISH!

            You’re trying your best to sugar coat tanking. That’s absolutely shameful and unacceptable for any true Lakers fan. Kobe the Lakers FO and any Laker legend would tell you to kick rocks with that. Tanking is not happening less we just stink naturally like 94 and 05.

            I can’t get over Lakers fans even considering tanking?!?

      • Daryl Peek

        Kobe was the 13th pick in a very deep 96 draft. The draft lottery is a game of chance no matter how you look at it. One of these kids may in fact turn out to be the next but there are no guarantees top five will be that. Hell were not even sure who the top five will be at this point as a couple of them are contemplating staying in school another season.

        What we do know is team character is lost when you lose games on purpose. Many of these guys will be coming back next season. Kobe taking the season off coupled with the acceptance of losing will do more damage than good going forward as he will not have any real game chemistry with these guys and they will be back at square one trying to adjust to Kobe’s game.

        Building a winner is a process. Tanking is a deconstruction process. The quicker turnaround is in the continuity of fighting regardless of the big pictures plight. Even in the NFL where the any given Sunday worst to first parity seems to reign supreme, teams build momentum through the continuity of always grinding out the battles with eyes on wins. Fans pray for tanking while good GM’s and head coaches are constantly trying to get their teams to win games.

        The wasted season absolute is a lame excuse to take on a losers mentality.

      • Gregory Choa

        I’m not saying the Lakers are playing for a playoff spot, all I’m saying is that I’d just as soon see our players healthy and playing the game they (and we) love. I’m also saying that the team should be playing games to win, not lose. I get that this isn’t a very Lakers team right now, and that they’re losing games because they’re a totally depleted squad…I’d just like to see guys recover from their injuries and get back onto the court sooner than later, if at all possible.

        I totally understand the value of a top-five draft pick versus say a 10-12 range pick, I just don’t subscribe to the notion that the Lakers should EVER be tanking games simply to fortify their draft position.

  • Jay

    OH COME ON!!! By the time he comes back, there’ll be like 12 games left of the season. These injuries are totally shitting on us