Lakers Injury Update: Nash, Blake Could Return Tuesday vs. Minnesota

Lakers Injury Update: Nash, Blake Could Return Tuesday vs. Minnesota


Steve Nash

There is finally some good news on the Lakers injury front. As the OC Register’s Bill Oram reported, both Steve Nash and Steve Blake could make their return on Tuesday against the Minnesota Timberwolves:

This is huge news for the Lakers as it was starting to feel like they would never get any players healthy. With both Kobe Bryant, and Xavier Henry experiencing recent setbacks, no one knew when the Lakers would finally get a couple of players back in uniform.

Just getting some guys back in practice was an accomplishment, and though Nash quickly stopped any rumors of him possibly playing tonight, a return next week is still welcome.

Of course, nothing is definite at this point. There is always a possibility that one, or both, could not quite be ready for Tuesday’s game. But with games on Wednesday and Friday as well, there will be ample opportunities for returns next week.

Once they do return, Coach D’Antoni will have some decisions to make about his rotation. Kendall Marshall has played extremely well since being inserted into the starting lineup. With Jodie Meeks playing well and Nick Young off the bench, it will be interesting to see how D’Antoni juggles his backcourt rotation.

But with the lack of options recently, I’m sure this is a welcome problem.
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  • Marshall Law

    Steve Nash has played terrible as a Laker.He sucks on defense and he is way too slow to be a factor and he turns into traffic and gets the ball stolen from him.This 40 year old Nash is way older than me and he should just retire already.Old bum.

    • Sti1lmatic

      What bothers me is that this choad will be in Canada playing soccer the entire off season. . That seemed to. be the story last season. Trying out for a soccer league, what a bunch of bs.

      • hookedonnews

        Your information is not accurate. He was rehabbing his injury in the offseason and played in 2 charity soccer games in the summer and that one tryout with the Milan team. That wasn’t a real tryout. It was just a chance for him to practice with them. There’s a lot of misinformation out there. I think you saw him at the end of last season. He wasn’t up for soccer or anything else. His soccer playing didn’t hurt him. It helped him get in shape.

    • hookedonnews

      I think if you’ll look back at some video you will find that those statements you made are false. Ever seen Kobe get the ball stolen from him? How about Blake or any other player? If you’ll take a look at his TO stats, you’ll see that Kobe’s TO’s dwarfed his last season. Why don’t you get on YouTube and look at his offensive highlights from last season? I sometimes wonder when I see comments like these how many games you people watch. He was an All-Star in Feb.2012, and less than a year later he was too old and too slow to play to hear you tell it.

  • Lakers4life

    The issue I have with Andrew Ungvari’s article is that Andrew implying that he is representing Laker fans. I believe Andrew is in the minority. Most of us want Magic to speak his mind and he has earned the right to say whatever he wants. 5 titles in 13 years. Greatest Laker of all time. Statue at Staple Center. Enough said.

    For Andrew to try to bully Magic by threatening boos at Dodger game is classless and irresponsible writing by Andrew. Just because Andrew is sensitive to criticism (probably due to Andrew not playing team sports like basketball), does not mean the Laker fans feel the same. If someone knows Andrew’s high school days, please chime in if I am correct. Did Andrew play varsity sports in anything in high school?

    Did Magic appear to be going out of his way to criticize Jim and D’antoni? Sure he did. But he has that right that only Magic, West and Kareem and other greats have. Team greats has a right to do when others cannot. Criticize ownership, management, coaches, players publicly. Period.

    Other than that, LakersNation tried to push a false rumor to start crap between Kobe and Magic about Magic’s tweet about great players. Also trying to get Laker fans to go against Magic. Classless once again.

    I am very concerned over LakerNations attack on Magic. It seems like LakerNation is full of crybabies who really don’t understand the context of Laker history. Magic not voicing his opinion is a huge loss to Laker fans. From today, I will be boycotting LakerNation. I have enjoyed your articles and interviews by Serena over the years, but it is time for me to say goodbye. I hope Laker fans who agree will join me until Andrew issues an apology.

    • Daryl Peek

      Magic deserved all the attacks he got. Magic acted recklessly in an emotional outburst not fair to the Lakers brand! It was classless and beneath him as the man that he is especially given his Lakers legendary status in the LA community. He basically took the pundit ESPN First Take ratings approach to a situation in his family. Jimmy is like a little brother to Magic. You don’t air family biz like that!! If Magic felt that strongly he should have approached Jimmy privately face to face. Just 18 months ago Magic was praising Jimmy for the same moves he’s now bashing him for? And in his praise he said Jimmy is now looking like his father and should win the executive of the year award. That kinda PUBLIC emotional flip flopping is BS! Magic is bigger and more importantly better than that!

      You didn’t or don’t see Bird, McHale, Jordan, Pippen, West, Ewing and other all-time greats stooping to that level against their former teams FO and coaches during rough times. No one tried to destroy Magic or Dr. Buss and West in 93-94 during the Randy Pfund era as Magic failed at coaching. Hell, even Phil takes the higher road with the Bull and Lakers front offices and he ended on horrible terms with both franchises and still has strained relations with both to this very day.

      It was so sickening to me I went against my vow to not join twitter, as I opened an account just to voice my disgust & disappointment to Magic directly!

      I’m proud of Magic’s change of tone and I’m sure as a man of faith he felt convicted not by just fans like me, he likely harkened back to the many lessons his parents taught him about family. Dr.. Buss, Magic father figure would be proud of this apologetic stance also. Magic is Buss family, we don’t need him feeding the ratchet angry villagers mob mentality dead set against his little brother. It serves no purpose but division of what Dr. Buss left in place for the family. Jimmy has to grow into his position through trial and error just like DR. Buss did. Too may wanna act like Dr. Buss was perfect. No ones perfect, and Jerry West can attest to many of the bad decisions he had to talk Dr. Buss out of and vise versa. West did not want to draft Magic, Dr. Buss did. Dr,. Buss wanted to trade Worthy for Roy Tarpley, West threatened to quit if Dr. Buss did that. They worked it out together.

      I may be upset with Magic’s actions but I will never turn my back on him as a fan of him and the Lakers. Forgiveness is what will heal all in this. Working together behind the scenes is what a family does to mend differences.